A Walk in the Park

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Harry Johnson sat on a park bench. The day was sunny and warm for November, only a trace of chill in the air. Still, he noticed most people had a light jacket with them, either on their bodies, draped on their arms, or tied around their waists.

Harry was the typical recent retiree. Since he’d left teaching last year (389 days ago, to be exact), he’d tried to sleep in. Although the ring of a school bell no longer governed his life, Harry was used to the regimented lifestyle and just this morning had awaken at 5:35, his wake-up time during the school year. Despite this, Harry was happy as he sat on “his” bench watching the world play.

Much of the reason Harry loved the park was for the people watching. Just now, Harry observed a young family, possibly tourists, enjoy a picnic beneath a maple shedding its leaves. Across the path, a playground barely contained screaming toddlers and hyperactive children as nannies and mothers watched, gossiping by a different cluster of benches. A man on a bicycle rode by just as a young woman speaking quietly on her cell phone rounded the corner. Harry tried to call out, but it was too late. The handle of the bicycle clipped the young women on the shoulder, sending her coffee into the air to its final resting place on her blouse. “Nooo!” the woman shrieked as her white blouse stained brown with the coffee. “Jerk,” she muttered to the bicyclist, who continued on his way.

“Jessica, I’m gonna have to call you back. Some biker just hit me and I spilled stuff all over my shirt. Can we meet for the later session? How about four? I wanna change.” The woman listened as Harry approached her. “Okay, great. Bye!” Harry offered the woman a napkin and a smile.

“Oh, thank you!” she said enthusiastically. “I can’t believe that just happened.”

“I’ve been telling them to put mirrors or signs up or something. You really could’ve gotten hurt. Are you okay?” Harry said sympathetically.

“I’m fine, really. It’s just a shame. This is my favorite blouse! And silk, too.” Harry nodded. He appreciated the woman’s smile, her look. Her plump pink lips surrounded pretty white teeth, all lined as they should. She had sandy colored hair wind swept from her face, a few beads of sweat around her hairline. She had laughing blue eyes and the aura of a poet, the kind that writes of trees and flowers and love. Harry inhaled as his eyes slightly dropped. A shapely figure, curvy in the right places. She smelled like lavender.

He found his voice. “I’m Harry. Harry Johnson.” The woman smiled. Harry realized it was at his comical name. He winced inwardly, the result of years of schoolyard cruelty, both as a child and as a teacher. “I know, silly name,” he said, attempting to regain her attention. “I live just up the street. I could lend you something of my daughter’s. You look about the same size. And she’s probably around the same age, too. Unless you’d rather not…” he let the end of his small speech trail off. The woman looked warily, but then smiled.

“That’d be lovely.” Harry smiled and turned the opposite direction from the disastrous path corner. The woman began to speak as they walked the short distance to Harry’s rowhouse.

“My name’s casino siteleri Alyssa Dupree,” she said, keeping step with Harry. She began to talk of her day and how it hadn’t been going so well. She was a college student, just turned nineteen. She had just come from an English class at her university on the other side of the park. Harry knew it well, from his walks and from teaching a remedial English course himself every fall. “So anyway, I didn’t do very well on my test, even after all that work and studying. It probably doesn’t seem like such a big deal to you, but it just has me frazzled!”

“I used to teach English. High school, but still,” Harry remarked.

“Really?” the girl asked. When Harry nodded, she began to explain her test. He nodded sympathetically, adding his opinion when asked, and soon they were at his home. He fumbled with the key and then opened the door, motioning for the young lady to enter first.

“It’s beautiful,” she – Alyssa – remarked as she entered the foyer. “Victorian?” Harry nodded.

“My late wife and I restored it years ago. I was thinking of selling it.”

“Is this her?” Alyssa asked as she picked up a framed photo from the sideboard. Harry nodded.

“She’s been gone eight years and I still think of her every day.” Alyssa nodded in sympathy.

“Where’s the…the….uh….”

“Oh, I’m sorry. My daughter’s room is just up the stairs. The second door on the right. I’m sure she’ll have something. I’ll go see if there’s any stain remover.” The woman smiled and then climbed the stairs. Harry took a moment to appreciate the view and then opened the doors to the laundry closet under the stairs. He located the stain remover and pulled it from the closet. He waited. And waited.

After several minutes and still no Alyssa, Harry climbed the stairs. She’s probably robbing me blind he thought to himself. And here she was wary of me. He reached the top step and noticed his bedroom door was open, although he always kept doors closed. It was a pet peeve of his. His daughter’s door, too, was open. He walked in just as Alyssa got her head stuck in an old cashmere sweater.

“This…stupid…thing!” the girl exclaimed to herself as she tried to fight her way in.

“Do you need help?” Harry asked. The girl startled.

“Oh, geez!” she said.

“Sorry. I should’ve knocked. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“There!” the woman said as her head popped through. “Oh, yeah. Sorry, I was stuck. Thank you so much for your hospitality. I’m not used to people being so nice to me. Especially strangers.”

“Think nothing of it! We couldn’t have you walking around in that coffee stained shirt, now could we?” They both chuckled. “Would you care for some tea?”

“I’d love some,” she replied with a smile. “Thank God you didn’t ask me for coffee!”

When the two were downstairs, Harry sat the woman in the living room and started a fire in the gas fireplace. “Oh, this is wonderful,” the woman said as Harry handed her the drink. She took a few sips and set it down on the coffee table. The two sat in silence, alternating drinking the beverage and staring into the fire. After a while, it became quite slot oyna warm in the room. Harry was just about to remark on it when Alyssa stood.

“I’m getting a little warm. I’m wearing a layer under this sweater, but do you mind if I take it off?” Harry nodded his consent.

