A Walk in the Park

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“Shall we go for a picnic?” you ask me.

“Sure. Where?” I ask, not really caring, just to be anywhere with you is a treat.

“How about this place I know by the lake? I’m already to go, my backpack’s in the truck.”

“OK”, I reply, gathering up my keys and sunglasses. It’s a beautiful day outside with temperatures in the low 80’s and not a cloud in the sky. I note the aforementioned backpack lying in the back of the cab, though I do not see a blanket for sitting on. My shirt is hanging loosely about me, mostly buttoned, and my shorts are perfect for the weather. You’re clothing is similarly apt, though your shirt seems a bit loose on you.

“All right, how do we get there?” I ask. “Go up to the lake, take the first right and follow it around for perhaps five minutes. There’s a little parking spot that leads to a secluded area.”

“OK,” I figure that’s good enough, particularly since you snuggle close to me once we’re on the road to the lake. I glance down and notice you are not wearing much of a bra, and much of your lovely cleavage is viewable.

“Here’s the turn,” you tell me after a bit. ‘Just follow the road for a few more minutes and we’ll be there.”

“Is this it?,” I wonder, noting a small, shaded area off to the right.

“Not quite, just there on the left side,” you point out. I can just make out the spot and wonder how you ever found it. This of course is not relevant, as I’m more concerned with turning into the narrow pathway. It is big enough, barely for the vehicle. “Just ahead it widens out in a nice grassy area overlooking the lake. Plenty of room to turn around.”

“OK,” I reply as the glen widens before me. “Let me get turned around, then we’ll eat.”

“Let’s not eat, just yet. How about we go for a little stroll, first?” you ask as I shut the engine off. “I’m not really hungry, anyway.”

“Sure, I’d like that.” I get out of the truck, putting my keys in the backpack, then putting it over my shoulder

“Come on,” you urge. I hurry and catch up to you, grabbing you around the waist and turning you to face me. I hold you for a short moment, then kiss you lightly on the mouth, the feel of you against me wonderfully refreshing after the time on the road.

” All right,” I say as I release you, “let’s walk.” I shift the backpack a bit, trying to find the least uncomfortable position. It doesn’t seem very heavy, just bulky and I realize the blanket is in it. “Which way?”

“Through there,” you motion ahead, then hold my hand as we walk together through a forested patch. I can see glimpses of the lake through the trees, but nothing else. We continue down the path for a while, speaking of nothing in particular, happy to be in each other’s company.

The path opens onto a grassy plateau overlooking the water, a small clearing really, with a marvelous view of the lake. “Here we are,” you say.

“It’s beautiful,” I breathe. I can see miles of shoreline and a great expanse of sapphire blue water. I let go of your hand and walk toward the water, stopping a few feet short of a drop. Glancing down I can see a gentle slope leading to the water. There did not appear to be footprints along the shore line, though this seemed a pristine fishing spot. Secluded from foot traffic and near deep water, just reachable with a good cast. I almost wish I had though to bring my gear.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” I hadn’t heard you approach. “So quiet and peaceful. Nobody for miles around.”

“Really,” I wonder. “Where’s our blanket? If we’re going to picnic, we need one.”

You give me a smile that lights up your face, “Don’t be silly, it’s in the bag. Along with a couple of glasses, so be careful getting them out.”

“OK,” I lower the bag gently to the ground and unzip[ it. I remove a large folded blanket and set it on the ground.

“Come here,” you tell me, “help me with this.” You are slowly, and carefully unfolding the blanket and I soon see why. Two champagne flutes and a pony bottle are carefully wrapped within its protective folds. The champagne has been chilled, the condensation on the bottle stands out clearly.

“Open this,” you say, handing me the bottle. I get it open with minimal effort, the cork already having been loosened. My success is announced with a gentle pop, and I hear you giggle. Placing the glasses near the mouth of the bottle, I fill them. Then take them from you as you finish spreading the blanket.

