An Evening to Remember

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Kate started her day much in the same way as she normally would, pouring a cup of scalding black coffee into her favourite chipped Jack Vettriano mug.

She padded across the wooden floorboards from the kitchen into her bedroom, pausing briefly to run her eye over the outfit she had chosen for the day. She smiled, happy that the black pencil skirt, white blouse and heels would work so well together.

Walking out onto her small balcony she turned her face towards the spring sun, enjoying the gentle warmth and breathing the crisp morning air in deeply.

Having finished her coffee, Kate walked back into he large en suite bedroom, flipped on the radio and headed for the shower. The Rolling Stones blared through the speakers, Mick Jagger’s voice crashing roughly over the chorus of Satisfaction.

She let the silk dressing robe she was wearing slip off her shoulders and hung it on the back of the bathroom door. Glancing up she caught a glimpse of herself naked in the full length mirror. Her light blonde hair was cut short, to just above shoulder length, and was still ruffled from sleep. Her nose was sprinkled with a dusting of faint freckles and she had full lips with strong blue, green eyes which flirted with the light. She let her eyes wander down her neck, onto her shoulders, stopping at her rounded, firm breasts, the pink nipples pointing out and up in the cool morning air.

Her skin was a light tanned brown, courtesy of a rare recent holiday to Bali, and her flat, smooth stomach the result of her regular runs through Kensington Gardens. Her eyes followed the curve of her hips in the mirror, and lingered when she caught sight of the small butterfly tattoo on her waist, a reminder of her time spent studying in Paris. She had beautiful legs, that always seemed slightly longer than they were and which reached up to a neat, closely clipped bush of light blonde hair. “I’m as ready as I’ll ever be for tonight,” she thought with a sigh and dived into the shower, the warm spray prickling her skin, splashing onto her chest and running down her stomach.


Kate arrived at work early and settled in behind her desk to go through her emails, her hair now neatly tied back. She reached up to push a stray strand behind her ear as she completed a reply to one of the book publishers interested in a novel she’d been sent by an up and coming young author.

All Kate could really think about though was Jenny, the carefree American girl she’d met at a housewarming for some friends a few days before. They’d chatted about work, books, the theatre and travel and Kate had found herself attracted to Jenny in a way she’d never felt for another woman before. She had had her share of flings with girls, but Jenny was different. Jenny was smart, sassy, intelligent and charming and the way she moved, spoke and flirted simply demanded attention.

Why was the clock moving so slowly? She really wished the day would hurry, Jenny was arriving at her flat at 6 and Kate wanted everything to be perfect.


Later, Kate poured the wine from the glass decanter, filling both her and Jenny’s glass a third time. The overhead light glinted, catching the full redness of the sweet Californian Merlot somebody had recently recommended. She was enjoying the wine, an intense rich flavour with a fruity tang that smelled mellow and warm. She settled back on the couch, moving slightly closer to Jenny, their legs brushing briefly.

“How’s the wine?” she asked, smiling over the top of her glass. “It’s great, Californian too I think…” said Jenny. “Just something to remind you of canlı bahis home, do you miss it?” Jenny started to reply and then paused, taking a sip to think about her answer. “I’ve been enjoying London a lot more over the last few weeks actually,” she said. “This cute English girl has been showing me around.”

“Well I’m glad someone is looking after you!” Kate teased and with that she put her glass on the table and leaned closer to Jenny, running her fingers along the inside of her friend’s wrist. She snaked one hand up onto Jenny’s neck, rubbing her thumb over the soft skin. “You’re beautiful,” she said softly.

Jenny smiled and leaned in closer, the girls’ bare legs now touching and turned Kate’s face towards her. She leaned in and kissed Kate softly on the lips, the kiss was hot, sweet and wet from the wine, a reckless sense of abandon fuelled the feeling of intimacy. Jenny tasted fantastic, and she slid her tongue softly over Kate’s lips before sneaking it into her mouth.

She’d been imagining this for weeks, and now Kate was playing out her fantasies, running her hands around Jenny’s back, pulling her closer as their kiss became more fierce. Her right hand found its way up onto Jenny’s shoulder and she broke away from the kiss, nudging Jenny’s face with her nose, pushing her gently to one side so she could kiss her neck. She breathed in the heady mix of perfume and the smell of Jenny’s hair, fresh, clean and sweet. She kissed once, twice, and then took a small bite of the skin, sucking before letting her warm lips close around the skin she’d bitten, drawing an instant moan of appreciation from her friend. She kissed her way down Jenny’s neck, lower and lower, greedily soaking up her smell and the delicious taste of her warm skin.

