A Night Outside Ch. 03

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*** Author’s note: This is the third part of a story that introduced Derek and Samantha in the first two parts. Although it is not necessary to have read those parts, you will be missing context of the night’s events. Thank you to my editor who helped me refine my writing in this chapter. ***



A phone started to blare in the dark of the basement bedroom. Derek shook his head a little as he stirred to consciousness, testing the level of headache he still had from one too many beers the night before. There was a slight pang of pain, but nothing that would allow him to shirk his morning run. His arm reached out for the phone before the noise added to his headache, or awakened his roommates. He pulled the comforter off himself, sat up, and twisted to the side of his bed. Curtains thrown open wide, the light let him take stock for the day. He tested each of his limbs to see how sore they were from the gym the night before, nothing too stiff.

Well except for… He looked down at his fully erect penis, sticking up proudly out of his perfectly shorn crotch, spotlighted by the daylight streaming in the window. He slept nude every night during the last week and found it to actually enhance his sleep. As an avid runner he had to make a choice of keeping it completely shaved or letting the hair grow, and during the in between stages all the sweat and friction would cause irritation. After last weekend, he made the choice to stay hairless. He gave his cock a couple of lazy strokes, no goal in mind, but it was nice to know it was there.

It was 7:00 am, very early to be awake after a night out drinking with his roommates and their girlfriends. They tried to hook him up with some of their girlfriends’ friends, but he was still a little raw from a bad breakup a few months ago. It was more than time to get back out there, but last night was not the night.

Besides, a project at work was stressing him out. His project was close to getting a production-ready 5g solution ready for the market. If his company could complete the project, they could take advantage of the national security concerns of the only solutions on the market. . This was his opportunity to get a project manager position at his firm, meaning a big promotion. He could finally afford both his car payment and a mortgage. Not that his roommates were bad, but he felt it was time to get out on his own. Then he wouldn’t have to worry about walking naked around his own house.

Derek stood up, full bladder preventing his dick from receeding back to normal. He didn’t even bother to look as he strode out of his room to the bathroom across the hall. After he relieved himself, he had to stand over the toilet for a little while to let any dribbles hit the floor or carpet as he walked back to his room. He shook his cock to will the last of the urine to push out of him. Anxious to get started for the day, clothes needed to be put on before he could go out for a run. The forecast was for triple-digit heat, if he did not get started soon it would be too warm to run. Running shoes were tied tightly on his feet. He collected a ball cap from behind the door, putting it on backwards when he went to run, to reduce wind resistance and cover his bed head.

He walked back to his dresser only to remember that he had left his running shorts and running boxer briefs in the dryer last night before they went out. A mischievous smile crept on to his face. His roommates would likely not be up for several more hours. He would just walk up to the laundry room and grab his running wear, nearly completely nude.

It would be the first real naked risk he taken since he came three times on an outdoor adventure last week. When his roommates were out of town, he spent the weekend nude. On last Saturday night, he spent a couple of hours in the backyard, naked and masturbating. After walking around the entire yard, he went for a skinny dip. Derek came the first time while sitting on the pool stairs, before immediately standing and cumming again. The pool was then closed, but he continued to enjoy the night air for another half hour or so. On his way back inside, he was nearly caught by a man walking down the sidewalk behind him. He tripped running up the stairs to his deck, and scrambled inside as the man’s dog barked. Once inside, the excitement of almost being seen, made his cock fully erect again. He ejaculated one more time on the tile floor in his kitchen.


Samantha stirred to awake and starred at the alarm across the room. It was only 7:00 am. Why am I awake already? She had slept restlessly last night mind churning on-the-job offer she had received yesterday from her internship. They had a member of their mid-level management suddenly decide to retire, and they offered her the position. The offer included allowing her to work reduced hours next semester to finish her MBA. It was a great offer, but it would mean moving away from her old firm and back to this city. It would illegal bahis be a nice change, plus Alison and Sara had moved back a year ago, so she wouldn’t be without friends. Still, it would be a huge step up of responsibility, and she wasn’t sure she was ready for it quite yet.

