A Week with Cathy Ch. 10

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“Okay,” I said to Gail when we were in the car, alone for the first time since… “How awkward is all of this right now?”

“You’ll have to be more specific: awkward between you and me because I walked in on you and Cathy fucking? Awkward around Aunt Rani because she walked on on you and Cathy fucking and she’s keeping it a secret from everybody else? Awkward because we’re still here as house guests even though Cathy, who we came to visit, has been sent off to school, but Aunt Rani can’t explain things to Mom and Dad?”

I pulled out of the driveway, glancing at the GPS for directions to the mall. “Um, any of the above? And I’m sure we can think of others.”

“Well,” she said, “obviously Aunt Rani was right, I am going to be traumatized for life from seeing you naked.”

I laughed, for the first time since Aunt Rani had walked in on us. “Oh man, if she only knew.”

“On the other hand… dumbass… didn’t either of you ever hear of locking the fucking door?”

“Yeah, well…”

“And on the other other hand,” she said more seriously, “I feel some responsibility myself.”

“How so?”

“Well I knew you were crushing on Cathy, and I did everything I could to push you together.”

“Yeah, you did, didn’t you? Why was that?”

“I don’t know,” she said. “I’m a good sister? Vicarious thrills, maybe?”

“Well, you did seem pretty interested when Cathy and I were messing around in the car.”

“Was I?” she asked in a teasing voice. “What did you think, I was getting horny watching you?”

“A guy can dream.”

“You were fantasizing about your sister getting wet? That’s so wrong.”

“I know.”

“What else were you thinking about?”

“Well, this is inappropriate, but the way you were sitting there with your legs open, your panties showing, I was kind of hoping you’d move your hand down and touch yourself.”

“You’re terrible! And how do you know I wasn’t, when you weren’t looking?”

“You were?”

“Maybe and maybe not. Maybe I am right now.”

I quickly glanced over. Her hands were at her sides, and there was no way they could have been near her pussy a moment ago.

“Made you look,” she said. “And now keep your eyes on the road, okay?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Is that something you’d like to see me do someday?”

“Hell, yeah.”

“Well, don’t count on it. I don’t think I could ever do that if I knew anybody else was watching.”

We were quiet for a while, then Gail said softly “Scott, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, what?”

“Last night, you were my first. Was I also your first?”

“You were,” I told her. Well, technically anyway: the previous night Missy had snuck into my room and sucked my cock, letting me eat out her pussy. I hadn’t known it was her until this morning, when I had my hand less than an inch from her bald and wet pussy — neither encounter being something Gail ever needed to know about.

“Oh, I see you remember it fondly,” Gail said, and I realized she was staring at my crotch. Of course losing my virginity casino siteleri to my twin sister was one of the high points of my life, but this particular erection came from thinking about what I’d done with Missy.

“Of course I do,” I told Gail.

“You know,” she said, “Mom and Dad sent us here to buy school clothes, but there’s no reason we can’t stop off at the bikini shop. There were a few I couldn’t show you the other day.”

Well, that answered the question neither of us was discussing: whether what we’d done the night before was going to be a one-time thing. And whether my fucking Cathy meant the end of fucking my sister.

And just think, a week ago I was thrilled to have briefly touched Alison’s bare breast.

We got to the mall, bought the requisite school clothing first, and locked it away in the trunk of the car. Then we went to Hot Summer Fun, and I settled in for what promised to be an interesting show.

And today, unlike the other day, I didn’t have to pretend not to be interested.

First, Gail came out wearing a bright red bikini that seemed pretty conservative, though definitely flattering to her large breasts — then she showed me how the cups could be adjusted from being so close together that there was no cleavage exposed t,o (as she called it) “Promise you’ll bail me out when I’m arrested.” She illustrated this, after making sure nobody was around, by moving the cups so far apart that I could see part of her aureoles. “Wow,” I told her.

She smiled and went back inside the dressing room. When she came out, she was wearing a one-piece that stretched so tightly against her crotch that it might as well have been a thong bottom. Above, two strips of nylon covered both of her breasts completely, but the “cleavage” went down to her waist. “nobody ever actually wore that in public,” I said.

“No, but maybe in private. If we had a pool at home you wouldn’t mind seeing me in this, would you?”

“Not at all,” I said; though looking at the bottom of the thing, it didn’t look at all comfortable. And speaking of which…

She saw where I was glancing, and answered my question before I asked it. “Cathy showed me how to shave down there before she left. She helped me a bit, actually; which might have felt awkward if I hadn’t just, you know, watched her fucking my brother. Okay, one more.”

She ducked back into the dressing room and a few minutes later said “I’m not sure I can come out in this.”

“Oh, that sounds interesting. Can I come in?”

“Eh, screw it, here I come,” she said, and opened the curtains and came out.

She kept her back to the dressing room, because the bottoms were little more than a string in back and exposed her whole ass.

On top, her aureoles were completely covered, but that was about it. She looked down at my crotch and said “I see you like it.”

“You think?”

“Honestly, though, it seems to me anybody wearing this might as well just be topless. You got the time?”

