A Christmas Temptation

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I pushed Melissa’s door open and froze in shock at what I saw. We’d been burgled. The fuckers had ransacked the place – furniture was overturned, clothes were thrown everywhere, one of the curtains lay in a crumpled heap on the floor. I saw Melissa’s arm hanging out of her bed and I rushed into her room to see if she was hurt.

I pulled Melissa’s covers back and found her curled up on her side. She looked unharmed. She looked fine actually, she appeared to be fast asleep. The smell of stale vodka was coming off her and I noticed an empty pizza box on the floor by her bed. I started to calm down and I remembered the rest of the house was untouched. I realised that Melissa had done this herself.

Melissa stirred. She rolled over and looked up at me through blurry eyes. She moaned, then pulled the bedclothes back over herself.

“Good night last night?” I said. “Typical office Christmas party?”

Melissa groaned.

“Poor thing. You want me to make you some coffee and a bacon sandwich?”

She made a noise that I took to be a yes.

I retreated to the kitchen.

When I returned Melissa had managed to sit up in bed. She was looking around herself at the mess she’d made with wide eyes. She looked like she’d just survived a natural disaster. I sat next to her and handed her a mug of steaming coffee.

“You’re a saint,” she croaked. She shook her head carefully. “I feel fucking awful, I think I’m still drunk. And god knows what I did last night when I got home, look at the state of this place, what was I trying to do?”

I shrugged. “If you feel half as bad as you look you must be really suffering.”

“Ha bloody ha.” A bit of colour came back into her face.

“Here, this should help,” I handed her the bacon sandwich. “Get that down you, then after a long shower you’ll feel human again, which would be good, as you promised to help me with my Christmas shopping today, remember?”

“No, please noooo.” Melissa looked at me in horror. “Not today, please not today, anything but that. Don’t make me go outside, I shouldn’t even get out of bed today.”

I shook my head at her and gave her an exasperated look. I was annoyed at Melissa, this was all her own doing, she had no one else to blame, and she’d made me a promise. She’d be more of a hindrance than a help in this state though, and if I let her off at least I’d have a credit in the favour bank. “Fine, tomorrow then. I’ll leave you to fester in bed today.”

I got up to leave her room, but then I noticed something, a crumpled mess on the floor next to the pizza box, the Christmas calendar I’d bought her as a gift. I reached down and plucked it up. It looked like it had been attacked by a pack of angry rodents. “What did you do to this?”

Melissa look at what I was holding and groaned again. “Did I eat all of them?”

I examined the remains of the calendar. Today was the 8th, but it looked like only ten or twelve doors were open. “No, I think you only had a few.” But as I turned the calendar around in my hands I saw she’d ripped the back off it. “Oh no, hang on. It looks like opening the doors was too slow for you, I think you tore the back off so you could get at the chocolates faster. Yep, it’s empty. Wow, you must have been really desperate.”

Melissa covered her face with her hands. “Oh god, I’m awful. I don’t even remember doing it.”

And then I noticed something else, something that had been lying under the shredded mess of the calendar; her pink, plastic vibrator. I dropped the calendar and picked it up. “Looks like chocolate wasn’t the only thing you were desperate for.”

Melissa peaked out from behind her hands. She saw what I was holding, then she snapped them shut over her face again. “Oh god, I’m worse than awful, I’m a fucking animal.”

I laughed. “This is so bad I’m almost impressed. I wonder what order you did it in, pizza first, then chocolate and a wank? Or was the wank the more pressing need, and the food came after?”

“Fuck off,” she said. She dropped her hands from her face and saw the grin on mine. “You’re enjoying this aren’t you?”

“A bit,” I agreed.

“I used to do this as a kid,” she said in a weary voice. “With less alcohol and masturbation, but when I was young I used to creep downstairs at night and eat all the chocolate from my advent calendar. My sister’s too usually. Mum was always furious, and my sister would cry her eyes out, but then I’d go and do it again next year, I couldn’t stop myself.” She shook her head at her own dreadful behaviour. “Mum would punish me, but I never learnt.”

“That, Melissa Jane Stone, is absolutely disgraceful,” I said. “We can’t let this continue.”

She shrugged and held up her hands. “There’s nothing you can do, I’m a monster, I can’t be changed.”

“We’ll see about that young lady. I’m going to have to pick up where your mother left off.”

Melissa’s eyes widened. “Oh really.” The tone of her voice changed. “And what are you going to do about it?”

