Adventures of an Estate Agent Ch. 02

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Opportunity Knocks

Jessy kissed me awake, she whispered in my ear, “come on Nessie we need to get a move on, let’s shower together, it will save time, come on.” She urged as she pulled me from the bed. I’m not at my best in the morning usually, Jessy nicknamed me Nessie because she said I could be a bit of a monster and it was a play on my real name Nester.

Nester Bell, soon to be the manager of the Lichfield office of R and S Estate agents and down the line a partner of the company I thought. I also thought I can’t wait to get my hands on you, as I watched Jessy’s peachy bum as she tugged me to my shower. Both of us squashed in the glass enclosure, our naked bodies touching, I kissed her warmly, “thank you, sweetie, I love being kissed awake, did you notice I wasn’t a bit monstrous to you.” I flipped the shower on to hot and the water was just cool on start and made us cling together in mock horror, soon it was hot and refreshing, we washed each other, taking delight in lathering up the other’s body. Taking liberties with each other’s pussies and bum holes, all in the pursuit of cleanliness also kissing a lot, our tongues exploring each other mouths, it wasn’t really exploring we understood each other’s bodies inside out, we were simpatico.

We had been lovers since we were eighteen, not exclusive, no we were both bisexual, more lesbian than heterosexual, that summed us both up having had eight years of shared dreams, studying, shared guys, girls and women, we were both driven to do well. At twenty-six we both had, at last, started to progress at last.

We both were worked up enough to want to get back into bed and make love again. Jessy insisted that I needed to get in on time as an example to my soon to be staff. We dried our bodies, applied make up and dressed for work.

“I have to be in early as I’m having a long brunch, Jason is up here, he’s treating me, we are going to The Belfry.” Jessy explained.

I hadn’t seen Jason since Christmas on our usual seasonal visit to Jessy’s and Jason’s mother’s home in Aldeburgh, having no relatives of my own I have been invited there every Christmas since I met Jessy, they always treated me like family. “Give him a big kiss from me, no tongues though sweetie…, I wish I had known, I’d have tagged along.” She laughed and headed to work, kissing me goodbye as I groped her bum.

I gathered my stuff and followed her out of my flat five minutes later. A one-bedroom tiny flat in a subdivided Victorian house in Tamworth was all I could afford, I liked it and it was convenient to my office in Lichfield, but I wanted a larger place, something modern, something I could now possibly afford with my promotion.

Fifteen minutes later as the first in I opened the office for the days business. Suzanne was next in, it was just after eight, a bright fresh September morning, she look as fresh as the new day, vivacious, immaculately dressed in a blue business suit with mid-thigh skirt and high heels. She looked around to check no one else was in the office yet and came to my private office, with a “good morning” she hugged me and kissed me full on, a deep passionate kiss, a lust-filled kiss that had me responding in kind, feeling her bum, squeezing her hips, gripping them and rubbing our thighs together.

Breaking from me she simply said, “good god you are gorgeous, I’ve been thinking of you all the time since yesterday morning”. She turned and went on to upstairs to her office.

I gathered my senses and settled down to some work, I pulled up a file I was working on, an idea for regular networking events to attract potential customers to us. I worked on this only interrupted by greetings of good morning from fellow staff members, I acknowledged them in turn and smiled as I did so. I also assessed mentally each employees performance for the firm as it was to become my responsibility.

The office intern who had joined the company a month ago straight from college, bought me a cup of tea at about nine o’clock after she had opening the front door of the glazed double fronted office, ready for business.

Her name was Brit, she was very attractive and cute in a girl next doorway, always well dressed in trendy clothes that were edgy in a way without being revealing. “Thanks Brit, just what I need. How are you settling in, are you up to speed with everything?” I asked knowing the reply.

“You are welcome Nester, I think I understand the basic workings of the agency, I’m enjoying it all, I like working for you too.” I watch her lips as she talked, they were very kissable, full wet lips …

“I have a project I would like you to help with, it is confidential at this time, even Suzzanne is not aware of it yet, please keep it so.” She smiled pleased to be trusted with something by me, those lips caught my attention again. “Just come and look at this file, it’s password protected.” I wrote the password down on a post-it note for her to use, as she came around my desk and stood tight to me to look at my computer screen.