I took my phone out of my pocket and checked. “Okay, do you want to slot oyna see the movie after all? I think I’m going to buy the red one, so you go ahead and get the tickets and I’ll meet you there.”

When she caught up to me, she was wearing her cotton shorts as before but she’d replaced her t-shirt (and bra) with the red bikini top. She wasn’t the only girl in the mall that evening wearing a bikini top as a shirt, of course, but I don’t think anybody wore one better.

She smiled when she saw I approved.

Without discussing it first, we both made our way to the back of the theatre. It was empty enough here that once the lights went out, we’d be able to make out as if we were dating. I realized we’d fucked last night — twice, in fact — but we’d never kissed.

She pushed the cups of her bikini top just a bit further apart, exposing a little more cleavage. Well, now I’d just have to kiss her there too.

Just as the commercials were ending, just before the lights went completely out so the show could begin (and our fun could begin), we noticed somebody else coming down our row. As they came closer — they were coming very close, why were they coming so close??? — I noticed they were a couple about our age. The girl had long, jet-black hair, falling over a white, button-down blouse, and wore a denim skirt that couldn’t have come down more than an inch or two below her panties.

Knock it off, I told myself, you shouldn’t be looking at other girls when you’re out on a date… um, with your sister.

They came all the way down the row, and the girl settled into the seat next to mine. What the fuck, don’t they understand giving people some privacy?

I couldn’t just ask them to leave, though, and it would be a little conspicuous if we moved down to the other end of the row, so I leaned into Gail and kissed her. Maybe the other couple would get the hint.

Gail was surprised at first, but kept the kiss going longer than I’d expected.

The lights went out.

The other guy kissed his girlfriend as deeply as I’d kissed Gail.

I noticed Gail adjusting her bikini top. I’d assumed she was moving the cups back together, to make herself more decent since we weren’t alone — but when the movie started, and I put my arm around her, eventually letting my hand settle on her breast, I realized she’d done the opposite, pushing them apart so that her breasts were half exposed. I guess she figured it was dark, and she was separated from the other guy from both me and the black-haired girl, so it was safe.

Fine by me.

Since the girl was sitting next to me, I couldn’t miss the fact that her boyfriend had a hand on her breast as well.

She noticed me looking. Uh-oh.

But instead of being embarrassed or angry, she gave me a small smile and unbuttoned two buttons on her shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra — I could tell by now — and her boyfriend slipped his hand inside her shirt and rested it on her bare breast. This made it possible for me to see quite a bit of her other breast.

If I’d been looking, which I was canlı casino siteleri pretending not to.

She undid anther button, exposing almost the entire breast to me.

There was no point pretending not to notice anymore. Gail noticed me noticing, and lifted her bikini top over her breasts, leaving her effectively topless in public. In the dark, with nobody but me and the other couple close enough to see, but topless.

Not to be outdone, the other girl unbuttoned her last button, and slipped out of her shirt, stuffing it into her purse.

We were all pretty openly watching one another now.

Gail, reached down and stroked my cock through my shorts.

The other guy put a hand on his girlfriend’s thigh and, as it crept upward, began pushing her skirt higher and higher. Even in the dark, since I was sitting next to her, I had a perfect view. I waited for her panties to come into sight, and… they didn’t: there was nothing under there but a naked pussy.

Holy shit… even with everything that had gone on the past week, I’d only ever seen two pussies in my life — three, if you count almost seeing Missy’s.

She brought her hand to her mouth to keep from gasping when he touched her pussy.

Using both hands, Gail undid my belt and unzipped my shorts. This got the other girl’s attention even as she was reacting to her boyfriend beginning to lightly rub her pussy. A moment later my cock was free, hard and pointing straight up.

The black-haired girl seemed to like what she saw, though of course it helped that her boyfriend was stroking her pussy with his middle finger. I imagined I could hear the sound of his finger sliding through her wetness, though fortunately for all of us this was a loud movie.

Did she share my sense of disbelief that half an hour we’d never seen one another, and now we were sitting next to one another basically naked, being played with by our respective dates?

I was dying to touch her.

Gail wrapped her hand around my cock, and began pumping it slowly. She leaned in close enough to whisper, though the girl could certainly hear and maybe her boyfriend as well. “I can’t do it here, but tonight I’m coming to your room and giving you a blowjob. Do you think you’ll like that?”

“Hell yeah,” I whispered back.

The question that ran through my mind was how many times a guy could cum in one 24-hour period. Right now, I felt as if there were no limits.

My second thought was, What did these two make of Gail saying “I’m coming to your room tonight?”

The girl next to me gasped as her boyfriend thrust a finger into her pussy. I could smell her arousal, a little bit different from Missy’s and Gail’s and Cathy’s.

As if encouraged by what the other couple was doing, Gail suddenly began jerking me off faster.

The girl’s boyfriend began finger-fucking her harder. She was squirming in her seat so vigorously, I was afraid that would attract somebody’s attention.

After a couple of minutes I heard her say, in a loud whisper, “Oh god, oh yeah, god yes,” and that was it for me: I heard myself groan and Gail suddenly pointed my dick at the black-haired girl and I shot more semen than I thought I could possibly have left all over her naked tits. “Oh fuck yes!” she shouted loudly as she came.

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