A Harmless Little Bite

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I went into the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee and a sandwich. My niece Dora was there standing at a counter also preparing something to eat. She was standing below the wall cupboard which had the coffee. I would have to reach over her to get to it. I asked her excuse and moving slightly to the side reached up into the cupboard.

My armpit was a few inches above her head; Dora simply turned her head and her mouth was pressing into my pec. She took my nipple into her mouth, gave it a little bite and then started sucking on it – I never wore shirts in the house. I felt her make about six pulls on my nipple before she finally removed her mouth, stepped back and started laughing like what she just did was a great big joke.

Dora is my twenty-one year old niece. She is the daughter of my late older brother who died following an accident three years ago. Six months ago she had a falling out with her stepmother and asked if we could take her in. her biological mother was an alcoholic and had gladly given her up to my brother after their divorce when she was only three. He and his new wife had raised Dora along with their two subsequent kids.

She is exceptionally smart, but also nerdy, spunky and prankish at the same time. She has a knack for doing weird stuff in such a way that even if you are annoyed you can’t help laughing. Already at her age she was in a high paying job, but spent most of her spare time at home reading.

The entire family was happy to have her here. Since she’s been a member of our household, the house has become more lively and she’s proven to be a good influence on my four kids, one a year older than she, one the same age and the two much younger ones. She got everybody to put more interest into studying and making ambitious plans for the future. The one thing she didn’t do was church – just like me. That is how she and I found ourselves, just the two of us, at home that Sunday morning; my wife and kids had left for church.

Dora is about five-six and slim – mid-brown in complexion and has a pretty, heart shaped face with a gap between her upper front teeth. Her breasts are full and round without being huge and hardly ever found themselves in bra because of their natural lift; they bounced nicely when she walked. Her legs and thighs though slim were shapely and led into wide hips and a perky, fluffy ass.

Although I’d always been aware of her sexiness, I’d never let myself entertain any inappropriate thoughts about her, even though I’d had a few glimpses of her half naked body through a partly open door; she wasn’t the most careful of persons in that respect. And I’d also had numerous down-blouse peeks when she bent over. I’d even observed her one early morning hurriedly bounding along the corridor to her bedroom in panties alone after leaving the bathroom. On more than one occasion I’d reminded myself to show respect and loyalty to my late brother with whom I’d been close, and also to her as an uncle.

“What the hell, Dora – girl you crazy?”

“I’m hungry,” she uttered, matter-of-factly.

“Well fix yourself something to eat, don’t eat me,” I said, laughing the strange and arousing situation off as one of her weird pranks.

“I am fixing something, but it’s taking too long, I just had to nibble on something,” she said, pointing to her plate illegal bahis and cup.

“Well I don’t like being eaten by my niece,” I replied, stressing on the word ‘niece’ while chuckling.

She reached up and tousled my wooly hair, gently massaging my scalp briefly.

“Aww, don’t be mad at me Uncle Greg, it was only a harmless little bite – I won’t do it again.”

Was she kidding, only a harmless, little bite? She’d sucked on my nipple about half a dozen times. She took up her meal and walked out of the kitchen smiling.

When I went to the living room with my snack she was sitting in the center of the three-seater couch that I’d been sitting on earlier. It was right in front of the TV. I sat down in the corner on her right and ate while watching the TV.

Suddenly out of the blue she turned to me and softly spoke.

“I really miss my daddy.”

I looked into her soft, sad, brown eyes, but resisted the urge to throw an arm around her. The feel of her suckling mouth on my nips was still very much alive, and against my will, the thought of it was causing a stir in my forty-five year old and healthy, athletic body.

Shortly after, out the side of my eye I saw her turn her body towards me, her knee nudging my thigh as she looked at me.

“I’m still hungry,” she said.

“Go, get something,” I urged, turning to her.

She raised her chin and with a wicked little smile on her lips pointed it to my chest. She also bent a leg and raised her foot onto the chair. The short skirt dropped away and I could see her fat pink-covered crotch. My heart started beating wildly.

“You’re a stingy daddy,” she said, pouting her lips.

“I’m not your daddy – did your daddy let you do that to him?” I asked nervously, and with my eyes between her thighs.

“Yes, all the time, he liked it.”

I was shocked and felt my hands trembling and my heart beating wildly as I realized where this sweet little vixen was leading me. I found myself willing to go where she was leading, consequences and guilt could be dealt with later.

“Okay, but just for a little while, and only this once,” I said shakily, knowing I was lying.

Not giving me chance to even consider changing my mind, she latched onto my tickling, expectant nipple and began brutally, biting and suckling it. I closed my eyes and threw back my head as she worked my nipple over with her lips, tongue and teeth, making little, stifled moans as she fed. Eventually she turned all the way round and straddled my thighs as she attacked the other nipple, leaving the first one sore and tingling in a nice way.

I found myself engaging in a mental conversation with my late brother, asking him to forgive me for what I was going to do to his daughter, telling him I tried hard not to let this happen but the morning’s temptation was too much and his daughter too damn sexy. I imagined him telling me it was okay for me to fuck Dora seeing he used to do so himself, and he was her father.

I raised an only slightly hesitant hand and gently pushed it between her spread thighs, letting my stretched out fingers poke her soft vaginal flesh. I felt her rise up a little bit and knew she was trying to make it easier for me to find her treasure. I pulled aside the leg of the thin pink panties and let my finger penetrate the wet, illegal bahis siteleri pulsing vulva. She squealed delightedly and started bucking her hips. I sent the finger all the way up to its base and let it settle there, unmoving. She took over and started riding my finger while sucking on my nipple.

