A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 24

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[This is a continuation of a series. You do not have to read any or all of the previous instalments to enjoy this one, although it does help. Most chapters do include somewhat severe discipline and also deal with bodily functions. If either of those topics offends you, please read no further. All characters are over 18.]


Eleanor felt that her home life was returning to near-normal. She was pleased with the way her husband Jackson had been behaving since his return from the re-education facility. She felt that this extended stay had produced better results than when she had sent him to a men’s re-education camp after he had really aroused her anger.

Her sister Meredith had also joined her and was sleeping with Jackson and her. Eleanor remained bi and did not find her sister’s presence, including sharing her marital bed, to be threatening. Meredith had had a hard time in the past year, so Eleanor thought she was helping her sister adjust back to a regular lifestyle.

Eleanor had also invited two lesbian noncoms from the Correctional Service of the Women’s Republic to stay in the commodious apartment she occupied. Sgts. Denise and Linda were highly attractive young women who had served as training cadre at a men’s re-education camp and now staffed a nearby training center in the city, which was the Republic’s second largest urban area. They had on occasion played with Eleanor and also served as disciplinarians upon her request.

Having resolved the various issues that had confronted her at home, Eleanor was free to focus more sharply on her work at Goose Cookers. Eleanor had been given a chance at this firm after her unhappy experience with the Women’s Republic justice system. She had dallied with a man who used and abandoned her; after he had left her, she found herself a criminal defendant in an adultery case brought by the man’s wife.

Although it turned out some time later that they were not actually married, Eleanor had been severely punished with a sentence of infibulation for a year. Later, when the truth became known, she was cleared and the justices who had sentenced her even submitted to being disciplined for their error.

In the process, Eleanor moved from the capital to this second-largest city and had been hired by Janet, the shrewd executive vice president of Goose Cookers, who recognized that Eleanor had the creative spark the company needed. It made products aimed at women and had acquired a sterling reputation for both quality and imagination, which Eleanor had burnished by her creative contributions.

These included “Silly Goose” underwear for women that played on both the expression and the attraction for many women of wearing an undergarment that made them feel a tad juvenile and certainly younger. Eleanor could imagine products that made women happy but were not offensive.

When she got to her office, which was now something of a design studio for her, Eleanor found a message from Janet, asking to see her. She walked upstairs to Janet’s formidable corner office and found her boss well-dressed as always and in a pleasant mood. She knew that Janet most enjoyed a good challenge and apparently that was the purpose of this discussion.

“We have been asked to bid on some underwear for the Correctional Service,” Janet began. “It sounds like they want mostly new-styled panties for both men and women, inmates and correctional officers. I’d like you to use your usual panache in coming up with some designs and concepts on this project, Eleanor.”

They considered the matter some more and Eleanor went back to her office and prepared some sketches to give Janet a first look at what might work. For the inmates, she came up with panties that were femmy enough but well-constructed in the way that all Goose Cooker clothing was.

For the men’s panties, which she knew from her husband’s stay in a camp run by the Correctional Service that the male inmates were required to wear and were traditionally a shameful pink in color, she conceived panties that in size were between a full brief and a hicut panty. She added a ribbon tied in a bow at the front and “Naughty Boy” in a flowing script across the front.

The women inmates would get similarly designed undies in beige with red arrowhead shapes pointing in front and back to their crotch. The shapes were not arrows but modified arrowheads that resembled narrow V-shapes, adding an extra measure of slight embarrassment as they would be placed on the panty right over the V-shaped bush inside the panty.

There was only a women’s design for the correctional officers as the service was an entirely female organization, which mostly was responsible for re-educating misbehaving men as well as the far smaller number of women who had been found guilty of offenses in the Women’s Republic. These women were few in number and regarded as pariahs by the overall female population, much as Eleanor had been after her conviction and sentencing.

