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Lance is the best boyfriend I’ve had, yet. We’ve known each other since high school, he was kinda a jock- I guess, but not really, still popular, though. I was always quiet, not really concerned about him for real, just figured I wasn’t his type even if I wasn’t his type even if I was interested, so I was neutral either way. Hell; my clothes alone probably make me invisible, until he needed help graduating because he was filing English. Probably too busy banging chicks. We officially met when Mr. Buckman got us together so I could tutor him. I could feel him undress me with his eyes, honestly I actually kinda liked it, until the teacher left, and he had to say something, “so I bet there’s a sexy body under all those hippie looking clothes?”

Yep, I don’t know why, but it ruined the idea of simply the thought. Well, that and he cut it short to hook up with some chick, which happened a lot, a few times he even had a girl giving him head during session. Watching this girl slob up and down, was completely distracting, drooling, such. I guess he was kinda learning something, being rather friendly in school, it was the last straw, when for the third time he was actually having sex during session, and asked me to join. I lost it, flipped out, ignored him, stopped tutoring him, sweet Goddess I felt powerful. It’s not like he actually care, he was going to graduate- barely, all he needed to keep his scholarship, except prom, ya gotta at least pass with a “C’s” to get to go to prom.

“Please, I gotta get a good grade, and pas, I won’t get to go to prom.”

“Why should I care, all you really care about is getting laid, versus learning a really easy subject. I know you think I’m some nobody, but I deserve more respect than that, I’m a person, not a tool, or sex toy. I’m done.”

“Quinn, I wont get to go to prom.”

“So what, I don’t get to go either.”

That felt great. He wouldn’t leave me alone, begged me, even in the hallways, I started getting harassed by girls who wanted to go with him, he started stepping in… aaannddd… I kinda gave in, through his heroic, per say, I guess I kinda liked him- some. Though he actually tried, and passed. Got to go to prom, and make some slut happy. Prom night, I hear a knock on the door:

“Can I take you to prom?”

I was speechless, he even had a prom dress, all I could say was; “how do you know what my size is?”

“I asked your mom, one day. Do you like it?”

“I actually do… this… this isn’t some trick is it?”

“No, you deserve to go. Plus; I kinda like you, want to get to know you.”

Skeptical, yet excited, I went with him, we sat with my friends,, he was a gentleman. I kept waiting for some cruel prank, every dance was with me, and the kicker was he kissed me, my first kiss, the again, I thought he was cute, anyway. I was so hot for him, so… wet. We went to Burger Guy with a few others, then to this secluded spot on the waterfront. I was nervous, still expecting something, we made out, and he got handsy.

“I’m not having sex with you, I don’t want my deflowering to be some one night stand.”

“I just want to make out.”

“I did have fun, if you just did all this to get in my pants, I’ll just le-“

“We can just sit here.”

“Seriously; I’m waiting for marriage, don’t ruin our date.”

“We can sit here, I like you Quinn. If you want to make out, I can… keep my hands to myself.”

“Sigh… hold, not grope.”

Nice. Well it was an okay start, hasn’t been easy, but he’s stuck with it. Back then I figured he’d lose interest, but he stayed, so screw it, I like him. Welp, here we are.

“Ugh, Quinn, it’s been four years, I know you want to wait, but can’t illegal bahis we do something, I’m tired of jacking off, and blue balls.”

“This again?”

“There has to be some kinda compromise, I mean; how many times can we see each other naked, and not do… something? I know you get horny and I know you finger yourself.”

“Yeah, I want to have sex, but I don’t want to. I always said I’d wait.”

“I just need a little more than a hand job, okay? We’ve made it this far, just one more step.”

Lance glares out the windshield, thinking, watching a tugboat float by. Stretched across the seats and center console, I myself in inner thought biting my lower lip, the thought of his reasonably large, well, dick, filling me. I slide my foot some, simply thinking how he could probably curl my toes. Lost in fantasy myself, I just glare out the window, too. I caught my heel pushing on something, I glance over and see Lance gripping the steering wheel, and the tent in his shorts, my foot leans on it. I push it down, sliding my heel down the length of it, hearing him moan slightly, reminds me of some hentai I ran across, by accident, looking at other hentai.

“Babe, pull it out, I wanna try something.”


“Just pull it out, you’ll like it.”

