A Night at the Movie turned me Gay

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During my senior year in college I was a busy, serious student. I had a girl friend and we enjoyed time together and an active sex life. All in all I was a typical 20 year old male. Then an unexpected movie changed everything.

My girl was out of town on a field trip for a psychology course she was taking. It was Friday night and I was horny. I made the decision to go to an X-rated movie at the local “Adult Theater”. It was a rundown old movie house on High Street that had been a one time the place to see a movie. Today it showed porn. This was my first visit to this place. My horny situation and the dreary, old theater added to the excitement. After purchasing a ticket, I found a seat in the back of the theater.

This was my first porn movie and I wasn’t quite certain what to expect. As I would soon learn, there would be more than 90 minutes of erotic pictures. The story of this movie was about women in prison and how they were treated by the guards. Naked women being mistreated by prison guards and forced lesbian action filled the screen. This only heightened my horny excitement. As a result, my cock became rock hard. The combination of excitement and pain became a real problem. I wanted to masturbate but was afraid I would be caught and thrown out of the movie.

I thought I was alone in the back row. I was wrong. Suddenly I was surprised when someone sat down in the seat next to me. The male voice whispered, “Are you enjoying the movie.”

After a moment of silence, I muttered, “Yes, I guess so.”

The male said, “Don’t worry nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a movie and naked women are always a turn on.”

Feeling a strange combination discomfort talking to a stranger and also excited at the same time I simply said, “Yeah.”

Then the male said, “I suspect this is the first time you have been to this theater. I am guessing you are feeling some sexual excitement.”

I didn’t respond.

He continued, “My name is William. I visit this place regularly and meet all sorts of men like yourself. I usually can give them some advice and experiences that help them become the person they were meant to become. I would like to help you.”

After a moment of silence, I finally responded, “Thank you William for your concern but I am just fine. I don’t need any help or advice.”

I tried focusing on the movie. At that point a female prison guard was forcing a inmate to strip and have a full body search. That created another rock hard cock moment.

William said, “I suspect your cock is rock hard at this moment.” His hand reached for my crouch and he felt the bulge.

I tried to remove his hand but somehow, I didn’t try all that hard. My cock was in need of relief.

William whispered, “Let me help you. I can give you pleasure and release the erotic pain you are experiencing.”

My weak response, “No, I am just fine.” Was ignored.

William’s hand began stroking my bulge while he whispered, “I can make you feel very good. All you have to do is surrender to me and you will be released.”

At this point all I wanted to do was pull my cock out and masturbate. I said nothing but did not say no.

William continued to stroke my bulge. He then said, “Surrender to me and I will give you pleasure. Unzip your jeans and unbuckle you belt. Go ahead do it now.”

That order seemed strange to me but I unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans.

William said, “Very good. I want you to pull your pants and underwear down to your knees and then put your hands behind your head.”

Shocked I said, “Someone will see me, and the cops will arrest me. Besides why would I do that?”

William said, “Because you are in pain and need relief. No will see you in this dark room and the cops don’t mess with this place. Most importantly, you want to surrender to me so that I can bring you pleasure.”

After a moment of hesitation, William reached for the waistband of my jeans and started to pull on them. He ordered, “Raise you bottom off the seat so I can pull your jeans down.”

I was now trembling with excitement, so I obeyed. Within a second my bare ass was back on the seat and my cock stood straight up.

“You have a very nice cock. It needs release and deserves attention.” With that his hand began sliding up and down my stiff shaft. It was unlike anything I had experienced. The wave of pleasure flowed over me and I started to moan.

William whispered, “It okay. Submit to me and pleasure will be yours. You have beautiful cock that deserves release. Go ahead and release.”

Within a minute I felt an explosion of raw sexual energy and my cum seemed to never end. I had never had an orgasm so strong or long. Exhausted, I could only slump in my seat. I sat there for many minutes with my pants around my knees to exhausted to pull them up.

