Alpine Hideaway Magic Ch. 08

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Alpine Hideaway Magic part eight

For a moment despite recognizing who I saw, I simply could not believe the terrible condition they were in. Before me were my mother, my Tante Ilse, my older sister Gudrun and my cousin Bettina. All four appeared white as ghosts; quite feverish and sickly. A combination of bad weather, scarce food, and poor sanitation had taken a toll on the four women. My mother was the first to speak.

“We saw your note Hilde,” she said in a delirious haze to my grandmother, “we made our way up the mountain, knowing you were all up here for a reason. We’d guessed it was becoming too dangerous to stay down …there …in the valley…”

My mother stopped speaking. She simply looked at our nudity and then directly at my grandmother. Realization broke through the fog of the fever. Her eyes went wide as she saw how my Oma Hilde had become somewhat… younger. She then glanced to my Tante Margarite, and saw how the lines on her face were gone… and how her hair appeared ten… maybe fifteen years younger and,

“HILDE! You didn’t!”

“I most certainly DID,” Grandmother replied as if she’d been caught stealing chickens but had a good reason for it, “we’ve had the German Army chasing us, the Gestapo kicking in our door, we’ve had American soldiers following us up the mountain and had to scare them off -why he even was called upon for the night of Walpurgis to help heal the land and…”


“Greta,” my grandmother said attempting to calm my mother down with her palms out before her as if trying to push away my mother’s shock, “these were extenuating circumstances. We’ve been pushed to the extreme ever since Stephen arrived in that village down below this mountain.”

Oma was lying… fibbing really. It was rationalization fit for endless sessions upon one of Freud’s couches but she was in her element; justifying her actions. She then added,

“… couldn’t be helped.”

That would have been believable yet her face had the look of one who’d robbed the cradle …and loved doing it. Tante Margarite had the very same illicit look about her. For her part, my mother wasn’t convinced in the least and neither was my Tante Ilse, (although Ilse had slumped down in the breakfast nook next to my sister and cousin; all three of them looking as if they would pass out).

It all became a moot point as by now, my mother had slumped in the breakfast nook as well. She seemed unable to raise her head and soon lost consciousness completely. It was clear to my grandmother and Tante Margarite that something had to be done. Grandmother rushed to my mother’s side and began to pull her to her feet, saying to me,

“Stephen, help your Tante Margarite and I to get these women to bed at once. They’re gravely ill!”

Without a second thought we grabbed my mother, tossing both her arms over our shoulders before moving her upstairs to the beds. Between the three of us we then managed to do the same with Tante Margarite, my big sister Gudrun, and my cousin Bettina. All four women felt hot and were un-responsive.

“What are we going to do, Oma?” I asked.

My grandmother raised a hand as if flicking me away. She was deep in focused thought, attempting to analyze what had befallen the women of our family. Over the next few minutes she busied herself; looking into their eyes, smelling their breath, feeling their foreheads, and most importantly removing their damp clothes with our help.

The four women were now naked and unconscious beneath the bedclothes. My grandmother surveyed the scene and nodded to herself. Sure of her prognosis, she then turned to Tante Margarite.

“Put a pot to boil on the stove below in the kitchen, Margarite, then join me back up here. Stephen fetch my bag from downstairs and be fast. Oh and bring a spoon, and a jar of honey. This is a fever quite similar to the one you had when you arrived; similar yet not exactly the same. We are going to treat it in about the same way we did the sick women down in the village, a few days before, now both of you – away hurry!”

With that she went about the task of checking pulses and seeing to the four gravely ill women. Tante Margarite and I hurried downstairs, each with our tasks. My aunt was already lighting the stove with her magic and setting a pot of water to heat upon it. She then began pulling more of those dried mischievous mushrooms from the cupboard and unceremoniously began dropping them into the water by the fistful. It was going to be good strong batch she was making simply by the generous amount of “fuck fungi” alone! I found the doctors bag, along with the spoon and the honey jar before hurrying up the stairs.

Upon receiving the bag, Grandmother fished around inside until she located that bottle of bitter pills. Crushing one of the tablets into the spoon, she offered it to me. I knew what was to come next and made a face but casino siteleri took the crushed medicine. It was just as horribly bitter as I’d recalled but Oma quickly brought forth a spoonful of honey to help it go down. She then handed me her pipe which was already primed and lit, the unmistakable scent of bullweed filling the room.