We sit together a moment illegal bahis in quiet appreciation of the surroundings. ” A toast?” I ask.

“Only to us,” you reply.

“To us,” I salute you with the glass, and then take a small sip. You wrap our arms together after your first sip, and then we drink together. I set my glass down and take your face in my hands, gently kissing you, tasting the champagne on your tongue.

“Hmm,” you murmur.

“Hmm, indeed. You lovely thing, you planned this all out, didn’t you?”

“Only as far as having a drink. Anything else that happens is up to you”

“Anything,” I ask raising my eyebrows lecherously.

“Anything,” you respond quietly, yet firmly, before kissing me and holding me as tightly to you as possible. I can feel your nipples poking through the material of your shirt, and wonder how far I dare go. I know sex outdoors carries it’s own thrill and wonder if you’ll be cooperative.

I gently caress you through your shirt, feeling your nipples stiffen to my touch. “Hmmm” I mutter, gently kissing your neck. I continue to caress you, stopping only to unbutton your blouse and move it aside, allowing my hands direct access to your naked breasts, your nipples hard in my palm. A gentle squeeze and roll, followed by a caress is the motion of my hand, while my lips continue their gentle explorations of your mouth, throat, and ears.

Sounds of pleasure issue forth from your lovely lips as your run a hand under the hem of my shorts, searching for my penis. Your hand gently caresses me, causing me to moan. I feel my cock hardening under your hand, its gentle caresses exciting me. “Hmmm,” I murmur against your sweet neck. The gentle stroking continues, causing my cock to stiffen still further.

My lips work their way down to your lovely chest, tasting the salty tang of your sweat, feeling your soft skin, taking each nipple slowly into my mouth. I suckle upon them, bringing them more firmly erect than previously. You moan pleasantly in response, removing your hand, working on the button of my shorts. As you do so, I gently stroke your pussy through the thin cotton of your shorts.

“Stop,” you tell me. “Lie back, let me do you first.” I lie back on the blanket, opening my shirt in the process, feeling the sun warm upon my chest. You wriggle my shorts off, exposing my hard cock to the warm air.

“Hmm, that’s nice,” I tell you as you snuggle into a comfortable position, lying between my legs. You gently resume stroking my cock, arousing me some more. Placing a hand around the base of my cock, you gently lick the underside, causing me to gasp. “Hmm, hmmm. That’s very nice,” I tell you. You smile up at me, while continuing to lick me.

You lick the underside from base to tip, kissing the top, then licking gently down one side and up the underside again. Again you kiss the tip gently before licking you way down the opposite side. Your left hand gently squeezes me when you place your kisses upon me, keeping my member still while you lick and kiss me. You move your right arm between my legs, gently cupping my balls, caressing the sensitive skin. Another smile with your tongue upon the head of my cock before you slowly close your lips around the head.

“Ah, yes. That feels so fucking good,” I tell you. You pause, teasing me with what may come as your left hand gently caresses the length of my erection. A gentle flick of your tongue on the tip of my cock elicits another gasp. You firmly place your hand just beneath the crown, in contact with your luscious lips. You slowly move them both down, enveloping me with your mouth as your hand caresses me. “Hmm, hmm,” I murmur. The feeling of your wonderful mouth and gentle hand working together upon my erection fill me with pleasure. I gently stroke your hair, wishing your pussy was before me so that I could repay you in kind, trading pleasure for pleasure. I know I will soon enough, so I simply sigh contentedly.

You raise your lovely lips to the tip of my cock again, give me a gentle kiss and wriggle forward. I lean toward you and our lips meet. Your left hand stops its gentle caressing long enough to guide my erection between your tits, while your right holds the right breast against me while your left moves to trap my cock between them.

I lean back as you gently move your tits up and down, stroking my cock with your tender flesh. I gently brush your hair out of your face, revealing the most beautiful illegal bahis siteleri smile I have seen in a long time. “Enjoying yourself,” you quietly ask.

