A Pig’s Tale

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A weekend spent with two guys I met at an Adult Bookstore had me realizing just how much of a Pig I was after allowing them to do anything they wanted with me. And they did just that.

So for a full two weeks afterwards, I couldn’t help, at first, feeling guilty at my complete abandon. But soon I overcame that ridiculous feeling and decided to visit a notorious place I had discovered on the Internet. The postings of visitors to the place convinced me I should go and indulge my new-found status as a Pig. Comments like, “Pig heaven!” “Suck and fuck all the black cock you want!” It was quite a drive, but on a Friday afternoon I left work early and arrived at the front door at eight PM.

As soon as I walked in, the inviting, prevailing darkness pleasured my eyes and the overpowering aroma of cum overwhelmed me like a hit of Rush. My hardon jumped in my pants. My hand went to it, squeezing it.

I was totally hard already, just walking in –because I had taken a Viagra and hour before I got there and my entire consciousness was focused on black cock. My ID and money were in my shoe; in my pocket was a new bottle of Rush and small tube of lube. I had a T-shirt on and form-fitting, silky shorts. And something deep in my gut told me this was going to be outstanding.

I went in the bathroom and removed the ID and money and put in a locker, at the last moment I placed my glasses in there, too. Now, with the darkness and no glasses, I was somewhat blind, except for close-ups. The locker key I put in my shoe; somewhat uncomfortable, but workable.

My erection’s bulge jutted out as I consciously pushed it forward through the flimsy fabric of the shorts, wanting every one to know I was a hot turned-on slut and ready to suck and be fucked. I desperately wanted to go to the mysterious darkness in the back, and like one bottom said on the Internet, “You’ll have black cock lined up to fuck your ass and mouth.” And that was what I lusted for completely.

Booths were lined up in several rows, each leading to that dark, mysterious back area, but I entered the first booth available out of a fearful nervousness because I knew from reading about this place that if you were a bottom –or better yet, a Pig—an army of black cock would overwhelm you. That was what I desired, of course, but I wanted to set a slow pace and jump into it at the right moment.

The booth was larger than most, and I had just sat down and looked at the glory hole and a huge, uncut, black cock in a semi-state of erection, plopped thru. [I hadn’t had any sex since coming down here; my last experience had been over 5 months, so I was extremely horny] The cock dangling through the glory hole was 8″ and thick–and only semi-erect! The outline of the cock’s head through the foreskin made it appear enormous. Like a Catholic in church, I fell to my knees immediately before it; the god before me was an idol, but I picked it up to my mouth knowing my worshipping of this idol was a deep part of my very existence–and it jumped to life in my hand, hardening and bobbing about as I lifted it to my open, eager mouth. From the booth’s other side, the cock’s deep black voice said, “Suck it, baby.”

As I pushed the skin back over its bulbous head, the powerful, unmistakable smell of unclean cock assaulted my nose, literally and instantly filling the booth with its unmistakable aroma; and you may find this hard to believe—the smell was like an open bottle of Rush, the aroma wasn’t offensive –but sexually stimulating. I took a deep hit of Rush anyway, and the drug intensified my hunger for cock; I felt wobbly, uninhibited, and drunk with raw lust.

I would’ve made quite a sight as I copiously salivated, spit leaking from the corners of my mouth, my tongue stiff as a cock—and, like a reptile’s, darting in and out–and my own cock dancing and leaking pre-cum in my pants. In my hands this unclean cock, so big and black, so dirty and hard–and I being nothing but an extremely horny cum-slut—just closed my eyes and held the cock’s dirty head to my nose, took deep hits of its aroma as if it were a bottle of Rush, and then opened my mouth as wide as possible.

The cock lay on my tongue, giving off a sharp, unusual taste, and hooked like a Crack addict –eagerly and wantonly sucking it off, knowing I’D WANT THIS TASTE AGAIN AND AGAIN.

From the cock’s owner, I heard, “Go, faggot, suck it clean and swallow!”

