A Nude Business Ethics

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Breathing hard coming to the office from the underground, I straighten my short turquoise summer dress as I sit down on my chair, next to my colleagues. Pressing my flesh colored stocking clad knees together; I slip a hand between my legs to my smooth naked thighs. Decorum prohibits me to slip a finger into my naked, wet pussy. My reflection and that of my three fellow employees in the large mirror against the opposite wall reminds me of where I am. We are in the boardroom of a small lingerie company, specializing in sexy thigh hugging stockings. I let my gaze roam around the room. The two inner walls of the small the boardroom are made of thick glass while the outside wall is a soft brown stone. Somebody has removed the table in the middle of the room. A small low table stands in front of the mirror, next to a chair. The thick beige carpet gives the room a warm atmosphere.

One reason for my wetness is the sexy woman who sat across me on the tube this morning. While looking me right in the eyes, she opened her legs to show me her beautiful trimmed pussy. Flicking her tongue over her red lips as an open invitation got my own juices flowing. I tried to show her mine but a passenger moved between us, blocking my view. That fleeting moment of naked sex was enough to make me horny as a bitch in heat. At least it takes my mind off the matters at hand.

The other reason is that we got word yesterday how we must dress today. We have to wear a pair of the company latest sexy stockings, no underwear and an easy-to-remove dress. I never wear panties in any case, except during my period, then only a miniscule g-string. The request intrigued me and made we wet with anticipation of meeting our new boss.

I sneak a peak at my beautiful coworkers, Maureen, Isobel and Prudence. They are wearing the prescribed stockings but each with a different kind dress. Maureen is a tall slender woman, with a fiery bush of red hair and a winning smile. She is the production manager and wears light green dress. Isobel, on the other hand is a petite brunette woman with a heart of a lioness and the drive of a giant. She is the marketing manager and can sell water to a fish. She is wearing a short pink skirt and blouse to hide her ample bosom. Prudence, a typical blond and the receptionist, has the face of a cover girl, the boobs of a porn star and the legs of an athlete. She is a bit short in the brain department but makes up with her winning personality. She is dressed in a skimpy white outfit, showing off her talents. She has a notepad and pen with her, ready for any dictation. My name is Jo-Ann and I am the personnel manager of a struggling lingerie company. We are in our twenties, horny, full of life and waiting for the new owner to make her entrance.

Crossing my legs, I inspect my own image in the mirror. Two emerald green eyes, a small pointy nose and sexy lips stare back at me. I see my long blond hair cascading over my ears, dropping past my shoulders, running between my shoulder blades and coming to rest just above my buttocks. For 26 years, a scissors never touched a lock of my hair. That is why I wax my pussy hair. A smile appears on my pink lips, showing off my beautiful white teeth. I am proud of my long hair and my naked cunt.

By now my dress is bunched over my pussy, displaying my naked buttocks, and showing off my long tanned legs. Involuntary I brush my fingers over my wet puffy lips, squeezed between my thighs. I gasp as my hand moves beneath the hem my dress, applying some pressure on my clit. My 36C breasts strain against the thin material of my dress, forcing the remaining button holding my tits together to hang on for dear life. My cleavage is now open to below my orbs. My naked nipples are proudly tenting up the material, betraying my lack of underwear. The whispers of the others shake me out of my pleasure-induced thoughts. Fortunately, the others didn’t see my hand slipping beneath my dress.

Suddenly, the glass door behind me opens. The mirror image reveals a beautiful female vision in black; tall, beautiful with shoulder length black hair, dressed in a buttoned up business jacket that just reaches the top of her milky thighs. I quickly swivel around in my chair to see this beauty from up close. She must have forgotten to put on her skirt and a blouse, because I can see the swell of her naked breasts at the neck of the jacket and the apex of her thighs beneath the hem. The naked flesh between the jacket and the black thigh hugging stockings are at least two inches. I definitely can see a hint of her sex peeking from beneath the jacket. My gaze follows her long legs to her comfortable black high heel shoes.

