A Weekend of Discoveries

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“Should we leave the windows open tonight?” Nikki asked me. “I love the fresh air.”

“Yea, let’s do that. It shouldn’t get too cold tonight.” I replied.

“Oh, don’t worry. If you get cold, I’ll warm you up.” Nikki replied with a sly grin on her face.

“And I love the ways you do that.” I replied as I pulled my wife into a big hug and kissed her passionately.

We lived in the foothills of the Rockies where we had a fabulous view of the mountains from our living room, and a view of the valley below from the master bedroom of our second floor apartment. The seasonal changes from spring to summer had brought warmer days, and nights that were crisp but not cold. We could finally open the windows and let the gentle breezes remove the stale air which had been kept inside all winter. We also left all the inside doors open to the rooms, so the air could flow through the apartment. We didn’t consider it a problem leaving our bedroom door open at night since it was only the two of us living there.

Nikki and I were married two years ago, right after we graduated from college. She had a degree in nursing and now worked at the local hospital. I had a degree in computer science, focused on security issues. Using my computer skills I lived the saying: ‘It takes a hacker to stop a hacker.’ I was employed by a cyber security firm and worked remotely. My home office was in our guest bedroom. This setup wasn’t usually a problem as we seldom had overnight guests staying with us.

“We should get outside this weekend.” Nikki said as she turned down the bed and stripped out of what clothes she wore. Our usual attire at home, when it was just the two of us, was simply a t-shirt and underwear; cotton boxers for me and low-rise hipster panties for Nikki. We always slept in the nude.

Stripping off my clothes, I turned off the bedroom light, and joined Nikki in bed. The large open window had a great view at night of the lights of the city in the valley to the east. Our apartment was situated on a hillside in a way that no one could see in our bedroom window. We could enjoy the view, without risking that anyone could see us. A nearly full moon was just beginning to rise above the horizon.

“Outside?” I responded to my wife. “Should we go hiking Saturday or do you prefer camping overnight?”

“The moon should be full this weekend. You know I love to go camping with a full moon.” Nikki replied in a sultry voice as she snuggled next to me.

Our sex life was very good, but there was something about camping outside in nature, under a full moon, that really lit a sexual fire in Nikki. On such camping trips, we often had wild sex three or four times each night.

“Camping it is!” I said enthusiastically.

We were laying on our sides, hugging each other as we spoke and kissed. The thought of camping, and the accompanying sex I anticipated, had my cock growing and throbbing.

“I can feel your eagerness.” Nikki said as she felt my cock pressed against her stomach. She rolled on top of me.

“I am. Ready for a late night snack?” I whispered in her ear.

The phrase ‘late night snack’ was our euphemism for ’69’ oral sex, our usual form of sexual foreplay. I loved eating her pussy and I loved the way she sucked my cock. We always perform oral on each other until she had at least one, if not two, orgasms. Then I knew she was ready for actual intercourse.

I should mention that most of our sexual activities were done with her on top in the dominant position. ’69’ was done with her on top. Intercourse was almost always her on top, cowgirl style. There were two reasons for this. First, Nikki was quite petite, only 5’2″ and barely 105 pounds. She had a tiny frame; a 33 B-cup chest, 24 inch waist, and 34 inch hips. Her blonde hair, blue eyes, and tremendous smile made an excitingly attractive package. The second reason was that she was sexually aggressive and often took the lead in all things sexual. This was somewhat different from her public personality which was very pragmatic and cautious while always remaining very friendly. She may have been quiet in public, but she was a firecracker in the bedroom, or wherever we were having sex.

And I am also on the small size. I am only 5’7″ and 140 pounds of lean muscle. I worked out daily to maintain low body fat. Nikki and I were both very athletic, which made for some incredible sex.

Without verbally answering my question, Nikki had rotated on top of me into a ’69’ position. She began licking and sucking my cock while caressing my shaved balls with one hand. She had lowered her silky smooth pussy down upon my face, my tongue easily slid into her, between her wet lower lips. The more I licked her pussy, the more she sucked my cock.

We went at it orally for perhaps half an hour. She had four orgasms. Her fluids flooded my mouth and covered my face. I had come very near orgasm more than once. But Nikki could tell when I was close and simple backed off while squeezing the base of my cock to lessen my casino oyna arousal. She knew how to prolong our sexual enjoyment.

