Alex’s Gifts Ch. 08

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Monkey See

Alex rolled out of bed Friday morning, still groggy and a little tender from Sam’s late night invasion. He played the ordeal back in his mind and realized it was one of the most fun evenings he’d had in quite some time. Contemplating his weakening inhibitions around the opposite sex, Alex recognized the effect Carrie’s training was having on him. He was becoming comfortably proactive in his pursuit of pussy.

Alex had the house to himself as he fixed a simple breakfast in the kitchen. Casey would return in the afternoon after her last ever day of high school, and Lily wouldn’t be back until Monday. She was spending the weekend at Sam’s family’s lake house. He was elated at how his relationship with the two girls was evolving. He cherished his younger sister Casey more than ever and was in the early stages of rebuilding a kinship with his elder sibling.

His phone buzzed on the counter. It was Carrie calling. He picked up with a “Hey there.”

“Hey, little man,” Carrie said, adopting what was once a jab at his small stature as her term of endearment for Alex. He no longer minded. “You did well last night. Your sister and I had a long chat after you left, she seems happier than I’ve seen in a long time. And from the sounds I heard coming from your room, I’d say you also improved Sam’s mood.”

“We had a little fun. She’s full of surprises,” said Alex as a pink heart-shaped jewel popped into his mind.

“She is indeed,” Carrie said. “Did you get that link I sent a couple days ago?”

“Expecting a delivery today,” he said, grinning into his phone.

“Excellent, I can’t wait to see what you bought,” Carrie said. “So, I’ll be gone a few days and I didn’t want to leave you without an assignment.”

“I was just wondering about that,” Alex said in anticipation.

“Casey’s having a party, right? How many of her friends are coming?”

“She told me three. Ben’s sister Megan and a couple girls I’ve never met,” Alex answered, liking where this was going.

“Alright then, I want you to get a blowjob from each of them. And you have to come on their faces. That ok with you, little man?”

Alex was certain there was only one correct answer to that question. “Sure, sounds like fun. What about Casey?” he asked, unsure what Carrie’s intention was with his little sister.

“Are you worried she’ll catch you? Or do you want to involve her?” Carrie forced him to decide what she meant.

“There’s no way I could keep it a secret, she’d feel left out. She’s been coming on to me pretty strong lately, and I can’t say I haven’t been enjoying it,” Alex said.

“Alright then, four facials it is. Good luck, although I doubt you’ll need it. See you next week,” Carrie said. His answer obviously hadn’t surprised her.

“Bye Carrie, have fun! And make sure Lily enjoys herself.”

“You know I will,” Carrie laughed. “Bye, Alex.”

Alex put down his phone and then tidied up the kitchen while contemplating his new assignment. He knew he’d have his work cut out for him regardless of Carrie’s confidence. Megan and Casey shouldn’t be a problem, but he had no idea what to expect from the other two girls. He’d have to play it cool, something that was becoming much easier since his mentor took him under her wing.

Feeling the need for a hot shower, Alex climbed to the upstairs bathroom. He undressed in front of the mirror and admired his tall, lean body. Swimming kept him in shape and added muscle to his already broad shoulders and back. He was lanky, with long arms and legs, but his figure was filling out with age and plenty of hard work in the pool. Alex inspected his package, he was modestly limp and carpeted in a mat of dark brown curly hair. Remembering Sam’s suggestion from the night before, he decided to do a little grooming.

Alex spread a towel on the floor and grabbed a pair of electric clippers from under the sink. Standing over the towel, he gingerly trimmed the bulk of his bushy hair down to a quarter inch. Stepping into the shower, Alex took care of his daily routine first, washing his hair and body. He moved out of the water and worked a thick lather of soap into his remaining hairs. Using a safety razor, he set to work grooming his most sensitive of areas. His balls and shaft went first, and then he trimmed around his pubic area, bringing it in from the sides and top. The new underwear he purchased would be revealing and he didn’t want scraggly hairs to ruin the effect.

Satisfied, Alex rinsed off, stepped out of the shower, and dried himself off. He cleaned up the rest of his mess, stashing the towel in the hamper and putting the clippers away. All of the special attention had him excited and as he turned and looked at the mirror he couldn’t help but agree with Sam: it was even more impressive now. He could see the base of his shaft down to the creases where it jutted from his body. His balls were no longer camouflaged, he reached between his legs and cupped their wrinkly softness, relishing the feeling illegal bahis of the skin that hasn’t been bare for years. He couldn’t wait to show off his work, idly wondering who would be the first to see it and thinking it was too bad Sam wasn’t around.

