A Woman in Hardware Ch. 13

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It was a long weekend coming up. Usually Helen used these periods of relative quiet to catch up on work. She would spend long hours in the office undisturbed by the normal flurry of a regular day. Sue had insisted she take the holiday for a change and had aided a great deal in organizing her affairs so she could. Sue had even arranged it so they arrived home early Friday afternoon so they would have time to make love before the children arrived home from university. Sue had been especially tender in her love and brought her to orgasm with a long slow tonguing which seemed to go on and on before her body had demanded its’ release with body racking spasms which left her in an unusual state of lassitude. As she lay on the bed in Sue’s arms recovering Helen finally, after all the encouragement Jill had given her, asked Sue if she may have Chris. Sue hugged her close and replied “Helen I wanted you to ask and I had hoped you would this weekend so you will have the time to enjoy my lovers’ body as I do. Go get yourself ready for him, I’ll send him along with my blessing as soon as he gets in. Helen I love you but I also fear you; please return him to me.”

Helen hugged Sue close and replied, “Sue it is you he loves as a man loves a woman, it is why he has not touched me even though I have tried to encourage him to do so. Let’s be blunt, he’s excited at the wickedly decadent thought of screwing his mother as I find myself also attracted to the depravity of allowing his body to return to mine. I promise you’ll find him even more attentive to you once he has satisfied his iniquitous cravings to desecrate his mother.”

With a promise to return Chris to her, Helen excitedly left to prepare for her son. She tried on many different styles of clothing, ranging from the demure to the provocative, from formal dress to skimpy lingerie agonizing over what to wear. She looked at the products she had purchased at a pharmacy weeks ago in anticipation of her bodies ravishment by her son. She wondered if she was going too far in her debauchery before she accepted her moral debasement. Stripped she squatted in her bedroom, removing the gelatinous suppository from it foil package, reached between her legs, and shoved it up her ass. She waited with buttocks clenched, the time instructed on the package, doing the squirmy dance, which seemed to help resist the urge to go.

Finally, she relived herself and without wiping, took the other package into the shower with her to slip its spout into her anal cavity and fill herself with the cleaning liquid holding it inside of her the required length of time before allowing it to be spewed onto the shower floor by her spasmodic bowel. Satisfied she had done all she could to be clean internally she soaped up and slid a finger back and forth in her anus rotating it as she did. She repeated this process several times making sure she was clean before she turned her attention to the rest of her body. Helen had decided she wanted to give the only virginity she had left to her son if he were wont to take it. She cleaned the rest of her body saving her hairy pussy for last carefully cleaning every crease and crevice before soaping her fingers heavily and sliding them into her cavity to make sure all was clean. She rinsed thoroughly not wanting to leave behind a soapy residue, which would be unpleasant to the taste or interfere with her natural scent.

Helen exited the shower and using a large towel carefully dried herself then plugged in her hair dryer and after drying her hair fluffed her pussy hairy until all its beauty was prettily displayed. She looked at her various body powders and perfumes before making up her mind as to what she would do. Helen left the bathroom to begin hanging up the clothes she had torn from her drawers and closet in a frenzy of indecision. Standing naked in her bedroom she held each piece against her body before rejecting it and placing it in closet or drawer; finally she was left with nothing and understood her decision had been made she would greet him naked proud of the most beautiful clothing she owned, her skin. She heard a car in the driveway and knew it would be him; she only had a few minutes of waiting left.

She sat on the dresser bench, spread her thighs slightly and fingered her pussy freshening her juices and scent, before taking the probing finger and wiping it behind each ear placing the perfume she had selected. Helen dipped her finger once again in her scent and then dragged the finger down her chest between her two pendulous breasts making sure she smelt strongly of woman. Helen shivered momentarily in anticipation her body aching with need. Then she brought her knees together sweeping them to one side, her gorgeous bottom spread nicely over the bench, her posture straight, the small of her back beautifully arched demonstrating the width of hip as she began to brush her hair. She knew full well the sight of naked womanhood she would present when her son entered her casino siteleri room. Helen had done all she could, she was ready.

