A Mistake at the Office

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It’s late when you call me in to the building, and we’re the only two people left. I’m already pissed off, as I’m not allowed to leave until you do, so when you call me in to try to fix your computer problem, I’m ready to embarrass you. The problem is simple to fix, but when the computers back online, I immediately start looking through your internet history. I find the usual filth, and some more fetish stuff too, and laugh at you, calling you a dirty old bastard.

You’re shocked at my impertinence, and decide you’re going to teach me a lesson. Before I even know what’s going on, you’ve snatched up a tie, and bound my hands behind my back. I trip trying to back away, and you secure a handkerchief in my mouth, leaving me utterly helpless.

You stand me up, unbuckle my belt and pull down my trousers, and give a little smirk when you see the pink lacy French panties that barely cover my cock. Sitting down in your office chair, you throw me over your knee, and lay one large, firm hand on my lace covered arse. Pulling back, your hand flies down with a tremendous smack. I moan into the handkerchief in my mouth, which turns into a scream when your hand slaps down a second time, and then quickly slaps my other cheek as well. You give me four or five more slaps, as my ass cheeks get redder and redder, but when you feel my cock starting to harden upon your leg, you smile. You lay on two more slaps, and each time you feel a twitch from the hard rod. Pulling down the knickers to get at the bare ass. With each smack the cock gives a jump, and the screams coming from the gagged mouth become moans.

You lift me off your knee, and stand me in front of you. You grip my rock hard cock in your hand, and start to slowly jack me off. I moan, güvenilir bahis and close my eyes, pretending it’s a female hand. You start to wank faster and harder, till my legs start to shake, and I feel my orgasm coming. You sense it, and stop, taking your hand away. I cry out, and my eyes spring open. With my hands still tied behind my back, there’s nothing I can do as I feel the good feelings melt away.

“Do you want me to carry on?” you say. A nod is my only reply, but you tell me to use my words.

“Yes, please let me cum. Let me, please.”

You smile at me, and whisper in my ear. “I’ll give you the best orgasm you’ve ever had, but first, I want you to suck on my big hard, cock.”

I shake my head no, but you’ve anticipated this. A firm squeeze on my cock is all I need to push my horniness into overdrive. I don’t even speak, I just drop down to my knees. You unbutton your trousers, and pull out a stiff, aching cock. Precum is dribbling from the end, and it’s made the front slick and wet.

“Look me in the eye, kiss the tip of my cock, and tell me thank you sir.”

I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and do what you ask. I’m surprised at how sweet the precum tastes, and when I say thank you, you tell me I’m a good boy.

“Now I want you to close your eyes, and ask for permission to let you suck on my cock. You will beg me to let this cock enter your pretty little mouth, and when I say you can, you’ll swallow the whole thing. If my balls aren’t resting on your chin, you’ve not got enough of me in your mouth.”

I do as you ask, closing my eyes. “Please sir, may I suck on your cock. I want to suck on your cock so badly. Please may I feel it in my throat.”

You give me permission, and türkçe bahis I get my first real taste of a man’s cock. It’s a little sweaty, but I’m surprised at how warm and lovely it feels. I take as much as I can, and keep pushing on. I gag a little as it reaches the back of my throat, but I’ve forced enough women’s mouths down onto mine to know what to do. I feel a certain satisfaction when I feel my nose bury into your pubes.

“Now open your eyes,” you tell me. I do so, and see you holding your phone, filming me with your cock in my mouth. I realise what you’ve done, but don’t even care. My cock’s still rock hard and dripping precum onto the floor, and I’m not hating the feel of the cock buried in my throat. You tell me to keep sucking, and you’ll do the rest. You wrap your fingers in my hair, and start to hump my face, pulling your cock out till just the tip rests on my tongue, then pushing it all the way back in until you’re deep in my throat again.

Soon I start to really enjoy it, and as your cockhead reaches my lips, I flick my tongue across the head, and I moan as you pop back into my throat. Your pace increases, and I actually find myself hoping you’ll cum, hoping to taste a man’s spunk for the first time.

You start to moan, and call me a dirty little cock slut, then, before I can protest, you pull yourself from my mouth, pick me up, spin me round, and bend me over your desk. I start to cry out, but before I even know it, your spit shinned cock head has popped past my sphincter. I grunt, and complain that it hurts, but you hold it there, and I quickly get used to it. When my protestations subside, you begin to push into me, taking it nice and slowly, and letting me grow accustomed.

It takes a good ten minutes, güvenilir bahis siteleri but eventually you’re balls are resting against mine. The shock and the pain have caused me to go soft, but when your cockhead brushes against something inside, my cock gives a big twitch, and the blood starts flowing back. You start to pull out, then drive your cock back home, making me feel every inch, and again my cock gives that twitch.

You really start to fuck me, your strokes getting harder and faster with each thrust, and every time, the pleasure that I’m receiving increases. I’m rock hard again now, and hornier than I can ever remember in my life.

“Faster. Do it faster. Fuck me you bastard!”

You oblige, each stroke driving the wind from my lungs. Amazingly, I can feel an orgasm approaching, and I know that something stunning is about to happen. I’m beyond horny, though, and there’s only one thing I want.

“Promise me… Ugh, oh God… Promise me you’ll… You’ll cum in my, argh, mouth aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!”

I explode, stream after stream of my hot spunk fires from my cock into your cupped hand. My spasming arse is bringing you close, and you pull out. As you turn me round and kneel me down again, you bring your hand to your mouth, and lick it clean, then force your dirty cock into my mouth. Still high from an orgasm that keeps rocking my body, I suck on the cock, and feel you twitch and engorge as you fire your spunk against the back of my throat. Two, then three thick heavy ropes spray into my mouth, before you pull out and fire the remaining jizz over my face.

As your orgasm subsides you crash down into your chair, and I stay on the floor, sitting on my heels, utterly drained. You stand up, straighten yourself out, and untie your wrists. You start to head out, and stop in the doorway.

“See you tomorrow,” you say. “That’s a crappy computer. Who knows when it might break again.”

I lift my head, look you in the eye… And smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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