A Master’s Pet

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Her thoughts frolicked against the backdrop of her mind. Scenes replayed and the mystery of surprises yet to come and made her driving as thoughtless as breathing. She squirmed against the seat and fought off a temptation to touch herself. But no, last time her essence had betrayed her, and she was severely punished. Leaving the interstate, she made her way through the city turning at last onto Academy Street. The full glare from the setting sun blinded her, but only for two blocks, where the white house waited with its ancient oak and canopy of shade. Nervously, she checked herself in the mirror, and hurried to the front. Her heels clicked up the wooden spiral staircase to the second floor landing.

Three unsteady knocks sounded on the locked door as she breathed deep and tried to keep her composure. Her knees were weak with anticipation. The few seconds before she heard footsteps seemed like an hour. The door opened. He pulled her inside. He closed the door and smiled at her without a word. Immediately his lips were on her neck, kissing her roughly. Their lips fused in torrid passion as he pressed her tightly against the closed door. Her heart pranced wildly within her chest as she felt his hardness against her belly. She sucked hard on his tongue wanting more, much more.

Abruptly, he broke the kiss, and sat down on the couch. She hesitated, not knowing his wishes. Finally she took a few hesitant steps towards him.

“Stop right there, my pet. Undress. Everything.”

She stripped slowly, stopping to neatly fold each article and stack them on the coffee table next to her. A large gray and white cat wove between her legs as if to say hello, then he pounced to the back of the couch causing her to giggle. She stood facing him; her eyes were lowered in submission.

“My precious pet, you are indeed a vision of loveliness. There is a blindfold on the coffee table. Slip it over your pretty eyes.”

As she did, she could hear him rising and walking to her. She could feel his eyes burning her as they feasted on her nakedness. He took a riding crop and touched her nose with the tip. He drew it across her lips. Then, like a drop of water, it slowly ran between her full breasts. It trickled down her stomach to the small trimmed triangle between her legs making them weak. A finger wet with chocolate touched her lips. She licked at the sweetness. He guided it deeper for her to suckle, but just for a moment, before he gently kissed her lips.

Still, he did not speak as she sensed him circling around her. He took a fist full of hair, and tilted her head towards him. His kiss was warm on her neck, a bite almost. He pressed against her. She felt his flesh against hers. His heavy cock wedged between her buttocks. Reaching around her, he cupped her breasts in each hand, squeezing them in a circular motion. He handled her nipples roughly, pinching them. She felt a tingle all the way to her clitoris. Then she felt nothing but longing as he stepped away. A swish of the crop t found its mark across her ass. Again illegal bahis she felt the sting as it left two red lines across the ivory smoothness of her bottom.

“Oh please, Sir, must you punish me? I have not wronged you in any way, my Liege,” she begged.

“Punish you? My impish pet, I merely startled you. I promise, if it’s punishment you need, it wont be something so soon forgotten. Now, touch your nipples. I want them nice and hard. Mmmm.. that’s it my pet. One day soon we’ll have them pierced.”

The aching inside her made her dizzy as she waited for his deep voice, his torrid touch, his fiery kiss. Her fingers continued to draw soft circles as her erect tips were hard long before he told her) to touch them. He gripped her hands and guided them to her side. The coldness of a nipple clamp tightened around her left nipple. He turned the screw till she winched, then backed off a little. The chilly steel chain looped across her belly, then the other clamp was secured tightly on her right rigid point. He tugged gently downward on the chain while pushing down on her shoulder. She dropped to her knees.

She felt his thick glans against her lips. It was wet with his desire. She licked at the head, but he abruptly pushed her head away.

“What do you desire, my pet,” he asked. “To please, Sir, to taste you, feel you inside–“

“To suck my cock?” he interrupted.

“Yes, yes Sir, I want to suck your cock. Deeply, till you cum, my Lord.”

“But you think it’s your cock?,” he asked. “That you can lick and suck at your pleasure without permission? Perhaps I should hand you the crop and get on my knees? Or should I send you home?”

“No, Sir, I didn’t mean to be impertinent,” she said quietly. “You pulled me towards you. I only did what I thought you wanted, Sir. Discipline me if you will, but don’t send me away. That I could not endure.”

“Place your chest on the carpet. I will be compassionate and only give you 5 lashes with the crop. You will count each one like this, ‘ One Sir, Thank you Sir.’ Do you understand? Don’t speak, just nod.”

She nodded. The carpet was soft against her full breasts. She braced for the first swat, but instead felt his fingers inside her. Her face flushed as two fingers were sucked into her wetness. She moaned as his thumb merely rested across her hard clit. His fingers rubbed against the top wall of her vagina, then pulled out. Then the leather crop rained down on her upturned buttocks.

“One Sir, thank you Sir. Two Sir, thank you Sir,” she counted in a edgy voice.

She clenched her teeth waiting for the next fiery sting. Instead she felt his cock hot against her pussy. She moaned as he entered her fully, deeply, pushing her forward. He withdrew to the thick glans, then pushed deep inside once more pushing her lean body forward. Then she felt empty as he slipped out and pulled away.

The crop found it’s mark two more times while her head was still spinning from the feel of his cock.

“Three Sir, thank you Sir. Four Sir, thank illegal bahis siteleri you Sir.”

