Amazing Vacation Ch. 02

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I couldn’t wait any longer so I forcefully pushed her to the bed, crawled up between her legs and kissed her deeply while mauling her tits with my hands. She was busy rubbing my cock and trying to get me to enter her as she was clearly ready to be fucked. I wanted to take back a little control and also wanted to enjoy her magnificent body a little more, so I decided to make her wait for what she wanted.

I kissed down her neck and on to her heaving chest where I basically devoured her chest with my mouth, but resisted the urge to suck on her beautiful nipples right away. Instead, I kissed around her chest and both tits while caressing her inner thighs with both my hands; coming close to touching her pussy, but never making contact. At this point she was breathing very heavily and her body is writhing on the bed as I tease her with my tongue and hands.

When I finally took one of her fully erect nipples into my mouth, she let out a loud moan and thrust her hips towards me, trying to force me to fuck her lust starved pussy. I continued the teasing by spreading her legs wide and caressing her thighs and ass with my hands, brushing my fingers across her pussy and between her as cheeks while sucking hard on her nipples.

“ohhhhh fuck, make me cum” she moaned softly between breaths as she continued thrusting her pussy towards my cock that was now dripping pre-cum like crazy.

I figured she was worked up enough, and I wanted to taste the pussy of this magnificent woman before I fucked her brains out so I released her nipple from my mouth and kissed my way down her flat stomach towards her dripping wet love tunnel. I spread her legs with both hands and teased her a little more by licking her inner thighs and breathing heavily over her clit before diving in.

“oh fuck yes!” she screamed as and started cumming as soon as my tongue flicked her clit.

I kept licking her dripping wet pussy as she came hard, grinding her pussy into my mouth and moaning obscenities, encouraging me to continue. I pushed her legs back further until she grabbed her knees and pulled them towards her chest giving me deeper access to her pussy. I pulled her ass towards the end of the bed so I could kneel on the floor to fuck her deeper with my tongue and begin exploring her amazing ass. I rubbed her inner thighs and then cupped her ass cheeks with my hands, enjoying her smooth skin and tone muscles. I then slid one of my thumbs down beneath my mouth and rubbed it against her smooth puckered ass hole. It was already slick from my saliva and her pussy juices dripping down so I swirled my thumb around a few times making her ass muscles quiver.

Rachael’s moaning increased again as I started playing with her asshole and she managed to say, “oh yeah, that’s good” before erupting in another intense orgasm. As soon as her orgasm was about to reach it’s climax, I pushed my thumb into her ass and sucked hard on her clit, causing her to scream out in pleasure. I could feel her ass muscles contracting around my thumb, and her pussy released as small stream of sweet cum into my mouth, something I had never experienced before.

As much as I was enjoying her sweet pussy, my cock was really starting to ache and I was finding it harder and harder to ignore her desperate pleads to be fucked. I stood up and rolled her over to her hands and knees on the end of the bed. Rachael was ready for me so she dropped her head to the mattress, spread her knees a little and pusher her ass up. My cock was ready to plunge into the exotic beauty but the site of her juicy ass pointing up at me was just too much to resist, I had to get a closer look.

With her ass up waiting for my cock, I dove back in to grab her ass and lick her pussy. Despite no getting the thick cock she was expecting, Rachael was still very pleased to have my tongue back in her pussy and she moaned deeply and pushed her ass against my face. As she did this, my nose pushed between her ass cheeks and my face was literally buried in her pussy and ass. She then raised her head back up and steadied herself on her hands to bounce her ass back into my face, grinding her pussy on my mouth and her asshole against the tip of my nose.

I grabbed her ass with both hands to gain a little control and settle down her movements, spreading her cheeks apart to get a good look and her tight puckered hole. I was mesmerized by her ass and without even thinking I started running my tongue up and down between her clit and her asshole (something I’d never done before) and even started pushing the tip of my tongue in her ass. I don’t know what came over me, but I was so turned on by this sexy woman and her amazing ass that I just couldn’t get enough of it.

Rachael loved this and grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in tighter saying, “ohhh yeah, tongue my fucking ass baby…mmmmm yeah, fuck that’s good!”