William whispered, “You must feel 1000 percent better than when you came into the theater. I can help you even more if you decide to take advantage of my help. Here is my card. I will expect you tomorrow at 10:00 AM. It is Saturday, so you won’t illegal bahis have any classes. I can release all your fears.”

Standing up William handed me a small handkerchief. “You will need this to clean up before pulling your pants up. I expect to see you tomorrow at 10:00 AM.”

With that William was gone. I still sat in the theater will my pants down. Realizing that the movie would soon be over, I tried to clean as much of the cum off as possible and pulled my pants back up. Still feeling excited and shaky from exhaustion, I walked out of the theater wondering whether the experience was real or imagined. “Who meets someone in a dark room. Allows them to pull down your pants and them masturbates them?” These thoughts plagued me on my way home. Once again my cock became hard just remembering the evening. Once back to my room, it didn’t take more than a minute for me to strip and masturbate. Again, the cum flowed but he desire for more experience remained. Exhausted I feel asleep naked.

Saturday morning was a cool Fall day. I had tickets to the football game but my girl, Stacie, was out of town. Most of my friends already had tickets so I planned to go to the game and hang out with them. That is when I remembered William’s card and telling me to meet him at 10:00 AM. It was 9:00 now. Should I go to see him as ordered or blow him off. That debate raged within me for the next 30 minutes.

The memory of last night and the strong excitement and release finally convince me that I should meet William. His address was on 12th Ave. This area was filled with old brown stone, Victorian homes. Many had been restored. This was an expensive neighborhood. This fact gave me some sense of security as I drove to this address. Still arguing with myself whether this was smart or not. But passion overruled logic.

Arriving at the address my first challenge was finding a place to park. After searching for an open space I finally found one about a block from Williams home. This extra time provided further self-debate on the wisdom of meeting William.

Again, passion and emotion won out over logic as I approached his door. Ringing the bell my stomach churned in anticipation of what might happened.

William opened the door, “Welcome. I am so happy you decided to see me today. I think you will enjoy your visit. By the way I don’t really know your name. Calling your “Rock hard Cock” probably is not the name you go by.”

I smiled, “My name is James.”

He replied, “Nice to meet you James. You made a very good impression last night and I am so pleased you decided to accept my invitation. Let me show you around my place.”

William started by saying, “This house was built in 1895 when this area was considered the most exclusive in the city. The years the neighborhood declined and many of the homes were either on the verge of being torn down or falling down. I bought this place in 1996 just before the area experienced a revival. I spent $200,000 restoring structurally and modernizing it. I tried to keep some of its original charm while including all the latest technology. I constantly update the place.”

The tour lasted 10 minutes or so as William pointed out some of the special features of the house including the advanced security system. He said, “No one can enter or see what happens here without my knowing about it. This insure complete privacy. This allows people to feel safe and secure while they release their inhibitions.”

Finally, we entered the media center. Located on the third floor of the house, it was a self-contained unit complete with all the latest technology.

“James, this is the media center. It provides people the opportunity to release all of their pent-up inhibitions and be free. Last night you had a brief moment of release. Here people can do it for as long as they wish.”

“Please sit in one of these comfortable chairs and let me show you a movie.”

Not certain what I was about to see, I sat in a very comfortable chair. The lights were dimmed and a video was projected on a giant screen. The movie started with naked women engaging in sexual acts similar to last night’s movie. It took only a few moments before my cock started to get hard.

Sitting next to me William said, “I see you are reacting to the video.”

I said nothing but must have blushed.

William said, “It’s okay. That is a natural reaction nothing to be ashamed about.”

I soon became uncomfortably hard. My cock wanted to bust out of my pants. Then the video changed. Two naked men came on the screen. One male started stroking the other’s cock. That about drove me over the edge.

With a slight smile William said, “That must excite you. Why don’t you take off your pants and release you cock?”

I shook my head no, but I wanted to take them off.

William then said, “James, I will make this easy for you. I insist you remove your pants, underwear, socks and shoes.”

I struggled with the idea of being so exposed with a stranger and why would I do that. But the pressure was building and again emotion was illegal bahis siteleri outweighing logic.