She braced for the last. But, it was his cock again, hot against her begging opening.

“Is it still your mouth you wish to offer me, Princess?” he sneered.

“Yes, mmm. no… God, no Sir, forgive me if you will, punish me later, but please fuck me now.”

“Stand up, my sweet,” he said, raising the blindfold. “I know what you want before you want it, my pet. There is much for you to grasp before you can serve me properly. But know this. I will take you where I please, when I please: your pussy, your mouth, your ass, or not at all. Also I will give you pleasure you’ve only dreamed about. But you have to trust. Do you trust me, sweet?”

“Yes, my Liege, I am yours completely. How can I please you?”

She closed her eyes as he kissed each eyelid.. She winced as he removed the clips from her nipples. He guided her to the couch and had her kneel on the floor. Sitting on the edge of the couch, he cupped her cheeks and brought her forward.

“Now you may suck me, my darling pet.”

She shifted slightly on the floor getting comfortable. She licked up his hard shaft tasting her sweetness. Greedily, like a ravenous untamed woman, she suckled him. Oh how she wished she could see his expressions as he moaned, as his fingers tangled in her curly hair. She had the power now as his world shrunk to the wonderful talent of her wet mouth. He grew harder in her mouth as she took him deeper. His knees shook with excitement till at last he cried out, and spilled his need against the roof of her mouth. She swallowed, and sucked, till he was spent, and breathless.

He pulled away from her ravenous mouth. He helped her rise and lead her down the hallway to his bedroom, or chamber of delights as he called it. The familiar tight leather restraints closed around her wrists as she spread her arms and legs in a most submissive manner. He secured her ankles tightly in the same manner to the brass rails of the footboard.

He kissed her- a warm sensual kiss she felt tingle to her toes- then she heard him walk away.

Celtic music reverberated through the room. She could hear an occasional sound as if Master was near. Nervously, she tested the strength of the restraints.

She wasn’t thinking of escape, but merely an involuntary reaction to the anticipation of what was next. Suddenly the bed sank to one side with his weight. She felt a earplug enter each canal; the expansion as it deadened the music. Something soft, silk perhaps, covered her face like a veil. It slid slowly down her body raising chill bumps. The full weight of his tongue, velvety and broad, licked at her inner thighs an inch from her shaved wetness. She tried to shift, to slide her hips to meet the tongue with her pouting lips and suck it inside. But he pulled away. His lips moved to her nipple. With an ice cube in his mouth he sucked her nipple making it even harder.

She felt the pressure of his body as he mounted her. He canlı bahis siteleri kissed her fully on the mouth. She felt his hard glans between the engorged lips of her pussy. He was moving his cock with his hand, plowing apart her lips, but not entering as she bucked in vain against the ties. The head of his cock was now as wet as her pussy, but he would not plunge into her valley of need as she desired. But rather he was using as a tongue, licking from her anus to her clit. He never penetrating more than a half inch inside her aching tightness as tried in vain to suck him deeper. Hands pulled helplessly at the restraints as her head rolled from side to side with sheer pleasure.

“Please, Sir, may I cum?” she moaned in a haggard breath. “Please, I implore you.”

“No!,” he screamed. “Not yet, Princess.” Silently she cursed him as the bed lifted with his leaving. Cold touched her breast. An ice cube circled around her full breast climbing to her nipple. Seconds later, hot wax dripped around her right breast, and the cube was lifted above so it was dripping at the same rate as the candle. The two sensations crossed paths at her cleavage and then back again. Together they made a wet(ADD COMMA HERE) white path, stopping short of her pussy. She felt something cold and wet against her ass. A slippery finger entered her tight virgin ass. Two more fingers slid inside the her slippery pussy. A point of a tongue thrashed against her clit. She felt driven to the edge once more as he worked his fingers in and out. She was once more about to beg for release when cruelly he stopped. He freed her legs, removed the blindfold and plugs so that only her hands were tied.

Once again, his thick cock was at her pleasure’s gate. He teased her with half strokes, till she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him in deep. She squeezed vice-like around his hardness as he thrust deeply inside her. Like a fiery piston it moved deep with her, stretching her, filling her. Struggling against the ties, she moaned, wishing she could free her hands to touch his face and rake her nails across his back. But those thoughts faded as her orgasm was imminent.

” Please, Sir, may I cum?” she moaned.

“Yes, my pet, cum now.”

He grabbed the brass rails of the headboard and thrust deeply, holding there as her muscles convulsed against his cock. Her white knuckled fingers grasped the sheets as she screamed and moaned, arching her hips off the bed. He silenced her with a kiss. He felt the trembling of her lips as the last of her orgasm unwound through her body. Throwing her legs up over his shoulders, he fucked her harder. She felt him swell inside as his pace quickened. He breath was hot against her neck as his moans became louder. Reaching up, he grabbed the brass rail to increase his leverage. With a virile thrust, he came inside her tightness, splashing his seed deep within her in a series of spurts. He collapsed, exhausted against her body, and held her tightly in his strong arms.

There were no more punishments that evening. Only a loving, dominant pampering of his treasured submissive with a shower, a total body massage, and then, long past midnight, she made love to him. This time on top, slowly, sensually, till they came together and she fell fast asleep against his chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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