A New Life for Debbie Ch. 13

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Chapter 13

Eli’s nasty plot

Dedicated to real life Debbie and script largely inspired by her suggestions.

Dee’s eyes rolled back in their sockets. Eli lay upon her, their eyes locked together. She felt his cock deeply embedded into her dripping pussy. He waited for one or two minutes to establish his domination : he was the Master and he decided when and if he would give pleasure to his daughter writhing under him. Then he started to thrust inside here, slowly to dominate her even more.

Every thrust of his cock sent a shiver through her belly. His cock was so long and so thick, and so…so huge! They didn’t make love, he fucked her. all thoughts of Abbie had vanished as she succumbed to her magnificent father and lover. He ordered her to place her arms above her head as if she was manacled to the headboard, their eyes were locked together in passion, her lips were parted to show off her complete submission, her voice was moaning with each thrust. She was totally his, to be fucked and filled will his sperm. If he wanted he could also breed her. It was so easy : just remove her diaphragm and she would be totally unprotected. His cock was so long that he must have passed her cervix. If he removed her diaphragm he would spray directly his sperm directly on her eggs!

Dee’s body started to wobble with the energy of sexual tension building between them as her father thrust harder and faster into her cunt. He started to moan, too, as his own passion was rising in her pussy. She was growing insane : she had never felt such pleasure ever, even with Abbie. Each of his thrusts made her body spasm in pleasure.

– Daddy…yes! Fuck me! Fuck me like a slut! Fuck me like a whore, Daddy!

Dee climaxed, crying out his name as her fingers clawed at the satin under her body. Eli reached his own release very soon after, his massive thrusts were pushing her across the bed. Dee’s pussy was clamped tightly around his shaft, throbbing with the same rhythm, trying to milk his cock dry.. It was over much too soon to her taste. All she knew was that Eli would have her again and very soon..

Dee fell asleep immediately with Eli’s cock still embedded into her cunt. She had never felt such a sexual frenzy in her life. When she woke up late around noon, the next morning, Eli was there, looking worried. Dee was still in an ebullient mood. She jumped out of her bed and took Eli in her arms.

– Darling! I want to be always with you. You have fucked me like a king! I love you!

– Arumphhh, Dee, my pet, I must apologize to you once more. The passion you had yesterday evening wasn’t genuine! I’ve spiked your dinner!

– What, daddy? What did you give me?

– Just a little cocktail : it’s based on an aphrodisiac drug called Peps that gives you Earth shattering climaxes but this effect is rather short. It’s mixed with other chemicals that make you submissive, obedient and resilient : you can fuck guys for hours and there’s no addiction! It also scrambles a bit your memory and you’ll forget in a few minutes everything I’m telling you!

– You… Do you intend to make me your permanent sex slave, then?

– No! I promise it to you! I’ll stop giving you these pills on Saturday and you’ll go back home on Sunday with all your mind back to normal. I just wanted to enjoy you and show you I’m not that selfish…

– No, daddy, but I can tell you you’re some sort of a bastard, playing nasty tricks to your daughter! Did you give one of these pills to Jacki?

– I saw no reason not to let her join us in the fun! Ah I almost forgot to tell you : there’s also an interesting compound in the cocktail. It provokes a contraction of the walls of your vagina : if you take one of these pills, you’ll be as tight as a virgin for one or two weeks. A normal cock will feel to you as if it had gigantic proportions. You are going to enjoy your stay, but so am I, fucking a virgin girl every morning!

– Eli you’re a creep, the scum of the Earth!

– Did I cause any damage to you, Dee? When you’ve considered all the aspects, you may have another point of view! Now it’s time for you to take your morning pill. You’re temporarily unable to decline my offer even if you want it. Now, please, extend your hand and swallow your medicine!

Dee extended her hand, palm up and Eli deposited a pill in it. She was trying as hard as she could to throw it away but she drew it to her mouth and swallowed it… Five minutes later, she extended her hands toward Eli in open invitation :

– Daddy darling, why aren’t you in bed with me? I really need a good shagging by your big cock! I think I cannot live without it now! After you have given me the sound humping I require to start the day, you have to choose what I should wear today and what I’ll do while you have your midday nap!

They took a brunch on the side of the swimming pool, all together. Eli had told the girls that they just needed to wear a g-string and sit on any man’s lap. They had obeyed with loud giggles, wiggling their bottoms on the man supporting them. The contact had the intended result, the three guys sporting huge hard on and the girls hurried illegal bahis to the men’s bedroom to respond to their urgent needs.

