A New Experience Ch. 02

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The last free summer was a lie.

Nothing is free, summer came with work and expectations and work, I actually didn’t mind the work I was making money and got a great tan. Home maintenance; yards, pools, painting, generally all the dirty stuff people hate to do, couldn’t do without a little help or thought a little help was worth paying for.

I was happy to be busy but was looking forward to the weekend, for no reason other than to have a couple days to myself, maybe go fishing, take the canoe out for some time on the water. I’ll be honest I often thought about Jake, and that day in the storage room, but as time passed it seemed like something I had imagined, a fantasy.

Miss Gilfoyle was the daughter of a friend of my moms, in her thirty’s and separated left with a house and property purchased with help from her parents, her husband was gone and she was doing her best to keep it going, with my help, and a long to do list, and it was only Wednesday.

I was dragging when I got home Wednesday night, hot and tired I headed to the shower to wash off grass, grass fumes and sweat. I stripped down to boxers and with a towel half wrapped around my waist walked down the hall to the bathroom, “I’m in the shower!” I yelled down the stairs, my mom answered with something about dinner as I closed the bathroom door. I dropped the towel and boxers on the way to the shower, I was thinking only about hot water and a long to do list. It took a few minutes for the water to drive away the ache of the day and let my mind wander. The soap washed away the sweat and grass, and made my skin slick under my hands, Arms, chest following the suds as they flowed down across my flat stomach, I spread my feet making room to wash my thighs better. The to do list faded into the memory of Miss Guilfoyle raking mulch around her garden plants, I’d emptied half a dozen bags as she’d spread it out. The sun was hot, her blond hair was tied back with a bandanna into a pony tail, and the tails of her blue canlı bahis şirketleri work shirt pulled up and knotted just below her ribs. The small of her back a gold tan, long legs the same color from deck shoes to her cutoff shorts, all of her exposed skin glistened with sweat.

I felt my cock getting hard, my soapy hands cupped my full balls and slowly caressed the growing erection. The thought of Miss Guilfoyle standing close as we worked, the memory of the faint scent of perfume mixed with sweat and summer heat, my cock was a steel bar in my grip. Fully erect and eight inches, my hand stroked it as I imagined taking her in my arms untying the knotted shirt as I tasted her full red lips. And my Mom knocked on the bathroom door.

“Barry, are you almost done, you have company.”

“Almost, I’ll be out in a minute.” Company?

The thoughts interrupted I went soft, I rinsed off the soap and headed back to my room to dress wondering who could possibly be waiting, any of my friends Mom would’ve used their name. I pulled on a pair of jeans, a pocket t-shirt and slid my feet into my summer sandals, heading down the stairs I was thinking company was probably one of moms friends looking for hired help or a military recruiter looking for an opportunity. I grinned as I reached the bottom step, maybe it was Miss Guilfoyle…

It was Jake.

He was sitting at the kitchen table drinking a glass of iced tea and visiting with my Mom.

“Jake!” I was seriously surprised.

“Hi Barry, I was in town and thought I’d take a chance and see if you were home. Maybe go for a walk and catch up?”

“Sure, sounds good.”

Jake thanked Mom for the iced tea and we went outside, the day had grown cloudy, dark grey with the promise of rain. The town was small and rural, made up of only a dozen streets we wandered and eventually found ourselves on the far edge of the town park walking along a dirt service road. We talked about summer, being glad school was canlı kaçak iddaa over, plans for the future, family and people we knew. We’d walked a good distance down the road when the first raindrop fell.

“Looks like we’re going to get wet,” Jake said hearing the first drops hit the leaves above us.

I looked around, growing up in town I had a pretty good idea where we were, “I think there’s an old service shed just up around the corner, if we hurry we should be able to beat the rain.” We took off at a quick walk and sure enough just around the bend in the road was the shed, two dozen yards off the road surrounded by trees and nearly invisible in the under growth, a leftover from the days of oil and logging the corrugated tin covered building was once used for tool storage and gave cover for the men working the area. We reached the shed as the sky opened up, thunder rolled and the world vanished under a blanket of water.

The contents of the shed were sparse, having been abandoned decades ago, scavengers and the adventurous had picked it clean. A five foot bench lay tipped on its side along one wall, I stepped around it and walked to the window centered behind it. The window was a good five feet up on the wall, the glass long gone, only the frame remained. A flash of light and a roll of thunder, the storm was right on top of us, rain ran from the roof in a steady stream. I heard Jake set the bench back upright, and was about to turn when he stepped up behind me.

“Doesn’t look like it’s not going to let up for a while.” I felt his hands on my hips, the rain drummed on the roof, my heart beat in my ears was louder. He leaned in; his hands sliding around me, and the bulge at the front of his jeans pressed against my ass.

“Jake I…,”

“Need to relax,” He interrupted, I closed my eyes as he unfastened my pants; the muscles of my stomach quivered as his fingers slid under the elastic of my boxers, “Nice.” He whispered, my restrained erection instantly canlı kaçak bahis got harder the moment his fingers touched me, lightly caressing the hard shaft of my cock as he slid my jeans and boxers down, freed of the fabric it pointed straight out, I stepped away from the wall involuntarily, my bare ass pressed up against Jake. I could feel his hardness, the heat of his erection felt like fire, I froze when his hand wrapped around my cock at its base and his hand engulfed my shaft. His free hand on my hip kept me still as he slowly stroked toward the head, stopping short and back again, his touch soft as silk, I found moving slightly with the rhythm of his hand wanting more contact, more pressure from his fingers. He stroked slowly, letting the pressure in me build, a shiver ran thru me and his hand slowed.

“Please…” I gasped, my voice barely a whisper.

“Not yet,” was his reply, and his hand released me. I shook as a wave of desire ran thru me, the temptation to finish it myself, he dropped to his knees behind me, untied my shoes and helped me get free of my jeans, and guided by soft pressure he turned me to face him. I felt his breath against my skin, the tickle of his hair, my legs were weak as he stood, his hands sliding up the backs of my legs, over my ass to my hips. As he rose he licked my shaft, his hot tongue stroked me as softly as his fingers, and I was rock hard even as my body melted.

Standing in front of me I fumbled with the snap on his jeans, he took my hands in his, “Soon,” he said, and led me to the bench, “lay down on your back.” Stepping over the bench I sat, facing him on the edge, the lay back as he’d directed, the bench spread my legs, my hard cock pointed toward the roof, Jake knelt at the end of the bench between my knees, leaning forward he swallowed my cock. I felt his lips wet and hot slide down the full length of me, his tongue swirled and teased as he slid down, the head of my cock toughed the back if his throat and he kept going until his chin rested against my balls. My heart pounded, he slowly slid back, sucking harder his lips tightened on my shaft and he stopped short of pulling off, teasing the head gently and slid back down to the base, slower and hotter he teased and licked.

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