She sat up and stretched, letting the sheets fall away from her naked body. A busy week at work meant the tidiness of the house suffered. She did need to clean the house a little before her Aunt’s family’s return. Samantha needed to go for a run. Since she was at her Aunt’s she didn’t have her treadmill, so she was going to have to get dressed. It didn’t help that Alison and Sara had signed her up for a 10k before the end of the month. She stretched lazily and rubbed her eyes.

When she finally willed herself to stand up and get moving, she walked over and opened the blackout curtains in the bedroom. Since the events of last weekend, she was trying to be slightly more adventurous with her nudity. Seeing the stranger outside and carefree gave her a tinge of jealously, wanting to be as free with her body as he had been with his own. The sunbeam, however, was to be avoided, it would make her too easy to see.

Last weekend, after getting home from the bar, Samantha went out to her aunt’s hot tub and got intimate with one of the tub’s jets. When she got out to open a window and let a little of the steam out of the enclosed porch, she watched as her neighbor walked out into his backyard naked. She watched, fascinated, as he walked around his yard and stroked his cock. He appeared to be almost fearless and free as he made a circuit of the yard. The view and strong fantasizing brought her three more orgasms that night.

Samantha walked over to the bathroom and then starred into the mirror. Evaluating the restless night’s affect her appearance. Not too bad. She didn’t much care for the pressure marks on her face from the pillow, but that would clear up in little time. She threw the mass of messy, straight, strawberry-blonde hair over in front of her as she looked down and ran her fingers through it, untangling it slightly. Satisfied that it was as good as it was going to get without showering and going through her whole routine, she stretched back as she pulled her hair back and corralled it in a ponytail. She looked at the rest of her body as she stretched. She was really proud of her hard work, perky breasts, toned muscles and a flat tummy. The pronounced tan-lines from her bikini showing all the time she spent outdoors this summer. . Her eyes followed that tummy down to her smooth, hairless vagina. Hair taken care of, she ran a hand down her flat belly and lightly brushed across her labia, feeling the smoothness for herself.

Samantha walked back to the guest bedroom and extracted a pair of white athletic socks, a bright orange sports bra, panties, and a bright pink pair of booty shorts from her neatly packed suitcase. She put her headphones on, started her exercise playlist and put on the arm band. A survey of the room failed to find her bright pink running shoes. It took her sleep deprived brain a minute to remember that she went to yoga after work last night, and she realized that she must have left her gym bag in the car. There was a large window on the entry level between the front door and the door to the garage. Glancing out into the hallway she could see light spilling up from where the stairs met the living room. She was pretty certain she had not closed the blinds on the window last night.

Sure she could quickly don her clothing and walk down to the garage no problem, but she wanted to be more adventurous. She held the clothing in her hands to either side of her body as she walked down the hall. Her heartbeat quickened a little as she approached what was probably an open window. She placed her clothing in a neat stack over the banister and peeked down the stairs. The large floor-to-ceiling window blinds were indeed wide open. She took a deep breath and walked down the stairs, blood pounding in her ears over the pulsing music. She looked at the short hallway between her and sunlight must have been reflecting off someone’s car in the street as her hallway was filled with a sunbeam. Her naked body would be brightly illuminated as she walked to the garage. You can do this.

Samantha looked at her fitness band and saw that her heartbeat was almost elevated into the cardio range. She tried to steady it a little as walked calmly through the shaft of bright light. Her attention turned to look out the window, seeing if anyone in the neighborhood was awake. As soon as she stepped into the luminous zone, she looked like she was glowing, Anyone passing by would have seen every detail as she walked across. She quietly opened the door to the garage, stepped in, and turned on the light. As the door clicked shut behind her, she breathed a sigh of relief, of course she had no way of getting back to her clothes without repeating the dangerous act. As she surveyed her car illegal bahis siteleri for where she left her gym bag she could not help noticing her vagina getting a little wet, excited by what she was doing.


