A Pillar of Manliness

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My name is Judeo. I am a tall, good-looking young Black man from Mervin, Virginia. I attend Julius College, a private, all-male liberal arts college. One of five all-male mainstream colleges remaining in the United States of America. Julius College is like no other school on the planet. It’s a place where a man is free to be himself and better himself through education without worrying about political correctness gone amok, which now grips colleges and universities across the world. The school has three thousand students. The student body and faculty are mostly white. However, there are one hundred Black male students on campus, along with fifty eight Asian and forty nine Hispanics. The school is really expensive since the quality of education they offer is top shelf.

When I first came to Julius College, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I come from Brockton, Massachusetts. I attended Brockton High School and I was just a regular guy there. Somehow, I aced the SATs and won myself an academic scholarship to a top notch college which I had never even heard of. Julius College was an elite school. A rival of Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Cornell and Yale back in the day. Julius College split off from the Ivy Leaguers and the near Ivy Leaguers back in the sixties. Back then, coeducation was all the rage thanks to the feminists demanding equality across the board. Julius College remained an all-male private college in spite of societal and financial pressures. Today, the school was doing extremely well.

Mervin, Virginia, was an all-white, kind of wealthy town. It reminded me of Milton, Massachusetts. It was so very different from my native Brockton. My hometown was diverse, racially speaking. Julius College was something else. I never thought I’d grow to like it. I wasn’t an athlete in high school but at Julius College, athleticism was a religion. The Julius College Department of Athletics offered many varsity sports. Their sports teams competed in the top tier of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Division One. They had Archery, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Cross Country, Fencing, Football, Rugby, Rifle, Soccer, Squash, Swimming, Track, Water Polo and Wrestling. The student-athletes made up almost half of the student body. Some of the young men attending Julius were commuters from Mervin. Most of them were living in the campus dorms, which were a lot more comfortable than many hotel rooms I’ve been in.

My roommate at Julius College was James Vladimir, a stud from New York. He was a tall, good-looking young man with blond hair and pale blue eyes. The body of an athlete, the face of a movie star and the cockiness of a porn star. He was also a linebacker on the Julius College varsity football team. I’ve always had a thing for sexy football studs. In case you haven’t guessed it by now, I am bisexual. Contrarily to popular belief, being bisexual or homosexual isn’t exactly welcome in an all-male environment, whether it’s a school, workplace or prison. Trust me on that one. I kept my bisexuality to myself. Also, I completely lacked what people called gaydar. Gays, lesbians and bisexuals had an uncanny ability to sense their own kind. I didn’t have that ability. Unless a guy or chick started acting weird, I wouldn’t have a clue.

James Vladimir was a really popular student on campus. He was going out with a young lady named Michelle Trevor, from Queen Theresa College, an all-female college approximately illegal bahis thirty miles away from the Julius College campus. I’ve seen Michelle. She’s alright. Five feet three inches tall, skinny, with red hair, pale white skin and pale blue eyes. Not my type. I kind of prefer thick women with bubble butts. Preferably Black or Hispanic, but Asian gals are okay too. That’s just my preference. Oh, well. If James was happy with Michelle, that was his business. Me, I was getting really horny living in the dorms with no women around. The men who were around were quite sexy but all of them seemed straight to me.

Sometimes, I would lie at night and fantasize about sexy football stud Vladimir. I’ve seen him coming out of the shower. I look at him. He looks at me. I smile and he smiles back, knowingly. I step toward him, intent on taking what I want. Without apology. The masculine way. He’s got a sexy body and a big dick. I want to get a piece of him. I close my eyes and imagine him kissing me. I’m running my hands through his hair, his face and all over his chest and torso. I cup his firm buttocks in my hands before gripping his long and thick cock. I want to know what he tastes like. So I get down and begin to suck on his cock. At this point, it doesn’t matter if he is straight, bisexual or gay. He’s a horny man with a hard dick. He needs sexual relief and I’m the only one who can quench his manly thirst. I suck on his cock, lick his balls. He caresses my head, and urges me to continue. I suck him, and finally begin to taste him. His cock spits cum, and I taste him. My football stud tastes different from other men. He tastes much, much better. I lick him clean, and he sighs in sheer pleasure. I look up at him, and ask him if he wants anything else.

