A Memory of Love

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He loved his wife. In fact, he loved his wife more than anything else. She was his life, his love and his reason for being. It was just such a shame that he could not make her happy and that was all he wanted to do. Life does funny things to a person. It robs you of your hope, it steals away your dreams and it numbs you to happiness. This was what had happened to them over the course of the last ten years.

What had started as a dream relationship full of passion, adventure and sexual fulfilment had deteriorated into a trudge, a trawl, an absolute struggle where every day was the same as the last. Sex had died after the birth of their first child and had never been given the kiss of life since even though they had two more wonderful children. Three kids, a job and the chores of life in general robbed them of the opportunity as well as the desire. He was sure that they where not the only couple experiencing this difficulty but sex had become almost a taboo subject. Overtures on his part where greeted with either a stony stare or a simple “Oh, give it a rest.” He had seemingly lost the art of romancing or had been rejected so often that he did not have the heart to try properly any more.

He lay there, staring at the ceiling listening to the soft breathing of his wife as she lay next to him. The warmth she generated made him want to roll over and snuggle in behind her but she hated being woken up before she was ready and the baby would be awake and demanding soon enough so he just stayed where he was, arms folded across his chest , awake and letting his mind wander.

It was not right. They where still young, only just about to hit their thirties and his memories of when they where younger still stood fresh at the front of his mind. He could remember every caress, feel every kiss and relive every coupling as if it had just happened. He had never looked at another woman in that way no matter how frustrated and angry he became. He loved his wife and just wanted some of their happiness and relationship back. He remembered when they had just got married and how they used to drag the mattress into the front room on Friday night and pretend they where camping out for the weekend. He remembered the touch of her skin under his lips and fingers, soft and warm. He remembered how hard her nipples became when he grazed them with his teeth and he remembered just how excited she would get when they massaged each other, touching, moving and sliding in, around and over each other.

He closed his eyes and felt his body responding to his memories as in his head he heard his wife moaning softly into his ear as she nibbled it gently. He used to almost burst with desire when she did that. Who knew ears could be so sensitive. He felt his penis stirring and growing as he enjoyed such pleasant memories and was content to let them continue. He could almost feel her soft body under his hands as they kissed passionately, hands roaming, covering and caressing every inch of her body that he could reach. His own hand crept down to his groin as he pictured kissing her neck and working slowly, ever so slowly, down her body. Neck met collarbone and graduated into the top of her breast, she arched her neck back ever so slightly and murmured her approval. He let his tongue slide through his teeth as he gently and lovingly worked his way down towards her areola and canlı bahis şirketleri protruding nipple, moving his head around the side of her large breast, licking and kissing as slowly and reverently as possible even though his own passion was reaching crisis point. He bypassed her nipple and kissed underneath her breast, hands sliding down and adding their own pressure and pleasure before finally heading back up and scratching her nipple with his teeth and then giving it a long, soft, deep kiss taking it completely into his mouth. He blew on it gently as he let it pop out of his mouth and laughed quietly as she shivered at the sensation.

After lavishing attention on one perfect breast for a couple of minutes he crossed to the other and gave it everything it deserved, he hated to think he might have left anything out as he enjoyed her body. All the while his hands kept up a constant gentle stroking, exploring and arousing every part of her body that he could reach. At one instant he tickled up both sides of her body, scratching his fingers as lightly as possible across her overly sensitive skin and in the next he cupped both buttocks and kneaded them, forcing his own aching body powerfully down onto hers, exulting in the feeling of their two naked bodies pressing and writhing together in complete harmony and desire. Not really wanting to leave the breasts that he worshipped but wanting to bring even more pleasure to his wife he left his suckling and started kissing further down, firmly restraining her hands as she strove to grab at his head as he moved lower. He did not know if her guttural noises meant no or yes but she did not really put up much of a struggle, lost in the moment as she was.

He kissed around her navel and across her soft stomach from side to side dropping slowly lower and lower, eventually reaching her pubic area. Rather than head straight for her moist, glistening sex he jumped down quickly to her feet eliciting another groan that this time was most definitely of disappointment. When she opened up she really opened up and it made him want to explode in response. He could vividly feel just how hard he was. It was almost painfully hard and almost had a life and energy of its own. As he passed down her body and spied plump, engorged labia and the way his wife was trying to spread her legs in response to his attentions he was sorely tempted to just give in to his own tempestuous desire. It took supreme effort to turn away and down. This was for her, it was always for her.

He knelt at her feet on the mattress, sheets discarded and lying in heap beside them. He was burning up and the slight coolness of the air on his skin was refreshing. He drank in her body, enjoying her soft nakedness and her flushed skin. Her eyes where half closed, enjoying the continued attentions of his wandering hands as they massaged her inner thighs. His fingers worked up from knee to groin working inwards as they moved until his fingertips brushed against her vagina, making her legs open wider and wider as his hands crept higher and higher. He stopped short of her wetness, teasingly scratching back down slowly before firmly heading back up again making her gasp and push her body down towards him, desperately wanting him to touch her where she wanted to be touched.

