A day at Autozone turns into something better

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It started as any other night at Autozone but let me start from the beginning. I’m John I’m 19 years old kinda stocky being 6 ft. 4 weighing 250 lbs,I have some meat on my bones but Not obese. I have dirty blonde hair that’s about average length and blue eyes. I wear glasses and they just add to my facial features.

Anyway I was working the front counter when a blue vw beetle showed up. At first I was like “great, a female probably showed up and needs help with her car changing a wiper blade or something.” (I know kinda sexist) that was until he walked out of the car, carrying a box into the store, probably a return but I didn’t care he was gorgeous. He was 18 he had dirty blonde hair in a small man bun blue eyes and he was about 6 ft tall and 150 pounds. He was wearing a pair of grey loose gym shorts and a blue tshirt. He came in the store telling me that he had ordered the wrong part and needed a new one, so I processed the return for him.

The whole time he was standing in front of me he was putting his hand in the front of his gray very loose gym shorts showing off the waistband of his white Gildan brand tighty whiteys. He kept on putting his hands farther and farther down the front of his shorts eventually pulling the front of his gym shorts down exposing a perfect round bulge and a tiny wet spot where the head of his bahis firmaları penis was. Seeing as how his underwear was white the wet spot made it see through and from the looks of it he was cut with a fat mushroom head that was leaking out precum. I licked my lips at the site.

When my manager Bob came up to the front to assist me in the return the guy stopped playing around with his loose shorts and introduced himself as Adam. I told bob what happened with the part and he was pleased to find out that the parts were the same cost and it was a matter of a simple swap.

After we were all done with the return Adam asked if we had a restroom he can use. Bob said yes and told him that it was in the back of the store behind the batteries past the shelves of overstock that we couldn’t fit out on the Shelf. As Adam was walking to the back he turned back and caught my eye with a look that said “follow if you liked what you saw” bob told me to go in the back and look for some brake fluid and things like that so it didn’t look like I was waiting for Adam to go back up front. You see out back is where we have a numerous amount of product and the lack of cameras make it easy to steal some of it. I said okay and with a pep in my step walked outback. As soon as I turned the corner I saw it.

Adam was standing by the bathroom door, kaçak iddaa shorts and underwear around his ankles and he was jerking off a 6 inch long and three inch in girth dick. My penis jumped in my pants and immediately I was leaking Precum. He looked up and whispered “are you just going to stand there with your jaw on the floor.” Immediately I walked on over and took his warm pulsating sticky wet cock in my hand and started jerking him off. He let out a soft whimpery moan that turned me on even more.

Then he unbuttoned my pants and rubbed my hard cock thru my red boxers. Then he pulled it out of my boxers exposing my 6.5 inch long 2 inch in girth cock. He started jerking me off and whispering in my ear how much he loves my cock and how he wishes he had time to take it all inside of him. But we both knew my manager would be suspicious if we were gone for much longer. We settled for jerking each other off till me both came pulsating jets of white sticky goodness.

He licked my cum off his fingers seductively as I went to town devouring his cum off of my own hand and even licking the head of his cock to make sure I got every last drop of his juices,.it tasted sweet and salty like a fresh pineapple.
After we cleaned up Adam stepped out of his shorts and tighty whiteys then started pulling just his shorts on. Before he pulled them kaçak bahis all the way up he turned around and bent over the sink, Exposing a round white bubble butt that has no hair on it, then he opened up his cheeks exposing a perfectly round and pink hole. I couldn’t resist the sight of his hole so I got my knees and started giving him a rim job/eat him out. He was moaning with pleasure and immediately my cock got hard again. “I’m gonna fuck you” I said mud lick. So I stood up and bent him over a table we had back there and put my cock in his hole. “Mhmm” he moaned as I inserted my cock and started to fuck his ass. Five minutes later I felt my balls tense up and shot my load into his asshole. Feeling my cum up there must’ve set him off because he shot his load on the table. After I pulled out and wiped us up he pulled On just his shorts and tied them so they didn’t fall down. Then he picked his underwear off the floor and threw them towards me. I caught them excitedly.

“Here something to remember me by.” He said as I sniffed the crotch area Mhmm the scent of Precum and a tad bit sweat with cologne and a hint of urine mixed in. Walking back to the front we exchanged phone numbers and a wet sloppy tongue kiss, that got us both hard again. I couldn’t wait until next time.

This is my first story be nice but leave comments…if you want to read more of John and Adam let me know because I have a lot more of our stories…

We were both above 18 years old…the age of consent.

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