Dee had lingered back as Eli wanted to kiss her again and again. When she got free, all the men had a girl on their knees. She was flustered Eli hadn’t chosen her! She was finally coupled with Jacki and, everything considered, it was a good choice : they hadn’t met for years and it had been hard for twin sisters who, many years before shared anything from a sandwich, shoes, clothes and even boyfriends. They hugged tightly and immediately started to kiss one another there in the den in front of everyone. The drug was really powerful even if they couldn’t remember they had swallowed a pill just a few minutes before. They exchanged caresses and friendly hugs that just fueled their desires. When they both felt really in heat, Dee took Jacki’s hand and led her to her own bedroom. They had torrid exchanges for more than two hours before falling asleep in sixty-nine position on the rug.

When they woke up, still tightly entwined, they chatted about their daily lives, Jacki telling her about her three daughters : they were now 21, 19 and 18 on the next month and faring quite well in high school or university. Jacki had great expectations for them all. She was quite proud of them!

When they emerged from Dee’s bedroom through the terrace, they run into Eli who was taking the morning sun on the sun deck. He was completely naked and sported a huge hard on. He French kissed Jacki and Dee. It seemed it was to be his normal way for saluting a girl! His cock was so beautiful that Dee immediately accepted to stay with him while Jacki joined the rest of the family near the swimming pool to refresh herself. Dee realized that her father had again the hots for her. This big cock and the peach like balls that were dangling under it were for her! He was playing with his cock, making it grow even bigger. She realized that he was getting prepared to send the contents of those nice swollen balls deep inside her love channel. It was strange as she normally controlled herself pretty well but today, she perfectly knew that she would open completely wide for him and receive all he could give. She knelt between his knees and started to play with his gorgeous balls thinking of the pleasure she had already received and would enjoy later during that week.

Eli was already moaning and pushing into Dee’s mouth. She knew he was ready now for her and she decided to let him play some with her honey pot. She lifted her hips. He carefully parted her lips and kissed his daughter deeply, sending his tongue deep inside her mouth. She almost had an orgasm when he licked her clit and sucked it. Dee really asked how he had been able in so few minutes squirm and moan helplessly in pleasure. Even Abbie had never been able to put her in heat so fast! She needed his cock now!

She whispered to his ear in her most sensual voice that she was ready and she opened her thighs wide inviting him to own her, She couldn’t wait to be completely his again, to be possessed by her own father, to plant his sperm seed in my womb. Eli soon was pumping hard and fast as Dee met every stroke with a thrust back as she rocked her hips in a circular motion trying to make him as big as he could be. They were both breathing hard. Dee screamed while Eli groaned like a tiger. They exploded at the same time! Eli sprayed another load of cum in her womb to their mutual satisfaction!

Dee laid on her bed as she felt his huge rod pumping wildly in her cunt, throbbing and spurting the contents of his balls deep inside her pussy. As during their previous couplings, her tight love channel was spasming around his big cock, sucking up Eli’s seed toward her womb. Dee had a huge orgasm that left her voiceless sprawled on her bed.

She was so deeply pleased and utterly satisfied, sated for the time being. Her usual customers were usually blasé but her husband had such a youthful lust that she felt young again, young enough to please a horny man who had the ‘hots’ for her! They laid there, silent for a long time, holding hands, luxuriating in the afterglow of their tremendous climax. Finally Eli started caressing her boobs and dee responded by giving small pecks here and there, following Eli’s moves.

– I knew you were a good fuck but I didn’t know it was this good. Just think what I would have missed if you had declined my invitation!

Dee laid there trying to remember every detail of her stay but she curiously was unable to remember anything of the previous day. She moved my hand down between her legs and felt a trickle of Eli’s seed oozing from her cunt and coating her nether lips and losing itself into her ass crack. The bed sheets under her felt gooey. Eli must have spewed a gallon of his hot cum. Dee was sure they would have plenty of other opportunities until Sunday. She was planning going back to Singapore with her cunt full of Eli’s sperm. He talked her out of her daydreaming.

– Dee, tomorrow morning I’ll drive you to a clinic in Vegas.

– I’m not ill, Eli!

– I know it. They are specialized in hymenoplasty, reconstruction illegal bahis siteleri of your hymen.