“That seems apparent,” I answer, gently clenching my buttocks causing my cock to twitch. “I want to lick you, ” I tell you.

“I know,” you tell me. “Not yet. Your first today.” Your smile continues as you continue to slide my cock between your lovely tits, bringing me closer to orgasm. You gently and slowly work your way back down, keeping your tits in contact with my cock until the last possible minute, your lips kissing me before you release them. One remains against the side of my cock, while the left slips back between my legs, brushing my balls.

You use your fingertips along my cock as you continue to run your beautiful lips up and down the length of my shaft. Your tongue along the underside of my cock is a warm, wet tunnel, guiding me in and out of your lovely lips. You slowly pull off, running your tongue around my head.

“Oh, fuck. That feels so good,” I tell you. “I’m gonna cum, soon.”

You simply smile, gently wrapping your hand around my shaft, returning your lips to my cock. You resume the combination of hand and mouth, adding slight pressure from your teeth. “Aahh,” I hiss. “That’s wonderful.” You slowly continue, drawing out the experience, bringing me ever closer. You place both hands along side of my cock at the base, using only your mouth. This slows me down somewhat, but is just as pleasurable.

“Hmm, hmm, hmm,” you hum as you continue bobbing your head up and down. You add tongue and resume gently stroking me with your right hand. This is almost too much.

“I’m really close,” I tell you, again. “I’m gonna cum.”

You increase the pace of your hand, shifting your weight a bit. “Oh yeah, I’m cumming!” I tell you. The first burst lands within your mouth as you continue stroking me. The next lands upon your cheek and neck as you slide forward some more, causing the rest of my cum to splatter over your beautiful tits.

“Uh, huh, uh huh,” I grunt, unable to say anything coherent, so intense is the pleasure you have given me. You slowly rub my cock over your cheek, using it to wipe my cum off your face, smiling as you lick it clean. I groan again as you return my cock to your loving mouth, trying to get every last drop.

I grab your shoulders, pulling you up to me, holding you close as I kiss you. I roll over atop you, pushing your shorts off you in one smooth motion, leaning up to admire your beautiful pussy. Your freshly trimmed pubic hair is forming an arrow to my target. I position myself between your legs, admiring your smooth lips, silently thanking you for trimming your hair this closely.

I gently lick your swollen lips, causing you to moan softly. “Hmm, ,” I hear,” that’s nice.” I continue slowly licking your lips, working around the edges, between your lip and thigh, over the top of your clit, down the other side. Holding your pussy closed. I glance up to see you rubbing your tits, pinching your nipples, keeping your arousal high. Another lick of your lips and the circuit begins again, though this time I pinch your vulva as I slide over the top of your clit. “Ung,” I hear you moan, as I slide my tongue down the inside of you thigh.

I reach the bottom of your pussy and can taste your juices as they seep through your pinched lips. I release them and slowly run my tongue up the length of your slightly parting lips, enjoying the taste of the journey. My tongue flits lightly over your clit, before I slide it back down the side of your lips. On reaching the bottom, I enjoy the taste of your arousal from the small pool that has gathered. I return to holding your lips closed, parting only the bottom portion enough to drink of you. Your moans of pleasure are becoming louder and more frequent.

“Close?” I ask you.

“Uh, huh,” you reply. “Very”

“Good,” I reply remaining above you. I pinch you lightly to keep you aroused, but I am trying to keep from climax for the moment. My right hand gently rubs your inner thighs then works north toward your lovely tits. As I reach them, I gently pull each nipple, feeling them grow hard beneath my fingers. Gentle “hmmm’s” are your responses to them.

“Still aroused?”

“Yes,” you reply.

“Good.” I slowly release my grip on your lips, allowing them to spread on their own, revealing your lovely, wet pussy. A small pool of your canlı bahis siteleri juices has gathered along the bottom of your cunt and your inner lips glisten with their own moisture. I gently squeeze your clit as I lower my mouth to your beautiful pussy once again. I run my tongue from top to bottom, circling your clit before licking the pooled cum on the bottom.