“Puff on that Stephen!” Oma urged me as she motioned me over to my mother on the bed.

Two good huffs of the pipe and I felt the hot rush of my member coursing with blood; almost at once becoming a stiff snarling beast of an erection under the heady influence of crushed witch-medicine and bullweed. With a firm hand upon my bare buttocks, Oma guided me up next to my mother as she lay unresponsive; her head turned to one side upon a great pillow. My grandmother now had me straddle Mother’s chest upon my knee’s; my bare arse hovering above my mother’s chest and my legs to either side of her shoulders. My throbbing cock loomed over her face at the ready; as if I were preparing to club her with it upon her forehead.

Oma knew what to do next. Kneeling down my grandmother brought the bullweed pipe to my mother’s lips. She whispered in my Mother’s ear,

“Greta, take this and inhale deeply. It will ease your suffering.”

Without so much as a word, my mother cracked open her eyes and took the pipe in her lips for a good tug. She filled her lungs. Two jets of smoke blasted from her nostrils a few moments later and a great plume of smoke rose from the pillow.

Oma checked my mother’s pupils. She nodded to herself. She then put the pipe in my mouth for another good puff as she pushed on my buttocks, the head of my cock moving closer to my mother’s lips as she told mother,

“Now puff upon this Greta, you will feel better soon!”

Weakly my mother open her mouth and leaned her head ever so forward. She wasn’t completely aware of what she was doing and my grandmother helped guide the back of her head with her palm. The time seemed to stand still for me. I’d had incestuous relations with my grandmother and Aunt, but here was something altogether different; MY MOTHER! Her mouth was open and moving just centimeters away from my cock and although it all happened in a couple of seconds for her to make contact, for me and my sense of anticipation for better or worse it felt like forever! Whatever reservations I might have had about it (as it really WAS the last frontier of taboo for me in my mind), they evaporated as her lips teeth and tongue made hot wet contact. A shudder of shameful electric pleasure ran up and down me from my schwanze, up my spine to my skull and back down to my cock tip; all while my mother commenced nursing vigorously at my organ!

“HAHHH!” I gasped.

Grandmother put a solitary finger to her lips, shushing me. I stifled my excitement and that wet mouth of the woman who’d given birth to me just eighteen years before sucked my schwanze in her state of partial delirium. OH WHAT A TALENTED MOUTH! Mother’s lips, tongue and teeth provided just the right pace and pressure to my member (and that is not to mention the exquisite moisture and warmth). It was only a matter of a few minutes before I felt a wonderful churning in my cock.

“AAAGGGHH MUTTI!” I cried out, filling the mouth of my very own parent with the salty warm gift of my essence. Somewhere outside the house thunder rumbled between the mountain peaks.

My mother swallowed her mouthful of warm goo and then held my slackening cock between her lips. Her eyes presently opened wide. Looking up into my face, she realized what she’d done but just as suddenly she began to suckle and pull at my penis with those lips of hers; as if the seed she’d just now swallowed had been the finest delicacy ever and she needed more at all cost! The magic of the bullweed combined with my sperm (enhanced by the crushed tablets), had all worked in harmony to achieve the desired effect.

Now Mother fiendishly gorged herself upon my cock. After only half a minute’s time it rose to the occasion. My mother now had a freshly stiffened throbber between her lips.

My grandmother looked on and nodded her head approvingly, noticing with satisfaction the change in my mother’s appetite. It had however, only partially been the bullweed and my semen apparently, (for I could see her lips quietly reciting an archaic spell in the old language). As testament to the power of her magic, Grandmother’s tattoos all displayed wanton cartoons of women in forbidden acts with young men. In one scene running along her arse, a farmer’s wife waived good-bye to her husband as he left for the fields, only for her to turn around in her kitchen and grab a young man who I judged to be her son by his trousers; yanking them down to expose a jutting erect cock that she commenced to slurp greedily. In another scene a woman and a young man pulled weeds in a garden until they realized they were not being watched and stepped from their clothes to immediately commence fucking with the woman on all fours like a pair of slot oyna dogs. In still yet another scene across her back, a woman arose from her bed to lite a candle before creeping down a hallway to a young man’s room where she and the youth then had an illicit rendezvous. Countless other lewd lurid scenes played out with shamelessly naked women seducing young men in their households; each scene seeming to be more wonderfully perverse than the last!

