A Fetish Discovered

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I didn’t hear her come in. Now she stood at the side of the bed horrified at the sight before her.

I was naked on all fours wearing stockings and a sexy thong which had been pushed aside to make way for the 8 inch plastic cock that was, at that moment, buried in my ass.

I looked at her, embarrassed and frightened. We were both shocked but for different reasons. I wasn’t expecting Sue, my wife, home for another couple of hours at least. She, on the other hand was shocked to see her husband dressed in her lingerie with her favourite toy in his ass.

It seemed like ages before she spoke.

“God, what the…” she said, not finishing her sentence.

“I….” I tried to say something.

“Shhhh,” she continued “I didn’t know you were into this?”

Again I didn’t know what to say.

She sat on the bed at the side of me and put her arm over me.

“How long have you been doing this John?” She asked.

I had removed the cock and was sitting sideways on to her.

“It’s something I enjoy.” I said extremely embarrassed at the statement I’d made.

“Obviously, I heard you moaning on the stairs, I thought you had someone in here with you.”

“I want to get dressed.” I said

“No stay as you are John.”

“But I feel so stupid bayraklı escort and embarrassed.”

“I don’t know why, You were obviously enjoying yourself?”

Sue and I had been married for 10 years and we were always honest with each other, well apart from this anyway. I felt as though I’d been cheating on her, but somehow relieved that this part of me was out in the open.

“You’re mad aren’t you?” I asked.

She looked at the stockings, the thong and the plastic cock before looking at me and telling me that it was all right.

“Why haven’t you told me?” she asked sympathetically.

I explained that I had always enjoyed playing with my ass and I loved girlie underwear. I wanted to try it on myself. The more I told her about this secret side of me, the more I realised that she wasn’t mad at all, in fact she appeared to be getting excited. She moved over and kissed me on the lips moved away then came back again, this time pushing her tongue in my mouth. I responded and as she grabbed my soft cock, I knew that she was enjoying this.

Sue got off the bed and started to strip. I lifted myself up to remove the thong

“No,” she said, “leave it on, I want you as you are.”

She joined me on the bed and we kissed, Sue escort bayraklı was really turned on. I moved down to her pussy and licked and licked. She was gushing, the more I licked the wetter she became. I slipped first one then two fingers into her and finger fucked her. Soon she was cumming, then she asked me, or told me, to fuck her. I mounted her, slid my thong out of the way and buried my cock into her. It slid in easily and I began to fuck her furiously. It didn’t take long before I shot my spunk into her.

Wow, that was hot. I lay there, still in the stockings and thong, and waited for her to speak first.

“Mmm, that was good sweetie.”

I kissed her on the lips, smiled then got up and walked into the en-suite.

When I got downstairs Sue was in the lounge with a drink.”Hi baby, I think we need to talk.”

I felt like a naughty schoolboy, well I was actually. What if it was all over. I didn’t want to lose my wife.

She asked me about what she’d come home to. I decided to be honest. I loved anal sex. Sue enjoyed being taken anally but didn’t know that I wanted it too. I told her about when I was in the shower and I regularly finger fucked my asshole. When she was out I’d fuck myself with one of her toys. I told her bayraklı escort bayan of my love for sexy lingerie. How I wore her things whenever I got the chance and how I was always so hot when I did.

She asked if I wanted to wear other things such as dresses and skirts. I told her I hadn’t gone that far but it would be nice to try.

She told me that at first she was absolutely gobsmacked but had quickly come to accept that it was something I liked and she openly admitted that it had turned her on that afternoon. It was clear that she wanted to incorporate it into our sex sessions. I was so pleased and relieved.

A couple of days later, I had got in from work, showered and had opened the drawer where my boxers were. Then came a shock. It was full of thongs, G strings and sexy lacy shorts. Sue’s were probably a size too small but these fit me perfectly. I was really excited.

Sue came into the bedroom.

“I know you enjoy wearing panties so I bought some for you. I hope you like them?” She said.

“Yes, I’m so shocked though.”

“I’m really excited by the thought of you wearing lingerie and thought you’d like some of your own.”

She picked up a red lacy thong and handed it to me.

“Put this on John.”

I stepped into the thong and pulled it up my legs.

“Mmmm, very nice and sexy. I want you to fuck me.”

As she undressed she told me that my hairy legs didn’t quite go with the nice feminine panties that I was now going to wear.

“Don’t worry,” Sue went on, ” I’ll sort that out for you.”

…To be continued.

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