Putting her hands on her hips, she allows us to take a good look at her before she moves güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to the low table. For a brief moment, I catch a glimpse of her long clit enfolded in puffy pussy lips. This woman oozes sex appeal, power and lust. Definitely, she is my kind of woman. Then she glides to the low table, swaying her hips as she walks. From behind, the cheeks of her ass are clearly visible beneath her jacket. From my low vantage point, I can see the slit of her cunt between her legs, running from beyond her pucker hole to her clit.

At the table, she slowly turns around.

“Good morning, ladies,” she says in a soft, sexy voice. “My name is Victoria and I’m your new boss.” She lets her gaze move across her four employees. She smiles and continues softly.

“With your help, I want to turn this sorry ass company into a high flying, profit making, trendsetter.” She delivers every word with strong feminine power. I feel blood rushing to my labia and clit. “It will take total dedication from every one of us.” She leans forward and rests her hands on the table, showing off her backside to the mirror and to us – on purpose. Her pussy is dripping with juice and her puffy lips are spread open to give us a glimpse of her pink secret chamber. The cleavage between her tits are just as inviting. I can see her dark nipples against her milky skin.

How I would love to fuck this goddess.

She straightens up, looks us in the eye and continues with her motivational speech. “Unlike Victoria Secrets we will flaunt our products. You are the living, breathing, fucking, and lovable ads for it. Every where you go, you will live, eat, drink and fuck our products.” She stares at us to ascertain our responses. It will take more than ‘fuck’ to get a reply for us, but by this time my fingers played an erotic tune on my clit.

“I have designed a new uniform for all of us. This jacket will be your step- outs.” She turns around for us to she what we’re getting into. Then she slowly unbuttons her jacket and lets it drop to the floor to stand naked before us. “And in celebration of Nude Day, this will be your office dress.” Her skin is milky white with small areolas and nipples on firm tits. There is a short thin strip of black pubic hair above her pussy. An erect clit sticks its neck out beneath wet puffy lips. Her black stockings and shoes are the only items on her person.

Suddenly, a moan of ecstasy escapes from between my clenched teeth. I brought myself to a climax as I watched Victoria strip to all her naked glory. My orgasm continues as Victoria puts her right leg onto the chair, opening her cuntlips for us to admire. This woman has no shame and seems to love to show off her body.

Then it hits me. Are we supposed to be undressed in the same manner? I quickly look at the others. They just stare at her with open mouths. I cannot detect a hint of doubt in their eyes, only lust. Have they suddenly become a bunch of dykes at the first sight of a naked beauty? I know I’m bisexual and love pussy like any man or lezzy, but what about these women? If I knew that they were that way inclined, I would’ve had them long ago. Wasted opportunities. I just hope that I can make up for it.

“Okay, ladies. Your turn. Strip.” Victoria’s voice cuts off our lust, putting our modesty on the line. I hear Isobel next to me gulp. It is one thing to lust after a naked woman, but to expose ourselves to others in public, in the office, is something we have never done. My lust-induced mind is racing up and down the corridors of morality to figure out what to do. Convention says it is immoral to walk around naked for all to see your secret charms. One should keep that privilege only for your lover. What if they all become my lovers?

That does it.

I get up and fumble with the tight buttons on my dress. I want to be naked, to show my body to Victoria. I want to impress her, to let her make love to me with her dark eyes. My excitement mounts the more buttons I undo. There is no turning back. Nothing else matters anymore. I feel my pussy juice running down my leg. The last button snaps off as I throw my summer dress to the ground. I look up to see my naked reflection in the mirror. My bronze tanned body, my big boobs, smooth pussy mound, flat tummy and flesh colored stocking clad legs contrast well with Victoria’s milky white body.

Maureen is next to strip. I always wanted to see if she is a real redhead. She keeps a short-cropped pubic mound of red hair. I can she her outer pussy lips enfolding her inner valley, hiding her clit. Her nipples are small on a pair of fair sized tits. She has green stocking wrapped around her legs.

