A Midnight Snack

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I arrive home at midnight after a long day traveling from one client’s office to another’s. The house is silent and dark. I creep down the hall to find you asleep in the middle of our bed, lying on your back and softly snoring. I do not want to disturb you, as you look to be dreaming peacefully. I go to the kitchen to have a light snack, but nothing seems to whet my appetite. So I decide to turn in.

I wash my face and brush my teeth in the guest bathroom. As I undress in silence, I catch a glimpse of my body in the mirror. I turn to look at myself. Brushing my hair back behind my shoulders to expose my breasts, I run my hands over them. Smiling, I caress my breasts as you do. My nipples becoming stiff with the touch of my cool fingers. Slowly I slide both hands down my torso, touching my soft tummy, tickling my sides. My skin tingles with pleasurable gooseflesh.

Pressing my palms flat on my hips, I walk my fingers into my groin. Combing them through my soft pubic hair the coolness of my fingers makes me shiver. My labia swell ever so slightly at the nearness of my them. I step wider and spread my legs just a bit. One hand goes to my mouth and I gently suck on a finger to warm it. The other hand begins to knead my mound, carefully avoiding any contact with the lips of my pussy. I use my middle and index fingers to pull my lips apart. I take that warm, wet finger from my mouth and slide it along my exposed clitoris.

I push three fingers- illegal bahis one warm and two cold- into my opening and pump them quickly and roughly. My eyes shut tightly at the sensation. I moan louder than I had planned and am aware that your snoring has stopped. Reluctantly pulling my fingers out, I listen intently to the quiet. Laughing silently, I imagine you walking in to find the lights blazing, the room scented with my juices, smiling at my reflection, completely nude, caressing my voluptuous body. The thought makes my thighs quiver. There is a hunger within me, a hunger for my lover, a hunger for you.

I move swiftly to our room and gently slide into bed. You are still lying on your back, dreaming as your eyes move quickly behind your lids. I crawl beneath the sheets and position my self at you groin. You are flaccid as you lie there peaceful. I slide a hand up your thigh and down under your leg. As I start to kiss your groin, I hear you moan softly. I take your soft penis into my mouth. Your ass tenses involuntarily at the feeling. You immediately begin an erection. I suck and lick your soft cock to make it swell. I feel you growing and hold you in my mouth until your manhood will no longer fit in my mouth. I slide my hand up from your leg to your ass, digging my fingers into your cheek. With you cock now fully erect, I begin to tease it. Licking the head roughly, I shove the tip of my tongue into the slit. I encircle your scrotum with my illegal bahis siteleri free hand wrapping my thumb and forefinger around the base of your penis. My grip squeezing more blood into your member.

You shift slightly, beginning to squirm. Not sure if this is a part of your dream, I see your hand instinctively searching for me at your side. But I am beyond your reach, busying myself with my midnight snack. I feel the edge of your head pop into my tight lips and press against my tongue. Your cock is so engorged, the taught skin feels like steel on my slippery lips. Sucking your glans into my wet mouth, I taste a little drop of precum. It must be a good dream!

I hear you whispering unintelligibly, perhaps a conversation within your dream. I push my mouth down letting your cock slide up into my throat. As I pull back up to the tip, I release my grip on your balls. Your legs twitch. I tighten my grip and push you up into my throat. Releasing, I pull back up. I start to move faster. My head bobbing up an down beneath our sheets. Your thighs tensing and relaxing with the rhythm of my movements. As I grip your balls tighter, I feel them stiffen as your orgasm stirs. I release my grip and put my hands on your hips. Pressing you down into the mattress as I pull your penis away from your body with my hungry mouth.

Your shaft is slick from my saliva and allows me to move up and down very quickly. I open my mouth slightly as I fuck canlı bahis siteleri you with it. The sounds of my slurping interrupts your dream. But I continue to move up and down. Cock into my throat and out to the edge of your glans. You groan and your hands slide down to my head. I hear you breathe faster as you caress my hair. “Well hello!” you say hoarsely.

Awake now, you urge me on “Oh yeah babe, Oh God that is so good!” My pussy is so wet and aching, I grind it on your knee as I bring you closer to your orgasm. “Yes, suck my cock! You are so wet, let me make love to you. Your mouth feels so good. So talented” you moan. The feeling of your muscular leg scrubbing my clit makes me want your cum. I pause long enough to say “That’s it. Cum for me, cum in my mouth. I love you!” I grab your shaft, shoving it into my mouth as I go down, pulling it out as I go up. Your body tenses as you shout “Oh God Baby! Yes baby that’s it. Cumming…. OH GOD, YESSSSSSSS!!!”

I begin to swallow as your orgasm explodes into my mouth. Loads of hot white cum spraying my throat. Your hands grabbing the sheets into your fists. Your head thrown back. I devour your semen, suckling it like honey. Milking your cock with my hands until you beg me “Stop, oh please, stop!!!”

But I don’t stop. I keep sucking you in and out of my mouth, your fingers return to gripping my head so tight. Finally you relax, your penis beginning to soften between my lips. I lick my lips clean and kiss my way up your body. You jump and gasp with every touch of my lips. I make it to your face and kiss your mouth a long, slow sweet kiss. A kiss saying I love you. Telling you that I love your body. Showing you that I will always please you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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