Turning his attention to more mundane tasks, he dressed and went into his office, working until lunchtime. After eating, he spent the next hour gathering the equipment he’d need to secure Ben’s camera setup. At around two o’clock he packed everything into his jeep and drove over to his friend’s house. He expected to be early, but there was usually someone home. Alex knew he would get the job done faster without Ben constantly asking questions, and he had a lot to do that afternoon to prepare for Casey’s party.

Alex carried the box of electronics from his car and set them down on the doormat before knocking. He was pleasantly surprised when Megan opened the door. She beamed at him and then blushed lightly. She likes me, he thought. A week ago he would have been completely oblivious.

He was right of course, Megan had been looking forward to Saturday’s pool party with extreme excitement. She even bought a new swimsuit specifically for Alex. Megan’s crush on the tall swimmer went back years, but she rarely had an opportunity to be around him without her dorky brother in the room.

“Hi Alex,” she said smiling cheerfully.

“Hey, Meg. I’m guessing Ben’s not home yet?”

“Just me here, he won’t be home for another hour or two and my parents are at work.”

“I brought some stuff I need to set up for him. Part of one of his new projects,” he said, nodding down at the box of parts and wires. “I figured I’d get a head start before he got home.”

“Ok, come on in. You know where you’re going. I’ll be just across the hall if you need anything,” she said politely.

Alex carried the box of gear up to Ben’s room and began unpacking it. He set up a series of networking appliances that would protect his friend’s computers from outside attack. He also configured a detached storage device to hold the sensitive images of Ben’s sister. His final step was to configure a secure VPN so that Alex could access the networked hard drive from his phone and home computers. He added a few secret features as well; monitoring software to see what Ben was doing with the files, an automatic hidden backup, and a way for him to remotely take control of the cameras that Ben had installed in the closet peephole. It took about thirty minutes start to finish, so he found himself with time to kill before his friend got home.

Alex switched on the system, ostensibly to test it, but also curious about what Megan was up to. The feed automatically began recording which meant the motion detector had been triggered and she was still in the room. Alex could see the back of her head as she sat at a desk behind an open laptop. He zoomed in closer and saw that she was flipping through galleries of chiseled models wearing skimpy bulging swimsuits. Megan paused on a close-up shot of a man wearing a skin-tight bikini sporting an obvious erection. Her arm move down into her a lap and she appeared to be unfastening her jeans.

Alex smiled, devising a wicked plan. He closed the feed but kept the system on and recording. Leaving Ben’s room, he crossed the hall and knocked lightly on Megan’s door, knowing she would be surprised and scrambling.

Shit, Megan thought. “Just a minute,” she said hurriedly as she slammed her laptop shut, buttoned her pants, and brushed her hair back from her flushed cheeks. She almost never looked at porn online, but as soon as she sat down at her desk her mind wandered to Alex and the pool party. She wanted to see what he might look like, and then one click led to another. “Come in,” she said, still clearly flustered.

“Hey Meg, I got done early. Ben won’t be back for a bit so I thought I’d see what you were up to,” he said, faking an innocent smile.

“Oh, I was just looking at funny pictures on my laptop,” Megan said, unable to come up with a better cover story.

It took all of Alex’s willpower to keep from laughing. He quickly changed topics, peppering her with questions, “Today was your last day of school, right? Looking forward to summer? What are you doing next year?”

“Yeah, today was the last day. It was a half day so I got home early. I’m going to Sanford State next year. No big plans for this summer, but I am looking forward to this weekend,” she said, smiling at Alex with enthusiasm.

“I am too, I have a couple surprises planned,” Alex hinted.

“I can’t wait! I even bought a new swimsuit. But I don’t know if I should wear it.” Megan twisted in her chair, showing a glimpse of uncharacteristic shyness.

“Why’s that?” Alex liked where this conversation was headed.

Megan looked at the floor and said, “Well, it shows a little much. I don’t want the other girls to think I’m easy.”

Bingo, Alex thought, yet another opportunity he wasn’t going to pass illegal bahis siteleri up. “How about if you try it on for me and I’ll tell you what I think?” he asked, a sly smile spreading across his face.

