( 4 ) Staurday night was great

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Last night’s fun with our kids and Stef had gone very well, in one good long fuck session, we had found a new cum slut to play with, and now today, as I rung guys we know, I set up a group fuck for us all.

During the day, we all said last night was great and decided not to play today, but save our energy for tonight, but as always sex seems to just happen. We did some light play, sucking and so on, but otherwise the day was very relaxed and restful.

We all had a swim and got our internal prep work done, the girls all shaved one another’s pussies too, as Stu and I watched on. Though out the course of the day, we asked Stef what she might want to try, especially as this would be her first group fuck, She said to try taking 3 guys at once, as when we both fucked her last night she felt so full and her orgasm were stronger than ever, “No Problem” I replied, will make sure you get that.

Then she shyly said, can she try more of our toys too, ” of Course” we all said, “Any one in particular, I said”,

Again shyly she said, “The big one”

‘Ok but we will wait until you have been well and truly fucked and your pussy is open nicely too” I said

Again a shy look, ” Was thinking of trying it in my arse she said”

We all looked a bit shocked but smiled and nodded yes.

We had all got ready, I used a small dildo in Stef but to get her warmed up, and she enjoyed a couple of orgasms, then the girls went of to dress,
The guys know us well, and of course we didn’t bother, as they turn up, things quickly get going anyway, so why waste time, but Stef and Kim returned wearing some really sexy gear, my cock jumped up upon seeing them.

They gave us a quick show twirling around, showing their shaved pussies, butts & boobs just staying inside the see though dress’s.

The guys started to arrive, and as expected, they were more than happy to see Kim, and then Stef, soon, hands explored them both, as more and more guys arrived, things got going.

I knew Sue would soon be taking one or two cocks, as was Stu, so I made my way over to Stef and began to lick her pussy out, her mouth planted firmly on a cock, then just as quick my cock slipped in her pussy, and she sucked harder still.

I told her to lay down, and slid her onto Dave’s cock, it went straight in, her pussy nice and slick, then I wet her anus, now with no mucking around, my cock pressed home, she jumped a bit, but quickly pushed back, both holes full of man meat, she began to moan loudly, as more orgasms ripped though her.

We kept her going for awhile, then I called Chris over and told him to fuck her mouth, she opened her mouth, her moans now muffled but still letting us know she was having fun, she took us all for some time, then Dave looked at me, I knew he was about to cum, my balls already straining trying not too, so I said any chance we can give her 3 loads in one go, Dave nodded, Chris smiled and I said to Stef, get ready here comes 3 hot loads of cum for you, as we all began to fuck her harder than before.

I was first, my balls shot man seed so deep in her butt, like it was never going to stop, this set Dave off, I felt his cock jerking inside her pussy, as Stef gagged, illegal bahis Chris blew his load in her mouth, with the three of us unloading into her, she was shaking, its a wonder she didn’t fall off Dave.

She stayed still, her body slowly regaining composure, as her orgasms subsided, we slipped out of her, my mouth on her pussy and arse, licking up cum, sucking out our juices from her body, Dave kissed her sharing Chris’s cum with her, then with a large amount of our cum I went up, angled her face and let it dribble into her mouth, she took it, licking her lips, then kissed me back, the smile so big said it all.

We let her up, Kim was under her quickly, licking up the last of our cum, as Stef took another cock in her mouth, soon 3 more guys took control, as she began the fun again, with three new hard cocks, Kim sucked me hard, then sat on my manhood, her butt taking it all, she leant forward, as we both shared a cock, then she jumped, I saw hand on her hips, as another cock was pushed in next to mine, Kim went crazy, this was her first anal dp, as we both took her higher than ever.

Stef was watching Kim, both having several good orgasms as they worked away on us all.

Then Stef, began to moan louder, her mouth leaking cum, her orgasm kept going, soon the sound of two more guys shooting her full of cum let us know she had her second full house fuck.

Stef moved over to Kim, kissing her, and playing with her boobs, then she let out a shocked sound, and I heard her say to Kim, that both cocks were in her arse, “Of course” said Kim, its great.

Oh wow, as Stef moved off, in search of new cocks, I had been fucking Kim now for some time, had butt is so nice and now with both of us in her, tight too, so I winked at Kim we moved, her butt let us slip out, then she sat down on my fist, taking some 3 or 4 Inches of me in her butt, her mouth filled with the spare cock, didn’t last long, cum dripped out onto my face, she jumped up and down with glee as she enjoyed my fisting.

I saw Stef squatting over two cocks, she rode them well, then looking closer, and I saw that both were in her arse, gee she was going well, nodding to Kim I looked back, we both smiled and carried on our fisting fun, I then spun Kim around, my butt near her side

Now my fist still in her butt, she knew what I wanted as her fingers found their way Inside me. we did a 69 fisting and enjoyed several good orgasms too.

Sue and Stu were both getting plenty of attention, I saw Stu fucking Sue, while his arse was also being fucked, and Sue sucking on another cock. Stef let out a good loud moan as she cum again then pulled of the two cock, it was then i wanted to try some thing new.

Moving away from Kim, I went behind Stef, her butt looked great, a nice red hole with cum running out, as I slipped my fingers inside her hole, then with little effort and lots of luck, my hand went in, Stef jumped up, but I held her down, keeping my fist in her butt. now she relaxed, my fingers began to work her bowels, I was just in, my knuckles and wrist inside her, then knowing what to feel for, I pushed up deeper,
finding her second chamber I gave one hard push, I know illegal bahis siteleri what it felt like the first time it was done to me, Stef screamed a nice scream, as I held her still.