“I’m glad you canlı bahis şirketleri asked.” I stepped closer to her bed and stood over her. “I’m going to civilise you Melissa, I’m going to tame the beast.”

She grinned up at me. “You haven’t got it in you.”

“We’ll see,” I said. And then I lunged at her.

Melissa shrieked and put her hands up instinctively to protect herself, but I took advantage of her reaction and grabbed hold of her wrists.

Melissa struggled, but she was petite and not very strong, and I sat down onto her bed and pulled her towards me. She tried to resist, she tried to wrestle out of my grip, but I managed to drag her across my lap without much effort.

Melissa lay on her front and wriggled and kicked her legs, she swore at me and demanded to be let go. I ignored her. I held her in place with a hand on her back and started to taunt her. “Oh do stop fighting Melissa, you’re making such a scene, and the more you struggle the worse it’ll be.” I said it in the most condescending tone I could manage.

“Get the fuck off me you bastard,” Melissa shrieked. She gave it everything, she squirmed and kicked and wriggled but I pressed her down with that hand on her back and she couldn’t get free.

“You brought this on yourself you know.”

She swore at me again, but she laughed too.

I loved Melissa in this position, helpless, bent over my lap with her rear raised up. I started to grope her bottom through the back of her pyjamas with my free hand. I did it partly to show her I was in control and that I could do whatever I wanted to her, but also because I couldn’t resist her magnificent bottom, so big for such a small woman.

“Get your dirty hands off me you fucking pig,” she bellowed.

“That, young lady, is not the correct attitude.” I gave her delicious bottom a short, sharp smack with the flat of my hand.

“Ow! You fucker. Get off me,” she shouted.

“I don’t take any pleasure from this Melissa.” I smacked her bottom again and she yelped and kicked. “I don’t want to have to do this, but it’s for your own good.” I spanked her again and again, I slapped her hard, without any warming up. Melissa shrieked and squirmed and tried to evade my hand but she had nowhere to go, she was trapped. She swore at me, she squealed at each smack, but she was still laughing too.

“Oh Melissa, I don’t think this is working is it, not on a little brute like you?”

“I told you I couldn’t be tamed. Now get off me and let me go,” she demanded.

“You know I can’t do that Melissa, and we’re only just getting started.” I tucked my hand under the lip of her pyjama bottoms.

“You wouldn’t dare.” Her voice was full of challenge.

I started to peel her pyjama bottoms down slowly and Melissa started kicking again. “Stop it, let me up now you absolute bastard.”

“It pains me to have to do this Melissa, but you give me no choice.”

Melissa wriggled and tried to keep her bottom inside her pyjamas but they were loose fitting and they came down easily. I pulled them down until I could see the top of the crack of her arse.

“Stop it this second.” Her voice was getting shriller. “This is no way to treat a young woman. I’m warning you!”

“I have to do this Melissa, don’t you see? What if everyone behaved like you, how would society function?” I gave her pyjama bottoms another tug and they came all the way down and I gloried at the sight of her big, perfect, naked bottom.

“You know Melissa, the more you fight the more your bum jiggles,” I taunted. “You’re showing me everything.”

“Fuck off, let me go you scoundrel.” She tried to wriggle free from my grip but there was no way I was letting her go now.

I gave Melissa’s bottom another hard smack, but this time it was skin on skin and it made a loud slapping sound and Melissa jumped at the shock of it. “Ow! Christ, that hurt, don’t you dare do it again.”

“You have to learn society’s rules my little heathen.” I slapped her behind again, harder.

“Ow! You fucker. How dare you.” She gave me her most indignant voice, but I could hear something else in it now.

I began to punish her properly, I spanked Melissa’s bottom fast and hard. She shrieked with each strike and she fought harder and harder to get free but as she writhed all she did was give me a better view between her fat, beautiful cheeks.

I never struck her bottom in the same place twice, and I varied the speed of my slaps, I didn’t want her to know where and when the next stinging smack would land. I wanted to keep her guessing. I wanted her to feel helpless, I wanted to her to panic.

I slapped Melissa’s behind until my hand grew hot and her bottom turned pink and then red. She yelped and squealed and swore at me and made a wonderful show of herself. I felt her slowly giving in to it though; her breathing grew deeper and she started trying to rub herself against my leg.

“You’re really making such a terrible scene of yourself Melissa, have you canlı kaçak iddaa no decency at all?”

“You. Are. Such. A. Bastard,” she gasped each word between slaps.