Megan was thrilled. She wasn’t shy about her body, she knew it looked good and she wanted Alex to see it. That’s why she bought the new suit, it didn’t leave much to the imagination. She was genuinely worried about what the other girls would think though, she didn’t need a bad reputation following her to college. “Really, you’d do that for me? That’s so nice, Alex. Wait here!” she said, positively bubbling with excitement.

Alex watched as the petite brunette rifled through her dresser, pulling out a hot pink one-piece swimsuit and then skipping out of the room. Alex looked over to the wall, trying to locate the hole that leads into Ben’s closet. His friend was right, it was hard to find, positioned against a piece of trim that cast a shadow. It was naturally camouflaged, looking like just another dark knot in the pine siding that ringed the room. Alex took the chance to set the scene, he pulled Megan’s desk chair out into the center of the room, facing the peephole, and sat down in it.

Megan returned moments later to find Alex obviously anticipating a show. Her glance moved unconsciously to the front of his pants. Even while seated she could tell he was big. She moved in front of him, back facing the camera.

“Well, what do you think?” the svelte gymnast asked, stretching her arms up and pirouetting gracefully. Her pink swimsuit didn’t show much cleavage, and the cut was modest, fully wrapping her narrow hips. By all accounts, it had the appearance of any normal unassuming one-piece swimsuit a teenage girl would wear in public.

Except for one major difference, the pink suit was extremely see-through. From her dark pointed nipples to her belly button, and right down to the tight little hills between her legs. Alex could see everything. Her nipples pressed against the fabric and into small light-brown areolas centered on her apple-sized breasts. A tuft of thin light hair sat perched atop her mound and between her legs hung two petite mounds, nestled together and bisected by a fleshy bump that pushed out and into the thin fabric of her scandalous swimsuit.

“Wow Meg, you look incredible.” Alex said as he felt his pants strain.

“I can see that,” she said, nodding towards his tented pants. “Feel free to make yourself more comfortable if you want. I’m not shy.”

“Really? I hadn’t noticed,” he smiled and laughed. “I can’t wait to see that suit wet,” Alex said, as he undid his belt and pants. He popped off the chair briefly and pulled his jeans down. He took off his t-shirt, leaving him sitting in only a pair of boxers, his unmistakably large erection aimed at the ceiling.

“So you think I should wear it tomorrow?” Megan asked, biting her lip and wiggling her hips seductively as she stared at Alex’s sexy broad shoulders and tight chest.

“I think you should wear it every time you see me. You are so fucking hot,” Alex exclaimed.

Megan grinned wide and said, “Thanks, Alex. I like how you look too.” She sauntered over to him, swinging her hips in wide exaggerated arcs. She walked his knee right between her legs and squatted down, grinding her hot warmth into him. She reached down and wrapped a small hand around his thick shaft, unable to fully reach around his girth. “Casey was right, it is big,” she purred with admiration. Her clit was on fire as she crushed it into his thigh and rocked her hips.

“You and my sister talk about my dick?” he asked, eyebrow raised. This was certainly a new development.

“Girls talk about a lot of stuff,” she said with a smirk as she leaned in and kissed him on his lips. She felt his strong hands dig into her ass and press her harder against his leg. He bounced his knee up and down while she continued to grind her pussy along his muscular thigh. Lips locked and tongues entwined, she moaned with pleasure into his mouth. She continued pressing her sex into him, now moving her hips in a furious pace. Unable to contain her excitement, she broke off the kiss and cried out in pleasure. She hunched her back and locked her strong legs tightly around Alex’s thigh, holding his broad shoulders for support while she spasmed in delight. He could feel moisture on his leg.

Panting, she leaned in and whispered, “I want to touch you.”

Alex stood, easily lifting her petite body off his lap and setting her down to his side. In one swift movement he dropped his underwear and stepped out of them while his liberated stiffness bounced gleefully. Megan immediately brought both warm hands around his freshly shaven member. His shaft twitched and throbbed at her light touch. She ran a hand along the underside of his smooth cock and cupped his balls. Her other hand wrapped around his sensitive knob, exploring its folds and curves.

“Wow Alex, I like what you’ve done down here,” she said, fondling canlı bahis siteleri his soft shaven bits. The main reason she didn’t like watching porn was all the hairy guys, it totally ruined the mood for her. Alex’s grooming, however, was a huge turn on. She felt warmth and moisture spreading between her legs.