The Rush had me drugged stupid –and completely and dangerously out of control, a lust storm raging inside of me–my asshole twitching and opening, begging for cock to fill illegal bahis it; the Viagra pumping my cock as hard as a rock, and this guy’s enormous black cock capturing my complete, lustful devotion. Dirty as it was–I didn’t care for I had admitted to myself long before coming here that I was a PIG.

His tone of voice was commanding, and I knew I’d obey his every command. His cock bent downward as it began to come to complete attention, so the cock would slide down into my throat easily.

In less than a minute, I felt I had died and gone to cock sucker’s heaven. I was going to let these cocks do whatever they liked with me and the kinkier the better —I am slave to black cock—I said inside my head. I felt totally submissive, a cock sucking slave as I sucked and licked with as powerful a “suck” as possible, and as I began taking the cock down my throat, gagging as the thick head stuffed my throat’s passage, I moaned with sublime pleasure as this perfect cock became my world, my Master. The downward bend was at a perfect angle, and as it pushed forward–he trying to ram it down my throat—I moved forward to meet its now, at least, full-blown 10 inches of steel hardness, vowing to take it all the way.

Right then, I knew my belly would fill, and my ass would drip, with cum before leaving this place. I got all but an inch down my throat. I took out my cock and after a few strokes I came as I kept mindlessly deep-throating, working myself into a cock sucker’s frenzy, knowing my belly was filled with the dirt from his cock head–and from the other side of the booth I heard deep groans of pleasure as his giant cock slid up and down my gullet. I wanted his cum within me. My hands rested against the wall and I lifted myself to meet this hard ramrod, feeling as if I were skewered on this cock as it penetrated more deeply into my throat than ever before. At full thrust, my nose hit the wall around the hole; I couldn’t breathe, but I held the cock deeply in my throat as along as possible, trying to go longer each time, relishing the thought of being suffocated by this cock.

I paused and took the lube out so the whole cock would slide down my throat. I spoke, saying I’d like to lube his cock, and he leaned down and said, “You lookin’ for a lot of action, faggot?”

I said immediately and enthusiastically, “Yeah, man!”

There was movement and I heard, “He’s a Pig, man. Almost took my 10″ down his throat and lookin’ for action. We can have a lot of fun with him.”

God, the fear alone from hearing that remark almost made my cock shoot again. But another hard, different cock came thru the hole, and I enthusiastically started to suck it. Not as long, but thicker—so getting it down my throat wasn’t easy, but I did as my door opened and in came the bent downward cock.

“Give me the lube,” he ordered, and I turned and handed it to him.

“Stand up, faggot!” I did.

“Now turn around and bend over and suck that cock, now,” [He meant the other cock still peeking in thru the glory hole.] His harsh tone turned me on even more. I lusted to be his Pig-slave.

As the other cock slowly and roughly slid down my throat, I took 2 more big sniffs of poppers, and as the drug rushed thru me something snapped inside; I gave in totally, moaning and gagging like the stuffed cock sucking Pig I am, savoring the anticipation of the out-of-control experience headed toward me like a runaway train.

The guy behind me played with my ass, squeezing and rubbing it; I could feel my asshole opening and quivering as he roughly yanked my shorts to my ankles. My body shivered as my anus twitched like the hungry mouth of a staving man, lusting to be filled with black meat. Then, rough, hard hands slowly ran up the inside of my thighs and my legs shook from the tactile pleasure of his rough touch; one hand grabbed my balls; it squeezed them until I felt a slight queasy feeling deep inside my gut. His other hand’s middle finger, then 2 fingers entered my asshole covered in lube, then 3, and he twisted and plunged them in as far as he could go, all the while squeezing my balls. I responded by shoving my ass back to greet them. I wanted him to shove his whole hand in me. I didn’t shy away from his rough treatment, but welcomed it in movement and attitude.

“Oh, yeah, I own you, you mutherfuckin’ white Pig,” he said, “all you white Pigs love black cock.”

I didn’t speak as the other cock was buried deep down my throat, gagging me. “You like it rough and dirty, right, Pig?”

I couldn’t answer, but a sharp hard slap on my right ass cheek and the command: illegal bahis siteleri “Answer me, Pig?” got my attention.

“Yes, I do,” I feebly answered as I held the other cock.