“That’s it Greta,” Grandmother murmured, “your son’s seed is that of a healing wizard. Take of him freely and heal yourself!”

Grandmother’s hand found my balls and she tapped them; saying a few magical phrases. My cock obediently sprang back to full coursing life in my mother’s mouth. I was ready to go again.

At about that same time my Tante Margarite joined us with a cupful of the brown mushroom slop she’d been boiling up downstairs, (having used a bit of magic to speed the process along). Using the spoon I’d brought upstairs, my aunt scraped some of my sweat from my forehead, arm pits, and scrotum; mixing my essence into the steaming cup vigorously. She sniffed the concoction and absentmindedly her own hand found her crotch. She began playing with herself.

“A good strong batch I think,” my Aunt moaned, her tattoo’s all ablaze with scenes of women pleasuring themselves.

“We are giving it out of order, yes,” Oma observed, “but this illness is different Stephen. It was best that you’d gotten your semen into your mother quickly as she concerned me the most of the four women. We’ll give her a cupful of the potion and then you can continue your healing work on her with that cock of yours,”

Oma then surveyed the other three unconscious women. She turned to Tante Margarite saying,

“Daughter, you will need to get more cupfuls into those remaining three. Stephen can follow up with that seed of his in due course,”

Taking the cup from my aunt, Oma now pulled my cock from my mother’s lips. She then brought the teacup to Mutti’s mouth, bidding her to drink. Mother did as told although making faces the whole time as she consumed the mushroom-medicine sludge-broth. When Mother had finished her cupful Oma placed my cock once again to her lips.

A second later and a wild-eyed lustful twinkle flashed in my mother’s eyes and she ravenously sucked at my schwanze, (like a woman possessed). I wanted to so very much to spend again; right then and there, (but this time Oma held my seed from spouting with that strong mind of hers). She turned to my slightly dazed Aunt Margarite; still idly standing and masturbating while she viewed the spectacle.

“Girl enough of that, there will be plenty of time to sooth the effects of what you’ve sniffed – now get me three more cups and fill that enema bag with the three nozzles!”

Snapping out of her daze, Margarite realized what she needed to do. Slightly embarrassed at having been caught off guard by her whiff she quickly retired downstairs; her tattoos showing nude women still self-abusing and masturbating furiously. Oma now turned to me saying,

“Now get that cock down between her legs Stephan. You’re going to fuck your mother good and hard!”

The slide down my mother’s belly had my cock raging with anticipation. It was true I’d harbored feelings for this woman who’d given birth to me, who’d brought me into this world to nurse me and nurture me. Now, all these years later, fate would have me do something about it all!

Upon moving down her body and nestling myself between Mother’s thighs I surveyed her features and her lovely body. She wore no makeup, had short hair and the same high cheekbones, blue eyes, and slender nose. Her body was lean, partially because of her illness but also from a lifetime of hard work. Although showing the age of a woman in her early fifties, she still possessed the curves that would make a man desire her, (but on a strong frame that told the world she was of sturdy stuff). Atop her chest her goblet-sized bosoms begged to be fondled and sucked, nipples jutting like swollen red cherries. Suffice to say, despite her fever and a few wrinkles that only added to her charm, she was indeed beautiful!

I felt guilt in pit of my stomach and a burning throb in my cock. I think all men at one time or another have fantasized about what I was about to do; this Oedipal abomination that at the same time was so wonderfully desirable. Given my recent history with my grandmother and aunt, I should have pushed on ahead without so much as a second thought but my lust and my guilt were raging back and forth like two great armies. This was the last threshold; the last frontier, (possibly with the exception of my sister lying in a cold sweat just a short distance away in that oversized bed).

In the back of my mind I was both burning with lust and stifled by hesitation. My mother had merely sucked my cock up to this time, but if I lay with her now (in the fashion of a man and wife), then the gaits of wanton depravity would be full open. It was then that my canlı casino siteleri mother made the decision for the both us.

She seized up my cock in her hand, her eyes showing a lust-crazed aspect to them. She was like a woman mad with both fever and sexual hunger; no matter that she’d condemned my grandmother just a few minutes before for what she’d done with me. Now it was as if my mother had become a bitch in heat; incapable of denying herself the act of sex, (even if it was with her own son)!

