Almost Brothers Ch. 05

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A week later, Rusty and Cooper were fucking. Rusty slammed into Cooper and came with great intensity. Cooper lowered his legs and held Rusty inside him as their legs intertwined. “Damn, Coop. That was a good as the first time, man.”

“Mmmm hmmmm.”

Rusty rolled off of Cooper. He moved to lay on Cooper’s shoulder with his thick bicep near his lips. Rusty kissed the muscle and sighed.

“Rus?” Cooper asked.


“I was wondering….”

“About what?”

Cooper rolled over until their faces were a few inches apart. He kissed Rusty softly on the lips. “Tell me about your first time with a guy,” Cooper said.

Rusty reached up and pushed sweaty clumps of Cooper’s wild hair from his forehead and tucked them over his ear. He stared into Coop’s dark blue eyes.

“Would it surprise you if I said it was with Scott?” Rusty whispered.

“No, I’m not surprised. Go ahead, I want to hear every detail.” Cooper absently stroked his soft dick.

“You perv!” Rusty heard himself using Scott’s favorite line and grinned. “Scott and I went on a camping slash fishing trip with my Dad.”

“Oooooo camping! Its ALWAYS a camping trip! How old were you guys?”

“Scott’s a couple of months older than me and I had just turned eighteen.”


“My Dad had a friend who had this house in the woods, near a lake. They took Scott and I up there for the weekend to do some fishing. We got there on a Friday afternoon and once inside the house, found there was only two bedrooms. Terry, Dad’s friend, claimed one bedroom, Dad slept in the living room on the sofa so that left Scott and I sharing the bed in the other room. Now this bed was only slightly bigger than the single beds Scott and I had at my house, and you know how big Scott is, so, needless to say, we were very close to each other in the bed.

“Ut oh,” Cooper said, raising one eyebrow and looking at Rusty inquisitively.

“Scott and I goofed around outside all evening until it was late. Dad let us have a few beers and we got sort of drunk. “Just don’t tell your Mom,” Dad had warned us. Finally, Dad suggested we go to bed because we’d have to get up early for fishing. So, Scott and I stripped to our briefs and climbed into bed together. We were tired and fell asleep quickly.

“I don’t know what time it was but I was awaken by Scott getting out of bed. He went to the bathroom and pissed. He came back and got into bed. It was kind of hot so he laid on top of the sheets. There was a full moon that night and I could see it through the window. It cast a nice light on Scott’s body who was lying on his back with his hands behind his head. I could see a lump in his briefs.

“Thinking back now, I don’t know why I did it. I must have had some reasoning but it escapes me now. Chalk it up to my burgeoning homosexuality or whatever, but I….” Rusty paused. “I’ve never told anyone this before.”

“Keep going,” Cooper said, “I’m getting hard already,” Cooper said while holding his dick.

“I reached over and put a hand on Scott’s chest. There was the beginning of hair growing between his pecs and I put my hand there and just kept it still. Then I lightly started moving my fingers, just a bit, you know, just kind of feeling his chest hair. He didn’t protest. In fact, he didn’t do or say anything at all, just laid still with his eyes closed. I started to move my hand, caressing his chest. His breathing increased slightly. I touched his nipples, one then the other, dragging my fingers across his skin. Scott moved his legs a bit and turned his head to one side facing away from me. He lowered his arms to his sides and cleared his throat. I ran my fingers up to his neck and felt him there. I could feel the stubble of his young beard. He stretched his neck and nuzzled into the pillow. Then I returned my hand to his chest and continued to rub him. Now, I could feel his nipples getting hard. I glanced down at this waist. His stomach was tensing and relaxing. His legs moved from side to side. The lump in his briefs was bigger. By now, my own dick was rock hard and his hand was right next to it.

“I moved my hand up so just the fingertip touched him. I dragged them down his body, feeling the thin line of brown hair in the center of his abs. I palmed my hand out in the middle of the spray of hair which encircled his navel in several inches. I rubbed him there, side to side for several minutes feeling his muscles contract and relax.

“His breathing had increased again. I could hear him inhaling and exhaling between his teeth. Scott moved his legs apart and his cock was completely hard, bulging now, in his briefs. I could see the outline of the head. I started rubbing his entire, broad body. I massaged his shoulders, his arms, neck. He let out deep moans as I continued my exploration. I returned to his chest, rubbing him harder and faster. I cupped his pecs with my hand and teased his nipples. My hand went down his body, again. I placed my hand where the fingertips could trace the elastic band of his briefs. His cock was throbbing, almost pushing canlı bahis itself out of the briefs.”

“Oh fuck, Rusty.” Cooper said. His own cock was hard, now.

