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Chapter Two

After we lay quiet for a while, the two cocks still embedded in me….the filling of the sandwich, we staggered to the shower. It was big enough for the three of us and I could only sit on the tiles and get soaked. A soapy hand lifted my arm and flexed my fingers and were slipped into a warm cosy place.
Looking up in the spray, Joelle had pushed my fingers into her bald pussy, and with more soap, squeezed my entire hand up into her cunt. There it was, up to my wrist in her quim, and Joelle pulling it up to stuff more inside her. She bent from the waist and kissed my upturned mouth. “Oh” I sighed, as I could feel my fingers touching, through the thin membrane to her rectum, Alison’s fingers in Joelle’s bottom, moving about, bumping and sliding against mine.

When Joelle widened her feel and bent over double to kiss me, a gasp exploded into my mouth as Alison’s hand again slid in to her arse. Joelle stuffed a large tit into my open mouth and took hold of my wrist, and Alison’s, and pushed them both as far as they could reach inside her holes, slipping them a little way out and then pushing them back in again.
Joelle was fucking her cunt and arse simultaneously, enjoying our fingers opening and closing inside her depths. Her knees started give out as she started to orgasm, and she cried out when I bit into her nipple to finish her off. Open mouth and gasping for air, she tumbled down beside me licking and sucking my glistening fingers. As Alison joined us on the shower floor, Joelle, likewise, licked and sucked the juices off Alison’s hand before trying to get her whole hand into her mouth.
Dried off, and recovering, we sat close together on the sofa, completely naked, and sipped another glass of the extremely potent orange wine, looking at the photos. All gently stroking our pussies and squeezing our nipples. Occasionally we would slowly caress each other as we all got a little excited again, looking at some lewd and amazing photos we had just taken. I promised Joelle to e-mail her with copies.

“What an extraordinary afternoon that was, and how amazing is Joelle? I have never been a party to someone taking two whole fists inside them.” I said to Alison on our way home.
“And, she had such a tight pussy and bum … How on earth did she manage to do that? Unbelievable……. You want to try it?” Alison replied.
“What? I cannot even wear my butt-plug home, “but….. I do think that I am going to fuck your arse when we have recovered. OH… and as for cumming inside me, that is another first for me, and although it was pleasant, I will not, ever, be trying that with a real prick! Heheee”

Alison giggled with me and as we neared my house, she turned to me, hand stroking her naked cunt, dress wide open, tits swaying with the motion of the car.
“All that, this afternoon, has left me all tingling and glowing. After supper and more rosé wine, do you think you might have recovered enough to ‘fuck my arse’?” enquired my passenger.
My eyes narrowed as I turned to her, feeling a hand stroking up and over a stocking top onto my bare flesh, nearing my equally naked pussy. “We will have to wait and see, mmm”

Sitting on the sofa in front of a lovely log fire, Alison and I looked through the photos in excitement. The rose wine was adding to the glow as we sat close together in out short robes.
“These photos are so turning on, BUT, they are not like voyeurism, of the two of us with Joelle.” sighed Alison, taking another swig of wine, only the occasional photo….not the whole event, and not like siiting back and watching our ‘out of body’ experience that we chatted about. Nothing moving, it all seems so clinical.”
“You mean like moving pictures?…..….Would illegal bahis a video of it be better?” I ventured.
“God, YES, that would be much better, but…” and I interrupted Alison mid-thought.
“I have a ‘palmcorder’ which I use for viewing property. Should we try that?”
“Jenni, how brilliant of you. DO let us see if it works?” Alison excitedly implored me. ”Go get it.”

On my return, my lewd friend had lain across the sofa, robe open and was sucking her breasts. “Is this a good pose for you? Is there enough light to see me?”
I turned the camcorder on and walked up to her pointing the cam at her damp pussy.
“Let’s see what this looks like…lovely for me, but how good a picture will it be?” Alison was quite worked up and as the camera was close to her pussy, slid two fingers between her labia. I kept videoing until Alison started to get breathless, in her excitement.
“Stop for a moment darling, and let us check that all this is not wasted.”
We sat close, and reviewed the recording, on the camera’s screen.
“Shit, that is sooooo fantastic, Jenni. It is so clear and in focus. So close on my fingers and pussy. I have never seen my pussy before, and I am getting horny just looking at it. I wish that I could lick and suck it and slip my tongue into it heheee.”