He bent his head and softly kissed the top of her foot, before canlı kaçak iddaa proceeding to repeat what he had done on the top half of her body from below. This time the hands on his head where trying to pull him up, closer to her, closer to where she wanted him to be but he resisted, lingering and savouring her calves and knees, licking her thighs just above her knees on both sides before turning his head first one way and then the other as he kissed slowly and lovingly up towards heaven. There was no resistance to him as he moved higher. In fact her knees fell ever further out and she shuffled her own bottom towards his greedy mouth until he lay on his stomach, hands once more cupped under her buttocks with his eyes directly level with her glistening opening. It was very, very rarely that his wife let go enough to let him get this close and it was special treat for him that he intended on savouring for as long as possible.

He was just about to move onto the next stage of his operation when his wife grabbed him roughly by the hair and forced him up and away. He was just about to curse when he looked up and saw that she had propped herself up on one elbow and was directing him towards her urgent mouth. Her eyes where almost completely closed now and her breath was coming in heaving gasps, her large breasts shuddering and juddering. She kissed him almost desperately and violently, mashing her tongue against his, hand pressed firmly into the back of his head. He lost himself for a moment in his wife’s passion kissing her back just as powerfully before she wrenched him away. She opened her eyes and looked into his soul.

“Just hurry up and Fuck me you naughty man.” It came out in a gasp before she collapsed back down against the mattress and pushed him back down towards where he had been.

He moved his hands from below her bottom and again surveyed the heaven that was lying open in front of him. For him there was absolutely no better feeling on this planet than knowing he had aroused his wife so much that he could see it. Her beautiful womanhood had swollen up and as he gently parted her lips he was rewarded with both another gasp and a glimpse of her engorged clitoris peeping out of its protective hood. This was when the real fun began. He started by gently placing the fingers of one hand to keep her labia open and then, starting at the bottom he took one long lick, savouring and enjoying her taste on his lips. The taste of sex. The taste of love. He then alternated between licking up and down slowly, flicking from side to side and then dipping his tongue inside her completely as far as he cold, stopping only to pay special attention to his wife’s clitoris from time to time. He barely registered her body trembling and the high pitched moan that she was emitting so carried away had he become. He wanted it to go on forever. As he licked and sucked ever more passionately he brought his other hand around to lavish complete attention onto the clitoris. He knew that the clitoris was the key for her more than anything else. He placed his fingertips and began circling gently. The effect was explosive and immediate. His head was almost crushed as his wife jammed her legs together and cried out loud in ecstasy. She relaxed after a couple of seconds and her legs fell to the side again.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, please, please, please, canlı kaçak bahis please, please don’t stop. Do not stop what you are doing. Do … not…. stop.”

He almost exploded there and then with delight and pleasure. He had no intention of stopping at all. He started licking furiously as his fingers danced, maintaining a rapid, firm pressure against the pleasure giving nodule. The trembling became more and more noticeable and his wife started to arch her back further and further off the mattress making it increasingly difficult for him to maintain his rhythm. It did not matter any more, she was too far gone and just needed to be tipped over the edge.

“Fuuucckkkk mmeeeee!!!!” The ragged shout that ripped from his wife’s throat was the signal he needed as she jerked and spasmed about below him. He got to his knees and entered in one smooth motion burying himself in her warm, wet embrace, almost crying out himself as she screamed in supreme ecstasy, gasping, writhing and jerking in equal measure as she climaxed. He just delighted in it, watching her as waves of pleasure overwhelmed her for what seemed like an eternity. For his part he simply stroked at her gently and shallowly, making her squirm and prolonging her orgasm but not letting her push him out. Eventually the spasms subsided and she lay limp, damp with sweat and still flushed as he leant down to kiss her neck and hold her while she recovered. He was still inside her and continued to stroke gently in and out, enjoying the warmth and slickness where their two bodies met. He was in heaven. He had made his wife climax harder than he could ever remember and the fun had only just begun. She put a weak hand against his chest and looked at him through tangled hair.

“You had better be ready for a long night husband.” She sounded so sultry and sexy as she lay beneath him. He just smiled in return and started to move more powerfully against her, feeling her respond in kind.

He was masturbating furiously now as his memories flooded over him and needed some kind of release. He turned on his side and nudged in against his wife moving his hand towards her covered breast and nuzzling in towards her neck, breathing in her essence and getting even more aroused if that was possible.

For the first few seconds there was no response and he thought that maybe, just maybe he had a chance. As he started to move his hand underneath her pyjama top she grunted, swatted his hand away and rolled over. “Stop pestering me” it was a mumbled, half asleep rebuttal but it was enough. “Stop shaking the bed, it’s annoying me.”

He could feel his frustration threaten to overwhelm him. His penis was concrete hard and ready to explode but he knew he had no chance getting relief from his wife this morning. He flopped back onto his back and resumed his perusal of the ceiling. His erection refused to go away, the throbbing reminding him of everything he was missing. This was just not good enough. It needed to change. He had to make it change. Sex had become a chore for his wife. He sometimes fell into her way of thinking and started to assume that that was how it had always been. He had just had a graphic realisation that this was not the case. His wife just needed to let herself go and remember who she had been and it was up to him to do that.

His erection still retained its rigidity, he had pushed himself too far for it to just go away, so he rolled out of bed and headed for the shower. He would relieve himself yet again this morning but he made a promise to himself that this would be the last time. Things could not go on like this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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