1st Time With Roomie’s Brother

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Chapter 1 – Dinner at Brenda’s


When I was a freshman in college my roommate turned out not only to be extremely cute but bisexual as well. Brenda was the first girl I was with sexually besides my mom and her sister. Needless to say, we were having a great freshman year.

One night I told her about how I’d once watched my parents making love in our hot tub when they didn’t know I was home. Brenda seemed fascinated by my story and asked me if I’d ever fantasized about joining them and I pretended to be embarrassed when I told her that there were times that I had.

Brenda giggled and blushed, saying that she would never have the same feelings for her parents (couldn’t blame her as they were much older than mine) but then she surprised me by saying she HAD dreamed about her older brother. She was quick to point out that she had never gotten up the courage to do anything but she HAD caught him checking her out a few times when he thought she wasn’t looking. We both teased each other about our incest fantasies after that but it goes without saying that I never told her that I had actually done it.

Even though Brenda lived only about ten miles or so from school, her parents wanted her to spend her freshman year in the dorm to help her acclimate to college life. Being so close to home, she still spent most weekends there and sometimes she invited me along.

One night when I was over at Brenda’s house her brother David was there with his wife. In spite of how much I loved being with Brenda, had I known they were going to be there I might have turned down her invitation. David’s wife was a real bitch, always looking down her nose at Brenda and me.

The only saving grace was that I got to sit next to David during dinner. He was wearing denim shorts and a tight ribbed tank top that emphasized his lean, muscular body – he obviously worked out. The temptation to put my hand on his leg (at least to start) was incredible but I didn’t dare. Instead I just sat there wishing fervently that his hand would find it way over to my leg instead. I would’ve have taken it and moved it to my inner thigh and encouraged him to work his way up from there! To my disappointment it never happened, but I knew I’ be dreaming about it later that night when I was playing with myself in bed.

Chapter 2 – Admiring Brenda’s Brother


After dinner Brenda and I were out to the back porch and sat next to each other on the glider. From there we could see David and Brenda’s dad working on a tractor that apparently didn’t want to start. Mmmmmmm, I could have watched David all night! Really, what more could a girl ask for? He was 26, handsome, tall, muscular and simply sexy as hell. So what if he was married? That just meant he would be all the more discrete and probably all the more horny. My reverie was broken when Brenda poked me in the side.

“Earth to Kelly. Hmmmmmm, are you’re getting horny watching my brother?” she teased me.

I gave her my “who me?” look and she just laughed at me

“Oh I know you better than that so don’t pretend to be innocent. I figured you must’ve been getting pretty worked up at dinner sitting so close to him, weren’t you my nasty little roomie?”

I started to protest but she didn’t give me a chance to say anything.

“Oh come on Kelly, it’s me you’re talking to so don’t try to pretend you weren’t. I saw you eyeing him when you thought nobody was looking!”

I poked her back with a little laugh saying, “Damn Brenda, now I know why you dream about him. God I can’t imagine growing up with a brother like him around! I mean, how did you keep your hands off him?”

She just smiled and I continued, “And yes, he WAS all I could think about during dinner. I has really hoping he would start groping me under the table. It would’ve been so hot to have him touching me with his bitchy wife on the other side of him!”

Brenda gave me a devious look and bit her lip a bit before responding saying, “Well, you DO realize that he IS my brother and most of the time I hated him growing up! He use to tease me and trick me all the time. Even so, a few weeks ago I peeked in the bedroom when he was staying over to help dad. You can imagine how shocked I was when I saw that he had pictures of me in my bikini laid out all over his bed. He was sitting on the edge of the bed with his pants down, stroking himself with his hand as he looked at them. I couldn’t help but be impressed by how big and hard he was. Then it hit me – I was watching my own brother masturbate! You would’ve thought I would be disgusted but surprisingly I found myself getting incredibly turned seeing him playing with himself like that! Then I heard him saying my name, telling me to do nasty things to him like sucking his cock and he even said he wanted to fuck me.

