After Room 117 Ch. 04

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Thursday evening, I had just left work at the mall. Thursday nights are college nights, so I changed quickly at the dorm and headed off to one of the favorite hang outs for my set. It was a fairly large sports bar just off campus.

Of course, two things were in the offing. First, as usual, I was carded. I would have no blue plastic wrist band that would allow me to enjoy the libations I preferred. Second, it was, after all, Spring Break. The last place to find any fun during Spring Break is in a college town.

The five bucks I paid to get in the place merely bought me an opportunity to drink a Coke in near solitude. Great. Just what I had hoped.

In thirty minutes, I was out of the place. My car pointed in the general direction of the sleazy titty bar at the edge of town. On the way, I stopped to get gas at a stop and rob. As I was paying, the slip of paper containing “Daddy’s” phone number dropped from my wallet.

Even though the clerk could have absolutely no idea what was on the paper or anything about my little secret, I felt myself turn a bright shade of red, as I quickly plucked the paper from the floor and left.

Back at my car, I started to slip the number back into my wallet, but paused. I held it in my hand looking at it. “Daddy,” it read. Below that was the number. Almost in a haze, I slipped my cell phone from my console and punched up the number. After a few rings, a male voice, his voice, said that “Jim” was not available. I ended the call without leaving a message.

A few minutes later, I found myself cruising the parking lot at the adult bookstore looking for that BMW from whence the slip of paper, still sitting on my passenger seat, had come. It was not there. I turned back out onto the street and headed for the titty bar.

As I was about to enter the establishment, my cell phone went off. Looking at the screen, I saw the number for Daddy that I had just called minutes later. Stepping around the corner past the weathered door, the wind whipping my ever growing blond hair about my face, I answered.

“Hello. This is Jim. I’m just returning your call.” The voice was Daddy’s alright, but it was a professional tone. It was Daddy’s work voice, obviously.

Not knowing what to say or how else to identify myself, I paused before replying. “This is your baby boy, Daddy.” My heart was beating a mile a minute, as I waited for his reply.

“Oh, my baby boy, huh? I was just thinking about you today, baby.” Daddy’s voice had changed.

Gone was the professional tone. Replacing it was a tone very near the one I had heard, as his cock had pushed in and out of my tight asshole weeks before.

“You have?” I asked, trying to make my voice sound sexy. I had never tried to sound sexy to another man, so I was not all that certain that it came off well. “What have you been thinking, Daddy?”

“Nasty things, Baby Boy. Very nasty things. I have been thinking about those soft lips of yours slipping over my cock, for one.” In my mind’s eye, I saw him rubbing his hard cock through his trousers, as he sat behind a desk somewhere. My own cock was throbbing, as I stood outside in the chill wind outside the door to the topless bar where they don’t card. “Where are you?”

Chuckling softly, I replied, “Just outside a hole-in-the-wall titty bar. I’m freezing my ass off.” That was no lie; the wind was now coming in from due north.

“A titty bar, eh?” Daddy’s voice trailed off. “Which illegal bahis one, baby?” I dutifully offered the name of the place and the cross streets nearby. Jim told me that he had some things to take care of at the office, but he would be done soon. He would meet me there in about an hour.

The hour dragged even though I was surrounded by women in various forms of undress. I was buzzing pretty decently, when I saw Daddy enter. Daddy was in a dark suit. His tie was loosened. Spying a possible good tipper, a large breasted blond whose stage name was “Ginger” latched onto Jim, as he made his way to my table in the back.

Ginger was probably the hottest dancer there, which meant she had never given me, a cash-strapped college guy, the time of day.

Sitting across from me, as Ginger sat to my right, Daddy smiled, as he said loud enough to be heard over the music, “Hey, Baby Boy, this is my new friend, Ginger.” She held out her small hand. Her perfume wafted over me, as I shook it gently.

Close up, she was even more stunning than she had been on stage. She was dressed in a tight, sequined blue dress that was so short that the crotch of her white g-string was glowed between her tanned, muscular legs, as she crossed them. I looked over at Jim inquisitively, and he winked in reply.