“All of a sudden, Scott reached up and grabbed my hand. He placed my hand directly on his bulge and then dropped his hand back to his side. I ground my cock against his other hand while groping his cock. I palmed the huge girth through his underwear and the head did indeed push itself out from under the waistband. I could see a glimmer of light reflecting off the clear drop of precum at the piss slit. Scott moaned as I did this. He moved his entire body back and forth on the bed. His stomach quivered his chest tightened and relaxed.

“Then, Scott reached up with both hands. He hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his briefs and pushed them down to his thighs. His cock flung out and landed with a meaty sound on his stomach. His hands returned to their sides, with one exception. He slipped his left hand directly into MY briefs and wrapped his fingers around my hard cock. I almost came right then and there!”

Cooper said, “Fuck, I would have.”

“Thankfully, I didn’t. I started to pump his erection slowly, up and down, up and down, feeling the silky smooth skin of his dick around its stone hard interior. My fingertips teased his big, hairy balls and played with the thick bush of brown hair surrounding his cock. Then Scott said the first of two words during the entire experience: ‘Faster’. I increased the tempo of the masturbation. My hand flew up and down his shaft. I could feel precum leaking onto my fingers and it lubricated the head, making it slick.

“Scott was writhing next to me. His stomach tensed and relaxed, his head flung from side to side. It didn’t take long for him to drop over the edge. His body seized up and he flexed from his waist pulling his shoulders and head off the bed. His cock grew immensely hard in my hand, and with one guttural groan deep inside his chest, he came. His sperm shot out of the head and landed just below his left nipple. I held his cock tightly and felt each pulse as it flung three more huge drops of cum below the first. They pooled together on his stomach. Then I pumped him again, urging his balls to empty themselves onto his flat, hairy stomach. Semen spurted out, four, five. six and now seven times, drooling from his cock and landing in his navel. Scott’s hand grasped me tighter and I came, then, unleashing a torrent of cum into his palm.”

“Oh man! That’s hot!” Cooper said, panting.

“We laid like that, together, gently stroking each other’s softening dicks for a few minutes. Then, Scott sat up and moved his legs over his side of the bed. I looked at his broad shoulders and wide back in the moonlight. He leaned down and grabbed his t-shirt off the floor. Over his shoulder, Scott said ‘Thanks’ as he cleaned himself with the shirt. I didn’t say anything. Scott handed the t-shirt to me and I wiped myself with it and tossed it on the floor. He climbed into bed. He fell asleep quickly while I remained awake, reliving the experience over and over in my head.”

“Geezus!” Cooper said. “That was HOT!” Cooper pulled roughly on his own cock.

“Is that all you and Scott have done, until the other day, just that one time?”

“No, there have been other times. I sucked him once.”

“No shit?” Cooper exclaimed.

“Yes, about…oh six months later, and just that one time. But sometimes I’d jack him off. Maybe 4 or 5 times, total.”

“So what happened, I mean, when you sucked him?” Cooper asked.

“I’ll get to that,” Rusty said before continuing, “Soon after that first time with Scott at the lake house was my second time with a guy, and that time, it was not Scott.”

“Who was it with?”

“A friend from school. His name was Larry. We were at my house. We had been doing homework together when he found one of my muscle magazines. He started going through it when he got to two pages stuck together. I had jacked off in them a couple of days earlier.” Rusty grinned at Cooper who nodded knowing. “Larry asked me why they were stuck together and I could feel myself blushing.”

“Then, he pulled the magazine up and I could see he had a boner. The next thing I know, we’re kissing and feeling each other up. He put his hand into my pants and grabbed my dick. I did the same to him. Dude, I can still remember the feeling of his hot dick in my hand.”

“Wow, cool. So he was into guys, also?”

“Yeah,” Rusty said. “He and I were, you know, sort of making out, with our hands in each other’s pants when Scott walked in the room.”

“Busted!” Cooper said, grinning. He moved closer to Rusty, still pulling on his own cock.

“Yep, Scott busted us. I was so embarrassed. I knew he saw us. ‘What the hell is going on?’ Scott asked. Larry and I moved apart but Scott saw our hands. He knew. Scott knew what we were doing. Larry, probably even more embarrassed than I was, quickly made an excuse and left.”

“I bet he did!”

“Yeah. Then Scott sat down on his bed, across from me. I sat there feeling bahis siteleri totally ashamed of myself. I couldn’t look at him.”

“What did Scott do?”

