Am I Imagining This Right?

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Back in the day I experimented with guy-guy sex by answering a “personals” ad in the local newspaper. It was posted by a “couple”, an older guy and a younger boy (of age though). Between the time the ad ran and we met it was just the older guy. Or maybe his partner never existed. We performed oral on each other but neither of us came. I was way too nervous and I probably wasn’t that talented!

Since that time, I went “straight”, married, had some kids, the whole bit. Only as time passed, I realized that as often as I fantasized about the soccer moms I’d meet at school functions or the luscious babes jogging in the park, I was also noticing and appreciating the dad’s packages and imagining being with them.

More and more I have been drawn to gay erotica. Stories, especially about first times. Videos on youporn, taking care to filter for “gay” and “rimming” or “anal”. Or just googling images of “uncut cocks” with safe surf turned off.

I want and need to try sex with a man, again. Now I’m positive I couldn’t love a man as I do women, but men bring something to the bedroom that no woman can. A penis. With men I feel submissive. I like the idea of accepting and giving up control. With ladies, well, more of an equal partnership. Some give and take.

So here is how I imagine my first time as a grown adult man with another man might “go down”.

I run an ad on Craigslist, in the casual encounters section. You have to use a phone number now, just to place the ad, canlı bahis şirketleri even if you will take contacts in email. So a cheap $20 throw away phone from Target fits that bill. I’m not posting MY number on the internet!

“Bi-curious married white male wants to experiment with giving head to other married men. No reciprocation required (but nice to get). No strings attached. I am very tall, bear type. My cock is cut, thick and classic. Email me with pic.”

And of course I would attach a picture of my own cock, which, if not the dick of death is very nicely formed and sized.

I would receive a flock of answers, some from hookers, a few still to nervous to really try this but they think they’re ready and that one that stands out for some reason.

He lives a couple towns over, or maybe even a distance away! I can think of a reason to be away from the house for an afternoon. We agree to meet for coffee. He doesn’t look like a serial killer and we seem to hit it off. He has a place nearby and we head there.

I’m nervous again as we enter his living room, but I give myself a mental shake and come closer to unbutton his shirt. He seems a little put off by my abruptness, but goes with it and pretty soon both our shirts are open.

Now the pants…

I kneel in front of him and undo his belt, and the button and finally his zipper. Now I pull apart the fly a little and pull his pants open. Boxers. Good. The pants slip halfway down his legs and canlı kaçak iddaa I can smell his cock hiding behind just a thin piece of cotton.

I part the opening and finally I see it. Your cock peeking out. Still shy and small. The wrinkled tip is still covering your helmet. But there is a stirring.

I lean close and breathe you in. I rest my nose alongside you cock and bury it in your hair. Now I’m kissing your sack below. Yes, definitely stirring.

Now I place your tip in my mouth and close my lips around you and gently suck. Even though there isn’t enough wet to make a seal, you grow a little and slide over my tongue. The skin is so incredibly soft and delicate feeling. I probe my tongue into the opening and meet the tip of your cock starting to emerge.

Now the saliva is flowing and I bob on you, going a little deeper each time. Now, your cock is nearing its full size, not the 10″ you said in the email but still, a very nice 6 or 7″ cock is hardening in my mouth.

In MY mouth.

I take you in deep, nesting my face against your pubic hair and breathe in your sweat and manhood. I slowly pull back, keeping just a little vacuum and as I near the tip, I work my tongue in circles under and around the little pee hole in the end. That spot just underneath, I rub gently with my tongue and then take you deep again. And again…

Now I’m toying with your balls as you start to take over the pace and thrust into my mouth, now passive except for that dancing canlı kaçak bahis tongue driving you crazy.

I trace my finger down the flattish bulge beneath your cock and balls, and as it comes close to your ass hole you start thrusting harder. I pull off your cock just long enough to coat my finger with saliva and then take you in my mouth again. Now you’re almost hurting me. Pushing deep. Even my nose is bumping hard against your body as you fuck my mouth.

MY mouth.

My finger has found your ass… it is rubbing your entrance, just the tip is in you. Now you’re slowing down and taking deeper strokes. I can taste your precum… a little salty but not like I read about. My left hand is cradling your balls and finally I feel your cock starting to expand and throb. I push my finger deep inside you and your push your cock deep inside me.


You freeze, and finally you take hold of my head and press me firm against you.

You come.

I feel the jets against the back of my mouth and I’m trying to position you so I can taste it. Most of it is in the back and I reflexively swallow, but I can finally taste another man’s cum.

In my mouth.

Now you start to pull away and I suck, trying to keep you close, but after a minute you step back and my finger pulls from your ass. Now you look embarrassed. Satisfied, but I can see you wavering about going down on me. It’s ok though. I finally got to do what I’ve been dreaming of for years.

I can still taste you as we dress. You see me moving my tongue and you smile, knowing what I’m doing. Searching for a last drop that I haven’t swallowed.

When we meet again, you’re going to fuck me somewhere else. And that will be another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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