In a firm voice William ordered, “James do as I have ordered. You know you want to do this so do it. I will be happy to do it for you if you prefer.”

At that point in the movie one of the males was now playing with the others ass. That somehow turned me on and gave the push to obey William.

As I started to remove my socks and shoes William said, “That is good submit to me and I will make you very happy.”

Soon I was naked from the waist down. My throbbing cock clearly indicated I was enjoying this moment.

“Very good. You look great any your cock tells me you like this. Take off the rest of your clothes. I want to see you like those two men on the screen. Naked.”

This time I did not hesitate and pulling off my shirt, I stood in front of William totally naked. My cock only seemed to get harder.

The erotic excitement only grew as William ordered me to turn around. “You have a nice ass. I suspected that but could know for sure until you showed it to me. Now turn around and watch the movie.”

At this moment I seemed to do whatever he wanted without question. At this point one male started to penetrate the other’s ass with his cock. The one being penetrated started to moan and pleaded to be fucked hard.

Like last night in the theater William whispered, “Now that must feel really good and you can identify the release that man is experiencing while being fucked. Have you ever been fucked?”

I didn’t know what to say. The needed to find release because the video was making me extremely aroused. I responded, “NO I have never been fucked. I need to release this pain.”

At that point my hand moved to my cock to stroke.

William said, “James, your cock now belongs to me and I will decide when you will release your cum. There is a table in front of the screen move to it and bend over. Do it now and I will release you.”

At this point I obeyed hoping I would get relief. As I Bent over the table I heard the sound of a rubber glove being put on. There is an unmistakable snap when a glove is pulled on. I became very familiar with that sound.

At that point I felt some cool liquid or gel being applied to my anus.

William ordered, “Do not be afraid, What you are about to experience will change your life and you will forever be grateful to me for it.’

With that I felt my rectum being opened with one figure then two. The pressure was a new sensation but what followed was even more pleasureful. I suddenly had a spontaneous orgasm which was even stronger that one I had at the theater. The cum kept flowing and flowing. I had no idea I had that much in me.”

William said, “Nice James. You had a class one orgasm unlike I have ever seen before.”

Quivering and shaking, I wanted to fall to the ground. My cock became totally relaxed.

William ordered me to turn around and sit on the table. I obeyed.

“James you did very well, how do you feel. I want you to be honest with me.”

I slowly replied. “I just had the most exhausting orgasm I have ever had. It was special. I feel a sense of guilt because you gave it to me. I do not consider my self gay but that was so amazing I enjoyed too much.”

William replied, “You are not gay but you did have a gay experience. You enjoyed and it gave you sexually fulfillment. Your response to me indicates that under the right conditions you can become free to be your true sexual self. Nothing to be ashamed about.”

After a few minutes of rest William asked me to turn towards the screen. At that point he started to show me pictures of naked people. The first group was of naked women of various ages. He asked me to rate the ones that turned me on.

“The ‘truth meter’ is your cock. The harder it becomes the more turned on you are and that helps me know your preference.”

In the women’s group there was a blonde girl about 5’7″” tall that caused my “truth meter” to spring into action. Several others got reactions, but the blonde got the top score.

The second group of pictures were of naked men. I tried to control my sexual reaction to this group but at least two of them both at 6 foot tall with large cocks caused a reaction.

“I see you like those two men. You must like dominant types”

I did not react to William’s comment, but his reading my cock’s reaction told him all he needed to know.

The third group contained women dressed in BDSM styles and they appeared to be dominants. Only one caused any reaction. She was a middle age woman with small bare tits and not wearing panties.

The fourth group were all shemales. Something about a woman with a cock that aroused some strange feeling. Three of them caused a reaction. One with great looking legs, shaved pubic and big cock got the highest reading on the “truth meter”.

William said, “James, you seem to like people with cocks. Your strongest reactions were to those with them. Are you surprised?”

I was surprised but my response canlı bahis siteleri was, “I like women better than men.”

William simply smiled, “Ok, anything you say. Your truth meter indicates something else but I will let you decide.’