“So, should I just call you ‘Baby Boy’ or what?” Ginger asked, smiling. I noted that she had shifted her chair closer to Jim. I had not seen her do it. Even given my lack of experience with such matters, I was impressed with her subtlety in doing so. Ginger was a pro, I thought. “You can call me anything you like,” I smiled back. “But my name is Barry.”

“Anything I like? Really?” A wicked glimmer danced in her eyes. “What if I call you Baby Boy, too?”

I glanced over at Jim, who was laughing and shaking his head. “Like I said,” I answered with a self-conscious grin, “Anything you like.” A waitress brought a round of drinks for us. Daddy produced a credit card. “This night is on me, Baby Boy.” He ran his tongue over his upper lip out of view of Ginger, as he did so. As his left hand slipped the card to the waitress, a glint of Jim’s watch caught my eye. It was a Rolex. Just who was this guy? I pondered that, as I sipped my beer.

We spent a couple of hours there. Jim must have spent hundreds of dollars in that time, as our table was absolutely inundated with strippers. He bought us lap dance after lap dance. He seemed to enjoy watching me get them more than he enjoyed receiving them. During a short period where he and I were alone, he leaned in and whispered, “I want that dick good and hard, Baby Boy.”

It was just after Midnight when we left the place. I was not wasted, but I was feeling no pain. I followed Jim to an apartment complex downtown. He had been very careful to keep a distance from me, I noted. As we were about to enter his apartment, I asked, “Where’s your wife?”

“She is at home. I live out at my lake house. I just keep this apartment for when I have to ‘work late’.” He replied. Once inside the apartment, any distance I had felt from Jim closed. Closing the door, his eyes betrayed that need. That very same hunger I had seen in Mark’s eyes all that time ago. “Come here, baby.”

I stepped to him. Daddy pulled me even closer, as his lips met mine. I felt his crotch grind into mine, as his hands held my hips to him. His tongue swirled with mine. Breaking the kiss breathlessly, he moaned, “I wanted to illegal bahis siteleri suck my baby boy’s cock right there in the bar.”

With that, Daddy dropped to his knees. His brown eyes not leaving mine, as he unbuckled my belt, unfastened my jeans and slid them to my knees.

Instinctively, I slipped my jacket, then my shirt, off and let them drop to the floor. I watched speechlessly, as Jim slid my briefs down to my calf. As if in appraisal, he looked up at my youthful body, easily forty years younger than his own.

“My god, baby,” he rasped. “You do have a great body. Ginger said she wanted to see you naked, ya know. I hope you don’t mind. This first time alone, I just wanted you to myself.” His hand pressed my throbbing cock to my belly, as he licked the underside from balls to head, awaiting my reply.

“No, Daddy. I’m your baby boy. I’m all yours whenever you want me.” And, I was. I knew it at that minute. I was absolutely Daddy’s.

“Good, baby. Now, I need this more than you know.” With that, his mouth engulfed my cock, taking in each of the eight inches at once. Daddy’s lips pressed to my pubic hair and balls, as his tongue circled my cock over and over. My hands gripped his head and played at his thick gray hair.

As he drew his lips back slowly to the head of my cock, he twisted his head with a loud moan. He let the head slip from his lips, as he ran it over his face. It was as if he was worshipping my pulsing meat with all he had. “I love my baby’s big dick.” His voice rasped as he spoke the words, before devouring my cock once more.

His mouth was expert. Better than any I had ever known, as he quickly brought me to the edge of my orgasm. It was the first time with him that I had no other distractions, and could focus completely on the man who loved for me to call him “Daddy”.

I was panting, as his mouth took me. I watched, as his lips slipped deftly up and down my shaft. I was aching by this time. I was holding back from cumming. I did not want this moment to end—ever. Looking back, I know I should have felt some guilt. I had felt it before, after all. Guilt about being with a man. Guilt about cheating with this lovely older man when I had my lovely Linda.

Yet, I felt no such pangs. I felt only Daddy’s mouth, as it glided up and down my prick. No, that is not quite right. Daddy was slowly bringing something out of me that I had not experienced with another man. He was, with each passing moment, capturing my heart.

