An Incestuous Encounter Ch. 01

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It was the start of winter and in most peoples view not the perfect party season, but that is exactly what the first event of my winter season was that year. My uncle was throwing my aunt a surprise party for her 42nd birthday but more importantly on the same date 25 years ago they began their relationship so it was actually a joint celebration.

I was 23 at the time and any reason to party was good enough for me. My uncle arranged most of the party with some help from his son and my self.

On the day of the party, just after lunch, my aunt was whisked away by some of her friends for a shopping spree. That’s when my uncle, cousin and I got the place decorated and set up.

It was late evening, the guest had arrived and we had just got the place ready when we received the text message from one of my aunt’s friend to let us know they were around the corner.

We switched of the light and got everyone to be dead silent, as my aunt opened the door with shopping bags in hand, the lights were flicked on and at the same moment a loud cry of surprise filled the house.

My aunt looked totally surprised and thereafter the festivities started. I think my uncle bought enough alcohol to supply an army and he was actually the one who indulged in it the most.

It was time for people to make their speeches first up was my uncle and his speech went something like this,

“Thank you ladies and gentleman for gracing us with your presences, as you all know today is Vanessa’s birthday but what most of you might not know is that exactly 25 years ago on this very date Vanessa and I went out on our first date as a couple. Oh yes! So much has happened since then because a year later we found ourselves married and we had our first child, Frank, who we see at 24 years old has turned out to be a fine young man if I may say so myself.”

“Depends who you ask.” I blurted out in a joking way.

Then my uncle continued, “We were a young couple so it took us a few years before we decided to have our second child but eventually 10 years later we did have that child and our daughter Chantal was born ……..”

My uncle continued his speech but as you all know people don’t really pay attention to these things, I remember him saying things about how that through the years my aunt and him have been through ups and downs but they made it through and he closed of by looking at my aunt and saying, “I have made some huge mistakes and my only hope is that you have forgiven me for them, I love you Vanessa.”

The speeches went on until all people had their chance to say a few words and finally we were at the last speech of my aunt, this speech did get my attention not because of what was said but rather because of the speaker.

My Aunt was the type of person who commanded attention partly due to the nature of her profession which was a real estate agent but mostly it had to be her sex appeal which she always claimed assisted in her line of work, she always use to say “I have to keep my self in good shape if I want to be making money.”

Aunt Vanessa might have been turning 42 and had 2 children in almost 25 years of marriage but she still looked sexy. She had a few extra pounds now but that just added to her allure, she had rounded calf’s and meaty thighs which she loved to show off in short skirts and dresses, she was highly gifted in the breast department and they bulged outward like two lush melons in her preferred low cut neck line outfits. Her eyes were captivating just like her nicely shaped lips that were almost always adorned in red lip stick. My uncle was a truly lucky man to have her as his wife.

Her speech was short and sweet, as she just thanked everyone for attending and then it was over.

We all sang the traditional happy birthday song; my aunt cut the cake and then my cousin Frank made a toast to the 25 years anniversary of his parents.

The night wound on with people dancing, playing various games, most of which involved alcohol which inevitably lead to many people getting drunk.

I ended up spending most of the night playing chauffeur, for the people that were to drunk to drive them self home. At around 1 in the morning the party finally rounded up with the last of the guest leaving, whom I had to drive home.

I had planned to sleep over at my uncle and aunts place, mainly because I thought I was going to get to drunk to drive home, which didn’t happen but I still decided to go back to their place after dropping the last guest as it was a bit of a long drive back to my house and after all the driving I had done that night I wasn’t up for the long trip home.

When I got back to the house, my aunt seemed as If she just got out of the bath, she still had her bath robe on while she was in the kitchen as she got fresh pot of coffee ready.

“Would you like a cup?” she asked me as I came in.

“Sure I would love a cup, but I think uncle needs it more than me the way he was drinking.”

She took out 2 cups and poured in the coffee.

“Not only your uncle, casino siteleri did you see how much your cousin Frank was drinking tonight?”