Derek stopped walking as he reached the end of the basement hallway. The basement family room was ahead of him, and a pair of couches and a recliner faced the large flat screen TV. This separated that area from the wet bar and his computer desk in the far left corner. To his right was the staircase leading to the split-level entry way. Light spilled out around the blinds of the entry window as well as the massive window in the middle of the entry door. He scanned the couches to make sure that no one had fallen asleep on them last night — a rare occurrence, but more likely after a night out at the bar. Convinced no one was there, he continued. A few firm strokes up and down his shaft started a bead of precum forming on the head of his penis. if he was going to do this, he was going to do it fully erect.

Cautious footfalls were almost silent as Derek slowly climbed the stairs. It was very unlikely Steve, Diego, Melissa, or Emily was going to be awake. However, sometimes nature called. Steve and Emily had their own bathroom off the master suite. Only Diego and Melissa should be an issue. He turned to walk up the second flight of stairs, careful of the spot where the floorboards creaked. The morning light spilled through the window like a searchlight. He crouched a little as he mounted the stairs, looking into the upstairs living room to the right in case anyone was sleeping on the two couches there. As long as they were asleep, he might risk it.

Marching up the stairs and into the front room, he paused before he hit the hallway. In front of him was the kitchen, and to his front left was the dining room and the sliding door to the back yard. His dick twitched a little as his eyes fell on the site of his last ejaculation of the night a week ago. He hadn’t cum since then, stress from work meant he hadn’t really been that horny all week.

Derek grasped his cock and began to silently move the skin up and down his hard shaft. His mind vividly replaying the events of a week ago — the strange mixture of fear and arousal as he slowly brought himself to orgasm outside his house, in easy view of any neighbor. His brain replayed the absolute terror of thinking he had been caught nude outside, and the weird wave of excitement that brought him to the final orgasm of the night.

If he wasn’t careful he would have spilt his load all over the tile right now. He hadn’t brought anything with him to catch his ejaculate and didn’t think his left hand would be able to hold it all, without making a mess. If he came, he didn’t know if it would be more mortifying to leave his specimen for someone else to find, go get dressed then clean up. Or get caught naked and scrubbing himself off the floor. He brought himself to the very edge of ejaculation, releasing his twitching cock one stroke short of orgasm. Almost angrily, his penis bobbed and spasmed, straining to release its load, but the last stimuli required was denied to it. His left hand extended out in front to catch the glob of precum he knew was going to fall.

Derek clinched his fists and waited until the feeling of impending ejaculation subside, before advancing down the hall.. The door on the left was Diego’s. Though as often as Melissa was here, she probably qualified for half ownership of the room. The door was tightly closed, which was a relief as he did not hear stirring on their part. The first door on the right was the upstairs bathroom, really Diego and Melissa’s but the one most used by guests as well. At the end of the hallway to the right was the master suite. Beyond that, straight ahead was the laundry room. Each of his roommates’ rooms would have to be passed to get to his goal. He could close the door to the room, but no matter what, the dryer would emit a loud click when he opened the door. He would have to sift through his laundry for what he wanted and put on both his underwear and his shorts on before anyone else would investigate.

He walked down the hallway, left hand shining his dick with his pre-ejaculate. Quietly, he stepped passed the first door. Derek froze when one foot found a creaky spot, hoping the noise was only super-loud in his head. At the second door he looked at himself in the mirror over the sink. Looking good today, keep it up His dick looked like it was ready to explode. As he opened the door to the laundry room, air pressure caused a bathroom door to rattle slightly. Upon darting into the room, he closed the door as quietly as he could. He opened the door to the dryer, a third loud noise echoing out into the morning silence. There was audible stirring and commotion from down the hall. Shit it seemingly took forever for him to find his underwear in the dryer. He could hear a door open and footsteps in his direction. He put on his boxer briefs canlı bahis siteleri as quickly as he could, his erection still very obvious in the spandex material. Reaching in, he grabbed his black basketball shorts hoping that they were baggy enough to conceal his excitement.