“Nngg,” you murmur. “That’s so nice.” I do not reply, instead gently nipping your clit between my teeth, causing you to gasp. I slowly work a finger into your dripping box, coating it with your juice before sliding it down and against your ass. You respond to the pressure by lifting your hips, encouraging me to bring you off.

“Easy,” I tell you. “It’s not time yet.” You groan slightly in frustration, but relax your thighs, lowering your luscious pussy down. I resume licking you, my finger gently stroking the inner surface of your vulva. Up and around my tongue goes, tracing paths of delight. Your moans are again drawing closer together and I again pause, smacking your exposed clit as I do so. You gasp in response, more in surprise than pain, as it was not hard.

“What was that for?” you wonder.

“Trying to climax before I want you to,” I tell you with another pussy slap. You moan again, then subside, trying to be patient. “Let me know when you’ve calmed down a bit,” I say,” I want to try something before I finish you off.”

“OK, as long as it’s not too kinky,” you tell me. I just smile in return. My cock is rock hard, though not visible to you, aching to enter you and fill you. “OK,” you say after a couple of minutes,” I’m calmed down.”

“All right. Close your eyes,” I tell you. No point in telling you to spread your legs since they’ve been that way for a time. After your eyes have closed, I slowly rise to my knees and gently place the head of my dick against your soaking pussy. I place your arm across your eyes as I see them fluttering, wanting to open, and hold it there as I thrust into you, filling your cunt with my hard cock.

“Oh, yes,” you groan, “that feels so good.” I continue to thrust in and out for a couple of minutes, allowing the excitement to build in both of us. When I sense you are about ready to explode, I pull out. Your moan is one of unendurable frustration, so close did I come to bringing you off.

“I’m now going to finish licking you off,” I tell you. Changing position to bring my cock within reach of your wonderful hands and (hopefully) mouth, I lower my face to you and resume feasting. As I slip a finger into your dripping pussy, I feel your hand lightly run along my shaft, keeping me hard. I gently nip your clit and you respond by drawing my dripping cock into your lovely mouth, eagerly licking your juices off of me as I slide my wet finger up your ass.

“Ah, yes,” I moan against your pussy. “That’s feels so good.”

You engulf my hard cock within your mouth, sucking me faster and faster, keeping time with my own circling tongue and thrusting fingers, coming ever closer to a powerful orgasm. You release your oral grip on me, your hand stroking me as you scream out your pleasure. “Oh, yes, oh yes, oh yes,” You moan loudly as the waves of your orgasm rush through you.

I pause in my ministrations, withdraw my fingers and tell you to turn over. As you settle into position, I move behind you and briefly place the head of my cock against your wet ass. You shift your weight back toward me, invitingly, but instead I shove my hard dick deep into your pussy, fucking you hard and fast, keeping the waves of orgasm running through you.

A constant stream of “Uh, huh, uh, huh,” is all you can say as I thrust in and out of your dripping snatch. I rub my hands over your ass cheeks and suddenly pause, just the tip of my cock in you, waiting.

“Hmmm,” you murmur,” don’t stop.”


I slap your ass hard as I resume pushing into you, causing you to gasp louder than ever. “Uh, huh. Cum baby, fill me with your hot cum” I continue thrusting, in, out, in out, pause.” Please cum!” Slap and resume, faster and harder, building ever closer. Faster, faster, faster until I can’t take it any more.

“I’m cumming,” I tell you, gasping as you feel the spurts of my cum shooting from my spasming cock. “Hnnn, ” I mutter as I slowly come to a stop. Holding you steady as I rub your ass where I spanked you, soothing your abused muscle, gently rubbing up along your back, calming us both.

You collapse forward as my dick limply slides out, spent and tired. I lay beside you, gently stroking your lovely long hair as we gather our breath, enjoying the peaceful stillness that has returned to our little piece of heaven.

To be continued…

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