After saying this she handed me the coffee and took the other cup and walked towards the family room.

I followed her as I laughed and then said, “They are peas from the same pod, but I’m sure Frank is passed out by now he told me he was heading to his room just before I left to drop of the last guest.”

My aunt laughed and said, “They are defiantly peas of the same pod.” Then she pointed towards the couch.

My uncle laid there passed out and snoring loudly.

My aunt and I settled on the other couch and then she said, “Well no use wasting a good cup of coffee I might as well have it.”

We sat on the couch chatting about the party and the things people got up too, and slowly sipped away at the coffee after a few minutes I was done and I decided to help my passed out uncle to his room.

I tried to wake my uncle but only managed to get him to a semi conscious state, so I helped him start making his way to the bedroom after a few steps it was evident that we were never going to make it to the master bedroom which was on the other end of the house, so I asked my aunt “Is it cool If I put him on the spare bed in Franks room?”

She laughed and then said, “Sure thing, we will just have to see where you can sleep tonight.”

“Don’t worry about me, just give me a blanket and the couch will be good enough.”

I got into Franks room and could hear him snoring away, he didn’t even bother to change out of his party cloths, I put my uncle down on the spare bed and before I could even make it out the room I could already hear him snoring away.

When I got back to the family room I was greeted by the rear view of my aunt bending over to pick up something that had fallen on the floor, her bath robe had risen up to a point where I could just make out the red lace hot pants panties that aunt Vanessa had on, she might have been my aunt but she was also a sexy woman who also happened to have an ass that many a man would want to get his cock in, this instantly stirred up the monster in my pants and a bulge formed very rapidly.

My aunt became aware of my presence and in both embarrassment and in an attempt to make sure she can’t notice the bulge in my pants I turned away as quickly as she turned towards me and I said, “I think I’m going to have a shower and call it a night now.”

As I started making my way towards the passage to get to the bath room my aunt said “You have to use the shower in the main bed room, the shower in the other bathroom is busted your uncle was supposed to get someone in to fix it but I guess he was a little busy.”

“Ok, sure thing Aunt.” was my reply before I hurried away to gather my towel and get into the shower.

I adjusted the shower until it was at the required flow and stood under it, I noticed my man hood was still standing firm and my mind started to wonder back to the image of my aunt’s lace panties.

I had seen my fair share of woman naked and had fucked my share of them as well, but there was something about seeing something that was forbidden that turned me on.

I knew the only way to get rid of my erection was to masturbate, so as I slowly moved my hand over my cock my mind started to wonder and dream about what laid under those red lace panties and also how my uncle must have fucked my aunt for the last 25 years, eventually as my hand was now moving at a more rapid speed I got around to picturing myself fucking her ass right in the family room, that was all the motivation I needed as I started to squirt jets of semen onto the shower floor.

It wasn’t the first time that I fascinated about fucking Aunt Vanessa, but this time the feeling when I shot my load was more intense I attributed it to the fact that I had gotten a glimpse of something that I never thought I would lay my eyes on.

After I came back to reality I felt dirty for having such incestuous thoughts about my uncle’s wife but I relaxed my mind by saying to myself that it was only a fantasy and it hadn’t happened for real which worked. I eventually finished with my shower taking time to make sure there were no traces of my sperm left anywhere.

I got out and dried myself off with the towel I threw on my boxers and shorts and walked out of the bath room.

I stepped out of the bathroom and into the master bed room to find the radio had been switched on with a love song playing in a low but very audible volume, and then the sight that made me stand dead still and look on in shock, Aunt Vanessa sat in front of the dressing table facing away from me, towards the mirror. She was slowly rubbing cream over her arms but more importantly she only had on her lace panties and matching lace bra.

She noticed me looking at her and she gently turned her neck around and flashed me a smile before saying. “Don’t you know it’s rude to stare?”

I must have turned red as I mumbled out “Sorry, I didn’t know you were in here.”

I slot oyna started to make my way to the door when she said. “Well it’s too late to run away now I’m sure the image is burnt into your mind.” She laughed and then said, “I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, but since you have already seen it you might as well help rub some cream on my back.”

