A College Girl’s Sexual Hazing

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When I signed up for the Kappa Omega Kappa sorority (name changed), I had no idea it would be this much fun. And this was only the initiation. It occurred to me sometimes ago. I am Ashley, 19 years old girl. I am blonde with beautiful eyes, slim and sexy figure and I am 5’8″.

At sorority house, in of the older girl’s bedrooms, we were ordered to take off our clothes while the older girls inspected us. We were all nervous at first, obviously, but as the older girls took control and ordered the four of us to kiss, we began to relax. Quite frankly, I was soaking wet in no time at all.

Samantha and Jenny each had a hand on my leg as we kissed; they slid in time, closer and closer to my pussy. When they meet in the middle, I could feel Samantha taking Jenny’s hand in hers and guiding it over my clit. Their other hands, slid across Jackie’s chest, twisting her nipple rings and stroking her breasts.

Soon even the some of the older girls had joined in, all of us naked, wet pussies everywhere. Tongues flicked over nipples and clits and probed at winking assholes, lips suckled on nipples and several pairs of hands slid over my body at once.

Jackie, the sorority head demanded one of us be tied and bound. Cindy presented her hands to be tied together. We lay her diagonally across the bed and tied her hands to one of the bedposts, following the orders of the older girls. She pretended to struggle

“Oh, woe is me,” she said in a cutesy damsel in distress voice.

“How will I ever escape?”

At Jackie’s command, the four of us descended on Cindy’s beautiful, lean body. Her nipples were dark and crinkled and her skin was tanned olive. I ran my tongue over her exotic breasts while Samantha and Jenny held her ankle and stroked her legs and Jackie buried her head into the mound of her smooth, waxed pussy. Cindy moaned helpless, grinding her hips güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri into Jackie’s face.

“Bring out the toys!” commanded Jackie, coming up for air.

One of the older sisters brought out a box containing a sex-toy collection and placed it on the bed beside Cindy’s writhing hips.

Jenny grabbed a large stained glass dildo. She and Samantha took turns lubricating it with saliva before sliding it between Cindy’s dark pussy lips. Sitting astride Cindy’s face to watch the action, I pressed my pussy against her mouth, stifling her moans of pleasure. I watched as Jackie began to fuck Cindy harder and harder with the glass dildo and Samantha and Jenny explored the box of tricks. They drew from the box a black vibrator and placed it against Cindy’s clit while I squeezed Cindy’s tiny nipples between the thumb and forefinger of either hand.

The older sisters positioned themselves to watch, shouting encouragement and instructions, squealing with delight at Cindy’s reactions.

Soon the lube was out and Cindy’s tiny asshole was being invaded by fingers and vibrators of all shapes and sizes. She bucked and rocked beneath me, biting my clit when a new pleasurable sensation was introduced to her tight little asshole.

“Make her cum!” chanted the other girls.

I remembered what worked for me and pushed my two middle fingers into her and curled them upwards against her g-spot while pressing my palms against her clitoris, faster and faster; I patted the spongy tissue inside her until I could hear damp slapping sounds coming from inside her. She drew herself up against the scarves around her wrists; her mouth formed an O of surprise and pleasure as my hand blurred with the speed with which I was finger fucking her. I felt her body tense and let go, tiny droplets of water sprayed from between my fingers and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri spattered onto the girls sprawled around us on the bed.

“Oh my god!” cried Cindy. “That was incredible!”

“You’re next!” said Jackie untying Cindy and wrapping the scarves around my wrists. I let myself be bound and held by the girls as they ran their fingers over my body and into my mouth and pussy. They probed and prodded me with every toy in the box and finally the giant stainless steel butt-plug was lube up and slowly pushed into my asshole. I felt my asshole swallow the bulb while the girls watched on, delighted at how much my asshole could take. It was Samantha who took dominant position and fucked my pussy with a big strap-on cock Jackie and I had bought. She thrust deep and hard into me and I watched her incredibly large and firm breasts ripple ever so delight with ever stroke. Looking up at them from my point of view, they looked round and perfect.

I so badly wanted to reach out and touch them, squeeze one large orb with both hands and bite her nipple, but I was helpless but to lie back and take the good fucking I was getting. Meanwhile, the other girls, Jenny, Cindy and Jackie were so turned on by watching Samantha fuck me that they had each selected their own toy and were alternately fucking themselves and eachother with the dildos and vibrators from my collection. Jenny, the little blonde Goth was having her clit rubbed by Cindy while Jackie used a long curved vibrator to stimulate her g-spot. They kneeled around me in a semi-circle on the bed while Samantha fucked me and Jenny’s nimble little frame writhing in ecstasy was working me closer and closer to orgasm.

Suddenly, Jenny’s hips shook violently and she thrust her little pink pussy towards my face as her contractions forced the vibrator from her. A stream of clear liquid güvenilir bahis şirketleri shot from her and hit me in my face. The salty liquid ran into my mouth, up my nose, over my closed eyed and dripped over my breasts. I was completely soaked.

“Holy fuck!” yelled Jackie. “This girl is like a firehose!”

Several contractions forced the last little bit of her ejaculation from her. I felt so dirty and used having been come on all over like that. I loved it!

“Yes!” I cried. “Cum on me! I want your cum! All of you!”

Jackie straddled my face, while Samantha continued to fuck me in deep long strokes. She licked her two middle fingers and I watched her slide them into herself right next to my face. With her other hand, she flicked her fingers rapidly back and forth over her clit-ring. She had become at squirting by now and within seconds, she shot another stream of girl-cum into my mouth. I gargled it before swallowing the delicious liquid.

Cindy clearly had not had enough. She stood on the bed over me, put one foot on Jackie’s shoulder and thrust her clit into Jackie’s mouth. From my perspective, I could see Jackie’s tongue massaging Cindy’s clit and Cindy’s asshole clench and release in response to the exquisite sensation.

Jackie’s expert fingers worked at Cindy’s snatch and within moments another drizzle of ejaculate covered my face. Samantha withdrew from my pussy and I felt my hips involuntarily lifting to follow her, seeking to be filled once again. But it seemed she too was in desperate need to scratch her itch. She removed the strap-on and handled it to Jenny.

“Fuck me with this baby. I want to come on Emily.”

Samantha took a position on all fours over me in a 69 configuration, smothering me with her sweet scented pussy while Jenny slowly reamed her with the long black strap-on. The thrust her hips back and forth into the rubber cock and forced her pussy harder down onto my tongue. When her cum came, I almost choked on it. It shot deep down into the back of my throat and trickled down the sides of my face.

“Congratulations, girls!” said Jackie. “You are all now official sisters of the Kappa Omega Kappa sorority.”

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