– What, for, Master? Tony popped my cherry a long time ago and it wasn’t that enjoyable!

– I’m wiser and gentler, Dee. With your now very tight cunt, it would be the ultimate gift you could offer to your dear father. You wouldn’t need to wait more than a few hours as we don’t need to wait for healing of the graft.

– What graft?

– The surgeon will take a very thin layer of skin on your thighs. In a couple of weeks there will be no traces left. That skin won’t be vascularized : so speed will be the concern. It will be held just by the stitches. As soon as the anesthetic drug has ceased its effect, I’ll drive you back here, make you put on a suitable outfit and fuck you in this bed. John will film the action and Peter will take photos.

– You’re my Lord and Master, daddy! Do with me as you want!

As soon as they har recovered, Eli gathered the family and offered them French Champagne to feast the occasion. Janet was somewhat dubious of the interest of restoring her mother’s virginity to pop it just a few hours later but she had tremendous difficulties to argue.

– You’ll see afterward what your mother thinks of it. The four of you can be treated in the same way during the next days. It’ll be your choice.

In fact, with the drug they had taken in the morning, Eli was absolutely sure they would agree to anything. He had already transmitted all the measurements of the four girls, including Jacki, to a dress maker!

Eli organized another Roman orgy in the dining room with four beds placed in cross position with Dee and her daughters on top. The men rolled dice to know who would fuck which girl. Joan had no partners so Jacki was designated to take her company. Then the men (and Jacki) would change beds clockwise every half an hour until they had fucked all the girls… Dee wondered whether Eli was planning to transform her sister into a pure lesbian… As usually, Eli took Dee to his bedroom to enjoy her during the night.

Eli left with Dee around 07:00 : they had a one hour drive to arrive to the clinic. He had given Dee a virginal white gown that fell to her ankles. Her hair was locked into a bun tied with a big white knot. The surgeon was already there to meet her. She asked him whether the operation could be done again. The surgeon seemed puzzled :

– There’s no medical reason not to repeat it. The stitches will just to be a little deeper each time and you’ll have to wait for two or three months until your internal walls have completely healed. The stitches will me made in catgut and will disappear on their own. You won’t need to come back here. Many women visit me nowadays to have this matter settled. It may be great to have your partner in life have your virginity but frankly, I don’t know why you would do it several times!

– I was just curious, professor!

– Then let’s proceed to the operation room!

– May I attend, Callum?

– If you want, Eli, but you’ll wear a surgical mask and remain in the back. I’ll show you the result before we wake up your wife.

One hour and thirty minutes later, the professor Callum cut the last thread and turned toward Dee’s father. Dee lay on the operation table stark naked with her legs still tied to stirrups to clear the way for the surgeon. Her big udders seemed to have attracted his attention.

– It’s finished, Eli! Do you want to come and see my pretty stitches? Frankly, I never expected to find a girl that tight! You’ll have two or three days at the maximum to pop her cherry. Congratulations, old chap : I would love to fuck her myself and, with such big and firm melons, you must really enjoy fucking her, lucky bastard!

– Thank you, my friend. When can we go back home?

– As soon as she has awakened and feel has returned to her pussy… In about one hour!

– So, we’ll be back home around 2PM. We’ll just stop to take a burger!

– You’re in that a hurry to deflower her! It’s a real gift she offers you! Better to wait for a couple of days before unwrapping the gift!

– I’ll see!

Dee kept silent, looking coyly to Eli during all the travel. They stopped in a restaurant along the road. Each time they passed a motel, Dee watched her father longingly, hoping he would stop there but he was so often stubborn! They arrived finally at home. Jacki opened the door.

– The dress maker has deposited a big parcel one hour ago and the shoes have arrived, too!

– Dress, shoes? What are you up to, once more, Eli?

– I couldn’t just throw you on the bed and fuck you without some ceremony. You’ll wear a wedding dress, white of course as the virgin you are, now, complete with white high heel shoes, white gloves, white stockings and white suspenders. Of course, you’ll wear also a long white lace veil. We’ll take photos in the garden before the ceremony near the swimming pool. Janet and Samantha will be your maids, John and Peter will be my best men. Joan and Jacki will hold your train. Mark will drop by to present you his excuses : he will play the role of the priest canlı bahis siteleri marrying us…

Dee was smiling :

– Eli, you’re a sweet, lecherous, old bastard, arranging a complete mock up marriage, just for the pleasure of popping the bride’s cherry. I suppose it will make a big photo album!

