A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words Ch. 02

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I am delighted that so many readers liked the first chapter. It looks as though there are going to be a couple of more after this one; I haven’t finished the story yet.

She wasn’t going to tell me that she wanted to go back to the bed in her room. I snorted with a shrug and replied:

“If we weren’t here like this, I would have gone to the pool and looked at girls in bikinis.”

“Hm-hmm! You can, if you still want to.”

“Not any more. And you?”

“Hmm? We could go out on the patio and sunbathe, like this, in the corner where the neighbors can’t see us.”

“Better than going to the pool and looking at bikinis, or what I imagined they covered.”

We chuckled, nodding with grins. She suggested that we should put on swimsuits while we moved the deckchairs to where we couldn’t be seen. We did, returning to our rooms, then grinning when we met again, carrying towels. After we had moved the chairs and checked that we couldn’t be seen, we stripped off our swimsuits, grinning and chuckling.

“Back to normal,” she murmured and fluffed up her pubic hair again. I nodded and jostled my sack free from my thigh. We sat down on our towels and lay back, letting the sun shine on us, warm on our naked midriffs, very nice and warm on my cock and balls. After a few minutes, my sack was very slack and my cock as long as it could be without becoming stiff, very nice. Then I noticed that she had rolled her thighs apart. The sun must be shining just as warm on her pussy. Did that feel as good for her as it did for me.

“Feels good. Hope they don’t get sunburned,” she murmured.

“Um-hmm, me too.”

“Hm-hmm! And you wanted to look at bikinis, or what you imagined they were hiding?”

“Um-hmm,” I agreed and told her about my observations and hopes of maybe seeing what the bikinis concealed. She chuckled and replied:

“You don’t have to now.”

“No, and you look better than those single girls I thought I might dare to talk to.”

“Thanks, but you don’t need to use flattery, not any more.”

“All the better; I probably wouldn’t have dared.”

“Oh, I would have let you. Yeah, you’re right about the girls: with a friend or in groups.”

“Hmm?! But no one got in your bikini?”


We snickered and were silent again. I was a little surprised that my cock stayed down on my balls, I didn’t have to look to know that my foreskin had retreated from covering the head of my cock. Was the sun on her pussy making her think about what else we could do? What else? My licking her pussy? She sucking my cock? But she wasn’t sure she really wanted to do that, not all the way, and not before she had tasted it first. My cock wasn’t wanting to rest on my balls. How many times a day could a man have an orgasm? Three already.

I relaxed, enjoying the sun, and my cock relaxed. I was almost dozing, when she murmured:

“I wanted to look at it. If we’re not going to do anything — we’re aren’t going to do anything out here. You don’t mind?”

Mind that she said we weren’t going to do anything? Or mind that she wanted to look at it?

“If you want to,” I murmured.

She sat up and looked down at my cock and murmured:

“Bigger that I thought it would be.”

“The sun,” I murmured, wonder how she wanted to look at it. She chuckled and murmured:

“Do the ones under potbellies look the same way?”

“Hmm! Don’t get fatter, at least our coach’s didn’t.”

“Hm-hmm! Ours still had nice breasts.”

“And the girls’?”

“Some bigger, some smaller. Some bigger ones you wouldn’t have like, if you like mine.”

“I do.”

She gave me a smile and shoved her deck chair away from mine and dropped her towel on the patio to kneel on. My cock stirred. She nodded with soft hum and murmured:

“Don’t think I could have asked a guy to just look at his.”

My cock more than stirred, lifting off my sack.

“Nice big cock,” she murmured, adding: “Kind of was hoping it would be all small, at least at first.”

“With you staring at it? Better try that when you’ve taken all the starch out of it.”

“Hm-hm-hmm! I will, when it’s sweet and small like after we did.”

I nodded and watched her. She slid her hand up the inside of my thigh and held my balls, fondling them, chuckling as my cock rose up higher. I hummed, wondering what else she could want to see; my cock was about as stiff as it could be, sticking almost straight up.

“Oooh! That’s funny,” she murmured. Her hand let go of my balls, and a finger slid up my cock, finding the little ridge of skin behind its head. I started with a slight gasp, as my cock twitched away from her finger, now pointing up over my stomach.

“Sorry,” she murmured.”

“That’s were it’s most sensitive.”

“Seemed like it. Sorry.”

“You can do it again, feels good, but almost too good.”

“If you want me to.”

