A College Education Ch. 01

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When I was in college I had many friends, but the ones I always hung out with I actually went to high school with. I never got into the Greek life, and neither did my friends, so every weekend we did our own thing. Every Monday we would hear about some frat guys talking about how hammered they got, threw up, and don’t really remember much after that. It was always the same thing. My friends and I, on the other hand, we try to vary our activities. I mean, we drank, even before we were 21, it was after all college, but we would do other things as well. And then, when we were all legally able to drink we would hit up the bars. One of my buddies was the last to turn 21 a week before spring break, so for spring break we all went to Las Vegas, but that’s a whole other story.

The story I’m going to tell you about took place a few months before Vegas; in fact it was our first weekend back from Christmas break. Actually, that weekend won’t really make too much sense, come to think of it, kind of like one of those incidents that people talk about that are hilarious, except to anyone that wasn’t there they just kind of stare at you, maybe put on an awkward smile as you turn to them and say, “you had to be there.” Instead, let me tell you about the weekend that basically leads up to all the others, including Vegas and the one my friends and I have dubbed ‘bonding’. But before I tell you about that weekend, let me first tell you about my friends. There were six of us, including me. The most outgoing of us was John. John was also our tallest. In high school he played basketball and was pretty well fit. He usually kept his dark brown hair fairly short but when he got to college he refused to get a haircut so now he looked like Colin Farrell in Miami Vice. He wasn’t overly tall, he was about 6’2″ which is why he was probably the backup center, that and the fact he usually skipped out on practice.

The oldest in the group was Jason, whom we called Jay, as if Jason was too long to say, which ironic because we also had an Alex, who we didn’t call Al for short, we called him Alexander. But Jay was the spitting image of Matthew Fox, who played Jack on LOST. As ironic it would have been for him to not like LOST, instead he was kind of an insane genius and never really watched TV at all. At one point, non us believed he didn’t watch TV because right around the end of season three of LOST Jay started to grow out a beard and looked just like the ‘flash forward’ Jack ( for those who have never seen Lost, Jack ends up growing this Grisly Adams style beard, and he ends up looking kind of crazy). Why Jay grew out a beard we never knew, but he did, kept it for a couple months, then one day shaved it off, never giving a reason. I suppose you don’t need a reason, but with Jay you couldn’t even get him to talk about it. Not that he was a difficult person, or that he had no social skills, in fact he was quite the opposite. In high school all the teachers thought he was the quite type that the kids would pick on and then later shoot up the school. In reality all the kids talked to him because he ran an underground network and was the most popular kid.

The underground network he ran was really quite interesting. When he was young he moved around a lot, as a result of his father’s job, until he was about ten when his father one the lottery and suddenly came into a couple million. His father worked at some chain store and was a supplier, but once he got the money he bought a car dealership and began to earn similar income when he was a regional manager, but now he was able to stay put. However, as a result his parents held him back from entering school when he was young because his father told his relocation would only be temporary, and they thought it would be best for Jay to introduce him into a school and keep him there. Little did they know they would be moving again, and again. Finally, they had no choice but to enter him into school, regardless of how much they would be moving. Fortunately Jay turned out to be a complete genius with a 200+ IQ. Anyway, the point was that he was already 18 when he was junior in high school. Funny thing is that he could have graduated early because of how smart he was and been with people his own age, but he instead chose to take a lessened school schedule so he could stay with his friends. As a result he had a lot of free time and when you give a genius a lot of free time he does some crazy things. First thing he did when he turned 18 was start his own software company. He made a few cheap computer games he sold online, a few programs for teachers at school, and then one day decided to hack Windows. When he cracked it he told Microsoft of it and told them how to fix it. They in turn bought his company, and paid for his “services” (basically told him to not tell anyone and when the new Windows came out, if he would try again and they would pay him. Sure enough, within two weeks of Vista’s launch he broke the code and Microsoft once again improved where he was able to get into the code). He made a little over bahis firmaları a million dollars without is parents even noticing. He then started his own real estate business, began rolling in some serious cash, bought his own house, his own Aston Martin, the works. Truth be told, he had no business being in college. Not only was he smarter than most professors, he also already had several businesses and was well off. With his own house in high school he started making large amounts of moonshine, real high quality stuff, too, which in turn he sold to other kids at school. Naturally, when he got to college he bought his own house off campus and took with him all his equipment to produce his signature quadruple distilled vodka. If the cops ever found out he would have gone away for a long time. Despite his ability to make his own alcohol, when he turned 21 he was our ticket for booze, as he turned 21 at the end of our freshman year. I suppose it gave him a thrill to break the law.