At that point I my cock became hard again.

“You look like you need some more attention. I have a friend who will be over in a few minutes I would like you to meet. Why don’t I take you to one of the bedrooms downstairs where you can take a shower and greet him. He is a very nice guy and also very generous. He could be of great help to you once you graduate from college.”

“Leave your clothes here and I will give you a bathrobe to wear and we will join you when he arrives. After a shower about 20 minutes later William and a middle age man entered the room.

Speaking to the gentlemen, “James is a new friend and very exciting. He gets excited and can be very responsive. I will help him today so let’s both of you get your clothes off.

“James, you saw the video that turned you on. Now you will experience that wonderful feeling.”

William spoke to the gentlemen, “I recommend that you start by feeling James body especially his cock and balls. He will respond to you any way you wish. He is a heavy cummer and can satisfy all your desires.

I started to pull back. Was I becoming a prostitute? That wasn’t for me.

William said, “James, this gentleman is a friend of mine who shares your interests. You both can find pleasure and release your pent-up sexual desires. Just like the video both of you will be pleasured and feel release. I am here to help you achieve that freedom. Now take that bathrobe off and let my friend find the pleasures of your body.”

I had become Williams obedient sex toy. I obeyed.

As the stranger ran his hands over my body, I again became excited. I tried to hide my feelings, my “truth meter” betrayed me. It soon became hard. Just like the at the theater and earlier at the video.

Kneeling before me the gentleman started to blow on my cock. Then with William standing behind me the gentleman put his lips around my cock’s head. The sensation caused me to start to moan. As his lips moved down the shaft, the pleasure sensation intensified. Without notice or control my cock erupted like it had earlier in the day. The cum splattered over the gentleman’s face covering him with the white, sticky fluid of life.

William handed him a towel. After wiping himself clean, my limp cock was ready to rest for the day. But that was not what was to happen.

William order to get on the bed on all fours. “You are finally going to become a real man. My friend is going to fuck you in the ass. Just like you wanted earlier today.”

With gel spread on my rectum and my legs spread apart, I was mounted like I had seen in the video. The gentleman’s cock forced its way into me. I was embarrassed but also started to moan. My limp cock came alive once more. It became harder with each pump of the gentleman’s cock inside me. I wanted to resist but I blurted out “Fuck Me. Fuck Me please.”

The penetration continued until I heard the moan from the gentleman who released his load inside me. His pulsating cock caused me to climax one more time. As he pulled out of me, I collapsed on the bed.

In a few minutes I was alone in the room. Totally spent, all I wanted to do was sleep. At some point William entered the room. Laying naked on the bed, he could not resist patting my bare ass.

“Ok, sleeping beauty, it is time for you to get up, get dressed and leave. I think you have had an amazing day. You need to go home and rest. Perhaps we can get together another day. I have friends who would enjoy meeting you and provide you with opportunities. You know where I live so come back.

For weeks I resisted the idea of going back to see William. Taking efforts to avoid 12th Ave and the movie theater, I thought I could forget that entire weekend and go back to life as it was before the decision to go to the X-rated movie. I was wrong.

My girl friend Staci decided she wanted a more exciting guy to date. We broke up and she went on with her life. My early job applications were rejected. At that point nothing in life was going my way. Frustrated, I wondered what I would do with my life. It was a low point.

Returning to my apartment after class I found a letter stuck under the door. It read:

Dear James,

I hope life is treating you well and you are enjoying the liberation of your sexual feelings. I am inviting you to join me and a small group of friends for a party. It will be on Saturday, October 15th at my home. The same place you became a real man. It will be a Halloween party. I have a special role for you based upon an interest you showed while watching videos. Please RSVP not later than tonight. I look forward to your participation.



I was trying to forget that weekend, but it was special. My life was upside down so what did I have to loose? Perhaps I should go. Again, the battle between logic and sexual desire raged. I knew that going to a party at William’s home would mean sexual activity. What I didn’t know is what type of activity I would be expected to participate. Sexual emotion won out once again and I sent an RSVP.

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