“Let me do that for you, and it does look delicious on this cam. How brilliant it is. So what now? It seems to work here in the living room, but will it work in the bedroom.?”
“Well” said Alison in a matter-of-fact way, but, when we entertain Joelle next week, for supper and a sleep-over, will it work for all of us three jumping around your bedroom? “ Alison rightly reasoned.
I wondered, “Mmmmmm, I think so, no , hope so, but…BUT……..”
“BUTT” shouted Alison, “my butt, let’s try an action scene of you seducing my bottom with your awesome cock. Oh PLEASE, Jenni, I am now so horny, after seeing my pussy in close-up, I want to see your big prick buggering me. We take the bottle of wine upstairs, and as we go to bed, finish off this beautiful day with a video of my bottom being invaded?”
“Let’s go”. I surrendered to her and we walked upstairs to my bedroom, keeping the camcorder running to check how it all looked.

I left the camera running on the bedside table, as I went to climb into my strap-on, and re-fill the reservoir with ‘sperm’. Walking back into the bedroom, there was Alison with her buttocks almost devouring the cam lens, whilst lubing her bottom, and slipping two fingers into her tight rectum.
Before picking up the ‘palmcorder’ I checked the screen, and there was Alison’s anus in big close-up being shafted by her two fingers.
“Don’t move” I told her, as I took the camera and stood at the edge of my bed. The camera was pointing down at the large prick standing proud from my groin, and caught on clos-up, Alison’s fingers wrapping around it, stroking it, and then pulled in into her smiling mouth.

“Beautiful” I sighed as I watched her head bobbing up and down on my prick. “I want it in my bottom Jenni. I filmed her, hand still holding onto the phallus, as she scooted around to present her lovely open buttocks. Pulling the cock closer, and closer to her sphincter, she placed it at her rosebud, and whispered “You can see this?”
“You bet your sweet ass I can, everything in gorgeous close-up”. Alison pushed back on my cock and I watched the very tip begining to widen her ring, and as I gently pushed forward, I felt the head slip past her sphincter, and up to halfway inside her, watching her hole close tightly illegal bahis siteleri around it, as half of my 10 inches disappeared smoothly into her arse.
“OHHHHHH hold it there for a moment darling Jenni, until I catch my breath, gently. This is the first time to have anything so big ‘back there’.”

After a moment of stillness, as I zoomed in and out between her bum, Alison’s bottom began to slide back and forward on the lubed phallus, with each push back, her anus received more and more of the ten inches, until, with a grunt, she felt my thighs bumping against hers. “Oh god, is it all in, I am filled, but it is so delicious, Jenni. Start slowly and then fuck my arse, PLEEEEASE.
I was video-ing all this in glorious close-up, and told Alison that I was going to put the camera on the bedside table, to watch us slightly wider.
I positioned the camera, so that all of Alison could be seen, bum up in the air, head on my pillows, and my buttocks encased by the straps of my cock, and could see, the large phallus between her bum cheeks.

OK” I said to her, “No camera shake as I fuck you, but just to see the whole picture, relax, and go with the flow, darling Al.”
I re-started the camera and slowly pulled out of Alison’s bum , fascinated by watching her tight ring contract as the phallus pulled out. “Here we go, hon” and made sure that one of my fingers, then a second could be seen, slipping fully inside her rectum, finger-fucking her to widen her hole. Withdrawing my fingers, they wrapped around my hard cock and presented the tip at her tight rosebud entrance. Pushing forward, with Alison pushing back, the 10 inch dick slowly disappeared to its hilt… tummy pushing against her bum.
It was so erotic to watch my cock disappear, and to know that we were on video, I started to fuck her. Slowly at first, fascinated at how her bum-hole was stretching and closing around the hard prick buggering her.