Nikki rose off of me, rotated to face me. She was kneeling over me with my waist between her knees. When she lower herself down on my cock, it was rock hard and ready to burst. I loved the feeling of her hot wet pussy snugly wrapped around my aching cock.

“Damn!” I exclaimed. “It feels so fucking good.”

“Did you expect something less?” she asked in a sarcastic voice.

She then started to ride me, using long slow strokes which became faster and faster. She knew what felt best for her, and felt really great for me as well.

It only took a few minutes of her quickly riding me to trigger our mutual orgasms. We screamed in unison. I exploded inside her and jetted stream after stream of my hot sticky cum deep within her. She continued to scream in pleasure as a massive orgasm ripped through her body, causing her body to shake while her pussy tightly clenched my cock.

After a few minutes of experiencing a powerful orgasm, Nikki collapsed on top of me. I could feel our combined fluids leaking out of her pussy and down upon my thighs. Our bed would be wet tonight.

We kissed lovingly for a short while. Then I was deep asleep.

– – – – –

The next day, Friday, after Nikki got home from work at the hospital, we had a light dinner, we got comfortable (t-shirts and underwear), and we sat on the sofa watching movies and drinking beer. The work week was over and we looked forward to our over-night camping trip the next day.

Suddenly there was a loud banging on our front door and a female voice was screaming;

“Nikki! Nikki! Let me in! Please! Let me in!”

We immediately recognized Jenny’s voice, Nikki’s younger sister. I ran to the door, opened it, and Jenny rushed into the room and into Nikki’s arms. She was crying hysterically.

“What am I to do? Help me! Help me!” Jenny begged through her tears.

“What’s happened? Tell me.” Nikki tried to console her sister. Then with a stern voice she added; “What’s Brad done now?”

Nikki helped Jenny over to the sofa and told me to get a glass of water and some tissues.

Jenny was 18 months younger than Nikki, although they looked very similar. Both were petite with a slender stature. Both had shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. I could tell them apart by Nikki’s wavy hair while Jenny’s was more curly. Otherwise they could easily pass for identical twins.

The sisters had been very close to each other in high school, even though they were two grade levels apart. After high school, their paths in life had been somewhat different. Nikki went straight through college, got her bachelor’s degree, got married, and went to work as a nurse. Jenny, on the other hand, had been in and out of college. Now she was back in college, also studying nursing, but was four years behind Nikki. She had just finished her sophomore year. We didn’t see her very often, though the sister’s talked by phone at least once a week.

Brad had been Jenny’s boyfriend for about a year. Neither Nikki or I liked Brad, and Jenny was well aware of that. We thought Brad mistreated Jenny and disrespected her. But she loved him, and thought that he loved her. She had moved in with him at the beginning of the previous semester, something Nikki and I had argued against. Jenny did it anyway, causing some friction between the otherwise close sisters. If Jenny was in physical or emotional pain, Nikki and I both knew that Brad was likely the reason.

I returned to the living room and set the water and tissues on the table in front of Nikki, who was still holding her sister. I sat in a side chair and listened. Nikki got Jenny to stop crying and she begin to explain what had happened.

“He threw me out! That bastard! He threw me out!” Jenny said in an angry voice while still fighting back her tears.

“Really? What happened?” Nikki asked.

“He found a new girlfriend with bigger boobs! That bastard! He wanted bigger tits. Why do guys always want girls with big tits?” Jenny asked in a way to challenge all men. I stayed quiet and inconspicuous. Nikki came to the rescue of mankind, or at least some decent men.

“Not all men are bastards. Yes, some, like Brad, are no good. But most men are more interested in your heart and mind and not how big your tits are. Mike is an excellent example.” Nikki told her sister, trying to console her, while waving a hand at me.

“He just threw me out! What am I to do? What can I do?” Jenny pleaded with us.

“You can stay here with us.” I offered some support.

Nikki looked at me and smiled. I could tell that she was pleased that I offered to help her sister.

“Yes, you can stay here with us for now.” Nikki continued. “Later we will help you get settled in your own place before school resumes in the fall. For now, the sooner you forget Brad, the better.”

“You can stay in our guest room.” I added. “We’ll slot oyna figure out what to do with my computer workstation before Monday.”