My sexy football stud grins, and pulls me to him. He kisses me, and pulls me into his strong arms. We’re about the same size. He is strong enough to grab me and suddenly push me onto the bed. He grins, and tells me he’s about to take me. I feel my cock harden at the prospect of having him inside me. He presses his long and thick cock against my back door. He penetrates me. I gasp. His cock looked big on the outside but inside of me, it felt huge. Vladimir grabs me and begins to fuck me like anal sex is going out of style. I stroked my cock as he pumped his long and thick member inside me. It’s a primal, brutal fucking and I’m loving every moment of it. I’m fully versatile, open to all that life has to offer. Especially sexual experiences. Vladimir fucks me hard and deep, owning my ass. He makes me his. And I get off on it so much that a torrent of cum shoots out of my dick. Vladimir shouts as he finally does cum, sending his seed deep inside me. I scream, a primal sound. I don’t care who hears me. I love the cock in my ass and if loving it was wrong then I didn’t want to be right.

My eyes snap open and I am snapped out of fantasy land and back into reality. Damn, another frigging daydream! I was getting a major case of the blue balls when, thankfully, one of my professors decided to help me relieve stress. The professor in question was Myra O’Shea, a forty-something, tall and square Irish dame with blonde hair, blue eyes and porcelain skin. She taught Sociology to most of the freshman class. I was in her class. One of three black students in a room with thirty white guys. Isn’t life fun? Anyway, I’ve always noticed her looking at me but I didn’t make much illegal bahis siteleri of it. I’m a six-foot-one, 250-pound Black man. Men and women are always staring at me. That doesn’t mean they’re attracted to me. Quite often, they think I’m everything from a gangster to a thug or drug dealer. They never stop to think that the young, well-dressed Black man they see walking down the street might be a college student. I didn’t know professor O’Shea had an eye for me until she approached me one night in the campus library.

I’m always in the campus library late at night because it’s open all night and it’s the only time I can get some studying done. The campus librarians are a nice pair of old people who’ve been at Julius College all their lives. The husband, Jared Jenkins, is a tall, good-looking older man with white hair and sparkling green eyes. Jared first came to Julius College in the sixties, to get a degree in library science. He was originally from New Mexico. He had been a librarian for thirty years. His wife Julia Jenkins was a short, plump, silver-haired lady with gray eyes and a sweet face. She was a graduate of Queen Theresa College and helped her husband run the library. Nicer folks couldn’t be found anywhere. I was always in the back of the library. Some nights, I did homework on the computer. Other nights, I watched Internet porn. Hey, I haven’t gotten laid since I left Brockton, ten months ago!

Anyway, professor Myra O’Shea came onto me and truth be told, I was surprised. She always seemed so stiff and nearly mechanical in class. I mean, she’s an attractive woman, but she could play the part of a female robot in a science fiction movie to perfection. Ice in the veins and all that. I knew she wasn’t married and half the students fancied her. Myself, I thought she looked okay but I was intoxicated with the flavor of men. Particularly that of my heterosexual football stud of a roommate, who I could never have. There I was, sitting in my chair while watching some steamy bisexual porn. In this streaming online video, two sexy black men were fucking the hell out of some blonde-haired, big-booty white chick. The two guys were bisexual. They were kissing and feeling each other up while sitting on a couch. The white chick knelt before them, sucking on both of their long and thick black cocks. Now, that’s my kind of porn!