Sue had kept faith and the moment Chris had arrived home told him she felt it was time for him to go to his mother. She told him how happy she was with the idea. They each had honored their agreement and she loved his mother, it was time and she had no regrets. Chris had looked deeply into her eyes before leaving her, assuring himself she spoke the truth. Sue went looking for Jill wanting to be held in loving arms, but also because her pussy just plain wanted Jill.

Chris came rushing into his mother’s room only to be confronted with this naked vision of loveliness and a habit of a life time had him back peddling as he tried to apologize for bursting in on her. She turned, this vision, arching her back even more to jut out her breasts as she continued to brush her hair both arms high allowing Chris to see the exquisite beauty sitting before him.

“No, no, son I was sitting here waiting for you, Sue said you’d be along.” Helen said in a voice deepened by recognizable passion. Helen watched and then stood as the change of expressions crossing her son’s face allowed her to read his mind. Helen crossed the floor and stood before him picking a piece of lint off the turtleneck sweater he had worn this day. Then she slid her arms up over his shoulders hooking one arm to pull herself up and in as the other snaked a hand through his hair before pulling his face down to hers, her lips unadorned simply soft, succulent, touching his and fire burned through their bodies. Chris’ arms enfolded her naked body against his fully clad one, lifting, her feet left the ground, one leg lifting, as the kiss continued. Then his face nuzzled her neck, her scent she had left behind, arousing, one of his hands in the small of her back holding her against him, the other fondling her bum. She, arched against him, presented her teats next for nuzzling as he held her high. She was not to be disappointed as he lowered his face further; her hand at the back of his head helped him pillow his face in her feminine voluptuousness, moving his face back and forth for maximum contact. Then his mouth started a series of small kisses, which traversed her mammary flesh leaving her areolas, and nipples for another time, her pussy began to weep, as he settled her back on her feet.

Helen stood proudly sensuously erect her breasts full and lovely to the eye, her body ached with need, as her son began to circle her, admiring her beauty, feeding his lust on the beautiful feminine flesh standing before him. He saw the dimples formed in her flesh just above her rounded buttocks accentuating the beauty of the upper slope of her bum. His cock became so hard it hurt. His body shivered with lust as he moved in behind her slipping his arms beneath hers to clasp her breasts, lifting to feel the soft weight, massaging, to send wonderful messages to her pussy. His mouth trailed a series of kisses which began at her ear followed the long slope of her neck, tasting woman before ending in the hollow of her shoulder, only to be repeated on the other side.

One hand traversed her chest so his right hand clasped her left teat as his left hand began the long descent of her body past her carefully coiffured pussy hair to split the succulent lips of her sex. His balls ached with lust. His finger dipped into her lubricity exposed her arousal, before leaving her sex, abandoned to its own resources, sliding the finger into his mouth to taste her thick viscous exudate, inflaming his already aroused sensuality. His hardness overpowered him and he spilled his seed into his briefs, unable to control the libidinous his mother’s body fertilized in his over heated imagination.

He, with his body, steered her towards her own bed, his turgid hardness undiminished by his first emission, seeking closer contact, to further activate the inflammatory sensations, which consumed them both. In his lust he tried to bend her to the bed, but she would not allow it, resisted his manipulations so she could raise the waist line of his sweater over his head to expose his own succulent flesh to her awaiting mouth. Their mouths laved and loved their enflamed bodies, seeking new erogenous places, to further inspire their iniquitous desires. Helen began to search for the male flesh she had not touched in a sexual manner since before he was born, seeking completion in an act she had not indulged in since he had been conceived. Undoing his belt and sliding his zipper down allowed her to drop his pants to the floor leaving only his briefs, sticky from his own emissions, to be pulled over his hardened cock and added to the pants already on the floor.

Her cunt wept in it need, sending small rivulets down her thighs. She lay back on the bed raising her knees spreading her quivering, glistening, white thighs, allowing her son his first view of his mother’s hairy pussy, open and ready, slot oyna it’s fresh juices shimmering on the swollen, aroused folds, its redolence filling her bedroom with its own message of desire. “Come to mommy, son.” She moaned. He crawled up onto the bed chasing that, which led him like cheesecake to a glutton, for he was a glutton where she was concerned, and his mouth descended to taste for the first time his mother’s carefully freshened exudate. Her rounded buttocks erogenous in their own right, but a tray to serve her carefully prepared meal of sensuality.