Isobel hesitates for a moment, looks at me, then to Maureen güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and back to Victoria before she gets up and excitedly strip off her blouse and short skirt. Her large, soft breasts with small nipples are very enticing. A small V patch of brown hair above her clit points to her secret garden. It is her pussy lips that draw my attention. Behind a little pleasure knob hang her large labia between her outer lips. One lip has a silver ring stuck into it. Her stockings are light pink.

The blond Prudence may not be blessed with an intelligent mind, but she knows how to flaunt her charms at the right moment. We four naked women slowly turn our heads to the only clothed person in the room. Prudence scribbles something on her notepad, then as if realizing we’re looking at her, looks up, her face all innocence.


Then she slowly gets up, knowing that she has the full attention of four pair of eyes. Putting down her notepad and pen, she smiles at us and with one smooth movement disrobes, leaving us panting at her sexual beauty. She has the perfect body, large succulent tits, smooth pussy and long legs of an athlete. Damn, she is beautiful. Unlike Maureen, who is a true redhead, Prudence keeps her blond secret to herself. She has white stockings on.

Still standing with our dresses in puddles at our feet, we all look back at Victoria expectantly. Victoria, with her leg still on the chair, smiles, wipes her middle finger through her wet pussy and licks her own juices.

“You may sit down, ladies.” We all sit down to cover our nakedness, suddenly aware of our state of undress. Victoria steps behind the table again and picks up her notes. She continues: “We are also renaming the company. From now on you work for Pussy Power.” Victoria looks at me when she says it. A hint of amusement plays around those dark, expressive eyes. She is enjoying this more than we do. Fuck it, if this is the way we can make more money, then so be it. It seems as if we are part of her plan.

“Jo-Ann, as personnel manager you are now in charge of Pussy Licking, Isobel of Pussy Notice and Maureen of Pussy Wetting. Prudence you fall under Pussy Puzzle or management and you will assist all departments.” Victoria walks up to me, her beautiful pussy inches from my face. The sweet smell of her sex drifts towards me. I raise my head to look her in the eye. I shudder as she puts her hand on my naked shoulder. She continues:

“I want you to work closely with me. These changes will take a lot of effort to pull off. I need your experience and knowledge to make it work.” She turns her attention to the others. “My door is always open. There will be no secrets in this office. That’s why I had the glass walls installed and why we work naked. We have nothing to hide.” As she walks back to the table, the w of her beautiful behind moves up and down, rubbing her pussy between her thighs. As she turns, she catches me looking at her pussy. She ignores it for the moment.

“Any questions?”

“How do we dress when meeting customers in the office?” Trust Isobel to become practical.

“Dressed as you are now.” Victoria is not going to let us off the hook. “This uniform,” Victoria slides her hands over her breasts, down her tummy to her pussy, “will be our selling and marketing strategy. Sex sells, ladies. And by the goddess, we are going to give men and women enough sex to desire our products with every fiber in their bodies.”

“What about sex in the office?” asks Maureen.

“What about it? Of course, you may fuck customers if they’re so inclined. You can fuck each other. Besides, I want to fuck every one of you. I’m a nympho and I need someone eating me out and a cock stuck in my pussy or ass every so often. As long as we move our products to satisfied customers, I don’t mind sex in the office. Sex is our business”

Suddenly, we all cross our legs to hide our slippery wet pussies. Thinking about the sexual possibilities has us wetting the chairs.

“If you don’t have any more questions, you are excused. Oh yes. Your jackets will arrive later this afternoon. Prudence, please get rid of all the clothes on the floor.” Victoria picks up her jacket and slings it over her shoulder. “Jo-Ann, please come to my office.” With that, we are dismissed.

Like a puppy dog, I follow Victoria into her spacious but very personalized office. Her desk is in the far corner with two stone walls covering her back. Two beige leather chairs stand in front of the desk. One glass wall faces reception, the passage and the two offices. Against the glass wall next to my office are three comfortable leather couches. A series of beautiful bonsai trees are lined up against the outer güvenilir bahis şirketleri stone wall. Her desk is of beautiful local wood to complement the stone walls.

Victoria hangs her jacket on a rack. She turns to face me.

“I need you,” she commands.

“Of course, I will tell you everything I know about the business, our competitors and….”