The thought of this immediately made me forget about holding back and extending the moment. I came immediately. There was no warning. Daddy’s lips had been on upstroke, as my semen exploded from my saliva coated cock. He moaned, as the spray hit his lips and the roof of his mouth. His lips surrounded the head of my cock, as my spasms sent stream after thick stream into his eager mouth.

I gasped, as Jim licked the last of my seed from the head of my cock. “Fuck, Daddy. That snuck up on me.” I was laughing softly, as I spoke.

Daddy smiled up at me with lips glistening with my cum. Standing, he pressed them to mine. The taste of my cum in his mouth made my spent cock jump. “I want you in my bed,” he whispered.

Taking my hand, Daddy led me there. I removed the rest of my clothes and lay down on the bed. The only light in the room was what eked in from the hallway, as Daddy undressed. Before climbing onto the bed with me, Daddy stood, looking canlı bahis siteleri me over. “Roll over on your belly, baby.”

“Yes, Daddy.” I rolled onto my stomach. I closed my eyes. I felt Daddy’s weight join me on the bed. His hands gripped my ankles and parted my legs wide. I gasped. I wanted him so very bad. In truth, I never wanted anything that bad.

Slowly, he crawled up between my legs. He kissed the backs of my thighs. His tongue darted out here and there, as his lips neared my ass. I felt his hands firmly grasp my asscheeks, as his tongue slipped between them.

I managed an “oh fuck”, as Daddy’s tongue flicked over my puckered rim. I felt his breath heating my rosebud, as he licked up and down my crack. He was licking it like a pussy, I found myself thinking.

“Does my baby boy like that?” Daddy whispered. He did not wait for a reply. I was only able to moan, anyway. His tongue pushed in deep. I felt his hands grip tighter. My hips rose from the bed to his mouth, as his lips sealed at my rim.

Daddy’s tongue darted in and out of my ass like a tiny, wet cock. My cock was soon throbbing under me, hard so quickly after seeming so spent just moments before. Somehow sensing it, Daddy lifted me up on my hands and knees. His tongue was still probing my ass, turning it into a wet cunt. His breath was white hot on my ass. His hand reached between my legs and slowly stroked my cock, as his tongue wriggled inside me.

When his tongue retreated from my ass, I was left wet and open. Wet and open for Daddy to enter—for Daddy to fuck his baby. He did not disappoint. I felt him run his cock, slick with precum, up and down from my taint to just above my asshole. Then, with no warning at all, Daddy pushed in. I screamed in a swirl of pleasure and pain from the rough entry.

“Oh, my baby’s pussy is so tight tonight. You feel so good around my dick, Baby Boy.” His hands gripped my hips tightly, as he started to fuck me hard and fast. I could feel his balls slapping at mine, as his cock slipped in and out faster and faster. Daddy panted and grunted with each heaving thrust. He was fucking me so hard that I had shifted up on the bed, my head buried in the pillow.

“Fuck me harder, Daddy,” I cried, as I reached back with one hand to touch him. I gripped his hip with one hand and stroked my own cock with the other. I was pushing back at him. I wanted him as deep as his length would allow.

I felt his hand come down hard on my ass. I yelped in pleasure, as his hand started abusing one asscheek, then the other, as his thick meat used my ass. I ground my ass up to him, as he fucked me. I was his. I belonged to Daddy.

I heard Daddy grunt louder and louder. I implored him to cum in my ass. I begged, almost in tears from the use and the emotions washing over me, for my daddy’s sperm to fill my hot little ass—my cunt. After a few more plunges into my depths, Daddy obliged. He called out to me, “Baby Boy, I’m gonna fill that pussy up!”

And he did. I came too. I drenched the sheets, as we joined each other in a mutual climax that wracked my body like no other experience I had yet known. Only as our tremors subsided, and Daddy collapsed onto the bed on top of me, did I realize that we had both broken out into a sweaty sheen.

We lay there for several minutes, catching our collective breath. I felt Daddy’s weight on my back. I felt his lips on the back of my neck, as he lifted my shoulder length hair to expose my nape. I could feel my own cum cooling beneath me, as I lay in it.

Daddy’s cock softened and he pulled from my ass with an audible plop. He rolled over beside me, and I fell asleep with my head on his chest. I would never be the same.

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