A Massage to Thrill

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You sat in your kitchen at home with a cup of coffee and the local paper,You didn’t feel on top of the world, the family had gone off to work and school and you were at a loose end.

As you leafed through the paper you spotted an advert. “MASSAGE!” it said in bold letters, “let our qualified masseurs or masseuse bring your body back to life rid it of its tensions.” then gave a local telephone number.

You thought to yourself “I love a massage,” you had had them before and what the advert said was right, they did invigorate. You were tempted, you thought about what you had to do and there was nothing you couldn’t leave until another day, so on an impulse you picked up the phone and dialled the number given.

A female voice answered and at your request she gave you all the rates and times available, she also told you that an appointment with Mr Thomas was available for 2 pm.that afternoon which you pondered on then accepted, every other massage you had experienced had been given by a female, but none were available today, therefore with slight misgivings mingled with a tremor of excitement, you accepted Mr. Thomas.

You found yourself counting the hours to your appointment, as the minutes ticked by, you looked forward to it more, You took a long hot shower and prepared yourself.

You arrived at the salon on time and presented yourself at the reception, your identity and time was confirmed, and the receptionist asked another young woman to take you up to Mr Thomas’s rooms.

The girl was aged about eighteen and chatted as she took you up the stairs, she told you that Mr Thomas was the youngest and probably the best masseur they had, and was very popular.

She took you into a medium sized room, well lit and furnished, she said you should undress and wrap yourself in a provided towel and then to go through another door where she said Mr Thomas would join you. The girl left and you slowly undressed until you were naked then wrapped the towel around your body and went into the inner room.

This room was smaller, it had a leather covered massage table in the middle and a washbasin at the side, there was also a smaller table which was crowded with oils and potions you assumed, You also saw that on the wall at the head of the table was a full length mirror.

Just then the door opened güvenilir bahis and in strode a tall man, slim and good looking in a craggy sort of way and you estimated his age at about 30. He was wearing a loose fitting blue overall.

He came towards you smiling and extending his hand, “Hi I’m Gary Thomas,” he said.

“Hello,” you responded and took his hand.

“Are you ready to go?”

“Yes,” you confirmed.

“OK climb up on the table and lie on your front, you should leave the towel on.”

“I intend to,” you thought to yourself, and lay down with your fist supporting your jaw.

You noticed that by looking into the mirror on the wall in front of you, it was possible to see what was going on behind you.

“I’m going to start on your neck and shoulders, that is where the most tensions are,” said Gary and proceeded to knead and pull and push all of the muscles in that area. “Yes you do have some tightness here but we are gradually loosening it up,” and he was right, your shoulders were feeling much looser. “I’m going to work on your back now but I will have to lower the towel, Is that OK with you?”

“Yes, ” you nodded, and he lowered the towel until it just covered your bottom.

He adopted a different approach to when working on your back, this time he pummelled and thumped you with the sides of his hands, he was really quite rough with you, then he gripped your flesh and pulled and pushed it back and forth. but as before it did make you tingle and you found were very much enjoying his hands on your body, he was stronger than the women masseuses you had tried before and therefore more effective.

You were quite surprised next when he said he was going to remove the towel altogether and without waiting for your consent, he whipped it away,

You were now naked in the presence of this man and you looked in the mirror to see him pouring oil onto his hands which he then put on your buttocks, and began rubbing vigorously. First he concentrated on the right buttock then the left one, and each time he switched he ran the side of his hand along the crack of your bum. You could not deny that your body was responding to his touches, you had it in your mind constantly that Gary was a man and he was beginning to fire your female body up.

Through the mirror you türkçe bahis watched him as he moved to the bottom of the table and began working on your feet, He bent your legs so that your feet were almost level with his face and he worked one toe at a time. The arousal you had felt inside was now getting stronger, you kept your eyes on the mirror and saw that he was massaging your calves .

Suddenly, you realised that from the angle he was at, he could clearly see your pussy,

Because you were so aroused you parted your legs further to give him a better view and you could see that he wasn’t missing the chance to look. He now moved his hands to your inner thighs and was doing no more than caressing you, but making sure his hands constantly brushed against the lips of your pussy. You could feel the wetness leaking out of your slit and you couldn’t suppress tiny gasps and moans.

“Please turn over Mrs.Gray,” and you could hear the passion in his voice, you turned on to your back feeling immense excitement yourself, and you boldly presented your totally naked front for Gary Thomas’s eyes to feast on. He looked down in awe at your lovely body, a body that only your husband had seen in the last ten years. You became overwhelmed by the passions and lust emanating from you.

“Touch me Gary,” you whispered and with his left hand he squeezed and caressed your breast, His right hand moved down your body and slipped between your legs, He ran his finger up and down the slit dividing the two lips of your pussy, then squeezed your clitoris between his thumb and forefinger, then carefully and gently, he eased his finger through your parted pussy lips, and deep into your dripping wet love hole. With his thumb he flicked your clit and he moved his finger in and out of your sex

“Ooooooooohhhh,” you gasped, “Ooooohhh, I love it you cried, faster faster,”

“I want you, NOW! “shouted Gary urgently.”

“Oh yes yes fuck me Gary I want your cock in me.”

Gary took his hands from you and threw off his overall, he was naked underneath and you just glimpsed his long hard cock.He moved to the bottom of the bed and pulled your legs so that your bottom slid to the edge of the table, he held your legs by your ankles then rested them on his shoulders, forming a long vee, and guided his hard cock past your vagina güvenilir bahis siteleri lips and deep into your welcoming cunt.

“Aaaaaaaaaggghh,” you cried out as the full length of his hard knob speared into you.You felt his balls hitting against your bum as he slammed in and out of you. You gripped the side of the table feeling the tension inside you grow to bursting, and you gripped his cock with your pussy lips.

He felt big and stretched your pussy lips, he drove downwards into your hole and with each thrust his cock pressed against your clit, you tingled all over, your skin burned and your head swam and all at once wave after wave of sensational feelings overcame you and love juices spurted from you making you writhe and lift your body to meet Gary’s thrusting, you screamed and cried, your eyes tightly closed and you felt Gary stiffen, then pump rapidly in and out of your sex, and felt his sperm swarm into your inside. He continued grinding into your body, you were tingling so much you felt on fire, and only slowly did he stop.

He stood between your open raised legs, his cock still inside your pussy hole. “Oh Mrs Gray that was sensational,” he murmured, you said nothing, but lay quite still your eyes closed, in shock over what had just happened to you so unexpectedly.

Gary withdraw his penis from your pussy, you lowered your legs and opened your eyes to see him at the washbasin washing his cock. He dried it, and walked back towards you still naked. You were fascinated by his now limp cock hanging between his legs, “Has that been inside me?” you asked yourself and from the tingling inside your cunt, you knew it had.

Gary kissed you and helped you struggled up into a sitting position. He was obviously worried that you were going to accuse him of taking advantage of you, but you had no intention of doing that.

“Do you have sex with all of your lady clients?” you asked him.

“No,” he smiled, “I don’t, but there are a select group of married females who do come to me just for the sex, Its a private secret arrangement.” he stopped and looked you squarely in the eye, “Can I add your name to that list Mrs. Gray?” he enquired.

“You cannot,” you said, then paused and added, “But I may come back again one day.”

“Yes, please do” said Gary, and he left the room, leaving you alone to dress and walk down the stairs.

“We do hope you were satisfied with your treatment Mrs. Gray. Will we see you again soon?” asked the receptionist.

“You probably will.” you replied, and walked out to your car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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