Then slowly I worked her, her first fisting orgasm took her, she was out of control, shaking violently, just as she started to come down from that I pushed once more, knowing she would be internally open, my fingers went deeper still, again she held me tight, her anal muscles gripping my hand, with good timing a cock was pushed in her mouth, this made her relax a bit, so I worked her some more, another good orgasm shot
out, this time i didn’t wait, while she was cuming, I pushed again, I was now going into her fourth or fifth chamber, her orgasms now flowed quicker, a I moved in and out gently.

Kim had come over, holding Stef, kissing and asking her how she was, I saw Stef nod a ok, as another orgasm shot thought her, Now I held still and let her work her body on my hand, she pushed back, each time a orgasm followed. She was ready, I moved around, bigger and bigger orgasm hit her, then with one good push my arm was nearly inside her, inches from my elbow, she was a real trooper. as Stef collapsed on the floor exhausted.

I left my arm in her for awhile, then slowly with draw, she shook, moving around, I know what it feels like, then with my knuckles at her opening I stopped, pushed back in a few inchs, a couple of times, then pulled all the way out, that did the trick, she squirted me with heaps of fluid, as she shook uncontrollably, I lay next to her and gave her a cuddle as she kissed me.

When she regained her self, and moved , she saw the fluid on the ground, with a red face she apologised , thinking she had wet herself, I smiled and said, “No ” you squirted, when you cum”

“Oh wow, I never squirt normally” she replied, hugging and kissing me hard.

Every one was busy, Kim had three or four guys playing with her, as did Sue, Stu was also taking care of two guys too, so with a wink I said ” Want to try the 12 inch dildo now”

Stef was on her knee’s and waiting, i grabbed the dildo and strap on, we have two holes in our, I put my cock thought the bottom hole and the big 12 inch in the top hole, wetting it with some spit, I eased forward. Stef butt was well open now, and the tip went in easy, I knew that this would fell bigger than my fist as fingers give a bit, this big fellow wouldn’t give at all. So I told Stef to push back as she felt comfortable, and held still.

She worked the dildo, I was watching her anus open like a tunnel, with some 4 inches or so in her she slowed, working, back and forth, enjoying the fullness of it in her, then without warning she pushed back hard, I eased forward to counter the push, and another 3 or 4 inchs went in, she jumped but held firm, again she eased back and fourth, getting her freshly fucked butt used to the size, this time as she moved away from me,
I was ready, she trust back, yelling as she did, that must have hurt her, as all 12 inches went in.

I held still, her body shaking, but she kept it all in her, then she slowly began to work it, her orgasms now building, at first she let some canlı bahis siteleri slip out, then as she was cuming, it went back in her, she was a pro, she knew how to work it so that each
thrust made her cum again, then she began to really get going, her body taking it all,
as with every push back she cum, my cock was straining for more fun, this time as she
pushed back I aimed it at her pussy, I hit her hole, but my cock bent, the hole was so
tight, with out big toy in her arse.

Not to be out done, I kept it there, every time she pushed back, she felt my cock hit her pussy lips, then the tip went in, she slowed, excepting my cock she started to work it in further.

Her pussy was so tight, but slowly each thrust my cock went in further, her orgasm now stronger still, small amounts of fluid shot out with the bigger orgasms now, then I was in, my cock fully home, and when she pushed back hard, both went fully home, she was in heaven, and
so was I.

I began to take over, fucking her faster now, not to hard, but fast, then more and more built up speed and pushed harder into her, until it was to late, my balls gave me no warning, as bang, they filled her pussy with cum, sending her over the top big time. fluid washed my body as she cum once more.

Sliding the dildo out, we rested for awhile, Stef was a mess, she had what can only be said to be a very contented look on her face, and for some time, speechless.

When she spoke, her words were a bit jumbled, but I took her arm , sat her over my face and ate her butt and pussy, taking all my cum back, with out saying a thing, Stef bent down, kissing and sharing my cum, her body shaking still. I was looking into her eyes, she smiled then kissed me again, saying Thank You.

It was late before most of the guys went home, and we all had been more than happy with our new play friend. Kim and Stef spent the rest of the night sleeping together, while we carried on with one or two guys a bit longer, and they stayed in our spare room.

Late Sunday morning we woke, to the sound of fucking from Kim’s bedroom, looking in, Stu and Dave were taking advantage of their morning woody and fucking the girls, both doggy on the edge of the bed, Frank was stuffing his cock in Kim’s mouth, as Gary fucked Stef’s mouth, so the girls were more than happy.

After Stu and Dave had cum, I took Kim into the shower, giving her a quick fuck, before pulling my cock out and pissing all over her boobs and face, she lapped it up, I didn’t see Stef watching, but heard a noise, the guys also stood by, then Stef came over and played with Kim’s boobs, my bladder empty, I swapped her with Kim and told the guys to try it, Stef looked a bit concerned but stayed where she was, as pee began to flow, at first on her boobs, and she rubbed it in, then she dipped her head, catching some on her face too, it wasn’t long before all the guys had finished pissing and we took a shower.

Stef looked stunning her hair and face sticky with cum, as Kim washed her soft body with love. I told the girls we might have to see, if any guys still have cum left for a afternoon delight, Stef nodded yes as she kissed Kim’s boobs.

After a good clean up, we left the girls to use the douche ready for later, Stu’s & Sue What can we do later, one asked,

“With those two, anything we want”, I replied

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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