“Do you want me to turn the heat down?” The woman shook her head.

“No, it’s too lovely. If I just get this off I’ll be the right temperature.” She pulled her arms through the holes and then attempted her head. As before, it wouldn’t budge.

The woman struggle with it. The layer she wore underneath, a satin and lace camisole, was pulled up along with the sweater. The girl’s bra was in full view, the curve of her breasts in plain sight. As the girl’s body shook with the movement of forcing her head out of the sweater, a pale pink nipple peeked out and then disappeared.

“Would you mind helping me?” the girl’s muffled voice requested from the midst of the sweater.

“Certainly,” Harry said, hopping to his feet. He felt a little embarrassed for the speed at which he acquiesced, but she didn’t say anything.

“There! Out.” He said triumphantly as they both fell to the couch with the effort. The woman giggled. They were very close. Her hair was standing up from the static on the sweater. Harry lifted a hand to smooth it down. He looked down at her as she turned to face him. Her eyes shone with…Harry couldn’t place his finger on it, but it looked like hunger. Desire. Fire.

Harry moved his hand down to caress her cheek. He put his thumb to her lips and stroked. With one swoop, he bent and kissed her on the mouth gently. Just once. He pulled back once he realized what he’d done, but the frozen girl defrosted. “No, don’t,” she said. Harry blushed and went to excuse himself when the woman swiftly took his face in her hands and kissed him. Passionately. Her tongue probed his lips open and she sighed as she leaned in. Harry did the same, drinking the sweetness of her kiss as if it was the only thing keeping him alive.

The woman pulled back. “I want you to fuck me,” she whispered. Harry looked confused, uncertain and taken aback by her harsh words. He hadn’t had an offer from a teenager since…since he’d been a teenager himself. And that was only with his wife…

“Alyssa, I don’t know…” The woman shushed him, placed her hand on his pants.

“I know you want to. I’m of age. I consent. Do you?” She smiled as he reached up to push her hair back from her face. She stroked his penis, just once, and closed her eyes. Harry pulled the barely legal girl onto his lap. Her camisole strap fell, and he pushed the other and her bra straps down with it. When her breasts were bared to him, he took one into his mouth, running his tongue over the sensitive nipple. It stood on end, just as its twin did while he pinched and pulled it. “Oh, Alyssa,” he whispered as he switched breasts. He moved his tongue in a circle just right and the girl leaned her head back, pushing her breasts into his face, and sighed.

When her breathing came quicker and her face flushed, he stopped. “Are you sure?” Harry asked again. The girl didn’t answer, but unbuttoned and unzipped Harry’s fly. His canlı casino siteleri erect penis sprang from his pants, tip darkening and eager for the coming events. Alyssa smiled devilishly and sank to the floor onto her knees. She licked her lips and cupped his balls, easing the tip of his penis into her luscious mouth. Harry moaned as he felt her soft, wet lips embrace him. She sucked slowly and then inch by inch took his entire penis into her mouth. She pulled it out and looked up at him.

“You like it when I suck your cock,” she said. He had no words, just moans. She placed his cock back into her mouth and then pumped her head up and down, up and down, up and down until he thought he’d go mad. Just before he was about to come, she stopped.

“You wicked girl,” he groaned. The agony was delicious. She smiled, licking her lips. “You think that’s funny?” She nodded. “Well, now it’s your turn.” He pushed her onto her back and sank to the floor. He peeled her legs open, leaving a trail of kisses from her right knee up to the spot between her legs. But he didn’t touch her there yet. He reached up and squeezed her breast, then smiled. His warm breath tickled her inner thigh and suddenly, his mouth was on her. He gently sucked her clit, drawing it farther out each time. His warm, wet tongue ran along her folds, caressing them tenderly, intimately. She sighed and ran her hands through his gray hair, anchoring her fingers. Harry used his tongue to prod her open, test the rhythm. When he found the right motion, he concentrated. Her breath sped up. He felt her body begin to tremble. And then he stopped.

“No fair!” she cried out. “Please! Please fuck me!” she begged. Harry chuckled and when she least expected it, he thrust into her, not sparing anything. She cried out in pain and pleasure as her hymen broke, her pussy stretching to accommodate this man. Harry panicked. He didn’t know she was a virgin. She’d conducted herself as an expert up to that point.

“It’s okay,” she panted. “Just keep going! Keep going!” Harry pumped into her with a ferocity that scared him. He hadn’t fucked anything other than his hand in over a decade, since before his wife was sick.

He plowed her. Over and over. He slowed, one deep thrust inducing a string of curses and cries from the woman on his living room floor. He sped up, putting pressure just there until she cried out. Her pussy clenched his cock tighter and tighter until finally her body convulsed. “Alyssssssa,” he hissed as he himself began to reach that spot. The girl sobbed in pleasure, squeezing her own breasts and caressing Harry’s arm in turn. “Oh, Alyssssssa.” He moaned as he reached climax, shooting stream after stream of his essence into the teenager. He sighed, collapsing onto her, her bare breasts meeting his gray chest hair. He lay on top of her, his cock still inside her, while her pussy clenched, then released, then clenched. He stroked her face, kissed her moist cheek.

“Oh, sweetheart,” he said in a whisper. “You are fantastic. And oh so beautiful.”

The girl smiled. “As are you.”

Twenty minutes later, they had both cleaned up. Alyssa was in a different blouse of his daughter’s and was at the door. “Well, I guess I might have to stop by next time I do poorly on an English exam, if you’re gonna tutor me like that.”

“So, same time next week?” Harry said with a smile.

“Make it sooner and you’ve got yourself a deal.”

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