I couldn’t believe it, my own brother was dreaming about fucking me! Even more scandalous was I felt myself getting wet güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri thinking about him doing it to me! All of a sudden his cum was squirting out of him all over his hand and legs. I couldn’t believe how far it shot out of him; and to think he wanted to do that inside my pussy! Afterwards it was all I could think about, him doing the things to him that he was dreaming about. Oh Kelly… I can’t tell you how many times the past few weeks I’ve fingered myself to one hell of an orgasm fantasizing about my brother fucking me.”

“God Brenda, that is soooooo hot! Why haven’t you told me about this before?”

“Well, nothing ever happened between us and it’s just a fantasy of mine. He’s married to that bitch too. To tell the truth, I don’t think I could ever really go through with it.”

She laughed as if the whole idea was a joke and said, “I mean really Kelly, he IS my brother after all. That would be incest!”

Well, she may have thought it to be a joke but I started to imagine Brenda and her brother sitting close together on the same glider that we were sitting in, fondling each other and then laying on a blanket in the middle of the lawn, fucking each other’s brains out. Then I imagined it was me instead of her that he was fucking. I closed my eyes and a soft moan escaped from me as I imagined sucking his cock, feeling it splitting my pussy apart as he slowly entered me, enjoying the warm sensation of his cock as it filled my hungry pussy.

Brenda’s voice brought me back to earth. “Whoa! Anybody home?” She started laughing at me and asked, “Wow! Where did you go girl?”

I blinked a few time to focus my eyes and shook my head to try and clear out the naughty images from it. Then another idea began to form in my mind, one that could make both of our dreams come true. The only question was, would Brenda go along with it?

“Soooooo Brenda,” I asked, “Are you saying that you fantasize about your brother?”

Brenda just rolled her eyes at me. “C’mon Kelly, give me a break. You can’t blame a girl for dreaming. I mean, look at him! I’d have to be a nun not to and even then I think the temptation would be irresistible. Besides, who are you to tease me about wanting him when it’s obvious you want him to fuck you too! Oh yeah girl, I know what you were daydreaming about just now. You seem to forget that when you get all horny, you have a bad habit of rubbing yourself without realizing it.”

I smiled a bit at that. She was correct in that I had been in more than a few embarrassing situations where I would be daydreaming and suddenly realize I had my hand between my legs. As usual, Brenda was reading my thoughts like an open book. She also seemed to be especially horny tonight, even more than usual.

After being roomies for over six months she had never told me anything this detailed about her desires for her brother before so I was curious as to how far she would really go. “Well roomie, why don’t we get him to fuck us both tonight and make our dreams come true?”

Brenda eyes widened. She looked at me with a strange stare as if she didn’t quite believe what I had just said. “Very funny Kelly. First, in case you have forgotten he’s married which puts him off limits. Besides, he IS my brother and even if I have fantasized about him a lot, I really can’t imagine letting my own brother fuck me for real. I mean, it’s one thing to dream about something like that but to actually do it????? Sorry, I don’t think I could. Ewwwww, that would be WAY too weird!”

She was watching me intensely as she said this. I just kept quiet as she seemed to be debated things in her mind. I had a feeling her first outburst was more what she thought she SHOULD say rather than what she WANTED to say.

Then she narrowed her look at me saying, “Wow, you’re actually serious about doing this, aren’t you? Damn it Kelly – really, he’s married! And besides, incest? That is just wrong on so many levels. As wet as I may get thinking about him, I don’t think I could ever forget that he’s my brother.”

I giggled and gave her a coy smile. “Brenda, trust me, the fact that he’s married just makes it all the hotter. Think about it – not only would he be fucking us but he would be cheating on that bitchy wife of his as well. God, that would be incredibly hot, don’t you think? Besides, it’s not like he would be having an affair or falling in love with anyone, it would all be just for fun. As for being his sister, you already know he wants to fuck you. For crying out loud he jerks off dreaming about it!”

Brenda’s resolve seemed to start to waver though as she said, “Well, his wife IS a bitch so I guess it would serve her right – God I hate her! I don’t know though; just because he jerked off to my pictures years ago doesn’t mean that he would actually fuck me today. How would it even get brought up? God, it would be SO embarrassing if he wasn’t interested. I would shrivel up and die if he said no!”