I tongued her ass a little more, enjoying the nastiness of what I was doing and the dirty response I was getting from Rachael. illegal bahis I was now fucking her ass with my tongue so she released my head and lowered her chest back to the bed so she could reach back and spread her full ass cheeks with her hands to open her ass even more for my oral assault.

“Ohhhh god, you like eating my ass don’t you?” she moaned with my tongue buried deep insider her ass.

She was right. It seemed nasty, but I did love liking her ass. I was tempted to stay between her ass cheeks forever, but cock was throbbing and desperate for release. I just couldn’t resist any more so stood up and plunged my cock into her hot pussy with one hard push.

“ohhh fuck!” Rachael grunted as she was filled by my thick cock unexpectedly.

She immediately she immediately pressed her head into the mattress and pushed her ass back into my cock, meeting each of my thrusts with one of her own. I fucked her hard and fast, grabbing her ass with both hands and kneading her firm flesh as it slammed into my hips. Remembering her conversation with Kate out in the hot tub I wasted no time giving her what she wanted and started tracing one of my fingers up and down the crack of her ass.

Rachael pusher her ass higher and said, “oh yeah, stick it in my ass baby, make me cum again.”

With my cock still pounding her pussy causing her ass to bounce and jiggle against my hips, I pushed my index finger into her ass as deep as possible. I was amazed at how smooth and tight her asshole felt. As many times as I tried with Kate our ass play never went this far and this was the first time I ever had a finger fully pressed into a woman’s ass. Entering a woman’s ass like this triggered something inside me that I never felt before. It was an animal lust that made me crave this woman and her sexy body even more than before. My face was flush and my body felt hot, and all I could thinking about was taking more of her and making myself cum.

I pressed my finger deeper and worked it around a little and then inserted my middle finger as well. Rachael let out a growling moan and kept fucking her pussy on my cock. When I felt her pussy start to contract around my cock and her ass clench down on my two fingers I started to cum hard. I roughly pushed both fingers deeper into her ass and grabbed her ass with my other hand and pumped my cum into her pussy as hard as I could.

Despite cumming earlier in the hot tub, I climaxed harder than ever before. My body felt like it was burning with desire as I fulfilled my primitive need to use her body for pure sexual satisfaction. I was feeling light headed as I felt like every drop of fluid was being drained through my cock, but my body kept going, fucking Rachael until she could feel the same lustful release that I was feeling.

“Ohhhh fuck, I’m cumming!” Rachael yelled as the feeling of my cock erupting in her pussy triggered her own orgasm.

Our skin was wet with sweat and our bodies made a slapping sound as they pounded into each other. We were both losing ourselves to the extreme lust of the moment and kept fucking each other until both our bodies finally collapsed onto the bed.

We were lying on the bed trying to catch our breath when we heard some fairly loud noises coming from the main room of the suite. The sounds of sex were un-mistakable. The sounds of bodies slapping and lustful grunts and moans were easily heard through the open door of the master bedroom. When I heard the words come out of the woman’s mouth as she started demanding to be fucked harder, part of me didn’t believe it was Kate. She was saying things I’ve never heard her say, and saying them in a way she’s never done before. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but it definitely turned me on and sparked my interest.

Despite cumming three times already that evening, my cock was rock hard again after listening my wife begging to be fucked hard by another man.

Rachael started stroking my cock and said, “hearing her get fucked like that turns you on huh?”

I didn’t say anything, but let her just continue stroking my cock.

“I’m not done with you yet, but let’s go see what they are up to” she said with a smile as she got up from the bed.

I followed her out the bedroom door and we peeked around the corner into the main room. Anthony was sitting on the couch across the room and Kate was straddling him, bouncing on his cock. Her head was tilted back and she was moaning loudly as she impaled herself on his long black dick over and over. Anthony was grabbing one of her tits roughly and pulling on her nipple with his left hand, and his right hand was wrapped around her waist grasping her ass as she bounced. When I looked closer, I realized he wasn’t just grabbing her ass, but was shocked to see he had his entire index finger buried in Kate’s virgin ass hole.