She hammered the bell of my cockhead upon the stubby pink button of her clitoris again and again; a rude ear to ear smile stretching below her flaring nostrils and madly wild eyes. She’d simply not be denied this cock throbbing hotly in her hands; OH NO DEFINITELY NOT! Faster and faster she drummed my member against her pulsing bean, (as though tapping out a military tattoo while on parade). The whole time she wore an expression of fiendish sexual hunger and depravity.

At last she notched the head of my now snarling dong to the mouth of her sex hole. I felt my grandmother push my buttocks from behind. I was in!

“AGGGHHHH!” my mother called to ceiling; now with legs raised high and sharply bent at the knees to allow even deeper penetration until I was in straight up to my balls!

“That’s it Stephen! Ride her masterfully!” my grandmother hissed in my ear (she having now seen fit lie atop of me), grinding her own cunt against the base of my spine like a lewd snail.

I began to row hips into the woman whose lips had called me son, (although at that very moment that same mouth was a torrent of profanity and exquisite depravity instead). She was a sex-crazed fiend now; humping hips up against me and matching me thrust-for-thrust as she pulled my face in for a greedy kiss. That mouth of hers took on a life of its own in what became a fair trade of vile penetration; her tongue seeming to push to the back of my throat while the head of my cock plunged to the farthest depths of her hot womb with each lunge. I’d never kissed my mother in such a way, and now all these years later can barely imagine her kissing me any other fashion!

Atop me, Grandmother rode my back like a depraved naked Valkyrie. I felt her cunt squishing warmly up and down my spine. Apparenly she too had succumbed to the sights, smells, and spectacle, (not that I was surprised by any of it as she was just being my same wonderfully depraved old grandmother reveling in all her nasty hedonism)! Leaning forward, she urged more rudeness in my ear telling me,

“Very good Stephan! Ride her like a wild beast! I won’t let you cum just yet. I want to hold your hot seed up in those balls until just the right moment – so rutt and hump and fuck as hard as you please! You won’t accidently spill – I’ll see to it! Do as you wish, and do whatever your mother desires, as well!”

Mother pulled her lips away from mine, gasping with eyes wild with sex. She nodded in agreement with Grandmother saying,

“Oh yes Stephen! USE ME! Make me your lover, make me your sex goddess – make me your whore!”

So excited was she that her bowels let go with a loud snorting fart! Inspired by the sound my hand fiddled around underneath to my mother’s backside. My fingers found the perfectly puckered rim of her anus and began to tickle and poke at her lovely foul nether-hole.

“Oh JA STEPHEN!” Mother gasped, “no one has done THAT since your father! Oh I so want something big and stiff and manly back there! I’m going to let you take me in there as well!”

“You see, Stephen,” my grandmother whispered in my ear mischievously, “she’s keen to have you everywhere in her body. Both your seed and the mushrooms are doing such lovely dirty work together …but then what would I expect from a healing wizard such as you?”

“So he really does have power?” my mother breathlessly asked, wide eyed with a mixture of lust and awe at what she’d given birth to. At that realization, she shifted her ass with one leg raised higher still (and now crooked over my backside in an attempt to pull me yet deeper still inside her if such a thing were possible).

“He does indeed,” my grandmother confirmed while dismounting my back to lie beside my mother and myself. Grandmother recounted the entire tale even since I’d deserted the Army while my mother and I rutted and fucked. It was a long telling, (and quite a long fuck for that matter).

In that time as the story was told, my Tante Margarite returned three times with the tea-cup and the spoon to scrap sweat from my body giving a cupful of mushroom slurry to my Tante Ilse, my sister Gudrun and my cousin Bettina. Tante Margarite then hopped her naked ass into the bed with the three women, rubbing upon their bodies in an attempt to warm them until I was available to service each in turn.

By the time Oma finished the story, Mother was very much on the edge of a crescendo. Come to think of it, I was ready to climax as well, but with my grandmother’s mind holding my seed tightly; I was like a massive river stopped up behind a great dam. No matter how hard the pressure, she held my balls shut tightly. Now however, as my mother was on the verge of release – my grandmother watched Mother’s eyes intently.

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