Then there was Alexander. He was an interesting fellow. He was the smallest one of us, barely stood 5’6″ and looked a little like Seth Green. He was probably also the funniest. What he said wasn’t hilarious, but he was always so straight faced and his humor was so dark and sarcastic. He rarely cracks a smile at his own stuff, but would laugh at the slightest bit of humor from someone else. He also had one of the quickest wits around and could probably prove to you that you in reality didn’t exist. He was dangerous that way, in which he could get anyone to do anything without them really knowing; he actually talked a professor into giving him an A on a paper he plagiarized after the teacher threatened to get him expelled, now that takes balls. It’s no wonder he was majoring in political science.

There was also Sean White, which is funny because while he shares a name, sort of, with a famous person he actually didn’t look like anyone famous, but he did snowboard. He was average in every way you can be average. He was about 5’9″, average build, average in school, average looks, had medium length brown hair and brown eyes, wasn’t too funny, wasn’t boring, and didn’t have too many friends. One thing he was, though, was a good friend. He would also help you if he could and was always there if you needed him. Which is why, as average as he was, why he probably was the only one to have a stable, long standing relationship, and on top of it was with arguably one of the prettiest girls I had ever seen. He was the only one to not have gone to high school with us and we met him because he was roommates with Alex. His girlfriend didn’t go to college with us because she had a full scholarship to play golf down in Florida. She said that she’d like to go pro once she graduated but until then she wanted to get a proper education.

Lastly, there was the center focus of the story, Ashley. Throughout high school we were a group of four good friends. Then one day sophomore year, John decided to get a girlfriend, Jessica, who just happened to be Ashley’s best friend. So, naturally because John and Jessica were always together, Ashley tagged alone. Then, Jessica dumped John for the starting QB, at the same time alienating Ashley. Jessica and Ashley had their own group of friends, but they all turned on Ashley once Jessica started dating the QB because she spent so much time with us. Ashley was a really cute girl. Actually, cute doesn’t suite her; hot is better. She was drop dead gorgeous. Problem is she had become one of us, one of the guys. We never realized what kind of body she had until college. Throughout high school she always wore loose, baggy hoodies and cargo pants, especially after Jessica alienated her. She was cool; she really was just like one of the guys. We weren’t rebellious but we never went to any of the school dances, so we never saw her in a dress. We did plan to go to prom, but it was cancelled after half the football team and cheerleaders had gotten arrested at a party for drinking none other than Jay’s moonshine (surprising was not one of the 80 or so kids so much as came close to ratting out Jay). Instead of going to the dances we did other things, like instead of home coming in the fall we would play paint ball. In the place of the winter turnabout we went skiing for five days out west in Utah. And in the spring we would plan a trip into Chicago. It was great, and every time Ashley not only joined us, but was eager to do the activities with us. Ashley also wore little makeup, which also played down her looks, but looking back, even without makeup she looked great. When we got to college she continued to dress the same way. We never questioned why she never dated, and it never occurred to us to date her, I mean, after all, back then it would have been the same as me dating Alex of John… well, maybe not quite the same, but you get the point.

However, over the summer after freshman year she decided to take some extra classes so she could be a teaching assistant as a sophomore. I had moved in with Jay at his place and the kaçak iddaa rest of the guys got their own apartment, while Ashley had to stay on campus as she had a scholarship which covered her housing so she decided to make the best of it by being a resident hall assistant and was in charge of a whole dorm floor. She basically had a one bedroom condo, it was the nicest dorm I had ever seen, complete with a living room, small kitchen and breakfast area, and a rather large bedroom area; it was more like a hotel suite than a college dorm room.