I thought it was interesting güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri that her concern was now over whether or not HE wanted to do it, not HER. Well, her brother was man and no sane man would turn down two hot nineteen year-old college freshmen, no matter HOW married he was! I started to think of a plan and the more I told her about my ideas, the more I could see her resistance wearing down and that look of lust I would always see in her eyes whenever she got horny was growing.

By the time I was finished Brenda even threw in a few thoughts of her own to make the plan even better. I could hardly believe it we were seriously discussing this – I was getting wet just thinking about it! In the meantime we just sat in the glider snuggled up close to each other, watching David and remarking to each other about how we thought he would be in bed. Once in a while when one of us said something particularly naughty we would giggle like little girls and the two of them would look over at us, trying to figure out what was going on. If they only knew…

Chapter 3 – David Fucks Me


Later that night we launched our plan. Brenda and I went to the family room where David was watching TV in an overstuffed chair. David was wearing just his shorts having taken off his tank top which was all sweaty after working hard outside. I caught myself wondering if he had anything else on underneath those shorts and subconsciously licked my lips at the thought of what I might see if he took them off.

As usual, Brenda’s parents had said goodnight and were in bed early. The boys had also long gone to bed, as had David’s wife had complained earlier of a bad headache (probably due to her two spoiled kids). Brenda told me that she had taken some extra-strength headache medicine and now was snoring in bed, passed out for the rest of the night. That left just the three of us remaining in the land of the living so we sat around talking about school and town gossip as we watched some silly reality show on TV.

Brenda and I were sitting close together on the couch. She sat up while I lay on my side with my head in her lap and my legs curled under me. Brenda played with my hair – something that makes me feel so relaxed and if done right, incredibly horny. The only thing I was wearing was a tight T-shirt that barely covered my ass. I had to keep tugging at it so as not to be too obvious that I had nothing on underneath. Brenda had just a nightshirt on with a pair of white lace panties as she was never comfortable being bottomless. With my head in her lap the growing scent of her pussy told me that Brenda was getting wet with anticipation.

David was trying to make it appear that he wasn’t watching us but it was so obvious that he was it was almost funny. It was like some little boy staring at an older girl in the mall, thinking he wasn’t being watched but obvious to everyone around him. I had one hand on Brenda’s bare leg and was running my fingertips up and down her smooth thigh. Brenda played with my hair with one hand while her other hand was running all over my body, tracing little circles and tickling me at times. My nipples were so hard that they stuck out through my T-shirt like bullets. David HAD to realize from the way we were touching each other that Brenda and I were more than just friends and I knew that he had to be getting turned on seeing us playing with each other like this.

When the TV show was over Brenda yawned and said it was time for her to go to bed. She got up, gave me a kiss on the lips and winked at me as she left the room. I sat up in the couch with my legs under me. In doing so my T-shirt rode up for a second to reveal my shaved pussy until I quickly pulled it back down again.

I giggled and looked at him, acting as if I was embarrassed. With Brenda gone, David and I continued to chat for a while when suddenly he turned towards me. He looked uncomfortable, as if he wanted to ask something but wasn’t sure if he should. I waited silently and finally he took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“Kelly, do you mind if I ask you a very personal question? If you don’t want to answer after you hear it just say so but I have to ask you something.”

I just smiled and sat up straighter in the couch to pay closer attention. “Sure David, just don’t ask me how much I weigh!”

David laughed and the anxiety level seemed to drop just a bit for him. In a low voice he asked, “Do you and Brenda have something going on between you? I mean, the way you two act around each other, always hugging, kissing, dressing sexy, touching. It seems pretty obvious you’re not the typical dorm roomies.”

I flashed David a crafty smile and replied, “Well… what would you say if we did have something going on? Would it turn you on”

David blushed just a bit. “Of course it would. Come on Kelly, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that every guy dreams of watching two girls güvenilir bahis şirketleri get it on. Add to the dream that one of them is my sister and the other is her roomie… well you end up with one really hot fantasy.”