“Just look at you.” I put my hand on one of her cheeks and spread her. I examined her plump pussy and the little pucker of her anus. She tried to wriggle her bottom out of my hands but she had nowhere to go. “Such a disgusting little heathen. I bet you’re wet too aren’t you? I bet you’re dripping.”

Melissa let a soft groan escape from her lips.

I kept chastising Melissa as I spanked her. I explained how terrible her behaviour was and how she was almost beyond saving. I told her there was a glimmer of hope, that perhaps we’d be able to make a polite young lady of her yet, if she gave in to her punishment. She kept swearing and shouting at me but she was starting to moan now and she was rubbing herself harder against my legs.

I stopped spanking Melissa and she gasped in relief. I pushed her thighs roughly apart and ran my fingers along her pussy and she raised her hips as if offering herself for me.

I tutted at her behaviour. “What a disgrace you are Melissa.”

“Get off me you swine.” There was fight still in her, despite how turned on she was.

I smacked her bottom again and she jumped in shock. I ran my fingers back over her pussy and she groaned long and loud to show me how much she wanted it.

I tutted again. “Have some respect for yourself Melissa, please.” I spread her lips of her cunt and ran a fingertip the length of her. “Just as I suspected, soaking wet, you dirty little strumpet.”

Melissa moaned.

I ran my fingertip up and over her clitoris and she tried to push back against me but I pulled my hand away.

She made a sobbing noise.

“What a disgusting creature you are Melissa.” I loved teasing her like this. I spread her wet lips again and started to circle a finger around her clitoris.

Melissa groaned and pushed back against my hand and I let her this time. I circled her clit with a steady rhythm and she soon started gasping and panting and wriggling in my lap.

She looked so beautiful in this position. Her long hair tumbled over her shoulders, her back was arched, her bum was red and held up towards me, and her legs were spread and everything was on show. I moved my fingertip faster and faster in time with the bucking of her hips and her noises became more urgent. But then I saw something move out of the corner of my eye.

I looked up and saw Rachel standing in Melissa’s open doorway; she was watching us with a Cheshire Cat grin on her face. I hadn’t heard Rachel come home, but evidently she’d heard us.

I nodded for Rachel to come into the room and she crept forwards. She picked up the chair from Melissa’s desk and placed it in front of us. She did it as quietly as she could. Melissa’s face was down and she was focussed on my hand between her legs and she hadn’t noticed.

I’d planned to tease Melissa some more, perhaps make her suck my cock, before I let her come, but now that Rachel was here I knew things were going to get a lot dirtier. I knew exactly what Rachel liked to see men do to girls.

Rachel leant forwards and watched as I stroked Melissa’s cunt. Melissa got louder and I felt her body begin to tense, and then, just as she began to climax, I stopped.

“No, you bastard!” Melissa pressed herself back and sought my hand but I’d pulled it away. “Not now, keep going, please,” she begged.

“My god Melissa, have some dignity.” Rachel said it loud and Melissa looked up and shrieked.

Melissa stated kicking and wriggling again, but I held her in place and I explained to Rachel what she’d done. Rachel advised that a spanking was the least she deserved, that if she was really going to learn a lesson she’d need a much more severe punishment. Rachel got up and rummaged in Melissa’s bedside table for the lube. “You want me to prepare her for you?” She asked.

I nodded.

Melissa fought hard when she saw what Rachel was holding. “No, not that, please, don’t.” She tried to roll herself off my legs but I wrapped my arms around her and stood and lifted her into the air. She kicked and squirmed but I held her tight. I lowered her onto the bed and pressed her down with a hand between her shoulder blades and one on the small of her back. She writhed and swore at us but she was going nowhere.

Rachel came over and got on the bed between Melissa’s legs. She pressed Melissa’s thighs open and gave her behind a few token smacks, then she opened the lube and began to squirt it out onto Melissa’s bottom.

“No! Get off me you fucking perverts!” Melissa shrieked. She reached back behind herself with one arm and tried to bat Rachel’s hands away.

Rachel looked up at me. “Can you hold this little tart’s hands down?”

“Consider it done.” I moved around to Melissa’s front and pulled her arms out and pinned both her hands under mine.

Melissa raised her head and looked into my canlı kaçak bahis eyes. “Unhand me now. I demand it.”

“Do you think you’ve learnt your lesson?”

“Fuck you,” she spat. And then she groaned.