Eleanor was fond of the pendik escort correctional officers, however, since she had become more than just friendly with the two who were living with her now. She consulted Denise and Linda about the project and then proposed well-tailored stylish hicut panties for the officers that were cotton for comfort (the inmates would be given panties made from a less comfortable artificial fabric). She knew that this product would need to be slightly sexy to please the wearers but not in any way vulgar. She included lace at the leg openings so that the panties would not show any visible panty line and also sufficiently low in the waist so as not to ride up when the wearer bent over. Her last choice was a blue-and-white striped design that conveyed both an official as well as a fashion-conscious image.

She knew that the purchasing agent would focus on how she perceived the wearers would feel about the panties because in the correctional milieu, rarely would anyone other than the wearer see them being worn. The female officers did at times change clothing when arriving and departing for the day or in a changing room when engaging in athletic activities. These did include administering physical discipline, so all garments needed to be highly flexible and unlikely to give way under strain.

Giving her preliminary sketch one more review, Eleanor decided to add a discreet set of chevrons on either side of the panties just below the waistband. She thought this would provide the needed slightly official or formal touch to make the wearers feel good wearing the garment.

Janet gave the sketches a very careful viewing and finally smiled and told Eleanor that she liked the ideas. The design staff put them into final form and Eleanor drafted a written description and explanation of the designs. Janet edited this and sent the proposal off with her transmittal.

Some weeks later, she advised Eleanor that they had been invited to a purchasing conference at the Correctional Service where the proposal would be discussed. Eleanor was always a bit nervous on these occasions but Janet, who exuded confidence when in any public or high-level situation, would start things off and bring Eleanor in when things got technical.

The purchasing officer, Warrant Officer Kathryn, was accompanied at this meeting by Senior Correctional Officer, LTC Annette, who was representing the Secretary. Annette was a veteran of the service who knew Janet and Eleanor intimately, and had known them both for some time. In fact, their most recent encounter had found her engaged to marry Eleanor before being promoted, which necessitated her return to the capital and the indefinite postponement, amicable to both Eleanor and Annette, of the marriage. The Women’s Republic permitted women to have both male and female spouses at one time.

Knowing how discretion was critical in this situation, both Janet and Eleanor shook hands with Kathryn and gave friendly acknowledgment through nods to Annette, who told Kathryn that she wanted her to be aware that Annette did know both women. Kathryn did not question Annette’s participation in the matter or the meeting, knowing that senior-level correctional personnel would often know and be friendly with high-level women in the Republic.

Kathryn questioned Janet and Eleanor in some detail about the proposal and the products. Her questions were not argumentative or derisory but raised significant issues. One of them asked whether having the ribbon on the women inmates’ panties would be wise in terms of product endurance through repeated laundering or would it necessitate hand washing.

Eleanor explained that the ribbon was intended to give the women inmates a bit of sparkle to increase morale, as it had become quite shameful for women to be sentenced to confinement because there were so few female offenders in the Women’s Republic. She added that the bows would be permanently tied and affixed. Thus, they were not likely to open and be liable to causing problems in laundering.

“They definitely will not need to be hand washed,” she added, attesting to the strength of the fabric.

Kathryn seemed to like the product and was correct yet pleasant in her manner with Eleanor and Janet. Annette kept her participation to a minimum, allowing Kathryn to take the lead and making it clear that she was there principally as an observer.

“What if we asked you to include a bra in the package, mainly for the officers?” Kathryn asked.

Eleanor deferred to Janet who said that of course they would be interested and then asked Eleanor if she had any ideas to float right then.

Eleanor prefaced her response by saying, “I hope you’ll accept these as my off-the-top thoughts and if you find any worth pursuing, we will develop them more comprehensively.”

Kathryn and Annette both nodded in the affirmative.

“I’d make the bra what I would call a refined sports bra,” Eleanor posited. “The correctional officers need a escort pendik real working garment yet sports bras, which are informal, offer the same kind of support that an officer engaged in plenty of activity would need and want. I’d also note that giving it a sports flavor makes it easier to include the support features without it looking like a utility bra or something old-fashioned.”

The suggestion drew positive looks. Kathryn thanked both Janet and Eleanor for their willingness to both present a good proposal and to be willing to work with her on making it work for them. They all stood and after the standard thank-yous, Janet and Eleanor departed.