Kate always stopped me any time I tried to do more than just lightly play with her ass. The closest she ever got to having something up her ass illegal bahis siteleri was when we had sex in the shower earlier that evening and she actually let me press directly on her tight little rosebud. Now I was watching Kate become sex crazed; moaning and talking like a slut with another man’s finger pumping in and out of her little asshole. Seeing her do things she would never do with me should have made me angry, but all it really did was make me hornier and desire her even more than I did before.

Kate seemed like she was having a continual orgasm as she continued bouncing on his cock while talking dirty between lustful moans and animal like grunts. Anthony was really enjoying himself as well, slapping her ass and tits with one had while fingering her ass with the other. Rachael and I watched for a few minutes as neither of us could take our eyes off our spouses fucking each other with the same wild passion we just experienced in the bedroom.

While we were watching, I pressed my body against Rachael’s from behind and caressed her body with my hands roaming across her ass, stomach and chest. Rachael responded by pressing her ass back against me and moving her hips so her ass and lower back rubbed against my rock hard cock. I could have stood there forever watching my wife become a total slut before my eyes, but my dick was already aching to cum again and Rachael’s dark luscious body was calling for me again.

I turned her away from the action and kissed her as I grabbed her ass and lifted her off her feet. She squealed playfully and wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. We continued kissing passionately as I walked back towards the bed and laid her on her back. We continued kissing and groping each other as I slipped my cock back into her cum filled pussy. I fucked her slowly at first, but her hands quickly went to my ass to pull me in harder and force me to fuck her with more force.

She broke our kiss and tilted her head back and started to moan as she enjoyed the action. I was standing at the foot of the bed so I was able to straighten myself up and watch her as I fucked hard. I now had her legs spread wide with my hands on her calves and watched as her beautiful tits bounced back and forth on her chest as I pounded away. Rachael was really getting into it and she started playing with her tits with one hand and fingering her clit with the other.

She seemed to be nearing another orgasm when she said, “fuck my ass baby, I want that thick cock up my ass!”

When I heard these words I felt my cock twitch and my balls tingle with anticipation. I had been thinking about this woman’s ass ever since I first saw her at the pool and now she’s begging me to fuck it? I wasted no time, pulling my cock out of her pussy and pushing her legs wider and back a little to lift her ass of the bed.

She grabbed her legs with her hands to keep them spread and moaned, “oh yeah, fuck my ass baby, oh yeah, fill me with that thick cock!”

My cock and her ass were already well lubed from my cum leaking out of her pussy so I grabbed my cock and guided it between her amazing ass cheeks. I teased her asshole with the head of my cock, causing her to moan and plead for me to stick it in. My body was trembling with anticipation as I felt my swollen mushroom head press against her tight asshole. I always fantasized about having anal sex but never thought it would happen since Kate always rejected any attempts I made. Now, with my wife in the other room fucking like a slut, I stood here with my cock at the entrance of this exotic beauty’s anal passage.

I was lost in the moment and just stood there with my cock lightly rubbing her puckered asshole, admiring the sight of Rachael begging me to fuck her ass. Once I heard her beg enough I was snapped back to reality and I slowly pressed my cock against her puckered hole until the head popped in.

“Ohhh…fuck that’s good!” She moaned as she felt my thick mushroom head stretch her anal opening.

My cock is thicker than Anthony’s so I took my time pushing it deeper into her ass to allow her to adjust to the extra girth. Rachael was breathing heavily and fingering her clit slowly as she continued talking dirty and encouraging me to go deeper and deeper. Once I was balls deep in her ass I paused for a moment to allow her to relax and allow me to enjoy the feeling of having my cock buried in a woman’s ass for the first time. Her ass felt tight and it was slowly contracting around my cock, which felt amazing.

“Ohhhh yesssss, give me that cock…..mmmmmm, fuck my ass!” she said as I started fucking my cock in and out with long slow strokes.

As I started fucking harder, she started fingering her clit harder and her moaning and grunting increased to new heights. By now I was pumping her ass as hard I did her pussy and she was losing her mind begging me to fuck her harder. As I continued my assault on her ass I reached down to grab her tits and pull on her nipples. canlı bahis siteleri She seemed to like it rough so I pulled her nipples even harder and even slapped her tits a few times, which she loved.