– Sure and if you agree coming with me again in the future, we’ll add photos of our honeymoon in a luxury resort in some tropical islands and, why not, the birth of our first baby, as the first one has been adopted away!

– You… You want to sire another baby from me!

– While you were asleep, I arranged it with the management of the Chinese brothel. I paid a nice extra to move to top position. They told me, they have just to remove the diaphragm and wait for your next peak of fertility! It’ll be in ten days, from what they said!

– Yes, Daddy, and the hormonal treatment, concocted by an Indian doctor I met recently in India, seems to work pretty well. Since I’ve received it, my periods come quite regularly and I produced each time twins.

– So you agree to bear my babies, Dee!

– The whore house rules stipulate I’ve no say on who fucks or breeds me. The only question allowed is how my customer wants me : in my mouth, cunt or ass!

– Good. I always wanted a large family but frankly, I never expected my own daughter would provide it. My late wife gave me just two daughters who had only three daughters each. I’m rich enough to have your womb reserved for my own use from now on!

– I can’t oppose to become your breeding daughter, daddy!

– Today, you’ll just be my bride!

Dee’s daughters had arranged everything. They had prepared a hot scented bath. Janet who really knew how to arrange hair and apply make up made a master piece. Dee was radiant, looking the epitome of a young and pretty bride! Joan brought all the white undies her mother would wear including crotchless panties and cupless bra. Samantha fixed the stockings to her mother’s suspenders and placed the frilly wedding garter. Dee knew at this instant that Eli wouldn’t spare her any usual wedding step.

The dress was really marvelous with lace incrustations and embroidery, a princess’ wedding dress with a large crinoline that would prevent her from using a normal door. A corset cinched her waist. Her three daughters and Jacki pulled hard at the laces to give her the most alluring wasp waist. Dee let the enthusiasm of her daughters engulf her. When Janet made the final knot on her waist, Dee watched her reflection in the mirror with pride. She could hardly breathe but Eli would almost circle her waist with his big hands. The dress closely fitted her body, showing off her narrow waist that emphasized the opulence of her big breasts. The material there was more flimsy for the guests to have a better view of her bosom. The hour of the ceremony was arriving fast. Janet put the long virginal veil on her mother’s head before putting on her own gown. The four girls had much simpler silk dresses with satin bodices and more discreet make up than Dee who was the only one with bright red lipstick… Peter came to lead her to the altar in the garden. Eli was already waiting there. A Bach nuptial march resonated when she passed the door.

Peter marched very solemnly with Dee’s hand on his arm. Her heart was beating quite fast as if this marriage wasn’t a mock up. The drug she had taken that morning before the operation was doing its effect : she was again a young woman about to get married to the man of her dreams! She lifted up her chin and discovered Mark, Janet’s former husband wearing a priest’s outfit! Peter left her for the final steps. She bent her head in front of Mark in a stupid reflex!

– Good afternoon, Dee! I am sorry I couldn’t come and salute you at the airport! Would you forgive my past actions… I was completely under Archie’s spell and I couldn’t disobey Tony’s orders!

– It’s forgiven and forgotten, Mark!

In reality, Dee, if she hadn’t her memory scrambled, would remember that Dee had had a hot tryst with her son in law. It was a fond memory, something she had never revealed to Janet! Mark resumed a superior stance and went through all the ritual, including a benediction of their rings and the sacramental words. Peter and John were filming and photographing continuously. Dee would discover later the moments when she agreed to marry Ely, when he passed the ring to her finger and when he gave her a long public kiss on the lips. The photograph she loved the most was when he lifted back her veil to uncover her radiant and smiling face. No bride had ever been sexier!

Eli then led her into the garden for the photographs : Dee and Eli with just her sister, the newly weds with Dee’s daughters, Dee with her brothers and father and finally the whole family including Mark! Peter insisted on a few other kinky photographs : Dee with her right leg at Eli’s waist jumping out of her crinoline, Eli taking her naked buttocks in his hands, lifting up her dress completely, Dee with her back pressed against Eli’s chest with her father rabbing her tits through the dress and finally the bridegroom French kissing the bride with her arms tightly enclosing his neck. The last one showed Dee on her back on a rough table, her dress completely bunched up with Abi standing between her thighs as if he was fucking her with his hands gripping her hips…

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