“I need you between my legs, now.” She sits on the desk and opens her legs, exposing the center of her universe to me. Instead of dropping to my knees, I gently take her face between my hands and kiss her softly on her luscious lips. Startled, she opens her mouth and I dart my tongue at the entrance. She responds by flicking her tongue at the tip of mine. As our kissing becomes more passionate, I feel Victoria grinding her wet pussy against mine. My hands leave her face to caress her neck, and take hold of her firm breasts. I worry her nipples between my fingers. She moans into my mouth. Leaving her fleshy orb, my right hand travels over her tight tummy to cover her mound. I wiggle my middle finger over her clit and slip the first digit into her wet love canal.

Victoria breaks off our kissing and lightly puts her hands on my head. She wants my face elsewhere. I drop to my knees between her legs and take a hard look at her wet, beautiful pussy. Her aroused clit stands erect like a sea boat captain at the helm, taking charge of the onslaught of coming pleasure. Her spread out pussylips forms a V, like waves breaking off the bow. I can see a hint of her pink inner sanctum. Then I feel her hand on my head, urging me on. Scooping up her pussy juices dripping from her hole with my tongue, I taste her essence.

Folding my tongue like a small cock, I enter her cunt and suck up her juices through my straw-like tongue.

“Fuck me with that long tongue of yours,” I hear her say. She clasps my head between her thighs drowning all sound. I am proud of my long three-inch tongue that can reach deep into the cunt of my lovers. In and out, it moves while I rub my nose against her clit, sending spasms of pleasure through her body. In and out, in and out, I fuck her pussy with my tongue.

Then I change tactics. Flattening my tongue like a broad paintbrush, and with long strokes, I paint the length of her slit with my saliva. Repeating the strokes a few times, I end up at her clit. Twirling my tongue around her love button, I suck on her erection. Using small bites on her clit between the sucking, I can feel it increase in size.

“I need something in my cunt!” I hear her scream. I stick three fingers into her wet hole and start to pump furiously. Victoria drops back onto her desk, gripping the sides as her lust increases. We are now past pleasantries. She is ready to abandon all control to her sexual passion. Curling my fingers backwards inside her wet tunnel, I touch her g-spot with every stroke. I continue finger-fucking her till my arm is tired from the hard work.

Pulling my fingers from her cunt, I immediately stick my face over her vulva, and wriggle my tongue at the entrance of her fuck hole. Using my pointy nose against her clit, and my tongue as a spatula, I manage to drink most of her juices. Feeling the rest dripping down my chin and over her backdoor, I carefully insert a slippery finger into her well-lubricated pincher.

This seems to be the trigger that sends her over the edge. Bucking her groin in my face, she arches her back with just her head and buttocks touching the desk. I sense the tension of every muscle in her body and after a few minutes of heavy shaking, she finally relaxes. With a sigh of relief, she calmly drops her legs over the side of the desk, leaving me perplexed.

Getting up from my kneeling position, I see that her eyes are closed. I take it as my cue to disappear. Closing the door behind me, I have another shock. Behind Prudence’s high reception desk is a daisy chain of three women in the throws of orgasms with their faces stuck to a pussy. Glancing at the wall clock, I realize the hour. In a few minutes our first client for the day will enter and she will need our undivided nude attention.

“Ladies, we have sex to sell to clients. Now is not the time getting acquainted with another pussy.” The three scramble from their love triangle, looking guilty as sin. “It’s okay,” I reassure them. “You don’t have to look like you were caught with your hands in the cookie jar, or in this case your tongues in a cookie. We need to clean up for Ms Anderson.”

As we troop naked to the ladies room, I wonder what the public’s response is going to be to Victoria’s Pussy Power Company. I definitely want it to succeed, because I think I am in love with Victoria. Or am I just in love with her cunt? Or cunts in general? With our new uniforms, I don’t care. I will get to see four pussies daily, maybe fuck them all and get eaten out once in a while. What about our customers? How will they react?

If you like to find out, please send me your responses and maybe Jo-Ann can be persuaded to continue her titillating tale.

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