She did, and my cock twitched against her finger. She hummed and rubbed it there again, with the same result. I moaned.

“It likes that,” she murmured and illegal bahis made it twitch again.

“Too much, if you don’t want to do anything out here.”

I was looking up at the eaves, trying to control my arousal. She hummed and made it twitch again, then murmured:

“Oooh! That’s not all the little tadpoles; didn’t see that before.”

I raised my head and saw clear liquid oozing out of my little slit. She snorted and wiped her finger over the head of my cock and murmured:

“If I want to taste that, …” and licked her finger. She grinned over at me and remarked:

“Oh, that tastes good,” and immediately caught what was sliding down the head of my cock and licked that up, giving me another grin, then saying:

“Maybe we will out here. Will you really come — all over the place — if I just do that?”

“Hmm? Probably, but it felt so good in your tight pussy.”

“Okay, that way; hope it’s a lot again.”

She had fun alternating between holding and rubbing my cock and rubbing me there with her finger, chuckling each time she made my cock twitch, giving me a grin, when she wasn’t watching the way her hand was rolling my foreskin over the rim of the head of my cock. Doing it to myself had never been as much fun or as arousing. At first, my moans were also chuckles, but then I was just moaning in anticipation of the orgasm that I knew was going to happen.. When my hips began to twitch, she also moaned in her throat, staring at my cock, waiting for it to spurt.

I grunted, and it did. Wow! So high, since her hand was holding my cock up straight. Splat, splat splat! Shooting up and dropping on my stomach, south of my bellybutton. The next spurt only made it to my pubic hair, and the last one dribbled down on her hand. She hummed and squeezed a little more out of my cock, watching it slide down on her thumb. She gave me pleased smile and said:

“Oh, that was good. Would have been on your shoulder again, if I had been aiming at it.”

“Um-hmm,” I agreed with a nod and smile.

She looked back down at her hand with the creamy film on her fingers. She snorted softly and murmured:

“It wants me to taste it.

I held my breath in surprise, watching her raise her hand to her mouth. She licked, then scowled as she tasted it. She glanced at me with shrug, and then licked again, licking up more than before, and tasted it again. This time, she didn’t scowl, just murmured:

“Sure tastes strange.”

I nodded, but she wasn’t looking at me. She licked her hand again, apparently not enough to taste, since she wiped up the largest blob on me and put her fingers in her mouth. It was enough for her move around in her mouth. She snorted, glancing at me again with shrug, and swallowed, licking her lips. I shrugged with a questioning smile. She snorted and shrugged again, then murmured:

“I guess that’s just the way it tastes, certainly not like anything else. Hmm? If I did that, I guess you could do it in my mouth. … Hm-hmm! This is real funny!”

“It sure is! But if other girls like it, at least do it …”

“What I was thinking. Maybe they learn to like it.”

“Hm-hmm! Practice makes perfect!”

“You want me to?”

I just grinned. She wiped up both the other two splats with a sweep of her fingers and put them in her mouth before they could drip. She sucked on her fingers, smirking at me.

“Practicing?” I asked.

“Um-hmm,” she hummed, nodding with her fingers still in her mouth.

She pulled them out and licked her lips, smirking, and then said:

“And you had better like the way I taste, too; I was all wet again.”

“Mmmm! I will!” I replied with grin.

I thought I would lick her pussy on the patio, but she grabbed her towel and swimsuit and stood up, turning to go back in the house. I grabbed my things and followed her. In her room again, she immediately dropped down across her bed, her head against the wall, spreading her legs. Then I recognized that she was presenting the view of her pussy like that picture in the book. Did her pussy look like the one in the illustration? It looked better, pink, glistening moistly around the mouth of her vagina, that I could now recognize. I dropped to my knees between her legs, and the view was that of the viewpoint of the illustration, looking up her body, seeing her aroused nipples, like those of the woman in the book. No wonder the book had had that illustration; I just hadn’t known that it was suppose to suggest to readers that they were looking at a pussy they wanted to lick.

I stared at her open pussy, more open when she drew her thighs up and they flopped to the side. Had I ever looked forward to tasting a new dish the way I was anticipating tasting her pussy?

“Stop staring, lick!” she demanded softly, drawing her thighs even further back. Oooh! Her asshole below her pussy. I had always thought mine — and everyone else’s — would look kind of nasty. Hers didn’t; just a clean little, puckered hole.