“He made me look at him. Then he asked, ‘Rusty, are you gay?’ I denied it, over and over again, I denied it. But Scott, that fucker, kept shaking his head and urged me to be truthful to him. He said he knew because I never talked about girls, that I never talked about wanting to date a girl. He told he knew I looked at the muscle magazines all the time. He said he knew I jacked off looking at them. I almost started to cry. But Scott told me it was ok. Rusty stopped talking and leaned to Cooper who held him tightly. “I never told anyone this before,” Rusty whispered and held onto Cooper.

“Rusty, man, I didn’t mean for you to….”

“It’s ok, Coop,” Rusty interrupted him. “Its ok, I just haven’t thought about all this shit in a long time and I’ve never talked about it so the emotions are getting the best of me.” Rusty sighed deeply. “I was so glad Scott didn’t hate me. I think that was my biggest concern, that Scott would hate me for being gay. But Scott was so cool about it. We talked for a long time and he told me it was ok that I liked guys. He didn’t care. He said he loved me like a brother and brothers don’t care if their brother is gay. Then he shocked me when he suggested he might try and fix me up with guys who have hit on him.”

“He had guys hitting on him?”

“Apparently so, that fucker.” Rusty said, chuckling. “Afterwards, if we were out at the mall or something, he’d point to a guy, just some guy we didn’t know and say, ‘He’s gay. He wants your body. He wants to suck your dick’, shit like that.” Rusty grinned with the memory. “He was so cool about it.”

“I can tell. Rusty, you’re so lucky to have him as a brother.” Coop kissed

Rusty and then said, “Tell me about when you sucked Scott. Was that your first time sucking a dick?”

“No, I sucked that guy, Larry, a few times. He sucked me, also. But I didn’t fuck or get fucked until I was in college.”

“What happened when you sucked Scott. Tell me about that, ok?” Cooper stroked his erection. “I won’t tell him you told me.”

“Well, first let me finish telling you about Larry. He had a skinny dick, only about five inches long. At that time, I was only like six inches so I didn’t know guys could be bigger. Also, I had seen Scott hard before, several times as a matter of fact, but never up close, so I didn’t realize how big he was while hard. And I think he’s grown some since then, too.”

“He must have!” Cooper said. He had one hand holding his dick and one hand holding Rusty’s, both where hard.

“Ok, so remember I told you Scott used to have bad dreams, you know, about his

Dad, when he first came to live with me?”

“Uh huh.”

“Well, after a while the bad dreams went away. He started having them less and less. And he had gotten in the habit of sleeping naked, too. So did I. No big deal. Sometimes, I could hear him jacking off in bed. It was really hot, hearing him do that. So, Id jack, off too. How could I resist, right? Again, no big deal. Hell, sometimes, we’d have what we called ‘races’, you know, see who could cum first. I almost always did.” Rusty chuckled and Cooper smiled at him, still holding his own dick. “Scott would say, ‘Hey Rusty, want to have a race?’ and we’d go at it. From our beds, we’d jack off but always when the lights where off so I could never really see him and usually he did it under the sheets in a sock or a towel. I did too.

“Then one night. I’ll never forget it. We were seniors, about to graduate and everything. Scott had another bad dream, his first one in like a year or so, I guess. I was awakened by his shouts. Not loud enough for my folks to hear but loud enough to wake me. All of a sudden he shouted ‘DON’T!’ and sat up in the bed. He was breathing hard. I can still hear him breathing, like a hissing kind of breathing. He was terrified. ‘Hey Scott, you ok?’ I asked or something like that. He sat there, breathing hard and then said, ‘Fuck, I had bad dream, Rusty.’ I sat up and looked at him. ‘Real bad, man. REAL fucking bad,’ he said. He was almost crying. ‘Come here.’ I said and he got out of bed. He came to me and I moved over, holding the sheet open for him. He got into bed with me and I held him, just like every time before then. Except for one thing.”

Rusty paused.

“What?” Cooper asked, stroking himself.

Rusty didn’t answer right away. He was reliving the moment in his head. Then, Rusty said, “Scott got out of his bed. He got into mine. And he was naked.”

“Ohhhh, “Cooper said.

“While holding Scott and telling him all the things I used to tell him when he’d have bad dreams, I started getting an erection. Feeling his big, warm, NAKED! body next to mine, I started getting horny for him. I tried to make it go away but, fuck, I couldn’t! I remember thinking I need to think about something, fucking ANYTHING! to make my dick get soft but I couldn’t. Math test, yes, ok, big time math test, trigonometry, bahis şirketleri yeah, and history test, yes, ok, good, history always used to put me asleep. But FUCK! It didn’t work. All I could think of were those guys in the muscle magazines! They were beautiful, with big muscles everywhere! All I could see, in my mind, was those muscled men in the pictures and I always wanted to see them with their shorts off! And now, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT FUCKING BESIDE ME! was one of them, and he was NAKED! All I could think about was Scott’s naked body next to mine. Oh, god, Coop, I was rock solid.”