She kissed along the collarbone and down onto Jenny’s shoulder, taking the strap of her black dress in her teeth. She tugged it slowly, deliberately down, letting the strap fall onto Jenny’s arm. She moved back up to kiss her mouth again, pleased at how the kiss was more urgent, filled with a passion and the same deep need she herself felt. With her free left hand she slipped off the strap on Jenny’s right shoulder, letting her dress fall downwards and could instantly feel the warmth of her big, full beasts through her own dress. Kate broke free from the kiss and looked into Jenny’s soft brown eyes, “May I?” she said with a smile. “I’ve been waiting for weeks,” Jenny whispered.

Kate didn’t need a second invitation and she moved downwards, enjoying the sight of Jenny’s rounded, heavy breasts, the pink nipples already pushing outwards from the attention. Kate ran her right hand down, cupping one breast as she took the other in her mouth, rolling her tongue around the Areola, flicking it back and forth without ever touching Jenny’s nipple. With her hand she cupped Jenny’s other breast, her fingers twirling, teasing, mimicking the action of her tongue. Suddenly she took the nipple in her mouth, trapping it carefully between her teeth and flicked her tongue lightly over the sensitive skin. Jenny arched her back in pleasure and thrust her breasts forward, desperate to keep Kate’s warm, smooth lips on her breasts.

Kate sucked her friend’s swollen nipple, relishing the way it responded to her tongue and the feel of the stiff, sensitive bud in her mouth. Jenny’s breath was coming slightly quicker now and her boobs were throbbing, the sensations of Kate’s wet, hot mouth on her skin sending delicious waves of pleasure soaking through her breasts causing a familiar warm, tingling sensation between her legs. It was her turn now and she took Kate’s face between her hands and pulled her up, kissing her deeply on the mouth, the two girls’ tongues slipping bahis siteleri and sliding over each other, the feeling intimate, arousing and rawly sexual.

Jenny wasted little time freeing Kate’s own breasts, quickly unzipping the back of her black dress allowing the material to fall away and reveal her round, firm boobs, the skin a luscious light tanned brown and the pink nipples swollen and already hard. She ran both hands over the curve of Kate’s breasts, warm and soft and playfully tugged both nipples. Kate moaned, the action felt like an electric shock of pleasure streaming through her breasts.

“Like that do you?” she asked with a naughty grin, her hands squeezing, rubbing, playing. “Oh God yes,” Kate replied, leaning her head back, the light falling on the arch of her exposed neck, the creamy, smooth skin looking irresistible. “Stand up,” Jenny ordered and Kate obeyed, her intense green eyes locking with Jenny’s soft brown irises. Jenny stood up off the couch and put her hands on Kate’s waist, a gentle but firm push turning her around so that she stood with her back to Jenny. Unzipping the black dress completely, she tugged it down over Kate’s hips where it slid to the floor, collecting in a pile on the wooden floor.

Kate turned back to Jenny who ran her eyes greedily over her body, taking in her full breasts, beautiful stomach and long legs. Kate wore black stockings which stopped at mid thigh and a tiny red thong, a small patch of wetness showing through the material an indication of how much she was enjoying herself. “Your turn,” she said to Jenny and tugged her dress down, the material falling away easily, crumpling to the floor and revealing Jenny’s gorgeous waist and the smooth skin of her stomach.

Kate was surprised to see that Jenny wore no panties, a thin strip of black hair on her pussy looking stunningly inviting and she felt a wave of pleasure between her own legs at the sight. “Like what you see?” asked Jenny teasingly. “Hmmm yes, you’re stunning,” murmured Kate in reply. Jenny silently lowered herself to her knees and carefully, deliberately she took the front of Kate’s thong between her teeth, running her hands along the back of both her thighs. She pulled the flimsy panties down with her mouth, locking her eyes on Kate’s. She tugged the material until it fell to the floor, exposing Kate’s pussy, her lips already moist and slick.

Still running her hands up and down the back of Kate’s thighs, Jenny kissed up the inside of her legs stopping just before she reached the neatly trimmed blonde bush of Kate’s mound. She breathed in, savouring the sweet, musky smell of Kate’s pussy. Rising up she kissed Kate’s mouth, both woman’s breasts touching, the feeling sending waves of pleasure through both.