My older sister could be very insistent when she wanted illegal bahis siteleri something. I had learned that as a toddler, that it was better to do what she wanted than wait until she asked again.

I licked, my tongue sweeping up all the way up between her pussy lips, over the mouth of her vagina, over the little soft flaps above it, up to a small bulge between the front of her pussy lips. She moaned. Did she really taste good? It was so arousing to taste her pussy. However it tasted, it was delightful to taste and to explore with my tongue.

Until I saw that picture in the book, I had assumed that pussy lips just were a big slit like the little one in the head of my cock. Well, it had to be big enough for a cock to fit in, of course, but I hadn’t imagined that pussy lips concealed anything else, especially not what my tongue was licking, those little soft flaps. If my cock could fit in her hole, my tongue could, and that was where the tasty juice was.

“Uhnn!” It could, and it was so nice and wet and silky, and she liked that my tongue was probing, moaning. Pity that my tongue wasn’t longer, so that I could fuck her with my tongue. What would it feel like for my finger in there? She had said that she licked her fingers, must put them in it. Of course, she must; trying to make it feel like a cock was in her. If I did that, I was going to have lick higher up to get my chin out of the way. She was going to like feeling my finger in her, but what could my tongue then do that was arousing? She had moaned, when I licked that little bulge. Was it sensitive to being licked?

It must have been; she responded with shivering moan. She really liked that! If she did, I did. I forgot about putting my finger in her for a few moments. Then I remembered, my middle finger, the one extended “to give someone the finger.” Her vagina was so tight, even just around my finger. Had my cock really fit in her? I stopped licking to concentrate on what my finger was doing and feeling: so tight, but a little spongy, letting me curl up the tip of my finger. I moved it in and out a little, and raised my head to watch. Hmm? Her little bump looked different now: more prominent, a little hood of skin trying to hide a pink little pearl. I twisted my hand in her, wiggling my finger tip. She responded with a chuckling moan; she liked that too. I glanced up at her face, and she nodded with grin, so I did that some more, again looking at her pussy. “Um-hmmmm!” she agreed, but then she demanded again:

“Lick! There, like you were before.”

She wanted that too; it must feel really good, arousing. I did. She moaned louder and exclaimed:

“Yes! There! More! Don’t stop!”

However it felt for her, I was doing what she wanted, making her moan. God, she was aroused! And it was arousing just to hear that she was. Her hips twitched up against my mouth. Even more aroused! When her hips twitched again, I realized that I had forgotten to fuck her with my finger and started again. She groaned, and her vagina squeezed my finger, like it had my cock. Was it being as arousing for her as when we had fucked?! Suddenly, I felt her hands grasp the back of my head, locking my mouth on her. No fear, sister, I won’t stop until you want me to.

Then her hips were twitching incessantly, as she moaned, more whimpering, gasping and whimpering, and her pussy was clutching my finger. Then suddenly, her whole body jerked, her hips almost rising of the bed, and her whimpers sounded more desperate, like a baby who just couldn’t stop crying — our little niece, when we had both been babysitting for her.

Her body jerked and quivered, her thighs clapping together on her wrists. Finally, with a cry of “Oh God, enough!” she stilled, her thighs dropping down, her hands releasing my head. My hand was all wet from her pussy juice. My tired tongue relaxed, and I raised my head, looking up at her.

She was still breathing deeply, moaning softly as she exhaled; her eyes closed. It looked like her face and chest were flushed. I had done it! My first time licking a pussy! I waited for her to recover. When her eyes finally opened, she gave me a tired smile, and then murmured:

“Fuck! That was good! You did it!”

I nodded, returning her smile, and rose off my knees. The movement made me aware that my cock was bobbing. I glanced down and saw that I had an erection. It had been that arousing for me to give her an orgasm that way. She also glanced down, staring at my cock. Then she murmured:

“Stick it in, fuck me!”

She really wanted me to, wanted even more, could want even more?! While I hesitated, she murmured more emphatically:

“Do it! Fuck me!”

My insistent big sister! Before she demanded a third time …

I leaned down. I hardly had to help my cock find her so wet opening. My cock plunged into it, and she groaned. I dropped down over her on my elbows.

“Fuck!” she demanded. I did, sliding my hands under her shoulders and grasping them to keep from shoving her back on the bed. “Harder, faster!” she demanded.

Fuck! She really canlı bahis siteleri wanted it! If she did, fair enough, I rationalized; I had come four times and she just twice. Could I come a fifth time? Didn’t matter, if I could make her come again.