Her ass felt so tight, and the taboo feeling of finally fucking her sexy ass was taking its toll and I was getting close to cumming again; and I could tell she was getting close as well. She finally sent herself over the edge when she started fucking her pussy hard with three fingers. She erupted in a loud, almost violent orgasm, which caused me to lose control and dump my cum deep within her ass.

We were both completely spent and collapsed on the bed next to each other, trying to catch our breath when we heard Kate say “wow, I’m going to have to try that!”

We looked up to see Anthony and Kate standing naked in the door way, no doubt watching us as we watched them earlier.

The four of us sat there without saying a word for a few moments. It wasn’t awkward, and there wasn’t any tension in there air, just nothing needed to be said. I think we were all exhausted and all very pleased with what transpired that night and what was still to come. Finally, Anthony and Kate came into the room and sat down on the bed with Rachael and me, both sitting beside their respective spouse.

Kate and I didn’t say anything; we just looked each other in the eye, exchanged reassuring smiles and kissed each other passionately. Rachael and Anthony seemed to do the same, and then we all agreed it was time to get some sleep. Anthony and I spooned our wives and we all drifted off to sleep in their king bed, completely exhausted from the night’s activities.

That night I had a very vivid dream of Kate and Rachael on the beach. I couldn’t talk to them, and they couldn’t see me, but I watched them as they sun bathed and played in the water. They were the only two people on the beach until two men appeared. The men were naked with huge muscles, huge cocks, and no faces. I watched as the men approached the girls and tore off their bikinis. Once naked, the girls proceeded to suck and fuck their huge cocks like crazed animals. The huge faceless men eventually cam, spraying ridiculous amounts of cum all over Kate’s and Rachael’s face and tits, and were immediately replaced to two other men. This continued over and over as I watched the girls suck and fuck an endless number of faceless men with huge horse cocks.

Needless to say, when I awoke late the next morning, my cock was throbbing and aching to join the action on the beach. The sun was beaming in through the cracks in the blinds so I knew it was morning. I looked at the clock and it said 10:37. The other three were still sleeping so I decided to get up and take a shower.

I stood under the shower head for several minutes, just letting the water run over my body as I thought about the events that took place last night. Not only did I have sex with an amazingly beautify woman that wasn’t my wife, but I watched my normally conservative wife turn into a sex crazed slut as she fucked a man that she just met that morning. I was very excited about what this new development may mean for Kate’s and my sex life, but I was also concerned that there may be some type of backlash from last night after Kate sobers up.

My wood never really went away after waking up from the extremely erotic dream, and thinking about what happened the night before made my cock ache even more. Without even thinking about it I started stroking my cock as I relaxed in the hot shower and continued reflecting on the situation Kate and I now found ourselves in.

I was pulled out of my daydreaming state when I heard the shower door open behind me. I turned to see Kate stepping into the shower with a big smile on her face.

“Do you need some help with that?” she asked as she stepped in and grabbed my cock with her hand.

I pulled her in close and kissed her deeply, before looking her in the eyes and saying, “how are you feeling?”

“I feel good” she said, squeezing my ass with both hands. “Are you okay?”

“I think I’m great” I said looking deeper into her eyes, “I was concerned that you’d be upset with what happened last night.”

“I thought that I would be upset, but I’m not. The more I think about it, the more I realize just how much I enjoyed last night. Both the things that I did and watching the things you did. To be honest, I’ve never felt so alive.”

I paused for a moment and just looked at my beautiful wife. I finally smiled and said, “I love you so much”.

Kate didn’t respond, but she pulled me tight and kissed me. We kissed for several minutes, just holding each other under the water and pulling our bodies together as tight as we could. Our hands started exploring each other’s bodies, and it was clear that we were both very horny. As soon as we started touching each other, we were both breathing heavily and shuddering from our lust for each other.

I was kissing Kate’s neck and fingering her pussy while she was softly stroking my cock. Her body was trembling from the stimulation and she was nearing an orgasm. I thought she was about to cum when she grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear, “I want you to make me cum with your cock.”

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