Kate ran her hand up the inside of Jenny’s thigh, the skin soft and perfectly smooth. She found her slit easily, Jenny’s lips drenched in her girl juice. Kate let one finger slip into Jenny’s cunt, eliciting a moan of gratitude, the silky wetness slippery to her touch. She broke the kiss and slid her finger out of her friend’s soft slit. She brought the finger to her mouth and sucked, licking the creamy wetness off. Jenny’s pussy tasted delicious, sweet and tangy, “I think we should take this through to the bedroom,” she smiled.


Jenny spread her hands out in front of her at the foot of Kate’s double bed and pushed herself forward, her back arching as she let herself melt onto the fresh, clean duvet. The sheets were bright white and freshly washed with a gentle Lavender fragrance.

Kate watched Jenny enjoying the softness of the bed and stared at her beautiful bum, the bahis şirketleri cheeks facing upwards, inviting. She walked slowly up behind Jenny and ran the back of her fingers up her thighs. With her head still on the bed, Jenny pushed her bum upwards, instantly responding to the attention. Kate could see her cunt, drenched with pussy juice, the wetness smeared along her lips and the inside of her thighs. She moved herself downwards bringing her face directly in front of Jenny’s gorgeous vagina, she breathed deeply, taking in the deliciously warm smell that made her ache with lust, and then she ran her tongue from Jenny’s clit, slowly up her slit to the wet entrance of her pussy. She let her tongue slide into the warm wetness, tasting the tangy, sticky juice.

Kate broke free from her licking and crawled onto the bed next to Jenny, opening her legs and inviting the other woman to lick her too. Jenny smiled and started on the inside of Kate’s thigh, her breath warm on the smooth, tanned skin. She began to kiss her way upwards, gently and deliberately taking her time. As she inched upwards, Kate parted her legs giving the other girl full access to her slick, wet pussy. Jenny began kissing Kate’s outer labia, her tongue brushing lazily over the skin, driving Kate wild with desire.

“God, your cunt smells incredible,” she murmured. Jenny then switched her attention to Kate’s lips, taking them into her mouth, savouring the taste and the rich, musky smell of her pussy. Jenny slid her tongue down to the entrance of Kate’s cunt and slipped it inside, pushing as deeply as she could go. The more intense flavour of Kate’s juice instantly assailed her tongue. The taste was sweet and almost salty, the sensation smooth, soft and incredibly erotic. She could see Kate’s neat blonde bush and her gorgeous pink lips, swollen with pleasure and smeared, in a raw sexual way, with her saliva and pussy juice.

Jenny pushed herself up and holding Kate’s blue stare, she manoeuvred herself opposite her friend, opening her own legs and placing one between Kate’s legs and one over the top of her thigh so that they were facing each other, their legs entwined, their vaginas almost touching. Kate instinctively thrust upwards as Jenny lowered her pussy until her lips began to rub against Kate’s. It was an exquisite, electric feeling as their cunts met, lips sliding wetly together, slippery, warm and soft. Jenny began to thrust faster, turned on by the taste of Kate’s pussy. The girls’ juices mixed, creating a perfect lubricant as their vaginas slid backwards and forwards, both girls desperate for the sweet pleasure of release.

Jenny pushed Kate back onto the bed and with a hungry look she implored, “I need to cum, lick me… please”. She turned her back to Kate, putting one leg over her body and edged her way backwards so that her pussy was right in front of Kate’s mouth and, with her own mouth, she began to lick furiously at Kate’s drenched pussy lips.

Kate was close to a body wrenching orgasm and as she thrust her tongue into the milky sweet wetness of Jenny’s pussy, she could smell her own pussy mixed with the heady aroma of Jenny’s. Her cunt was throbbing as Jenny’s tongue licked and lapped its way over her swollen, sensitive lips and the taste of both their pussy juices sent her crashing over the edge as wave after wave of pure, intense pleasure shook her body. Feeling Kate’s pussy clench with the power of such a big orgasm triggered Jenny’s own release, she pushed backwards, Kate’s tongue still slipping in and out of her soaking vagina as her whole body gave way to a powerful, juddering orgasm.


Later Jenny uncurled herself from the warm, naked embrace of her friend and made for the shower, she rested a while with one hand on the doorway, her hair rumpled and messy, a naughty, fun smile on her lips. “Feel like joining me in the shower?” she asked…

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