Nature caused her to present her most beautiful look, her buttocks spread, her asshole exposed, and just above it the moist beauty of her glistening hairy folds which his tongue explored. He licked, going further and further a field tasting all in his tongue’s path. His tongue was soon running over her asshole as it traversed from bum to clit, sometimes dipping deep in her cunt to bring forth fresh nectar to slather over her entire groin. In a paroxysm of love so intense, he finally drove his tongue deep into her asshole driven wild by her sexuality and his need for everything about her. He wondered, as his tongue explored, why an area which is so maligned by every language on the planet; an area which he had been trained since birth to avoid; and area so disgusting he would be unable to touch in any human being except his three loves. Now, he found it a beautiful addition to the mind numbing sight his mother presented for him. She loved the varying sensations his tongue created basking in her delight, thankful she had had the foresight to under go the discomfort of cleanliness, knowing before the night was out her last vestige of virginity would be lost.

Chris’ body, almost out of control, demanded more and his mouth began to slowly move up Helen’s body. He sucked on her hairy pubic mound, before licking her domed belly as the tongue with kisses slid towards her navel, then probed, causing her stomach muscles to quiver. He explored each new area of her body, not wanting to miss anything, which might bring them further delight. His head bumped into fleshy mounds and for a moment, he stopped to admire his mother’s wonderful teats noticing the large areolas, knowing where Jill had inherited hers. Then his hands pinched her nipples tightly between thumb and forefinger, sending soft, soothing, erotic pain directly to her twat as he pulled her teats high turning them into cones of flesh as he noticed the beads of titty sweat which had been hidden in the under creases of her teats. His tongue flickered out then dragged across a crease tasting the saltiness, her teats still held high, as the tongue once again tasted her creases enjoying the new found moisture. Her nipples ached with passion still gripped tightly and her pussy with help from her stomach muscles rubbed against his abdomen causing her clit to swell as the pleasant sensation of rubbing her twat against his skin filled her mind with ever increasing lust.

Suddenly her nipples were released and one lucky one was engulfed in the warm moist velvet of his suckling mouth while the other found solace in a gentle rolling between a renewed but far gentler thumb and forefinger grip. His mouth continued to suckle as his hand fondled her other breast, sometimes grasping the entire mound as though in amazement of it size and texture, at other times a single finger pad followed the circle of her areolas around its nipple testing its puffiness adding to its arousal with his touch. Helen luxuriated in the sensuality of his movement, stretched her body beneath him presenting as much skin surface as she was able to expose to him. Further inspiring her own lust was the thought that as his mouth moved towards hers his hardened male flesh was coming closer and closer to her own, swollen with passion, feminine flesh. The fantasy of months was moments away to becoming a thrusting heated reality. His mouth slid up her teat and kissed her neck once again. Her teats rubbed against his chest their nipples aching with desire.

Her pussy radar could feel the heat emanating from his blood-engorged shaft and in a final act of pre consummation flooded, her cunt in a swampy slough of mucilaginous slime so superfluous much spilled onto the bed forming an ever expanding stain of moisture below her quivering ass. As his lips touched hers, branding them with fire, her hand forced its way between their bodies grasped his heated hardened cock and centered it in her cunt lips demanding insertion, penetration, consummation. Her screams of lust echoed through the house awakening Sue and Jill from post coital bliss as her body reacted to the smooth insertion of his incestuous prick penetrating her juicy slough, filling her with cock. Her cunt contracting around the male flesh in a series of contractions so tight they sent her into convulsions of orgasm her body shivering and shuttering on the bed beneath him. But it was not enough and as her first orgasms canlı casino siteleri subsided she dropped her feet flat on the bed her knees bent and with stomach and thigh muscles drove her hips upward seeking ever deeper penetration as Chris’ cock filled her with a depraved sense of incestuous love so overwhelming, her body thrust at his without conscious volition.