She was already moaning like she had before she started to whimper. I felt my loose balls slap against her ass, as my hips pounded against hers, her hands on my ass encouraging them, maybe making sure that I didn’t slack off before she wanted me to, like when she had been holding my head.

Damn! I had never had to work so hard to fulfill one of her demands! ” Uhnnn!” But her pussy felt so good! And she was beginning to whimper again. Was she going to come again so soon? Fuck! Give it to her, her orgasm! Her hips were rocking up against mine. Come!

She did again, her body convulsing under mine, as she gasped and whimpered, but now I was so aroused that I couldn’t stop. Fuck! Not just do that. “Fuck,” regardless of anything else!

She moaned, sounding like she couldn’t stand any more, but I couldn’t stop; my cock wanted to come, wanted to spurt again in her pussy. I was just the machine to pump it in her pussy and let it, to pump as long as it needed. I did, “the machine,” oblivious of anything other than the sensations on my cock in her pussy.

But then her moans sounded more aroused, and her hips began again to rock up, when mine pounded on them. I wasn’t just “the machine,” now again aware of her. She was wanting to fuck again, to have even another orgasm? Oooh! Her thighs drawn up, clutching my waist, her heels on my ass! Yeah, fuck! Come again! I think my cock can, if your pussy wants it to.

Her pussy did, my cock did, as we gasped and groaned: grunted and whimpered. I collapsed on her, exhausted. Our stomachs rose and fell against each other. When I could think again, my first thought was: five times, only four for her; I owed her one, but it would have to be with my tongue again, just my tongue, even if she demanded again that I fuck her.

Her thighs had dropped down. Finally, she murmured:

“You’re too heavy,” nothing about whether it had been good, whether she had liked that I had given her two more orgasms.

I rolled off her, drawing my thigh up over her hips and resting my hand on her breast. She nodded, but was still silent, and I was too. What should I say, what could I say? Better nothing; leave it to my older sister to say something; it had been her idea that we should fuck again.

We lay there. Finally, she muttered:

“Maybe I should just said that I wanted to suck it. I did, but then, well, I wanted that.”

“It did too. I was just very surprised.”

“Hmm? I guess so. Didn’t know that I could want it again, but, well, you didn’t stop. Guess you couldn’t, and then I did.”

“Something like that..”

We both chuckled. I squeezed her breast. She put her hand on mine with chuckle, holding my fingers still, and said:

“Don’t start anything; that was enough.”

“It sure was.”

We were silent again, and then heard the church bell strike four o’clock. She chuckled and remarked:

“Mom had better not call again. If I can’t suck it, I want another beer.”

“Me too. You really do taste so good, but now I want one too.”

We chuckled and sat up. She felt between her legs and gave me a wry smile and said:

“We’re going to have a wash a lot of sheets, if we keep doing this.”

“If you want to; I do.”

“Me too,” she agreed.

We smiled at each other and nodded, and went to the kitchen. I got two beers, and we drank, deeply, smiling at each other again. We drank again, looking at each other, and finished our beers without saying anything more. When I took hers from her, I suggested that we would need more beer. She nodded with a slight smirk and replied:

“To wash down what I still want to do.”

“Mmmm! I hope so!”

“Um-hmm. Guess we have to put something on, if we want to buy more beer.”

“I scowled, then grinned, replying:

“I’ll just sit in the car and let you buy it.”


“I guess not, but that was what I was thinking.”

“You would. No, both of us in clothes.”

We nodded and went in her room, where all our clothes were.

“Bra or no bra?” she asked.

“Hmm? To distract the guy from asking for ID? Or to look more adult?”

“Probably better with, and wearing something that doesn’t remind me that you were holding my thigh and I was unbuttoning that blouse to show you my nipples.”

“Nice that you remembered. Yeah.”

She put on her bra and found something that didn’t look so much like a high school girl. We had no trouble buying the beer, four six packs. When the salesman looked questioningly at me, she said that I was just her little brother, along to help carry for her party.

Back home, we glanced at each other, both plucking at a button, and took off our clothes again, in her room. When she started to put away what she had been wearing and the what she had had on in the morning, I grinned and took my clothes to my room and put them away. That settled that we would spend the evening and Sunday naked. I was a little surprised when we met in the living room and she had a pool towel and spread it on the sofa. She nodded with shrug and remarked:

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