Here goes I thought, as I put illegal bahis my arm around her hip and drew her closer, god she felt good, her perfume filled my senses, it was thrilling to touch her at last. She bent down leaning on her forearms to my seated level, our heads close together, my hand slipped down to rest on her delightful rounded bum. She moved closer, I slowly stroked her taut bum cheeks as I explained my project and what I’d done so far, her breathing quickened as I slipped my hand down below her skirt hem to her bare thigh and up her leg beneath the skirts flare.

I told her what I wanted her to do was find six local venues for networking events and rough locations for them to be, I continued to caress her legs, each one, in turn, she was toned, her legs were tense with my touch, she moved supposedly nonchalantly and opened them as I slid my hand up and down the inside of her silky thigh nearest to me. She concentrated on the screen and just gasped as I reached my goal, the crotch of her panties. Touching her fleetingly, we turned our heads to face each other at the same time, she was breathing hard, her lips parted in a sensual smile.

“This must remain between us, no one else should know,” I whispered as I rubbed my fingers up and down her damp knicker gusset and then kissed those full dewy lips of hers. I deftly insinuated two fingers under her panties to get to her wet pussy, her fleshy wet pussy. She kissed me in response, her tongue entered my willing mouth. We were risking things, anyone could come into the office at any time, it added to the thrill, the challenge of seducing her.

I found her opening and slid two fingers into her dribbling cunt and finger fucked her quickly as she was bent over my desk, one of her hands went between her legs and was soon busy rubbing her clit through the front of her wet panties, we kissed deeply, tongues fencing in our mouths, moaning quietly as we did. Brit climaxed on my fingers and from her diddling. She shook and nearly lost her balance, as it happened my hand with my fingers in her cunt steadied her as she tottered on her high heels, she was panting like she had been running. As she calmed I withdrew my fingers and bough them to between my face and hers. Her lips, those wonderful lips trembled as I licked her juices from my fingers in a show of wanton lust. Her taste was superb.

“Next time I want your elixir from its source Brit.” She let out a muffled whimper and quickly straightened her skirt and gave me a peck on the cheek, picked up the password and left my office.

I thought about what I had done with Brit, I was far from pleased with my lack of control in the work environment and with a junior member of staff. My boss one day the intern the next. I needed to control my urges, not put my job in endangerment.

I worked through till twelve-thirty, flitting between sales reports and the networking project. My direct line indicated a call, I answered with “Hi Nester Bell here.”

“Hello, it’s Jason, hows Nessie?” It was a surprise to hear his voice, “I’m great, it’s nice to hear your dulcet voice, are you and the family ok, what do I owe the pleasure of this call to?”

“We are all good, I want to talk business with you, can we meet today, I’m sorry for the short notice but I have to be back in by 8 p.m. to London unexpectedly,” he quickly explained.

This sounded interesting, “I can leave now, where do you want to meet Jason.”

“Great” he enthusiastically replied. “Meet me by Lady Bridge, Tamworth, there’s a development on the corner of Bonehill Road and Fazley Road, where the Jolly Sailor Pub used to be, do you know it.”

“I’ll be there in about twenty minutes,” I agreed.

I arrived to find Jason waiting on the pavement and directing me into the developments car park and to a parking space. On exiting my car he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, he was Jessy’s brother and married with two delightfully children, otherwise, I would have encouraged him more, although I have always flirted with him much to his wife Milly’s amusement. I was attracted to him though as he always looked and smelt good. “It’s good to see you handsome, you’ve seen Jessy, she told me you were here.”

He nodded, “yes we had brunch, I’ve just left her as she has to be at work, she looks good, seems happy, is that down to you?” I smiled as he looked me up and down, “you look amazing and you seem happy too is that down to her?”

“You know it is Jason, we are in love.” I answered with a smile.

“Down to business, my company bought this development a month ago, I won’t go into why now, its nearing completion and ready to market, there are eighteen, one and two-bedroom apartments, we need an agent for them. They will all be complete in a weeks time. I’ll show you a couple of them and leave you the keys to go over the site yourself.” He passed me the details of the eighteen apartments, the plans and his organization’s appraisal of sales achievements. “I’m asking you as I know you are not going to rip me off and you will do your illegal bahis siteleri best for me.”

We looked around two apartments, a one-bedroom and a two-bedroom, they were good sized and well fitted, both had a view of Tamworth Castle, the river and bridge. I appreciated them very much.