Another, harder slap in the same spot and the pain shot through me like a bolt of lightening: “Answer properly, Pig.”

“Yes, Master, I like it rough and dirty.”

“Well, be prepared to get it, Pig.” I suppressed a groan as his huge tool pushed its swollen head against my sphincter, which painfully at first resisted, then accepted, the large cock head, closing around it in a blinding split second of pain. My asshole had eagerly opened wider than ever before to accommodate his cock.

With the cock on its way in, I put my hands up on the wall and pushed my ass back as he plowed his member up my bottom. I felt so full, and it hurt, but it hurt so “good,” and I loved it. Yes, indeed, I wanted it rough, raw—and dirty. And I was getting it in spades.

The cock slammed up, up, up, impossibly deep, then up further until I felt as though it would come out my throat. Finally, I could feel his balls and pubic hair push against my buns and thighs, and he pushed again so I could feel how deep he was as my buns gripped his cock.

I reached behind me to feel this monstrous tool filling my asshole. I felt the place where my buns were split by this firm black shaft, feeling the base of his cock, and imagined how my rear end looked with the black cock disappearing between my snow-white ass cheeks. This image was so hot I had to take 2 more hits of poppers just as he began slamming his tool into me in an increasingly rapid rhythm, at times leaving the opening and re-entering in full rhythm, and that hurt a lot; but with each occasion I began to love it. The pain and the pleasure became one.

The cock in my throat suffocated me as I was pinned between the thrusting black monster up my ass and the huge protruding cock thru the glory hole. It seemed when both cocks were into me as deeply as possible I was most turned on—of course, tempting suffocation turns one on and, when orgasming, it increases the pleasure, but it took a backseat to this anal roller coaster ride I was on. I have no idea of the time element—we could have fucked for an hour or a minute, but deep inside I felt a tremendous building, and my hands had not touched my cock–and then, seconds later, I felt my ass quiver, and I felt like my ass was falling apart as I began a second INCREDIBLE ANAL ORGASM!

“Go ahead, Pig, oh, yeah, do it, but you ain’t done yet, not by a long shot.”

With each stroke of his cock, he slapped the side of my ass and I shot a load; I could feel it hitting my stomach and chest. He didn’t slow down at all, but speeded up his deep thrusting and slapping. Memory fails me so I am only guessing how long I came, but it seemed like several minutes. I know I almost suffocated several times, having to back off the cock in my mouth to breathe as my cock shot cum over and over. Finally, it stopped, and my ass burned red hot.

“Oh, motherfucker, you really do like it rough and black, right?” he asked as he rammed his cock deep into my ass.

My mouth was filled with cock, so I mumbled an answer.

He pulled slowly out, and that seemed to take forever, and I felt every inch as my rectum hugged and caressed this silken, impatient intruder. He pulled all the way out, leaving my bottom hole gaping and hungry, and I felt incredibly empty.

He said nothing as I felt his fingers go to my stretched, open anus and apply another huge gob of lube; then the monster cock positioned itself at my exposed hole again. I pushed back on it as he pushed up, and it went all the way in, shooting up my fanny and making me almost faint with desire. I planted my feet now and got my balance as he began to fuck deep into me, pulling out almost all the way, then sinking his cock between my cheeks, only to pull out and ram it in again deeper, back and forth, in and out, rocking and holding on to my hips, pulling my hips along with the movement of his cock, pushing deep inside then grinding from side to side, stirring my guts with this impossibly huge, hard black cock. And I had again swallowed the cock thru the Glory Hole, taking it deeply down my throat to the point of suffocation again and again. I felt faint from desire and lust, wanting to just be fucked like this forever, to never stop.