So he unzipped his shorts, letting it flop out, I stare at it, intensely. Pushing it down in the crook of his legs, slowly sliding my left foot along the top, back and fourth, feeling the skin grab slightly on my heel, the bottom of the helmet catches like a little speed bump. Lance is very much pleased, letting the seat back some.

“Feels good, baby?”

“Yeah it does, your feet are so soft.”

I slide my feet a little in the seat, putting a bend in my legs, placing my right foot on the dash, the center of my left foot at his base, sliding a little bit, and back down, working my way so far along, and back. Going the full length, every time I touch his head, he flexes it, after several strokes, I stay at the top, he squeezes the doorpull. His mouth opens as if a silent scream when my foot carefully glides across width-wise, closing my toes as they touch. My own hand slowly makes its way down my pants watching his joy, brushing my fingers against the lips, bringing my juices to my clit, matching speed with my foot. Sliding my foot back, I lift up his piece, up over his stomach, pinning it by the head, and slowly my right foot clears the steering wheels, landing palm on his base. So far up, back down, running the length of shaft.

“Much better, don’t stop.”

“The best part is yet to cum.”

My toes along the length, he’s really flexing, my left foot clenches the head, lifts, clasping him in all ten toes, jacking him off. I press hard on my clit, and rub slow, getting close, I try to do short jerky motions with my feet, just below the head, so he doesn’t cum just yet. I’m already getting close, myself, I didn’t catch that I was rolling his piece between my feet, my big toes on his head, I’m just lost in pleasure, as it all builds up and release, I scream though my shut mouth. Something wet is on my toes, and it catches my off gaurd.

“Why’d you stop?”

“Gimme a second, don’t worry, I’m not done.”

“I’m so close.”

I sit up, leaning over this wonderful thing of his, sure I haven’t had it, had it, yet, but it looks like it might be fun. I’m gonna try.

“This is my first time, don’t get mad, okay?”

With that; I opened my mouth, and go down on him, I could hear the small sigh of relief come across his face, until my teeth touch down. Oops.

“Ouch! Too much teeth.”

“I’m trying not to.”

I really was. I go back down, trying hard not to bite, illegal bahis siteleri but only half way, I’m a little nervous of going too deep, and choking. Still Lance is pleased, I can feel his hand hover over my head, probably wanting to just push my head down further, I’m guessing every slight graze of my teeth is giving him second thoughts about it. I use my hand as a stop, my mouth is getting sore, quickly.

“Just suck the head.”

I try and use my lip and tongue as a guard over my teeth, and felt like I could go a little longer- a second wind, without chewing his cock. He flexes, and throbs more and more, he must be close. He moved my hair away, I felt his eyes on me, he must be on the brink. Before I knew what was happening, he held my head pretty tight, and I felt something hot hit the back of my throat, with a slight thrust, he came. It was drooling out of my mouth as I came up, and one little spurt got the bridge of my nose. Odd tasting stuff, kinda salty, with, like, a little sweetness. I don’t want to seem grossed out, so I swallowed it, he reached out, and wiped at the little that got on my nose, flicking it out the window.

“See, it’s kinda sex, but not really.”

“Yeah, yeah. It was fun, I guess there’s things we could do, that technically isn’t sex.”

“That’s all I’ve been trying to tell you.”

“Alright Smartypants, can we leave now?”

He loved that foot job I gave him a few weeks ago, I’ve given him head a few times, and I’m getting better at it. I know it’s not much, he’s not jacking off unless we aren’t together. Right now, however; in my dorm we lay together on this lazy Sunday- nothing but our underwear, watching The PowerBlock and making out.

“I’m in a mood for a movie, but I don’t know what.”

“What do you have?”

“Hmmm… here’s something we can watch, as much as I like cars, this is far more easier to make out with.”

Watching this romantic movie, it kinda reminds me of the life I want; decent jobs, in the suburbs, maybe some kids. I know it’s fantasy, there’s always a little truth to fiction. His arm wrapped around me as we start watching, I pressed myself closer, he held me tighter.

“Yay! Cuddles!”

I love cuddling with Lance, I push against him, I could feel it- his cock. He just kept playing with my hair, watching the scene with her one night stand, I can’t wait to be fucked like that. I didn’t notice I was pushing against his cock over, and over, lost in thought, I noticed when he was rock hard, matching my movements. I didn’t want to say anything, it feels good. It’s like it wanted to break free of his boxers, rubbing between my butt cheeks. He starts rubbing my stomach, and I feel my hair swept away… his lips…

“Uhhh… what’s that, what are you doing?”