Jason took his leave with a hug and kiss on the cheek, to return to London, he wanted me to call him the following morning with an answer. I assured him I would and thanked him for the opportunity to handle the project.

I surveyed the development looked in every apartment, little amounts of work were required to finish them to the required standards, I was drawn to a corner second-floor two-bedroom unit, it had the best views, I visualised this apartment furnished.

I called Brit at the office to let her know that I would be back later that afternoon, I asked her to look up all the new build apartments in Tamworth and to print them out and leave them on my desk, I told her I would like her to work late with me that evening. She readily agreed, I believed she thought it was for more than work.

I went back to the first two units and made some notes based on my feeling of their worth. The parking spaces totalled twenty four, plus a service bay.

Back at the office I poured over the sales literature for other available apartments, I asked Brit to do a spreadsheet on them all as there were about forty to do, none were near to the Jolly Sailor Apartments or as well located. Brit started on the work collating the salient information. By eight o’clock I had all the information and had decided how to market and price the development.

I phoned Jessy and suggested a drink in The Scales, our preferred watering hole in Lichfield, she quickly replied, she was on her way as she was just locking up the gym.

Brit came in with the report I asked her to type up, “great job, I don’t know how I could have managed without you on this Brit, well done!”

She visibly brightened, “It’s my pleasure, glad I could help.”

“Let me buy you a drink as a thank you, I’m going to The Scales, get your things.”

We locked up the office and walked arm in arm around the quiet streets of the City to the pub, once at the bar I ordered our drinks, two double Screwdrivers and a Diet Coke for Jessy.

“Who is drinking the Diet Coke,” asked Brit.

“Our designated driver of course.” I downed half of the drink, “bottoms up Brit, ” I leered at her. She drank the same quantity as me. Jessy entered us as we had just got seated, she kissed me fully on my lips as she slid into the seat next to me. “Brit this is Jessy, we are celebrating, she’s driving, she doesn’t drink, she’s a fitness fanatic,” I said to Brit who received a hug and full-on kiss too from Jessy. I leaned close to Brit and pulled Jessy into a huddle, “nothing we discuss or do gets back to work, no telling tales, Brit, Jessy?”

“O.K” Brit boldly committed to the pact.

“Sure, we’ve got no secrets and I’m liking the sound of this,” agreed Jessy, more in tune with my thoughts.

I ordered up another round of drinks by signs, nods and pout to the barmaid who I knew from a crazy night out and one night stand when we met and danced in a Birmingham lesbian club six months prior. Ester smiled and nodded to me and blew a kiss, she was a fuller figured hottie, maybe we would hook up again when the circumstances were right.

I told Jessy and Brit about my meeting with Jason Froch, not letting on to Brit that it was Jessy’s brother. I filled them in and explained what a great opportunity it was for me and the company. Jessy oozed delight, although obviously, to me she knew about it all already, Brit was that pleased she kissed me in an over friendly way, to Jessy’s amusement and expectation.

I ordered another round of drinks. I turned to Brit, slipped my hand between her thighs as whispered to her how much I wanted her as I nibbled her ear, she gasped but didn’t complain, in fact, that after a few stokes up and down her smooth thighs and a few more of my whispered breathless endearment her legs parted apparently of their own free will and I slipped my hand up to her panties, they were sticky with her sexual dew, “soon sweetie” I emphatically whispered to her as we parted as the drinks arrived via Ester and I paid for what we had ordered feeling we would leave shortly,

Jessy insisted we get going, she was obviously getting impatient to get to know Brit further. I was getting turned on by the expectation. We hastily downed the third drink and left arm in arm to Jessy’s car and to my flat,

Jessy drove and fifteen minutes later we had arrived, entering the flat all in the want of a pee. After a visit to the bathroom we were sitting on the couch with Brit in between us, she looked at us each in turn, her eyes shining bright and looking anxious, she was like a dear in the headlights as we each put a hand on her thigh, high enough up towards her pussy to leave her in no doubt of our intentions as both of us kissed her ears and licked canlı bahis siteleri her lobes as we ventured our hand to her panties, she gasped and moaned. Jessy kissed her, tongue in her open willing mouth as I bared a breast, an incredible up tilted boob, topped with a hard pebble-sized nipple, which I licked sucked and nipped on.