I had one cock up my ass and one deep down my throat, satisfying both, and I believed I was in heaven . . . the glory hole man jammed his cock deep into my throat, the bent cock man fucked canlı bahis siteleri faster, deeper, and harder into my hot ass . . . all three of us grunted and breathed hard, caught up in the primal, animal lust . . . the one cock pistoned in and out of my mouth . . . the cock in my ass plunged to the hilt and froze there, impaling me as it quivered and began to spit it’s hot, angry juice, and I felt hot cum splash the walls of my guts, as the slippery tool flooded it’s load up my ravaged asshole . . .forcing it’s load into me, slamming and shooting, spurting up my anal canal . . . the other cock then erupted into my mouth, overflowing and spilling out as I swallowed and gulped, sucking as much of it into my throat as possible. . . .Normally, I would feel finished and want to stop, but the Viagra or maybe something in me had me feeling like the complete slut I know I am; my ass was a “real” pussy and my cock just an oversize clitoris

“Don’t move, motherfucker,” I was ordered. The cock in my mouth slowly withdrew but the backdoor man stayed in my ass. After several minutes, the cock up my ass came out. “Turn around,” he said as he loosened his belt and pulled it off. “Stand,” he said, “and take off your undershirt; now, step out of your shorts, Pig,” he said as he looped the belt about my neck. He picked up my clothes and stuffed them in his back pocket.

Naked, except for my shoes, I gazed at his cock, still mostly erect, massive amounts of cum, lube and my ass dripped from it. “On your knees, Pig—now suck this cock clean. I know what a Pig likes and needs. You’re goin’ be my Pig this evening. I’m goin’ make sure you’re safe and filled with as much black cock and cum as you can take—understand?”

I was holding his semi-erect cock, coated with lube, cum and bits of my shit, in the dim light as I looked up and spoke more truthfully than ever before in my life, “Yes, Master! I am your Pig. Feed me!”

“Oh, yeah; now, suck this cock clean, Pig, and do a good job ’cause there’s a lot more waitin’ for ya. And I know my Pigs, and you’ll want to eat it all.”

I groaned affirmatively as I enthusiastically took his huge member slowly in my mouth. At first, the taste of the debris from his cock head was strange and sour as I licked and sucked, my saliva mixing with it, filling my mouth with the bits of my own shit, cum and lube; a Pig cocktail leaking down my throat as my mouth filled and couldn’t hold anymore.

“Oh, yeah, Pig, suck up that cum and shit. That’s it! Oh, yeah, faggot—swallow every drop; yeah, swallow it, Pig.”

As I swallowed, he shoved his cock down my throat and emitted a strange little laugh. “That’s it! Oh, yeah, Pig—swallow every drop; yeah, oh, yeah, I know what Pigs like. There’s a ton of that here for you, Pig,” he said as he now shoved his cock slowly back and forth in my mouth, my lips and tongue scraping off any debris. “Get it all, Pig, oh, yeah.”

His words and the taste in my mouth made my cock hard as never before, and like a starving man I sucked and tongue-bathed ever square centimeter of the cock clean, savoring the taste and swallowing every delicious drop.

“Oh, I can see you love that; right, Pig?” he asked as he withdrew his cock so only the head rested on my tongue. I bobbed my head yes. “Well, you need to wash that all down, Pig, so here comes your payoff,” and he shoved his cock in further and began pissing. The stream overwhelmed my throat and gushed out over my chest before I acclimated and swallowed it. “He, he, he, get every drop, Pig,” he said as his stream seemed to go on endlessly.

Finally, it stopped, and I wanted more cock to clean, more asses to suck, more piss.

“Stand up,” he ordered, and I did. “You’re on maintenance duty now, Pig,” and he opened the door and roughly dragged me by the belt about my neck out into the hall. I leaned forward because of the pull of the belt about my throat as we headed for the dark back area. Luckily, I couldn’t see much at all. But humiliation, nevertheless, spread over me like condiments on a sandwich as we encountered others in the dark hall. Comments flew past me; hands felt my ass; a finger slid up my ass: “I want some of this.”

“You’ll get all you want—when I say so, man,” my Master said. The finger withdrew as we entered the pure darkness of the back. Sounds of cock sucking and ass fucking surrounded me. “Kneel here, Pig.”

I did. Gradually my eyes began to see a little–before me a man bent over taking a cock up the ass. “When you finish, my slave wants to suck and lick your cock clean.”

An affirmative response came from the man, “Oh yeah –and does he want me to piss down his throat, too?”

“Oh, yeah; he’s a total Pig,” my Master said. And yes, he knew what Pigs liked.

Continued: Email me to encourage me to finish the next part

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