Faster and faster, as I stretched forward to grasp her swaying tits, pulling on them and squeezing hard, her very hard nipples.
Alison let out a gasp as my crutch banged against her buttocks, and as my fingers molested her her firm boobs and nipples. “Whoosh, I am close Jenni. Try and cum with me?” The end of the phallus inside me was working its magic, as I leant back to hold her hips, and furiously plunge into her. “Oh, God, Al. This is so fucking dirty, and wonderful. I want to cum with you.”
“Doooooo it, NOWWWWWWW” she shouted out and began to buck and shake….grinding her bum against my crotch, and as I started to have the first wave of the orgasm, began to pump the ‘semen’ fluid deep into her entrails.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK” she cried out as her bum rose up higher to meet my orgasmic thrusts. “Oh God, God, God” she moaned, face buried in the pillows as her orgasm started to subside. I slowly lowered myself onto her, my boobs squashing against her back, and my hands around her, holding her tender tits.
We lay there, catching our breaths, and my lips caressing the back of her neck. “No, please leave it there, inside me. I want to feel it, still hard and all the ‘cum’ filling me poor rectum. We moved to lie on our sides, with my dick still inside, and we dozed in that post-orgasmic ‘spoon’ position. Sated, and exhausted.

Next morning, I awoke alone but with the delicious smell of fresh bread and coffee.
I wandered downstairs to find Alison, dressed like me, in a shirt, finishing laying out the breakfast things on the terrace. “Just go and sit down and I will serve my ladyship. The warm sun, croissants and coffee is the best thing to wake-up to, and with the rare occasion of company.
We chatted and giggled away about the day before, canlı bahis siteleri and all the naughty events, including Alison’s first experience of anal sex. “How is your bottom today, hon. Not too sore this morning?”
“A little bit, but, having watched the video we took, I am a bit randy, and damp, so I just had to try out your butt-plug, which is larger than the one I wore to St. Tropez. MMMMM it is lovely in there, and I have been fingering my pussy, because I am tingling. Heheee”

“You, madam, are becoming a little anal whore. Whatever will husband say?”
“Oh, Jim never goes near my bum so no worries there. But, talking of bums, we have to discuss our plans for Joelle’s visit. AND, I think you should be setting up a rendez-vous with Eva. I am certain, she will be very exciting to be with, because now we know that Joelle has had her hands on your little student waitress.”
I mused and replied “Hands IN her more like. Yes, could be bery interesting, and, very lovely. But, are we ready to take another trip down to the coast so soon?”
“Well, not today, as I have other plans for us” and with that, pushed her seat from the table and opened her knees. I looked down and saw a large erect cock, sticking up into the morning sunshine, which Alison had kept hidden under her shirt.
“Nice” I giggled “and exactly what are you thinking of doing with your rock-hard erection?”
“Well, it looks so magnificent in the fresh air, that I would like to hide it somewhere interesting, somewhere in the garden.” Alison replied, as she stood up and threw off her shirt. “Come on, shirt off and FOLLOW ME.”

We sucked and fucked our way around the small garden, even with Alison humping me from behind as we leant on the garden wall, waving to the postman and my neighbours.
In the pool, on the sun-loungers, and on the table on the terrace, we tried out every aspect of sapphic love, and even managed to make another porno tape, as we changed positions and strap-on. We even got so drunk on the power of lust, that we urinated on each other, and drank each other’s glorious pee. We felt dirty, depraved and insatiable and loved every second of it.

By chance, we were taking a well-earned break, and thinking of lunch, as a voice called out. We managed to throw on our shirts, when Jim walked around the end of the house. He had arrived back from St. Nazaire, three days early, announcing that he had been given a two year contract to help build and fit out luxury yachts. He had accepted and told the rather shocked Alison and me, that therefore they would be moving over there, as soon as possible.
The company had found a terrific villa to live in, and Jim also told us that he had spoken to the agent for their house in the village, and it was now for sale.
“We better go and start to pack and make arrangements for the move.” Jim said to Alison, and as she paused to turn to me, with tears in her eyes, Jim took hold of her arm, and commanded “Come on Alison, lots to do, no time like the present.”
“And no time in the future. Goodbye Alison” I sadly whispered to myself, rushing upstairs to throw myself on the bed and burst into tears.

Alison and Jim left just two days later, and although we try to be naughty on skype, we know that our glorious few days together, will never happen again.
The morning after, again feeling desperately on my own, the telephone rang. It was Eva’s voice. ”Hello, Jenni. I hope you don’t mind that I got your telephone number from Joelle?
I am not disturbing you am I?”
“Eva, how lovely you rang.” Disturb me?, I thought, I very much hope you do, darling!

The End.

Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed reading my little adventures. I would adore to receive messages and comments, to indicate to me whether I should continue with more episodes of life here. JENNI xxx

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