Nikki glared at me. I supposed this was not the best time to be discussing my stuff. We needed to be focused on Jenny’s needs.

Jenny had become quiet. She was tired, her energy spent by all the emotions of the day. She continued to sob quietly. Nikki continued to console her. A few minutes later, Nikki was helping Jenny to the guest bedroom. I put on some jeans and shoes and brought in some of Jenny’s stuff from her car, primarily two suitcases that contained most of her clothes. By the time I got back to into our apartment, Jenny was asleep in bed.

“She’s exhausted. Let her sleep.” Nikki told me as she guided me back towards our bedroom.

The emotions of the evening’s events had taken a toll on all of us. There would be no sex tonight for Nikki and me.

“We’ll deal with this tomorrow.” Nikki said. “Let’s all get some sleep tonight.”

We cuddled in each other’s arms and fell asleep.

– – – – –

Saturday morning I awoke with Nikki giving me tender kisses while her hand was stroking my cock.

“I suppose that we’re not going camping, so I thought a morning quickie would be next best.” She seductively whispered in my ear.

I noticed our bedroom door was still open to allow the air to circulate.

“What about Jenny? Won’t she hear us?” I asked. “Should I close the door?”

“I just checked on her and she is still fast asleep.” Nikki replied as she stroked my cock a bit faster. It felt so good that I wasn’t going to argue any more.

“Breakfast in bed?” Nikki added. This was our morning equivalent to ‘late night snack’.

Nikki didn’t wait for my response, and didn’t need to. I’ve never turned down such an offer from her. She swung her leg over my head and pressed her pussy onto my mouth just as the soft sweet lips of her mouth engulfed my cock. My morning woody was especially hard and ached so good as she pleasured me. It didn’t take many licks of her pussy before her own moisture began seeping out. I was loving the intense flavor of her pussy. Morning pussy always seemed to have a more robust flavor, and I was licking and sucking her with great enthusiasm. We energetically gave oral to each other for several minutes. Almost immediately after having her first orgasm, Nikki swung around into cowgirl position and slowly lowered herself onto my hard shaft. I was always amazed how incredibly good it felt each time her pussy engulfed my cock.

Instead of her usual fanatical fucking in an upright kneeling position, she laid down on my chest and we kissed lovingly while she slowly fucked me by rotating her hips. It was a tender, loving, sensual experience. While we both loved a physical, fast fuck, we also enjoyed slowly making love to each other. This was one of those times. My heart filled with love for her. And my arousal was climbing towards a powerful orgasm. I hoped that we would climax together.

When my orgasm hit, she muffled my screams of pleasure by covering my mouth with her mouth and shoving her tongue practically down my throat. She was also in the throes of a powerful orgasm, as her pussy clenched tightly around my cock. I could feel her body tremble as I held her tight in my arms.

After cuddling and kissing for several more minutes, Nikki rolled off and laid next to me. I thought I detected something, or someone, move in our doorway.

“Did you see that” I asked Nikki quietly. “Was that Jenny?”

“Yea, it was. She started watching us just after we began breakfast.” Nikki replied. “Does that bother you?”

I was shocked by Nikki’s comment. She was so calm about her sister watching us have sex.

“I don’t know what to say.” I started. “I didn’t expect to have someone watch us making love. And especially not your sister after what she just went through. Weren’t you shocked?

Nikki gave me a quick kiss followed by a smirk, as if to say ‘Silly boy…’.

“I’m not shocked by Jenny watching anything we do.” Nikki began. “I once watched her having sex.”

“That was years ago when she was a high school senior and I was in college. During Christmas break I was home for the holidays, we shared a bedroom. One night I had gone out on a date, that went badly, and I came home much earlier than anyone expected. I told mom and dad I was going to bed. When I entered our bedroom, I found Jenny having sex with her boyfriend whom she had snuck into the bedroom through the window. I couldn’t leave the room without raising questions with mom and dad, so I had to stay. Jenny and Jack fucked for another thirty minutes while I sat on my bed just a few feet away. It was erotic and funny that they were so young, horny, and energetic while at the same time trying to keep quiet. Jack left out the bedroom window about two minutes before mom poked her head inside our room to wish us a good night. Jenny and I nearly died laughing.”

I laid there just stunned.

Nikki canlı casino siteleri got out of bed and pulled on her panties and a t-shirt.