“Shh. It’s okay baby, relax.”

Kissing and sucking on my neck, it feels good- great. His fingers dig in my side, pull me closer, his cock could be right in my cheeks, probably my tight little hole. Is this how impulsive sex can be?

“Why does it feel so good, my neck… oh Goddess please! It’s turning me on! I’m getting wet, and your cock…”

Horny, so horny, he kisses my neck, cups my breast, this is just one big tease, my god his head is slipping lower in my crack, at the breach of my pussy. Fuck am I so hot, it’s pressing in my pussy, my panties are soaked. probably an over-exaggeration, but they are wet.

“I think you might be soaking through to my boxers.”

Next thing I know; I’m on my back, he’s kissing my lips down to my cleavage. I’ve never been kissed anywhere else before, his tongue runs down my stomach, kissing my thighs. No wonder all the girls threw themselves at him canlı bahis siteleri in high school. I was for sure he was going to pull my tits out, but he doesn’t, only cupping them in my sports bra, squeezing, massaging, pushing, and rubbing my nipples. I can’t tell him how much I wanted it for real.

“Oh fuck!”

“Oooo, profanity, naughty girl.”

My legs are open, my legs are open, he’s staring at the wet spot, tongue inches closer to my panty line, following each one to my hip and back. I don’t know what to do, it feels great, his mouth closes over the cloth, my legs snapped closed, no deterrence. Shit. Is that biting, could he be… yes, fuck yes; teeth, lips graze the cloth, I don’t know what to do with the rest of my body.

“My, you’re a squirmy one.”

“I’ve never had this before… it’s… somebody going down… on my pussy.”

“Thought it was off limits.”

“No! Eat it, yes, please.”

Way better than masturbating, lips pressed down, nibbling at my panties, pushing his tongue on my hood. I was so close, the anticipation is killing me. What’s tha? That tongue is tugging at my underwear, yes baby breach, my lips moved aside, with every swipe I jerk my hips.

“I’m getting close.”

“Yeah, but we ain’t done here, hold on.”

His fingers press deep, keeping me going, rearranging himself, he pulls me close, our crotches are touching, cock pressing on me, hips are moving, the head keeps grazing my clit. Hands on my hips, pulling me in with each push. He lips at my toes, sucking each one so slow, I’m having trouble breathing. Going at my other foot, the head grazes my clit, shaft rubbing against my lips, gliding across, his balls just kiss right at my begging hole. No words, just watching, concentrating, grinning at my faces. The whole thing feels like foreplay, I keep expecting for him to slide inside me. He’s starting to wet his own boxers. My teeth clench, eyes slam shut as the constant grinding sends me spiraling in to the slowest built orgasm I’ve ever had. The pressure intensifies, releases, I open my eyes.

“You like this?”

I can only nod, his lips on my ear, my wet spot seem to spread as he bares down on me, sucking hard on my neck, my nipples through the bra, I instantly feel as though another orgasm is about to come.

“This is it; so close to the real thing, I can’t wait to see you doing the real thing.”

“I thought it would be kinda romantic, they say sex is making love- I’ve had lots of sex, and this seems more like it- if that makes any sense.”

“I can’t think a clear thought…”

Another one floods in, his chest rubbing my nipples raw in my bra, they tingle, his cockhead pushing my clit, I though I was gonna pee, but no, I tried to muffle the scream. I get it; I was so content with what we had, now, now he’s given me more I thought the kissing and then the oral would be enough. Now this little taste, cutting it so close until a time far away we marry, fuck take my hand now! Damn these principles!

“These boxers are rubbing my dick kinda hard, mind if I take them off?”

“Uh go ahead I guess(and shove it in me damn it!)”

I wanted to pull mine off too, but I’m not too sure if I won’t be too misleading, of if he would even let me, he’s making moves without actually making moves. He pulls it out, and a sigh of relief came across his face, he lays back down, one layer down I could feel it a little more- enough for now. A little faster now, hands behind my back, my legs wrapped around him, balls spanking my asshole. I’ve never really seen his cum fade before, I ty to hold my eyes open as I get closer and closer. Something hot- his cum, releases halfway up my stomach. Squinting to see his face, suffocating from a putrid smell that isn’t there, he doesn’t stop till I get mine. I don’t want to know, if I want to know what mine looks like, but here I go… so better than masturbation. So tired… I want the real thing… I want…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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