“Oh mommy’s boy is so big now. Are you going to fuck mommy good? Are you going to make mommy cum and cum?” she asked looking at him through lust hooded eyes. His reply was harder deeper penetration, he felt like he wanted to thrust his entire body up her snatch. She found sensations that exposed the fact that all her hardware was but a pale imitation and the dildo of such huge girth simply an attempt of substitution that she realized failed miserably in light of the wonder of the reality of her son’s thrusting, hardened, flesh. Flesh of her flesh returned to her body in an act so libidinous her pussy sang, vocalizing its’ passion through her vocal cords in and unending song of lust. Her cunt a sea of juice as it welcomed the thrusting cock. Her thighs spread wide forming the saddle, which contained his thrusting body as her own thrust back seeking its reward.

She wanted to be creamed, to feel the warm cream of his love injected into her gapping body, to be filled. Helen felt as though her cunt was sucking on his cock as her body continued the repetitive thrusting milking him for his essence, knowing the shudders of release from passion would also release his creamy goo. Her own sexual tension built on thoughts of the warm spunk soon to fill her. Then it happened, his body convulsing in her arms the wonderful warmth spread in her pussy brought on her own spasmodic orgasms, and the moans of lust they entailed. She felt a moment of disappointment as his flesh withdrew from her but was soon content when she found, with her hands, his head drinking their commingled juices from the well located between her thighs. His tongue dipped in her delight as she held him tenderly to her pussy enjoying the sensation of his drinking tongue in her post coital bliss.

Finally satiated he moved up her body kissing as he went until she found her ear lobe in his mouth, his hand cupping her pussy, his two middle fingers inserted deep in her pussy as the palm of his hand rubbed the hood over her clit which brought a tingly sensation. His fingers rubbed and rubbed against the upper center of her canal seemingly having found a rough spot to carefully smooth. His fingers rubbed as his mouth kissed and sucked traversing ear, neck, and shoulder with a tenderness which evoked a renewed tender passion of her own. Chris tucked one of her soft succulent legs between his thighs his shaft pressed tightly against the leg sometimes humping to reawaken his turgidity. His mouth went to her breast kissing, licking, and sucking, engorging her nipple and retuning the beginnings of lust as his fingers continued to stroke deep in her pussy. She stretched her body beneath his mouth and hand, opening her thighs a little more, arching her back to thrust her breast tighter against his ministering mouth. One hand held his head to her body and the other played with the abandoned teat until its nipple was as excited as the other. His hand continued to stroke, his mouth left her breast to press softly against her lips. Her mouth opened against his and suddenly the kiss became one of passion and fire. His wonderful mouth moved against hers kissing and kissing, the palm of his hand stimulating her clit, causing it to swell.

The fingers continued to stroke, which brought a lassitude to her body as her mind began to concentrate on lips, breast, clit and those soft tender stroking fingers. The tingle in her pussy changed to an ache of desire the fingers stroked and stroked. His mouth returned to her nipple sucking more blood into the already engorged nipple, her hand pinched and pulled at the other. A golden languidness suffused her body as her mind only knew breast, clit and pussy, the sexual intensity increasing almost unbeknownst to her as her mouth sounded her moans of passion. The hand rubbed and rubbed her hips began to respond with movement of their own, her mind focused on clit and cunt. A sensation of heat permeated her body as her blood rose to the surface of her skin flushing it with a rosy hue, adding to her lassitude. Suddenly her body began to orgasm coming almost as a surprise and with it an overwhelming need to pee. Oh God she couldn’t help herself her body spasmodically forced the liquid from her with such force she could hear it hiss, spilling onto her thighs and bed. She began to blush with embarrassment until her son’s lips began a kiss so enflamed she had not felt the like before. “Oh mother!” he cried, “That was so beautiful” She struggled to explain between the kisses her son was raining upon her, why she couldn’t help herself until he realized she thought she had peed. “Mom you didn’t pee you ejaculated. It’s a beautiful clear liquid. See!” His hand went to her thigh wiping the moisture from her skin and brought it to her mouth so she could taste her own ejaculate. It had little taste but it certainly wasn’t urine.

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