“I’m going to make some breakfast.” she announced as she left the room.

Deciding I needed to wear something other than just my boxers, which had an open fly, I put on a pair of running shorts and a t-shirt and joined Nikki in the kitchen.

I suspected that it was the aroma of bacon being cooked that brought Jenny out of her room. She was dressed in a skimpy pair of bikini panties and a cropped t-shirt that barely covered her small breasts. These exposed a lot of flesh between the high cropped shirt and the low waist panties. She was running her fingers through her curly golden hair as if her fingers were a comb. I noticed how similar Nikki and Jenny looked, even in their choice of attire – t-shirt and panties. I also noticed that Nikki didn’t object to her sister’s skimpy attire.

“How did you sleep?” Nikki asked Jenny as she continued cooking the bacon.

“Initially I slept soundly, I was so exhausted mentally and emotionally.” Jenny said. “Then I started having dreams, or maybe they were nightmares, about events between Brad and me. I remembered all the times you told me that Brad was no good for me. By early morning I was lying in bed thinking about all this and wondering why I stayed with him at all.”

As I listened to Jenny, I grew concerned that she would break down in tears at any moment. But her voice never quivered.

Jenny continued. “The good news is that I am so glad to have a sister and brother-in-law that love me. I realize that you were both right all along about what a scumbag Brad is. I should be glad he showed his true colors and kicked me out, as much as that hurt.”

“The good news?” Nikki repeated. “Is there also bad news?” I had been afraid to ask this question.

“Will any guy love me and my small tits?” Jenny asked, almost pleading. “I think all guys want a girl with big tits.”

Nikki quickly responded. “My tits are the same size as yours, and Mike loves me more than anything, or anyone.” She was trying to lift her sister’s spirits.

Jenny turned to me. “Mike, do you have a brother that will love me?”

“No. You know I don’t have a brother.” I responded, as I was an only child. “But I’ll love you.”

The moment I said that I wished I hadn’t, as those words could be misconstrued to have another meaning. I remembered that Jenny had just an hour earlier watched as Nikki and I made love in bed. There was an awkward moment of silence.

Suddenly Jenny perked up with a big smile. “So sister, you are willing to share Mike with me?” she asked with a playful voice.

I was fearful where this conversation was going. Or maybe I was hopeful where it might lead. Loving Nikki was so very special. Maybe loving Nikki and Jenny would be twice as good. But I knew enough to keep my mouth shut for the time being.

Nikki turned towards Jenny and me, held her finger to the side of her head and looked upward, as if contemplating the question seriously.

“I think Mike and I should discuss that in private.” she quipped. Then she quickly laughed and turned back to the bacon in the frying pan.

“Maybe next time I need to sweeten the deal.” Jenny remarked almost carefree. She turned and opened the refrigerator to take out some fruit from a lower shelf. She bent over, exposing her cute little ass. As her panties were so skimpy, she was showing mostly flesh. She playfully wiggled her ass at me. It was obvious that Nikki also witnessed that display.

I was unsure what games the sisters were playing. Or how I fit into the plans that either of them hoped to make. The situation was becoming awkward and uncomfortable for me. I was glad the conversation quickly changed subjects.

“Mike and I were going camping today, but I think we’ll do that another weekend.” Nikki told Jenny. “We could go hiking this afternoon. Care to join us?”

“I would love to. Brad was never really interested in any outdoor activities. And you know I love to get outdoors.” Jenny responded.

The rest of breakfast was less eventful. While we ate, we talked about our shared love for the outdoors and the welcomed change in the weather. Afterward we made sack lunches for our hiking outing and then left for one of our favorite parks. Four hours hiking outdoors did wonders physically and mentally for all of us.

– – – – –

Later that night we were back in our apartment, watching movies on the television. The sisters were again dressed only in t-shirts and panties. I again wore my running shorts and a t-shirt. We were all comfortable on the sofa, sitting next to each other with our legs stretched out onto the ottoman. Initially Nikki was between Jenny and myself. Later I was in the middle, with both girls cuddled against me. It felt comfortable but I was still wondering where all this might lead.

After midnight, we decided to call it a night.

“Goodnight, Jenny. I hope you sleep well tonight.” I said as we were about to head to separate bedrooms.

“Goodnight Mike. Thanks for all your love and support. It means a lot to me.” Jenny said and then she gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

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