She removed her mouth from my sore nipple and lifting her T shirt by the hem brought it up and over her cornrowed head.

“You hungry too?” she asked drowsily as she jutted the full, firm breasts to my face.

I avoided the offered breasts and using my free hand, lifted her arm up and poked my nose underneath and into her clean shaven armpit, deeply inhaling the rich feminine odour. I licked the flesh for a while before moving to the other armpit. Meanwhile she was still riding my finger. When I’d had my fill of licking and sniffing the soft, sweaty armpits, I lifted a breast and began licking that too before taking an exceptionally long, hard nipple into my mouth and sucking on it earnestly.

Lifting her dripping pussy from off my finger she lowered her hand and managed to free my cock. She pulled the cock out and up along my belly, and as I sucked her breasts, she leaned back and fitted the cock lengthwise between her fat folds and began jerking back and forth along the hard shaft, dousing it with her flowing juice. I gripped the fleshy buttocks to help keep her in place as she rode to the impending finish line. I could tell by her increased, loud breathing and quickened pace with which she rubbed her pussy along the shaft that she was nearing a climax.

“Slip your finger in my ass daddy, please,” she begged.

I did as she asked and a little after she was rocking and trembling and cooing loudly as an orgasm tore through her hot young body.

When her shaking had stopped, she slid backward onto her knees on the floor and licked my cock several times as if cleaning it, before taking it into her mouth and sucking it gently, lovingly, but with deep passion. Muttering all the time through a stuffed mouth.

“I love you daddy, I love you daddy,” she kept saying, over and over.

She got up and pulled her skirt and panties down. I stood up as well, slipping my shorts down and stepping out of them. I bent low and placing my hand behind her knees scooped her lithe, naked body up. I held her like a baby in my arms as I leaned over and took a breast into my mouth, swallowing as much of it as I could. I paced the floor slowly with her in my arms, while she reached a hand down and jerked my cock.

Eventually I began slowly walking up the stairs with her in my arms, towards her bedroom. I placed her crossways the bed with her ass on the edge of the mattress. I held her legs under the knees and spread them apart as I crouched and lowered my hips, letting my cock butt its head against her moist crotch. She stretched out her hand and guided it. I pushed forward hard and entered her.

“Yes daddy, yes,” I heard her cry out as hard cock moved her walls apart and sought out her depths.

I let her legs go and she kept them up without the assistance of either of our hands. Placing my hands under her arms and gripping her shoulders I began to pound the slim, ripe body while crouching and arching my back so I could suck the delicious bubbies. She moaned and groaned under canlı bahis siteleri me as I hit the pussy from every angle. She reached up and tweaked my already sore nipples hard as she rolled her hips under me. She opened her eyes and looked at me, breathing hard.

“I lied about daddy, he never did anything to me – I wanted him to, but he never took the bait. You’re my uncle, that’s close enough for you to be my play daddy – it will do. Give it to me while I imagine you’re he,” she blurted out breathlessly.

I noticed that while talking she never missed a rolling beat of her hips. The sight of her bouncing tits sent a thrill through me making my entire body hot, vibrant and responsive. It was pleasure to the bone. I reached forward and massaged them both at the same time and she rose up and stretched forward her face so I could kiss her. It was one of the best kisses I’d ever experienced. It was like she poured her entire soul and all the love inside her into it via her tongue and lips

“I will baby, I will fuck my daughter, anytime she wants,” I said, after she broke the kiss and leaned back down.

“Thanks daddy, fill my hot pussy up,” she cried.

I’d been fucking her for a long time before I pulled out of her, turned her over and dragged her off the bed to stand on the floor, legs spread wide, hands on the mattress and back arched to cock her ass high in the air. I had fucked my sweet, thick wife, Trudy, that morning upon awakening and knew I was going to take a long time to cum. I dropped to my knees and licked Dora’s dripping, hairy pussy as she rolled her ass against my face.

I got up and entered her, wasting no time getting into top gear, slamming hard and watching with delight, the way her round ass jiggled and dimpled from the force of cock pounding her pussy from the back and my lower belly smacking against the fleshy globes. I gripped her hips tight and leaned back slightly, lifting one leg and placing the foot down on the bed as I drove to the finish line. She closed in her legs, holding me tight and that little action triggered a passion that made me quicken my strokes considerably and I was surprised to hear myself howl as I shot into her. A pussy hadn’t made me howl with joy like that for some time.

She squeezed and released my cock with her pussy walls as I drained into her. And just as I pulled out and she started to climb onto the bed we heard the car pull up outside and a door slam after someone got out, most likely to open the gate for it to be driven in.

“Our clothes,” Dora whispered urgently, fear clouding the recently sparkling eyes.

Dora grabbed a nearby towel and stuck it between her legs as we both flew out the room and down the stairs. We heard one of the kids struggling to pull back the rusted and tight bolt. I was supposed to use WD40 the day before to free it up, but had forgotten. I was never so thankful for a memory lapse. I quickly got into my shorts as Dora grabbed up her clothes and hurried up the stairs to her room. I lithely bounded into the kitchen and out the back door.

Earlier that morning I had left a hoe in an unfinished vegetable bed that I’d been preparing for planting seedlings. I lifted the hoe and began striking the soil. I heard the door swing open and I looked up and saw my beautiful, loving wife, smiling at me. She gave a little wave and then retreated. I knew that from now on Dora and I would have to be extra careful, leaving no margin for error. I also knew that Sunday mornings would never be what they used to be anymore. I smiled inside.

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