I raised my eyebrows at this. “Wow David, I didn’t know you had a thing for Brenda! So tell me, does big brother wanna be naughty with his little sister?”

David looked a bit embarrassed and started to protest so I tried to soften it a bit by telling him more about us.

“Don’t get all flustered. What if I told you that Brenda and I have been together sexually since last fall? Don’t go overboard – we’re NOT lesbians lovers or anything kinky like that but we DO enjoy each other if you know what I mean. Please, don’t go telling her I told you but just today we were talking about you and she confessed she’s had her own naughty thoughts about you as well.”

David looked a bit surprised at the last part but it seemed to encourage him to open up and tell me more. “Well Kelly, can you keep a secret from Brenda? I know the two of you are really close but this is something I don’t want her to know about.”

“Sure David, I don’t tell her EVERYTHING after all,” I said with a laugh.

Actually, this was true. For instance, I had never told Brenda about me being with my parents. Brenda was sexy and all but in many ways she was a bit on the conservative side and I was always afraid she would freak out on me if she knew. Of course, that was before I knew she was hot for her brother!

David continued, “When I was nineteen, Brenda was twelve and looking so cute. Her tits were starting to grow and she was starting to pay a lot more interest in the boys. I was dating girls my age and no virgin by a long shot, but until then I never even considered anything with a younger girl, let alone one that was twelve years old. In this case I found myself looking at her and started thinking about her as someone other than my pain-in-the-neck little sister.

When I masturbated I found myself thinking about her more and more. You know what great tits she has now. Well, she already had a nice rack by the time she was thirteen and her figure was looking pretty good. She was barely sixteen when I got married but by then she was a real babe and I was peeking in on her every chance I could get, trying to get a glimpse of those big tits. When she wasn’t home I would look through her dresser and check out her underwear and bikinis to see how they felt and smelled. A few times I jerked off by rubbing myself with her panties or bra. I would cum on them and then put them back in her drawer. Then later when I would see her. I would think about her wearing them and how she had my dried cum up against her pussy or tits. God, I get a massive hard-on just thinking about it!”

Actually, looking at his crotch I could see that David was indeed getting an erection just from thinking about it again! I listened intently as he kept talking. It was like a floodgate had opened and all of his pent-up emotions and fantasies were coming out. Actually, I couldn’t believe he was telling me all of this but I guess there comes a time you need to confide in somebody.

My hand moved between my legs and I started to rub myself slowly as I listened to David tell me about his fantasies about his sister. Not only did I enjoy the feeling it gave me, I wanted him to know how turned-on he was making me so he would be encouraged to tell me more. I could see from his gaze that he knew exactly what I was doing. Of course, any excuse to play with myself was good too and to do it in front of a guy was always an erotic experience for me.

David continued, “Brenda likes to suntan out in the back yard so I would peek at her through the upstairs bathroom window shades. As you know, it’s pretty private back there so when she thinks nobody is watching, she’ll spread her legs wide apart to get an even tan. Well, that lets me see up into her crotch and even though her pussy is still covered, it makes me really horny, especially when it pulls up into her slit. Around here she has always worn tiny bikinis, much sexier than anything she wears in public. With her figure today, she looks really hot in it but even when she was younger she still looked great – especially those incredible tits. Once when she was just twelve the whole family was in the pool and I took a lot of pictures, pretending to take them of everyone but actually just taking a bunch of her.

Later I got so horny looking at the pictures of her little girl body that was just beginning to develop and fill out her bikini in all the right places. Sometimes I would masturbate on my bed with her pictures in front of me imagining her coming into my room while I was jerking off. In my dreams she would ask me if I wouldn’t rather have the real thing and then let me do anything I wanted to her. Would you believe that I actually left my bedroom door cracked open a few times hoping she would watch me? Well, if she did she never told me so I have always assumed she didn’t want to do anything like that with her brother. Oh well, so much for horny teenage boy fantasies.”

David took a breath and then a look of concern came over his face. “Damn, I can’t believe I’m telling you all of this. I hope you don’t think I’m some sort of pervert!”

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