Brit was lost to us, we had her squirming, she was receptive and wanting. She whimpered into Jessy’s mouth as she slipped her hand under her panty gusset and found her moist hole then her clit and masturbated her.

I shifted her around so I was partially behind her, turned her head and kissed her mouth wantonly, removing any doubt of how turned on I was. Jessy hastily moved between her legs, pulled down her wet panties and buried her head in between her thighs and orally attacked her cunt, as I had both her incredible boobs in my hands squeezing them and pinching her nipples, still kissing her as I did so. I was adoring her body, her lips, her response, her submission. She was loving it, groaning into my mouth kissing me back lustily expressing her emotions.

She orgasmed quickly, she trembled and went slack, she mouthed a few swear words, words of appreciation, loved it’s … We let her regain her senses, then we three stumbled excitedly into the bedroom and we both encouraged her out of her dress, each of us stripped and with her in between us in our bed, we both smooched her and sucked her nipples. I slithered down her stunning body to between her legs kissing her flesh as I did, her mound was saved fully, she smelt delightful, I kissed around her lips but was soon lapping at her fleshy vulva savouring her elixir from its source as I had promised her, she moaned in delight at my efforts and with Jessy’s boob sucking talents which I adored so much myself.

It always turned me on more to share a sexual partner, with my lover, it made our relationship healthier, there was a tacit consensus I gave Jessy full rein of my conquests to her whereas she permitted me to share her lovers on her terms.

I had Brit dribbling pussy juice from her perfect pussy, I lapped it up and then inserted two fingers into her, gradually at first I inched in and out of her blood-engorged opening, then quicker and harder, in and out I finger fucked her. Brit was moaning loudly as I did, she was loving what I was achieving again.

Jessy mounted her head with a sudden urgency propelled by her desires lowering her tight pussy onto Brits luscious full mouth, as I continued to finger fuck her and suck on her pronounced clitoris. Jessy fucked herself on Brits tongue, it was wonderful to watch her gliding her wet pussy up and down on her. She bathed Brits face with her fluids, Brit lapped at her pussy clearly needing every drop of her essence from her.

The mental stimulation of Brits domination by Jessy and I had me orgasming, as Jessy achieved her peak and collapsed forward trembling in her orgasm, to Brits side and I took her place straddling Brits come drenched face, holding my flesh fronds open I lowered myself onto her tongue, excited to follow my lover in this. She found my centre and licked exuberantly.

Brit was I felt a little naive, she needed coaching, bringing out. I leaned forward to bury my face into her drooling cunt and licked her genitals. as she whimpered, I wiggled my hips to drag my needy cunt across her nose, her full lips and chin. It took a few repetitions of this for her to realize the deal, she was expected to pleasure me, in return I pleasured her more, the more she pleasured me, the more I pleasured her. Brit soon got it, the effort for reward was taught. We drove each other on to the ultimate quest of reciprocal climaxes a few moments later. A lesson learned. Utter bliss!

Lost in my trading oral sex endeavour and lust of Brit I hadn’t notice Jessy get out of bed and return, till I dreamily glimpsed her kneeling near my head with a phallus pointing at my face, she had put on our shared fake cock, threateningly pointing out of the latex brief shorts made to position it perfectly and hold the base of the hard rubber cock inside her pussy, this device gave the wearer and the receiver equal pleasure.

Jessy pushed it to my mouth, I automatically lapped it and sucked it and wanked it till she was feeling the stimulation of it inside her cunt, I knew by familiarity the point when and where she wanted to stick it to Brit.

Raising myself to mount her face, smothering her with my wet pussy lips over her mouth again, which automatically had her licking, probing and sucking me delightfully, I took hold of Brits toned legs and clamped one under each of my arms, opening her crudely for my lover’s onslaught. Jessy anointed the rubber cock with lubricant, not that it was required, Brits pussy was wet and ready,

I parted her lips with one hand, positioned the cock on the cusp of Brits opening with the other and guided it in her cunt. Brit halted licking at the intrusion and gasped loudly, the spectacle of the cock parting her fleshy lips vanishing into her cavity thrilled me, I insistently rubbed my drooling cunt up and down her face to get her to begin again her servicing of me with her mouth and tongue, which she did as she moaned in pleasure giving little vibrations to my sensitive freshly wet sensitive labia.

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