An Open Invitation

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I don’t know if you’ll respond to this or even read it but the longing I feel has become to great to ignore. We’ve been innocently flirting back and forth for weeks now, the occasional innuendo, the excuses found to brush an open palm against one another and the lingering good-byes.

I’m captivated by the way your eyes see right through me and seem to whisper secrets to my soul. I’m haunted by the memory of your scent and every chaste touch we’ve shared is a sacred treasure that fills the emptiness of my heart with warmth. I know I’m a fool to have lost myself to the thought of you but your voice is a siren’s song that has me drowning in a tidal wave of passion.

As I look out my window and see the fall of a Spring snowstorm, I’m inspired to believe in the unlikely. I let myself dream of you and imagine our anticipated union, visualizing my approach to give myself over to your mercy.

You accepted my invitation to dinner, perhaps a little curious about my invitation to cook for you. The sauteed vegetables were met with remarkable approval and you were impressed by my pasta and marinara sauce. The wine completed the candle light atmosphere as our usual playful banter is allowed a more heated tone.

Before I can tell you how much I’ve longed for this, you ask me why I’ve taken so long to act on any of our flirtations and I am forced to admit a level cautionary reluctance that I might scare you off with the full disclosure of my need. My words come freely now casino siteleri backed by a fire that reaches from my heart through my eyes to bathe you in the heat of my hunger.

Your eyes don’t turn away but answer my gaze with the brilliance of starlight. I put down my glass and walk over to you, kneeling at your feet before you can rise from your chair. One hand rests on your shoulder as the other cups the side of your neck to draw you into my kiss.

The taste of your lips, splashed with wine, sets my body on fire and I lose myself in their tenderness as our tongues meet and we breathe our shared desire into one another.

Your body reacts beneath my touch as I peel your clothes away, writhing to rhythm of our kiss.

Once your panties have been removed and my fingertips have brushed the lips there, I move my kiss to their sweet tangy warmth. Here with my mouth pressed deep into your hips, I taste you from the inside out and revel in the feel of you as much as I enjoy your labored breaths of exclamation.

Your nails dig into my scalp and pull my hair, evoking more enthusiasm from my mouth that in turn calls more wordless praise from yours. I’m in ecstasy, tasting the deepest part of you with your shapely thighs hooked tightly over my shoulders and your head tossed back with complete abandon.

My hands cradle your torso, wanting to feel every twist and squirm that my cunniglingus can elicit from your body. When you tense and your muscles contract with slot oyna the first signs of orgasm, I massage and knead your hips and buttocks while re-doubling my oral enthusiasm.

You come in waves, spasming and jutting yourself harder against my face. The flavor of your juices change as they gush from you over my mouth and chin. I flick your clitoris with the tip of my tongue faster, intensifying your release and drawing more from you until I feel you quiver with the force of it. Only then do I let go and rise to see the look of surrendered lust in your eyes.

My clothes are still on but the excitement of pleasuring you is threatening to burst from the seams of my slacks. Your eyes light up at the discovery of my need and your hands rush to free my lust from its bondage. Your dainty and nimble digits tickle my hard flesh like a musician picking up a new instrument, gentle at first but played with such enthusiasm once it touches your lips.

The vision of your lips stretched around my shaft is exquisite and how quickly you’ve painted me in your warm spit with wickedly obscene sounds and unabashed hunger. The temptation to let you drink the wellspring of my lust is almost too great but I have dreamed too many nights of burying my need in your venus mound to wait any longer.

I take a step back, causing you to reluctantly release the throbbing meat from your mouth though your hands are quick to see that I don’t get to far. You look up at me and I see the naked desire that canlı casino siteleri I’ve long harbored, reflected in your eyes. I lift you up and guide you to the couch in the next room, assuring you of another release.

Holding you against my chest in a naked embrace, I take time to kiss and nibble your neck where it meets your shoulder. My lips suck, my tongue licks, and my teeth graze across your clavicle bone and shoulder. Lost in the scent of your sweat spiked perfume, one hand is pressed hard into the small of your back while the other cradles the top of your neck.

I lay you down slowly, holding your gaze in my eyes as if they alone could convey the heartsick tale of my devotion to you. My eyes betray the hunger that throbs at the base of me and vibrates all the way to my fingertips.

Your breath shudders and your body arches to my touch as I massage your nether lips and prepare them to accept me. Enveloped by your supple legs, I push myself into you and bliss washes over both of our faces. The telling cries from your parted lips are a concerto I’ve longed to hear conducted by the deliberate strokes of my cock, this is the realization of a thousand haunted nights.

Your nails draw red lines in my skin as we achieve a synchronous rhythm and I drive months of pent up desire into your very core. My breath is hot and heavy on your shoulder and my pelvic thrusts become faster as your velvet muscle tightens for another release.

You cut into my flesh with a vise-grip, drawing blood as you scream and your body quivers over the top of your climax. This last squeeze milks the release form me as I push deeper to fill you completely in those last contracting moments.

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