I paused with out turning back to face her, partly because I was still processing what she had just said and secondly because the monster in my pants had started to stir up again.

“So what’s it going to be? Are you going to help your auntie?”

Had she any Idea that she was asking her nephew who had just fantasised about fucking her to lay his hands on her almost naked body, I though about it for a few more seconds and then almost instinctively I adjusted my shorts for them to hang lower so she couldn’t notice the bulge and turned to walk towards her.

No words were needed from me as I got close to her she handed me the cream and I took some into the palm of my hands and rubbed my palms together. I then slowly started to massage the cream onto her body starting at the top of her neck and then moving over her shoulders, then over her back.

I was enjoying the feeling of her smooth skin, for a woman who was 42 years old she had amazing skin, I lingered and massaged around her bra strap when she said, “Don’t be shy get some of that cream under the bra strap as well.”

With out even thinking I tried to get my hand under her bra strap but it was of no use, it gripped so tightly because of the size of her breast that I couldn’t even get my hand under that thin strap running over her back, the bra was defiantly a few size’s to small for her, she noticed my struggles and cupped her breast with her hands over her bra and then said to me, “You can un-hook it, that should make it easier.”

Without a moments hesitation I unhooked the clasp of her bra and even with her hands cupping them, her breast sprung forward like a spring.

I rubbed the cream over her back and even around the side which resulted in me touching the sides of her breast a few times she turned her neck around to face me and she said “Do you like them?”

Was I dreaming? I was practically groping my uncle’s wife’s breast and she was asking me if I was enjoying it. With my mind running in a million different directions I replied to her, “you bet I’m enjoying it, these melons are fucking beautiful.” While I said that I reached all the way around to have both my hands under her bra cupping her large breasts.

Surprisingly she had released her hands that was holding on to her bra which lead to it falling onto her lap, now all that was covering her large melons, which was certainly larger than 38DD which I noticed was the size of the bra, were my hands.

Her face was still turned to me and she gave me that smile again before saying “You naughty boy.”

I though about going in for a kiss but instead I gently started massaging her globes and I received an instant reaction with her nipples becoming erect.

The next thing my aunt grabbed my hands from her breast and she pulled them of, which left them completely exposed to my eyes for the first time, but instead of taking in the view I was more worried why she did that.

Did she come to her senses and realize what was happening, if so what was going to happen was she going to tell my uncle what happened?

She turns towards me still topless and holding my hand and said, “That’s my song; you haven’t danced with me for my birthday so you owe me this dance.”

I cant remember who the artist of the song was or the name of the song but one line of it stood out in my memory it went something like ‘Love is better when you stealing it’

With the song playing my Aunt placed one hand on my side and the other on my ass, I did the same in an effort not to disappoint and also I was not going to pass up an opportunity to get my hands on her ass.

I still didn’t have a shirt on and she was topless so I decided to pull her in to my body, her large melons were now pressed firmly onto my body at a level just below my chest. My hands sank into the back of her panties to the point where I cupped both her ass cheeks in my hands.

The close proximity of our body resulted in the bulge of my cock to press up against her body and she said to me with a smirk on her face. “Did your 42 year old auntie turn you on that much?”

I looked her straight in the eye and said “YES! My 42 year old aunt, who is almost naked in my arms, has awoken that monster.”

“It’s good to know that after almost 25 years of marriage and 2 children I can still make a young man horny.”

With those words I couldn’t resist her any longer I now had only one thing in my mind and I decided it was time to go for it. My hands took a firm grip of her ass; I pulled her tight onto my body and moved in with a light kiss on her lips.

She responded by kissing me back and in a few seconds our tongues were locked together, I gripped my aunt’s ass canlı casino siteleri and I picked her up as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

I carried her towards the bed and once I reached it I threw her down and at the same time I held on to her panties which resulted in them tearing off her.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, not long ago I was in the shower fantasising about fucking my Aunt and now she was in front of me naked lying on her bed, the same bed she spent so many nights of her married life sleeping with and fucking my uncle.