“Oh, geezus Rusty!” Cooper’s hand was flailing on his cock now.

“The next thing I know, I’m moving my hand to Scott’s crotch. I started touching him. He laid there, next to me and just like that first time while camping, he didn’t say anything. Within seconds, he was hard, too. I moved my crotch against his thigh. I knew he could feel me. I was naked, too, and fuck I was so hard! Then. Right there. Right fucking there, in front of my face, was one of Scott’s nipples. Oh my god, I can still see it. It was hard, too. And I wanted to suck it. I wanted to feel it in my mouth.”

“Oh fuck!” Cooper exclaimed, stroking his cock faster.

“His chest had grown more hair and he looked so fucking handsome with his big nipple in my face. I couldn’t help myself. I leaned to him and put my lips on his nipple. Scott heaved against me as I licked the huge pencil eraser nub in the center of the areola. His cock was like granite in my hand. Then Scott said something that precipitates almost every single encounter I’ve had with him, since.”

Cooper was writhing next to Rusty, stroking himself furiously. “Oh, fuck, what did he say?”

“He said, ‘Make me feel better, Rusty’ and then he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me down. I gave in easily. I went under the sheet and licked down his body. He arched himself up to me while at the same time he ground his hairy thigh against my cock. He kept pushing my head down until his hard cock head was at my lips.”

“Oh fuck!”

“Now, with Larry, I was used to a thin dick. But what I found waiting for me between Scott’s legs was TOTALLY different. He was huge! And…And….AND….this is the best part! Scott’s cock was leaking precum, big time. I remember thinking, wow, what a juicy cock. I mean, his cock head was coated with precum. And when I put my lips around it, it slipped easily into my mouth.

“Under me, Scott groaned loudly. He held my head in both hands now, trying to push me further down on him but I couldn’t take it all. Fuck, he was huge! I could barely get my mouth around it. I really had to open wide and then he slipped in further. Now, my cock was against his hard, hairy calve muscle. Fuck, I was as hard as he was while I ground my cock against his leg. I grasped the base of Scott’s cock in my hand and squeezed him hard. His head throbbed against my tongue as I sucked about half of his dick into my mouth.”

“Fuck, Rusty! I’m gonna cum!” Cooper said. “When Scott comes, I gonna blow my load! Man, this is HOT!”

Rusty pulled Cooper tightly next to him. “Hold off, I’m almost there. I sucked on Scott’s cock for like a minute, maybe less. Then, his body went completely rigid under me. His cock grew even harder. He grunted, once, loudly and I thought my folks might hear us. All of a sudden, he erupted in my mouth. I mean, he fucking blew both barrels from each nut in my mouth! Fuck, I thought I was gonna drown in his cum. It was all I could do to swallow and swallow and swallow and his hands held me on his dick Scott kept coming and coming and coming!”

“FUCK!” Cooper arched his body off the bed and semen spewed from his cock, landing everywhere. In great volleys, it shot from his cock, almost nine inches into the air. “AHHHHH FUUUUCK!” Cooper shouted as he jacked his cock. Rusty quickly leaned over Cooper and took his throbbing cock head into his mouth. He sucked Cooper’s cock as the cum flowed freely down his throat. “Ahhh fuck yeah, Rusty! Suck my cock, man!” Rusty swallowed Coop’s cum remembering how he had swallowed Scott’s cum many years ago. Finally, Cooper relaxed but Rusty continued to suck him and swallow his cum as Cooper’s chest heaved up and down, quickly. Rusty sucked Cooper for ten solid minutes after he’d shot, until he was completely soft.

“Jesus H Christ! That was HOT!” Rusty kissed Cooper and let him taste his own cum in Rusty’s mouth.

Then Rusty sat up on one elbow. Rusty grinned at Cooper. “I got it all, baby. I swallowed all of it. I got all of yours and I swear, I sucked Scott’s cock until he was completely fucking satisfied. Finally, Scott relaxed his hands on my head. I sat up, pushing the sheet off of me. I grabbed my cock with both hands and started jerking myself. It only took a few seconds before I was blowing both of my nuts all over his big body. Scott laid there, staring at me while I ejaculated all over him. ‘Fuck, Rusty! That was awesome!’ he said. He had my come all over him. Then Scott got out of the bed and got a towel from our bathroom. He cleaned himself as he walked back to me. I can still see his big, naked body in the dim light coming from the window. He handed the towel to me and I wiped myself as he got back into his bed. He was asleep in seconds.”

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