The first day we were all down there, a few days before school started, we went out for dinner. Each respective housing unit took their own car and we met at an Outback Steakhouse for dinner. Ashley said she had a meeting with the other RA’s so she would be a little late. The guys still met as planned and we just had a few drinks and a bloomin’ onion while we waited. A half hour later, Ashley joined us.

At first we didn’t recognize her. Over the summer she must have gotten a subscription to Cosmo or something because she went from one of the guys to a hot chick ripped straight from every straight man’s (maybe even a few girls’) fantasy. Dinner started a little awkward. Not that any of us had a problem talking to girls, but Ashley was as if a complete stranger was sitting with us. After about twenty minutes we fell back into our old selves and we were back to our regular banter, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off Ashley. Whether or not the other guys were staring at her as well, I wouldn’t know because I literally never kept my eyes of her. To make things worse she sat directly across from me, and I swore she kept looking at me too. At one point I thought she was even trying to rub her feet on my leg under the table.

At the end of dinner we stood up and we were going back to Jay’s place. It was then I saw what she was wearing fully as when she arrive I had my back to the door and only briefly saw her before she sat opposite of me at the booth. She wore ‘paint on’ blue jeans, tight, form fitting pink t-shirt that complimented her beautiful figure. For the first time I noticed her breasts. Not only did she have breasts, but they were beautiful, large tits, at least Cs which looked great on her fit frame. She had a tight body, and she stood at 5’4″. God, she was a sight to behold. She wore more makeup than I had seen her before which gave her a girly, rosy cheeks, sexy, glistening pink lips, and deep, dark, lustful eyes, and her hair was pulled back into a pony tail with bangs coming down across the left side of her face.

She gave us each a hug, “it is so good to see you all again. So, we’re all going back to Jay’s? Jay, lead on.”

Even her voice had a more feminine pep to it. When she gave me a hug I got a whiff of her perfume and I nearly passed out. Not only was this girl one of my best friends, but she also looked unbelievable, and now I could smell her perfect feminine beauty as she hugged me.

When we got back to Jay’s place we sat in the family room, cracked open a couple beers and began talking about the old times. I knew Sean felt kind of out of place, clearly, as he wasn’t there with us back in high school, but like a good friend he sat there he smiled, and laughed at the appropriate times, got angry when we did, he was good guy. Jay, Ashley and I were the only ones old enough to legally drink so we had already had a few beers at the restaurant. Ashley was going to spend the night at Jay’s, in one of his guest rooms, but Alex had to drive the other guys back to their apartment, so he couldn’t drink with us. Part of why I moved in with Jay, we were both of drinking age and we knew we’d be hitting the bars up together while the others couldn’t. It wasn’t all bad though, because the guys lived in an apartment complex that was literally across the road from Jay’s subdivision, problem was it was a fairly busy state route. So even if they walked, someone had to stay sober to be the leader as they crossed across four lanes of 60 mph traffic.

Jay’s family room was not your typical college kid’s social area. Then again, neither was Jay’s house, which was in a neighborhood populated mainly by university professors. It was a five bedroom, six baths, four car garage (which contained a classic Mustang, a new Aston Martin DBS, a Ford GT, and my 1968 Ford Bronco, which we usually drove to campus, go figure). His house backed up to a large pound, and was situated on a wooded four and a half acre lot, with an in ground pool. He built the house himself when he was a senior in high school, knowing this was the college he and his friends, were going to. The professors liked him because of how quiet he was. And t the casual observer he was a good neighbor and not your typical college kid. He kept his lawn neat; in fact he hired a service that took care of his lawn twice a week. He had company over, but the neighbors never suspected it was parties. Another reason all his neighbors like him was because they actually didn’t know he was a college kid. They all assumed kaçak bahis he was just a local, wealthy business man. In fact, Jay had sold several of the professors their homes. He even built one of the other homes in the neighborhood that was fairly similar to his own, that he had just completed over the summer that he sold to his business professor for $1.4 million (his professor had no idea he was in his class the semester before).