Yeah, I was watching the online video while feeling myself through my pants when professor Myra came along. She surprised the hell out of me. I looked at her and smiled. She smiled back, looked at the computer, and asked me the weirdest question I’d ever been asked. She asked me exactly how hard my dick was. My answer surprised the both of us. I told her that if she wanted to know so badly, she could find out herself. She smiled, and asked me how she could figure out this mystery. I told her to follow me. The rest, as they say, is history.

Professor Myra O’Shea followed me to the men’s room, twenty feet away from the campus library. There, we got our freak on. I locked the door. At this hour, none of the college guys were around but hey, better safe than sorry. I stood there, and unzipped my pants. Out came my cock. Ten inches of long and thick, uncut black masculinity. I called it my ten inches of black man power. Myra looked at it, and gasped. I grinned, and told her to show my dick some love. Obediently, she got down on her knees and took my cock in her hands. What canlı bahis siteleri followed was the best damn blow job in recorded history. Myra fastened those pretty lips of hers around my dick and began sucking me like oral sex was going out of style. That woman really knew how to suck dick. I’ve had my cock sucked by a few men over the years. She was almost as good as they were, and they’ve had a lifetime of practice. In no time, she got me hard as steel. When I came, she drank my manly seed without spilling a single drop. Word!

I looked at this sexy white female cock sucker. She was alright. She looked at me and grinned. Then, she told me that she wanted that cock of mine up her ass. I blinked. What the fuck? I’ve fucked tons of men in the ass. White men. Black men. Hispanic men. Asian men. I’ve never fucked a woman in the ass before. This ought to be different. I nodded, letting her know I was cool with it. Professor Myra O’Shea bent over and spread her butt cheeks wide open, showing her pink little asshole. She told me to hurry up and stick my black cock up her ass. I smiled, and put on a condom. Then, I sprayed it with lube. I always carry condoms and lube with me. So do most gay and bisexual men I know. You never know when you might get lucky. I applied some lube on Myra’s asshole. She smiled and thanked me for being such a thoughtful gentleman.

I smiled. I’ve been accused of being a gentleman once. But a jury of men and women I’ve fucked found me not guilty. I was proven to be a sexually adventurous and super masculine macho man. Without further ado, I pressed my cock against Myra’s asshole and pushed it inside. Even with the lube, her asshole was tight. I grabbed her hips and thrust into her. I love a tight asshole around my cock. Whether it belong to a male or a female doesn’t matter to me. I’m an equal opportunity asshole penetrating machine. I began to fuck Myra’s asshole like there was no tomorrow. Even though her ass was felt, it felt too supple to be a virgin asshole. Someone’s been fucking that asshole, just not regularly. Fortunately, with the aid of lubricant and my big cock, her asshole began to stretch. I loved every second of it. Ramming my cock deep down where the sun didn’t shine.

Myra was screaming and howling, thrashing about wildly. I’ve never heard a woman scream so loudly outside of a hospital room or a funeral. I must say that I was liking it. I was liking it a lot. She was backing that ass up, grinding it against my groin. Inspired, I grabbed her long blonde hair and yanked it, pulling her head back. This seemed to make her even wilder. Man, I’d never seen anything like this. I smacked her ass and she yelped in surprise. I held her and fucked her even harder. Thrusting my cock into the depths of her tight yet yielding and welcoming asshole. At that moment, it didn’t matter that she was a woman. I was horny and harder than I’d ever been in my life. I got off, and came, sending my seed deep into her ass. The shrill scream which escaped Myra’s lips was music to my ears.

Slowly, I pull out of her. Myra winces as my cock squeezes out of her ass. I smiled in sympathy. I know exactly how she felt. Taking a big cock up the ass is never easy, even when there’s plenty of lube to go around. She smiles at me wickedly. I grin, and we fix our clothes back on before leaving the men’s room. As I walk back toward the library, I smile to myself. I’ve just done it in the men’s room with a woman! And I’m a bisexual man! I’ve heard lots of stories about gay and bisexual men getting their freak on in men’s rooms around the world. Yet my first time in the men’s room was with a woman. Imagine that! That’s a story for the dudes back home!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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