Alice Ch. 01

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The beer run took about thirty minutes. When we got back to the beach house, it sounded like the party was stilling going strong. We carried the beer up two flights of wooden stairs and in through the kitchen entrance. The two-story house was on stilts like most beachfront houses in the area. The bottom floor was mostly bedrooms and the top floor was a large entertainment area with a kitchen.

When I had left, my girlfriend, Alice, had been sitting and talking with her friend Pam on a sofa in front of a large picture window that looked out onto the ocean. I scanned the living room and found Pam, but Alice was not with her. Pam was chatting with some guy named William that I sort of knew from school.

“Hey, Pam,” I interrupted, “where’s Alice?”

Pam had a sort of odd look on her face and answered, “She said something about taking a walk on the beach.”

“Alone?” I asked. “It’s pitch black out there.”

“I guess,” Pam responded. “Last I saw of her, she was going downstairs.”

I said, “Thanks”, and went downstairs to the lower level to the bedroom where we had left our jackets. I had retrieved mine earlier for the beer run. I rummaged through the pile of coats on the bed and Alice’s pink hoodie was not there. It was hard to imagine Alice going out for a beach walk by herself at night. I exited the floor and caught the outside stairs at the midway point. When I reached the bottom, I started to make a u turn to head for the beach. I stopped. Above the gentle roar of the ocean, I thought I heard voices. I waited some more and listened. They were coming from the open area under the house. I walked around the house on the beach side until I came to the lattice work that surrounded the lower area. I peered into the area. It was dimly lit by a small wattage bulb that was always on. There was a red, convertible Mustang parked there. Bobby Jackson was seated in the driver’s seat and there next to him was my girlfriend , Alice.

“What the fuck is going on?” I thought to myself although my lips mouthed the words, too. Because of my position, I could see them both clearly through the car’s windshield. Shielded by lattice work and bushes, I was pretty sure they couldn’t see me. I watched and listened. I took out my phone and began recording.

It was Alice who spoke first. “It’s a very nice car, Bobby, but I gotta get back to the party. Tom will be back any minute.”

“Not yet,” Bobby said firmly, looking into her brown eyes. “Doesn’t güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri this bring back memories? How many times did we go parking in my dad’s BMW?”

“Those were different times, Bobby,” said Alice. “I have a boyfriend now. I’m not your girlfriend anymore.”

“Oh, Alice,” Bobby chuckled, “you weren’t my girlfriend then. You were a “girlfriend” of my fraternity. I know you went parking with some of my frat brothers. We do talk to each other, you know.”

“Really?” Alice said. “And what do you guys talk about?” She almost sounded giggly.

“That thing that you do, Alice,” Bobby grinned. “You know.”

“Okay,” Alice quit pressing, “but I don’t do that anymore except for Tom. So, if that’s what you really brought me down here for, you’re out of luck.” She laughed gently. She didn’t seem offended, especially if they were talking about what I imagined they were talking about.

Bobby reclined his seat back and rose up a bit and appeared to be fiddling with his pants. Then he eased back into his seat.

I saw Alice’s gaze settle on Bobby’s lap area. “Remember this guy,” Bobby asked, grinning.

“Oh, I remember,” Alice said with a smile. Her eyes remained focused, “it’s still very nice, but I’m not putting it in mouth.” She seemed firm. “We gotta get back to the party before Tom gets back.”

“Look how hard I am, Alice. I can’t go back like this. I really need to get off.”

“Well, maybe you can take care of it yourself. I’m sure you remember how,” Alice laughed.

“Will you watch?” Bobby pleaded. “Will you watch me jack off? What would that hurt?”

Alice paused for a minute. She looked up into Bobby’s eyes and then back down to his lap.

“Just once…for old time’s sake?” Bobby added.

Alice took a deep breathe like she was thinking about it and, after a few seconds, said, “Okay, but you gotta hurry. I have to get back.”

Bobby’s right shoulder started flexing rhythmically and it was obvious that he was pumping his cock. My girlfriend was obviously staring down at his cock and hand. She looked up to see Bobby’s face, but Bobby’s head was leaned back into the headrest and his eyes were closed.

“What are you thinking about, Bobby?” Alice asked.

“You,” was the one word reply.

“What about me?” Alice asked. She appeared to be fascinated by this turn of events.

“I’m imagining that it’s your pretty little hand that’s jacking me off. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Is that okay?”

“I guess, if that’s what it takes, but you need to hurry up,” Alice said. Her voice and gotten a bit huskier.