I looked down Melissa’s body to see what Rachel was doing to her. Her hand was moving back and forth and I guessed she’d pushed a couple of fingers inside Melissa’s pussy. She corkscrewed them slowly in and out her, then she started to rub the thumb on her other hand over Melissa’s lubed arsehole. Melissa closed her eyes tight and shut her mouth, she looked like she was trying to stifle noises of pleasure.

I watched as Rachel eased her thumb into Melissa’s arse. She pressed the flat of it against her sphincter and began to massage and I saw Melissa’s arsehole begin to open around it. Rachel crooked her digit and pushed and her thumb sank in to Melissa’s arsehole up to the first knuckle. Melissa couldn’t stop a long, low moan escaping from her lips. Rachel started to circle her thumb and Melissa moaned again.

It was too much for me to just sit there and watch. I let go of Melissa hands, but it looked like she’d forgotten to fight. I got out of my jeans and my underwear and knelt on the bed before Melissa and presented my cock in front of her face. She opened her mouth without any encouragement and wrapped her lips around the tip of my dick and started to suck.

It was a beautiful sight. My cock was buried in Melissa’s face and she was sucking and licking me eagerly as Rachel fingered her cunt and her arse. I felt my hips start to move as if they had a mind of their own, pushing my cock deeper into Melissa’s mouth. Melissa tried her best to accommodate me, she opened wide and I felt my cock pushing into her throat. She made a gagging sound, but recovered. She gagged again, her eyes started to water. I’d been hard for so long and this felt so good, but I had to stop myself before I got carried away and came in her mouth, we had other plans for Melissa now.

“Is she ready?” I asked.

Rachel looked up from Melissa’s spread arse and nodded at me.

I pulled my prick out of Melissa’s mouth and she groaned. A thick line of drool slid out from between her lips and it kept my cock and her mouth connected until it broke and sagged onto her bed. I got up and joined Rachel between Melissa’s legs, she had two fingers in Melissa’s pussy and two fingers buried deep in her bottom. She slid them out and Melissa gasped.

Rachel handed me the lube and I spread it thickly all over my cock. “Arse up,” I said to Melissa.

“Fuck you.” She was fighting again. Good. I slapped her arse hard and Melissa screeched and flinched in shock, but she still didn’t obey.

I took hold of Melissa’s hips and lifted her bottom up roughly. She tried to wriggle out of my grip but I held her firm. Rachel pushed two pillows under Melissa’s raised hips and I let go of her. I placed my hands on Melissa’s bum and spread her cheeks. Rachel poured more lube onto her arse crack, then she placed the nozzle of the tube against Melissa’s arsehole and squeezed lube inside of her.

I took hold of my cock and guided it into Melissa. I pressed it against her arsehole and pushed and she was slippery and relaxed and I felt her opening around me. She offered little resistance and I got the head of my cock into her anus easily. But then I held still to let her grow accustomed to the feel of it. This was a punishment, but it was more fun if Melissa enjoyed her arse fucking, it’d be more humiliating.

Melissa trembled beneath me, she panted and took deep breaths. I started to slide my cock into her a millimetre at a time and she groaned and squirmed but she didn’t fight it.

I started to chastise Melissa again, but in a soft voice now. “Look what you’ve made me do Melissa, can you feel it, my cock inside your big bottom?” She moaned and shivered. I kept pushing into her. “I had to do this Melissa, you gave me no choice, don’t you see?” She groaned loud. “Good girls don’t do this, but it’s the only thing dirty little strumpets like you understand.”

Rachel watched the sight of my cock disappearing into Melissa’s arse with wide eyes. She had a hand down the front of her trousers. I knew Rachel loved nothing more than watching another girl getting fucked in the arse. Melissa knew this too.

I slid my cock into Melissa’s behind until I was in all the way and then I held myself there. Her anus pinched the base of my cock and her back passage felt warm and fluid. I started to move in and out of her as gently as I could and Melissa shuddered and gasped and buried her face in the bedclothes. She soon started pressing herself back against me though, meeting each of my thrusts with her arse.

Rachel’s hand moved faster down the front of her trousers as she watched us. Her face was flushed and she looked excited. Then all of a sudden she was pulling her clothes off. She got onto the bed and settled herself on her back with her long legs spread. I guess she was as desperate for it as we were. I reached forward and pushed Melissa’s face down into Rachel’s cunt.

As I felt Melissa relaxing I began to fuck her arse harder. I took hold of her hips and pulled her into me with each thrust and she made grunting and groaning sounds.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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