Jay’s house had one secret very few people knew of: his basement was double cinder block wall insulated. That meant anything short of an atomic bomb going off in his basement no one on the first floor could hear what was going on, let alone anyone outside the house. A section of the basement was walkout to get to the pool (that also acted as the party entrance door), and in order to get to it you had to go through a room that acted like an airlock, that basically had a bank vault door that lead into the house and another to the outside, just to prevent the noise from getting out.

Hit basement was ridiculous. It had your typical utility area which housed the furnaces and water heaters and the likes, but the rest was pure recreation. It had 12 foot ceilings that were painted black along with the walls. His basement was divided into sections. One section was the bar, which would rival that of a LA night club. In the same open room as the bar was the dance floor and stage (just in case he wanted to play DJ). In a separate room were two pool tables, a ping pong table, and two beer pong tables. And lastly was the bathroom. He calls it a single bathroom, but in reality it was more like a public restroom; it had both a men’s and women’s room, each with two sinks and two stalls. The whole basement had dark, near black carpet that was heavily, heavily padded, “just in case someone got too drunk,” he said once. It also has close to a thousand gallons of Scotch guard, as well, I’m sure, you know, “just in case someone got too drunk”. His house was truly a fantasy, an ‘everyman’s’ fantasy. A true bachelor pad. Needless to say he was quite popular at college.

Jay would want to go out to the bars to hang out a lot, and typically each time we did we would end up back at his place a few hours later with a hundred of his ‘closest strangers’. It was great though. That bar has seen a lot of topless crazy college girls, and he is already on his third set of pool tables. Not because of people spilling shit on them, or anything, but because of the people having sex on them (he donates the ‘used’ pool tables to the University’s Union Recreation Center, love stains and all).

But I digress, back to our first night of our sophomore year. So as I was saying, we were sitting in Jay’s family room. Jay sat in his recliner, Alex, John and Sean shared the couch, and Ashley and I shared the undersized love seat. Because we had to sit so close on the small couch, Jay joked that we were a couple, and for a moment I wish we were. As the night dragged on and we all enjoyed the effects of alcohol, minus Alex that is, we all loosened up considerably.

Around 2 am, Alex suggested they head back to their place. Not because he wasn’t having a good time, but because Sean was a light weight and had already essentially passed out. John was starting to get loopy and was drunk dialing many girls he knew, even at one point calling Ashley, which made for good insult fodder for years to come. Ashley had turned so that her back was resting against the armrest and her legs were across my lap. All the while Jay was reclined in his chair, acting almost as sober as ever, despite having nearly 15 beers that evening, however, I knew he was drunker than he lead on because when the guys left he didn’t want to get up and said bye to everyone from their seat. Not that I was any different, so the three guys said bye to use and showed themselves out.

“You know, you guys can move to the couch now. You don’t have to stay on that loveseat anymore,” said Jay, not slurring a single word.

Ashley made a pouty face and said, “I know, but I’m so comfy here.” As she did she also leaned in and gave me a hug, and a hard on to boot.

I had stopped drinking around 1:30ish and was starting to sober up. At least I was sober enough to get an erection. But then I felt bad that I wasn’t getting an erection because of one of my good friends. She had sat liked this many times before, especially when we used to hang out in my parents basement which had a very similar setup to Jay’s family room, and I had never gotten an erection. I knew things had changed between us, but at that point I wasn’t sure if it was for the better or for worse. But ever more than that, I didn’t know how she would react.

However, she began to shift and I knew she could feel it pulsing against her leg. She never said anything but I still knew. We stayed up and talked for a while longer. Before I knew it we got onto the topic of relationships. We began talking about sex and stuff. It was then that I learned that Ashley was a virgin, and was actually part of why she stopped hanging out with Jessica. It wasn’t because she hopped one of us would do her, but because Jessica and her friends made fun of her for being too tomboyish, even going as far as to call her a lesbian.

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