“Thanks, just trying something new,” he smiled, happy to hear his attention to himself was paying off.

Megan dropped to her knees and admired him up close. The couple were in profile to the camera and Alex knew every detail of what was about to happen would be perfectly recorded. The lithe gymnast played with his manhood. Pulling his thick shaft down, pushing it side to side and pressing it up against his stomach. She caressed his wrinkly hairless sack, cupping his balls and rolling them in her dainty hand. “I’ve never been this close to a boy before,” Megan said breathlessly as she continued her research.

Alex could have sworn she was more experienced given her aggressive exhibitionism, not to mention the show she put on with her pink vibrator last weekend. Hell, he thought, she probably wouldn’t even mind the camera in her room if it wasn’t for her brother. Or would that even matter? He didn’t want to tempt fate just yet. He was jolted back to reality when Megan wrapped her hot soft mouth around his cock. She licked the base of his glans and circled him with her tongue.

“Oh Meg, you are a natural,” he said, groaning and looking down at her.

The tiny gymnast took more of him into her mouth, testing how far she could go. His girth made her jaw ache, but she ignored the pain and pressed him far into her throat. She backed away and focused again on his sensitive tip as Alex let out another groan, telling her she was in the right place. “Put your hand around it,” he said, instructing his apprentice. She did as told and pumped her fist in rhythm with her mouth. “Yes, that’s it, that feels amazing. Don’t stop!” Alex gasped. He put both hands on the gymnast’s straight chocolate brown hair and let his head fall back. His eyes were closed while his mind focused on the wonderful sensations she was sending through his body.

Megan slurped Alex’s cock hungrily, bobbing her lips and tongue across his most sensitive parts. Her hand, now slick with spit, slid along his length. He felt warmth and wetness reaching his freshly shaven skin, and could feel her hot breath on him with acute awareness. “I’m going to come,” he gasped. “I want you to watch.”

With a pop, Megan released Alex’s cock from her mouth. She looked at it expectantly, big brown eyes staring up at his glistening manhood with his taut chest and handsome face in the background. She pulled her slick hand down his full length and then quickened her pace across his flared tip, using her free hand to massage his shaven sack. Alex moaned from deep in his belly and thrust his hips out. Megan gasped in surprise as the first thick rope of sticky hot cum splashed against her upper lip. She felt his heavy cock convulse and his balls clench as the second stream hit her chin, the third flew into her open mouth, and the fourth dripped down her rosy cheek. By the time Alex emptied, the lower half of her face was dripping in white spunk. She licked her lips and swallowed, then rubbed his spent cock around her face, trying to sweep more of his cum into her mouth. Megan licked his sensitive tip lightly, cleaning the last drop. Finally, she let him go, kissing him lightly before rising to her feet.

Megan grabbed a handful of tissues on her desk and cleaned herself, smiling all the while. “You’re pretty good at that,” he said over his shoulder.

“Thanks. I want to keep practicing though, I think I can do better,” she said, and winked at him. “You taste really good, I heard some girls say it was gross.”

“Thanks, I guess. And there’s always tomorrow,” Alex replied, now looking forward to the pool party more than ever. “I’d better get back to Ben’s room in case he gets home soon.”

“Good idea, I don’t want him to know about this. I’ll see you soon,” Megan said eagerly as Alex bent to pick up his clothes.

“Until tomorrow,” Alex said while pulling up his pants and fastening his belt. He walked over to the gymnast, still clad in the transparent pink swimsuit, and slid a hand between her legs, pressing into her sopping sex. “Make sure you bring this,” he whispered in her ear.

Megan gasped, unable to speak, and nodded her head energetically. He leaned in and kissed her once on the lips and then turned and left the room. Megan shut the door behind him and dropped to her knees, unable to believe what just happened. She’d dreamed of being close to Alex for so long, and to have it come true in such an erotic way was more than she could handle. She pressed her hands over her eyes and wept quiet tears of joy, her body shaking as it drowned in an ocean of pleasure.

From Ben’s room, Alex watched Megan’s breakdown over the video feed. At first he was concerned he did something wrong, but her body language told him that was definitely not the case. He’d made girls cry before, but not like this. Alex quickly stopped the recording and turned off the camera. He made a private backup of the last hour of footage and deleted the originals.

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