The door opened as he was stepping into the second leg of his shorts. Derek quickly pulled them up as Diego turned his direction carrying a small metal baseball bat. “Oh it just you. What the fuck are you doing up so early, Derek?” He said groggily, wearing only a pair of red, low-rise briefs, morning wood trying to sneak out the waistband. Diego appeared to give no fucks toward his own modesty. Diego was about two inches shorter than Derek, but had about fifty more pounds of mass, mostly muscle. His third generation Mexican descent was evident in his tanned skin.

“Sorry. left my running gear in the dryer last night.” He hoped Diego wouldn’t wonder why he already had his shoes and ball cap on as he was pulling on his shorts. Diego wasn’t the least bit embarrassed by his own state of dress.

“Fuck man, sorry. Thought we might have a squirrel problem again. We gotta get you laid, you are getting way too into this exercise shit.” Diego eyed him somewhat suspiciously, like he was trying to figure out what else was out of place.

“Work’s got me stressed. Running is how I cope with it.”

“You still think you can solve that power flow thing?”

“I think I am close. Might have something for you to have the guys in the lab mock up on Monday.” Derek couldn’t decide whether to keep his hands in front of his crotch to hide his erection or keep them up to draw attention away from his groin. Instead, his arms were awkwardly out in front of him.

“Really? That would be huge! Goddamn man, you would be set for life if you could get that done.”

“Well, at least until the cell providers decide whatever the fuck 6g is and obsolete all our hard work.”

“Yeah, they will always do that shit.” He looked around and dots in his half-awake brain connected. “What did you wear when you came upstairs man?”

Derek debated whether to tell the truth, glancing one of his towels out of the side of his vision. “I… well…” He paused a briefly trying to decide if he wanted to lie or not. He looked down a little ashamed. “I walked up here naked, didn’t think anyone else would be awake.”

“Wearing your hat and shoes?”


“That’s weird man. Gotta get you some pussy. You’re getting all backed up. I don’t need Melissa to see your little white dick.”

“Afraid you might not measure up?” Derek said, playfully trying to lighten the mood.

Diego put the bat in front of his crotch, out like a phallus. “Whatever man, you ain’t got nothing on this.”

“Keep telling yourself that.” He chuckled in return. Derek half debated pulling out his genitals for humorous response. It wouldn’t be the first time. Might not be the appropriate time after he admitted to walking around the house nude.

“Go for your run. Think I am heading with Steve and the girls up to the casino. You are always welcome to go with us.” It was always nice to get the offer, but Derek rarely went along. Gambling wasn’t his thing.

“Nah, gotta get some work done today. Let me know if you head up there for sure, so I can just plan to work all day.”

“Or you can walk around naked some more.”

“Can’t it be both?” Derek joked.

Diego looked at him, trying to tell if he was really kidding or not. “Whatever, I’ll text you.” Diego turned around and headed back towards his room.

Derek followed him in that direction. . “Drive safe if you guys go.” He said, looking in Diego’s direction, when he saw Melissa still asleep on her back and totally nude over his shoulder, legs spread wide to either side of the queen sized mattress. He quickly averted his vision, but not before mind recorded a vision of the sleeping beauty. Melissa was a short thin Latina, with large perky breasts with dark brown areolae, and apparently a small landing strip of dark pubic hair over her darker-colored sex.

Diego looked a little flustered as he saw his mate in full view on the bed. He closed the door to just the sliver he was occupying. “Will do, but no more walking around naked while the girls are here.”

It was Derek’s turn to look embarrassed. “I’ll try to be more considerate.” He walked off and turned to head downstairs, trying to keep his friend’s girlfriend’s image from showing in his brain.


Samantha opened the cardoor and sat in the driver’s seat. The leather was a little thrilling on her ass, reminding her of the last time she got fucked on a country road by her ex. The passenger seat where she usually threw her gym bag was empty. She hit the button to release the trunk. The garage door opener in the console silently dared her to open the door, further risking exposure. She paused a second to letting her fingers explore her excited wet vagina. She got up worried that her wetness might discolor the dark leather… again. Of course, last time there were other fluids intermingling with her own that sullied the leather, though it was probably only noticeable to one of the two participants.

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