“I think it looks good,” Janet said. “I must confess that I hoped for the best when I saw Annette, but I was a bit afraid that our friendship might come out too clearly. I think she realized the need for complete discretion.”

“Agreed,” Eleanor added. “I guess we probably need to maintain our distance until this gets settled?”

“Yes, indeed,” Janet replied. “We really have both a good rep and a good image. Taking the high road will help us maintain those highly advantageous qualities.”

“I do hope that Annette will resist what might be a temptation to contact me while she’s in town,” Eleanor added.

“Don’t worry about it,” Janet told her. “She hasn’t risen to her present position without having a fine sense of probity and discretion in these matters. We all learn to suppress our fondest desires.”

She smiled at Eleanor.

“Nice work, Ellie,” she said with a wide grin. “I was proud of you there.”

“Thanks,” Eleanor answered, in a very sincere tone.

“Why don’t you come back to my place for a quick refresher?” Janet said, invitingly.

Eleanor knew that the only correct answer was “Yes” which she then uttered without reservation.

They climbed into Janet’s snazzy sports car and were off to her penthouse flat. Eleanor remembered that Janet actually had a family elsewhere and apparently an entirely separate life there.

When they were sitting in her soothing hideaway, and Janet had made and served their drinks, Eleanor decided to take a chance.

“Realizing that you in effect have another life,” she asked, “do you enjoy this kind of divided existence? I hope you don’t think I’m being presumptuous, but you are so amazing in every way that I hope I can learn from you.”

“I don’t get enough chance to be with my family,” Janet said quite calmly, “if that’s what you’re asking about. I do love what I do here and my friends and colleagues, many of whom date back to my school and university days. But I wish I had more time back there, because the girls will be grown before I know it.”

“Can I help you feel a little better about things now?” she asked, trying to smile but not excessively.

“Darling,” Janet responded with alacrity, “I thought you’d never ask.”

Eleanor now understood how sensuous Janet was, even when at full business speed.

She leaned back in her deep chair and slowly pulled the hem of her skirt up, disclosing a lovely pair of prime Goose Cooker panties which she rather efficiently slipped down and off and moved to the edge of the chair.

Eleanor picked up on the signaling and moved over to crouch on the carpet in front of Janet and moved up between her now-spread legs. Janet’s pussy was nicely trimmed, she felt, and she applied her tongue to the outer lips, tickling them with the tip of her tongue.

Janet responded immediately, and Eleanor probed more deeply into her cleft with her tongue, occasionally running it across the tip of her now rather formidably erect clit.

It did not take her long to bring Janet to a roaring climax as the middle-aged executive let herself go and began moving her hips in rhythm with Eleanor’s licks.

Janet took a deep breath and asked Eleanor if she could do anything for her.

Eleanor knew that the only reciprocity she should be asking Janet for was some kind of domination.

“Could you perhaps give me a nice, warm spanking, with some extras, you know? She asked.

“Panties down and across my lap then,” Janet said, as she rose and sat herself in a straight armless chair. Eleanor settled herself across Janet’s lap and Janet kept her skirt up so Eleanor was resting on her bare thighs.

Janet now began to spank and after a warm-up, she also at times ran her fingers down into Eleanor’s rear crack and right through her hairy furrow into her warm, wet pussy. The spanking then picked up in tempo and strength and Eleanor began to both cry and moan.

Janet moved her hand right between the younger woman’s legs and pumped two fingers into Eleanor’s pussy and played with her. She was massaging Ellie’s G-spot and then using a finger to stimulate her clit. Finally, with her other hand, she insinuated a finger then two into Eleanor’s anus. This all got Eleanor going bigtime and very soon she exploded.

Janet knew when it was enough. She cuddled with Eleanor and pendik escort bayan then she let Eleanor stand, get her bearing, and then welcomed her into her arms with a nice hug.

Eleanor knew enough not to say much and to smile and give Janet a very deep thank-you kiss on her lips.

Janet responded by telling her they should cool off in her hot tub and then she would take Eleanor home…if that was what she wanted.

