A Day at the Office

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As I wake slowly from a very erotic dream, I hear the shower running. I am feeling a little frisky, so I climb out of bed and join you in the shower. Before you can tell me you don’t have time to fool around before going to work, I’m on my knees at your feet sliding your cock into my warm mouth. It does not take long for you to get into my blowjob. I look up at you, you have your head thrown back, and you are starting to breathe faster. You have my head in your hands and you are slowly thrusting your hips back and forth to push more of your cock in my mouth. I let you slide your cock the whole way into my mouth until my nose is tickled by your pubic hair. I could feel your cock get a little bigger and start to pulse in my mouth, before you grabbed the back of my head and held my mouth still so you could cum. I sucked a little harder, massaging your balls, prolonging your orgasm. When you were done, you pulled your cock from my mouth because your head started to get ticklish. You watched me as I swallowed every drop. I got up and out of the shower while you finished getting ready for work.

I crawled back onto the bed, and knowing you would not have any time to bring me to orgasm, I turned on our favorite porn video and got out my dildo. I started running my hands all over my body, getting very excited. I reached down to feel my pussy and found myself to be soaking wet. I let out a little moan and rubbed my clit. I shoved my dildo into my pussy until it could go no further. I started moving the dildo in and out of my sloppy pussy while I watched a woman being fucked on the video. I was so lost in making myself cum, that I never heard you come out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. When I finally tore my eyes away from the screen, I found you leaning against the bedroom wall, intently watching me with a very big bulge poking out of your towel.

You started walking towards me after I took notice to you and put my fingers on my clit while you took over pushing the dildo in and out of me. You started moving it faster and faster until I was moaning, thrashing, and begging you to fuck me. Instead of removing the dildo, you flipped me over, lubed up my ass, and slid your cock into my ass. Now that I was full from canlı bahis şirketleri you and the dildo, it didn’t take very long at all for my second orgasm to tear through me. I thought I was going to cum forever! The second one abated, but you did not stop ramming both your cock and the dildo into me, and I was still rubbing my clit. A minute later, another orgasm rocked my system. I was seeing stars. I was incoherent. And at the tail end of my orgasm, yours hit and you let out one long moan and then collapsed on top of me. We stayed that way for a few minutes until I reminded you that you had to get to work.

You groaned a little as your dick slid out of my ass. I sighed in contentment. I heard you moving around getting ready for work and as I drifted off into a light doze, you kissed me good-bye and went to work.

I woke in the throws of an orgasm, my hand buried in my wet cunt. As my spasms subside, I look at the clock and see it is 10 AM. I get out of bed and go in to take a shower. I have the day off, and an idea is forming in my head. I am still so horny from our morning activities that I want more.

I get out of the shower, dry off, and go to the closet to choose my outfit. As I stand in front of my closet, inspiration struck! I would wear my fishnet thigh highs, black lacy crotchless panties, garter belt, black lacy bra, and a trench coat. Finishing my outfit are my four inch black heels that make my legs go forever. Feeling very satisfied with my decision, I head for the door so I can surprise you at work.

As I ride in the cab that will take me to your downtown office, I fantasize about what I am going to do to you once I close and lock the door behind me. I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you see me walk through the door! I smile to myself as I reach under my trench coat to see how wet my panties are. I can’t help but let out a little moan as my fingers graze my throbbing clit. I look up just in time to see the cabby glancing away from the rearview mirror. I keep my hand under my trench coat, absently rubbing my wet pussy while watching the rearview mirror for the cabby’s eyes to come back to me. I see his eyes slide to mine in the mirror and knowing I hold him captive, I canlı kaçak iddaa pull my fingers from my dripping cunt and put them in my mouth to lick every drop of my fluid off of my fingers. I hear a small gasp come from him as he tries to concentrate on traffic. A minute later, he pulls up in front of your office building and as I hand him the money, I notice a nice bulge in the front of his pants. I ask him if he enjoyed the show. He just nodded at me.

I walk in the front door, seeing your assistant picking up her phone to announce me to you, I put my finger to my mouth to give her the “shh” sign. I tell her that I want to surprise you and ask her if you are free. She looks at your calendar and tells me you have the next 45 minutes free until your lunch meeting at 12:30. “Perfect,” I say.

I open your office door and see your back. I slip in the door and close and lock it behind me. When the door clicks, you turn around to face me. Seeing me, your face lights up.

As you ask me what I am doing there, I start walking slowly towards you. I say, “I am here to knock your socks off.” My eyes stay on your face as I slowly undo the belt of my coat. I hear your sharp intake of breath as the coat slides off my shoulders to pool at my feet.

“Oh…my” is all you say as I close the distance between us. I wrap my arms around your neck and kiss you as I slowly walk you backwards to your desk chair. Once you are situated, I clear a space on your desk and sit facing you. I put my feet on either side of your thighs and starting at my feet, started running my hands lightly up my legs. I watched your face as my hands lightly grazed my inner thighs.

Your eyes are transfixed on my hands as they move up my body to cup my breasts, making my nipples hard. I start back down my body, and as I near my inner thighs again, I let my legs fall open, letting you see the opening in my crotchless panties. I slip my finger in the opening, softly caressing my wet folds. I dip my finger into my dripping pussy and then pull my finger out and put it in my mouth. I retrace the path to my pussy, dipping my finger back into my hole. This time, I put my finger into your mouth to let you suck my juices off my finger. You start to canlı kaçak bahis reach for my hips to pull me closer to you, but I push you back into your chair. I stand in front of you, turn around and pull my panties off. Then I sit back on your desk in front of you again and let my legs fall open.

I lightly stroke my outer lips until I can’t take it anymore. I pull open my pussy lips and start stroking my clit, dipping my fingers into my pussy after a few strokes. It isn’t long before my first orgasm hits me.

I come down from my orgasm, and see the bulge in the front of your pants. I get on my knees in front of you and pull your zipper down and free your cock. You are already hard and ready for my mouth. I start stroking your shaft, watching your face. Still watching your face, I lean over and lick the underside of your cock to the tip. This makes you twitch a little. I then take your entire head into my mouth. You grab my head so you can thrust into my mouth a little further.

I continue to let you fuck my face for a few minutes, all the while reaching between my legs to rub my clit. When I am on the verge of another orgasm, I take my mouth from your cock, stand up, turn around and sit on your cock. I sink down to take your whole length and I hear you moan in pleasure, your hands coming to my hips. I take your hands in mine and move them to knead my tits, thrusting faster and faster, riding your cock until I feel your hips moving to meet mine. I take one of your hands in mine and put it between my legs so I can teach you how to rub my clit to make me cum. It doesn’t take long for my second orgasm to come and I start moaning and telling you that I’m cumming.

Your orgasm starts with mine and you grab my hips to keep me still so you can pour yourself into me. As our orgasms subside, I slump over and lay my head on your desk so I can catch my breath. I feel you lay your head on my back.

After a few minutes, we untangle ourselves and get cleaned up. I decide to leave my panties in your desk drawer to bring a smile to your face later. I pull my trench coat back on and turn around to see you pulling your zipper back up. After we are straightened again, I come over and give you a very long, involved kiss. “Have a good day, baby.” I say as I walk towards your door. I turn back to wink at you, unlock your office door and left you to your lunch meeting at 12:30. I smile all the way home, and look forward to fulfilling my next fantasy…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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