“You fucker, you ripped my panties of me. Now you looking at your uncle’s naked wife, do you want to fuck your uncle’s wife? Do you want to fuck me in the same bed your uncle fucks me?

I couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of my aunt’s mouth, what had gotten into her? One thing was for sure I wasn’t going to be the good guy and ask her questions about why she wanted to fuck her nephew, I fantasised about fucking this woman to many times to let this opportunity pass.

She sat back up at the edge of the bed and I said to her, “Yes I want to fuck you; I want to fuck my uncle’s horny wife and give you the birthday sex he should have given you.”

“Then don’t you think it’s unfair that aunty is all naked but nephew still has his shorts on.” With those words Vanessa un-tied the string at the front of my shorts and helped it down to the floor, I pushed it to the side, next to her torn panties.

“Yeah I think it’s very unfair, why don’t you make things even.” I said to her.

Vanessa started to rub my cock over my boxers and then said “Let’s free this big boy.” She put her hands onto the waist strap and slowly pulled them down, my dick jumped forwarded and was standing taller than I have ever seen it before.

After my aunt dropped my boxers to the floor and picked her head up to have her first look at my man hood she said, “Oh my, you have a massive one, hope I can handle it, I have only had one in me for my whole life and that is like half your size.”

I was surprised and said to her “My uncle is the only man you fucked?”

“Yes your uncle has had me exclusively, well until now.”

I was in dream land I had to pinch my self just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming my aunt was faithful to one man her whole life, but tonight she was practically seducing me.

My aunt laughed and said “Don’t pinch your self this is not a dream, tonight I want you to make me your slut, take your uncles wife and fuck her with that big dick of yours”

I didn’t need another invitation, but I also knew that I needed to warm her up first so I pushed her down on the bed and got down on my knees and laid my head onto her pussy.

She had a fully shaven pussy and it smelt of her juices already as if just our prelude into getting to this stage had made her cum. I located her clit and wrapped my tongue on it gentle sucking on it as I inserted a finger into her pussy slowly building up a rhythm.

Vanessa let out soft gasp and said “Ahhhh, Oh yes suck my clit you dirty boy. How does you uncle’s wife’s clit taste?”

I said nothing as I went on with eating her pussy, she kept on taking and saying things like “How does the forbidden fruit taste? You like eating aunt’s pussy?”

I sensed my aunt was getting lost in the passion, I fingered her harder now, she bucked her hips to meet my finger thrusts and then she eventually cried out “Oh Yes! I’m Cumming.” I removed my face just before the flood started to flow from her pussy where my finger was stilled buried.

My aunt was screaming in ecstasy and I was afraid that someone might hear her. When she finally came back down to earth she said to me. “Don’t worry no one can hear us, Chantal is not here and your uncle and cousin are passed out they won’t hear a thing, on the other end of the house.”

I moved in and gave my Aunt a passionate kiss on her succulent lips, she reciprocated and opened her mouth so that I could dart my tongue in and tango with hers. I moved my kissing down her neck biting lightly at it when she said, “Don’t make any marks were people can see it.”

I thought about what she said for a moment before moving down lower to her breast, where I started to bite harder than I was previously doing and eventually left a huge love bite on her left breast.

I sucked at her erect nipples which put her into a trance like state where she just moaned uncontrollably. I returned my finger to her soaking soppy cunt and plunged it deep inside before going into a fast but steady rhythm.

“Oh fuck, yes, yes, yes! That’s it suck on aunties nipples and finger her pussy, you going to make me fucking cum.”

A few seconds later, she was shaking and screaming as she exploded her love juice flowed out of her like a raging river.

She calmed down and then said to me “My reservoir is full, it’s been a few months since you uncle has opened the flood gates, and I have a policy to never release them on my own”

What? My uncle has not shagged his beautiful wife for a few months, what the fuck was he thinking. It was no wonder that she was so horny, Well that’s what I was thinking at that moment and then said to her “Don’t worry I’ll release every drop from your reservoir.”

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