“I really should,” she answered, “but I think you had something else in mind.”

“Come into the tub with me,” Janet urged. “You know that I’d love for you to stay over this once. It just gets a bit solitary when I’m at the company day after day and come home to an empty abode.”

Despite Janet’s incredible success, extensive connections, and the high regard in which she was held by the most important women in the Republic, Eleanor suddenly felt sorry for her. Here she was, with a family somewhere else, and she separated from them for days on end.

They stripped down and slipped into the tub which Janet had adjusted to just the right warmth. It was a wonderful way to end the day, Eleanor thought. She sidled over to where Janet was sitting on the bench in the tub and began to fondle her tits. Then she moved her hand down to touch and invade her pussy. Janet responded by kissing her and spreading her legs even more to give her access.

Janet was enjoying this playing immensely, but she whispered to Eleanor that she needed a pee break. She rose and stepped up out of the hot tub. Before she could reach the toilet, Eleanor got her eye and lay down in the large bathtub.

Janet’s smile gleamed as she came over, positioned herself in a squat over Eleanor’s face, and let her hot pee stream out onto Eleanor’s face. For her part, Eleanor opened her mouth and drank it in as much of Janet’s salty urine as she could. Some did run down the sides of her mouth but when Janet finished, Ellie leaned up and began licking her hairy cunt.

They rinsed off and went back to the hot tub for a spell. Finally, Janet ordered in some dinner and after a pleasant conversation, during which Eleanor realized how aware Janet was of national, local, and world events and personalities, Janet invited her into her bedroom. This was a new experience for Eleanor, who had been to Janet’s penthouse before, but not for an extended stay that lasted overnight.

Once they had completed their ablutions, Janet gave Ellie a nice nightgown and they cuddled together in the comfy bed. Janet found a fairly large dildo which she began to insert into Eleanor’s cunt. Eleanor, who had never used toys much, found that she enjoyed this and asked if she could reciprocate.

“Yes, darling,” Janet replied coolly. “Put on that harness, it should fit you perfectly, and I’ll get you one to use with it.”

She returned with a large long dong that Eleanor attached to the harness. Janet lay back on her bed, brazenly spreading her legs to put her labia up front and open to Eleanor. The younger woman approached her and gradually slid the long prong into Janet’s wide-open gash. Then she began to fuck her, moving it in and out until Janet got swept up into the steady motion and began to feel as if it really were a cock pistoning into her and touching all her most sensitive places.

As Eleanor continue to move her extension in and out of Janet, the executive went into a lovely, lengthy orgasm. She didn’t shout out, but she was warm and toasty, and every sense was on edge. She drew Eleanor to her and kissed her volubly. Then Eleanor took off the equipment and they hugged together in bed and soon fell asleep in each other’s arms.

When they awoke, Janet quietly got up, put herself together, and dressed. When breakfast was ready, she roused Eleanor. Eleanor was a bit groggy but some cold water on her face as she attended to herself in the bathroom brought her to consciousness as she too dressed for work.

It was still early and as they sat across from one another and enjoyed a very good breakfast, with scones and jam and good strong coffee, Janet had a pensive look on her face.

“I’m afraid I sort of jumped on you last night without asking,” she said. “Just because I’m in charge of things at work, my behavior was not right, and I do apologize, Eleanor. You deserve more consideration as you know how I value you, both for your superb performance at the company and for your personal qualities.”

Eleanor was surprised at this as she felt she was a grown-up and even though Janet was her boss, she could have told her she had commitments or whatever. But she really liked Janet and she told her that she did.

Janet smiled and said, “I really am happy about that but although I know you’ve seen me behave in a quite dominant manner, I do have another side. At times, when I feel that I have behaved badly, I see myself as a naughty little girl. And naughty little girls deserve to be spanked.”

Eleanor remembered how Janet had submitted to severe disciplining by Annette when the Senior Correctional Officer had visited previously (see Ch. 12) and had also put Eleanor through her paces. She now understood that Janet’s submissive side might well be as significant as her dominant one.

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