“Maybe it would go faster if you helped a little,” Bobby said, opening his eyes and smiling at her. “Just wrap you hand around it right here.” With that Bobby appeared to reach over and pull Alice’s hand back to his lap. Alice did not resist. “That’s it. Keep the rhythm going,” as he started jacking his cock again.

A few seconds went by and then Bobby raised both of his arms and locked his fingers behind his head and peered down at his lap area. “That’s it baby. That’s it baby. Jerk me off,” Bobby urged. I couldn’t see the actual action, but Alice seemed totally into giving Bobby a handjob.

Alice looked down at her prize and said, “I forgot how big it was Bobby. How did I ever get it in my mouth?’

I expected for the slick talking Bobby to maneuver this handjob into a blowjob, but he did something even slicker.

“Alice?” Bobby said hoarsely.

“Yeah,” Alice said still watching her hand pump away on Bobby’s cock.

“Will you kiss me while I cum?” Bobby asked sweetly.

This appeared to take Alice by surprise and she looked up at Bobby’s face and then moved over so that their faces were only an inch apart. She didn’t say anything, but they leaned into each other for a long, tonguing kiss. It must have lasted thirty seconds, but Alice never broke stride jerking Bobby’s cock.

Alice was clearly softened by the kiss. Bobby pulled his face away and leaned his head back and began to breathe heavily. Alice began planting little kisses on his neck.

“Oh, Alice, I’m gonna cum!” Bobby moaned.

“I got this, Bobby,” Alice replied and I watched my sweet girlfriend’s head disappear beneath the dashboard into Bobby’s lap. Bobby removed his hands from behind his head and lowered them to his lap. I imagined they were on the back of Alice’s head. I imagined Alice had his cock in her mouth.

“Oh oh oh,” Bobby managed as his body arched upward. He stayed arched like that for several seconds. I imagined he was shooting cum up into Alice’s accepting mouth.

Finally he relaxed and Alice’s head appeared above the dashboard once again. Bobby’s right hand was still entwined in her hair. She looked up at Bobby. Her cheeks were bulging. She tilted her head back and parted güvenilir bahis şirketleri her lips slightly while staring into Bobby’s eyes. Bobby looked down into her parted lips and grinned. “That is so hot, baby,” Bobby said.

Alice closed her lips again and swallowed and then opened them to give Bobby another look.

Bobby grinned at her. “Well?”

“Well what?” Alice asked.

“How was it?” Bobby asked.

“Dee-licious!” Alice giggled, “Just like it always was. And there was so much of it!”

“I’ve been saving it up for you, baby.”

Alice looked back down at Bobby’s cock area and said, “Oops, I think a little bit more has trickled out.” Her head disappeared again for what seemed like most of a minute. Finally she surfaced.

“I think I got it all,” she said as she brought her right hand up to her lips and examined it and licked it here and there. “All clean,” she beamed.

“Thanks, baby,” Bobby said. “I’ve missed you. Can I do something to get you off, now?”

“That’s sweet, Bobby,” Alice answered, “but I came while you were filling my mouth with your cum. I almost always did and I still do.”

“I’ll never understand how that works,” Bobby said.

“You don’t have to, Bobby. It’s just the way I am,” Alice said. “Now, I really gotta get back. Tom’s probably here and looking for me. And Bobby?”


“Tom must never find out about this,”

“Okay,’ said Bobby.

“Swear!” demanded Alice.

“I swear, jeez,” Bobby said.

Alice kissed him on the lips and then lowered her head one last time and (I imagined) kissed his cock. She got out of the car and hurried around the street side of the house and up the stairs.

I stopped recording.

After a minute, Bobby got out and followed.

I couldn’t believe I had just watched my girlfriend blow another dude and eat his cum. My own cock couldn’t believe it either. I was hard as a rock. I walked down the beach to the edge of the ocean and stood there and replayed the entire video.

When I got back to the party, Alice and Pam were once again drinking and talking on the sofa by the picture window. When Alice saw me, her eyes lit up and she jumped to her feet and gave me a passionate kiss. “Where have you been, baby?” she asked. “I missed you so much.” She seemed so genuine.

“Well, when I got back the first time, Pam said she thought you went for a walk on the beach so I went to join you. I thought that would be romantic.”

“I guess we missed each other, somehow,” Alice said. “It’s not too late. We could do it now.”

“Great idea!” I said. “It’s nice out tonight.”

We went downstairs to get her jacket.

Over in the corner, Bobby and a couple of his buddies were drinking beers and talking and laughing.

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