Anal Little Sister Ch. 01

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I couldn’t believe it. There peeping into my personal stuff was my little sister. Not just her but her little friend as well. I shouldn’t’ve been surprised though, Samantha had always did what ever she wanted as well as getting what she always wanted. Being daddy’s spoiled little brat.

Samantha had come to live with me about 7 weeks ago. I am 9 years older than Samantha and I am 32. Samantha was here for the summer wanting to explore the big city. I work in an Ad agency working my way through life. I also enjoy a kinky sex life in that I like dominating women and sissy boys.

I’m an attractive raven haired woman with nice curves. My breasts are 34b’s with long dark nipples. My best features are my legs and firm round ass. I stand 5’7″ and love wearing 4″ high heels whenever I can. My skin is creamy white and my lips are pouty full. I have been told I make a great Betty Page.

Samantha is 21 bratty about 5’5″ tanned blonde with those little girl big brown eyes that she uses to get her way. Samantha is lazy yet has this gorgeous firm girl next door type of body and look.

So there was Samantha and her friend looking through my photo album showing my kinky side. The two were on the floor of my bedroom giggling and laughing. Making stupid comments. I had not been heard and I stood there watching the two for a moment.

Finally I let them know I was home. The two jumped to high heaven as I spooked the two with my loud scolding tone. Samantha did her usual routine of trying to make excuses as to why they were looking through my stuff. I moved closer to the two and saw they had also pulled some of my clothing and toys from under my bed.

“You two little bitches” I spat at them. “Just what the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“My stuff, my room. You haven’t changed one bit you little twat.” I shouted at her in a low tone.

“Sis, it’s no big deal.” Samantha said to me.

“Is casino siteleri that right?” I laughed. “Did I give you permission to come in here and do whatever you damn well please?”

“And whose this other snoopy little twat with you?” I said to the cowering girl next to Samantha.

“This is Brittany.” Samantha said in her non-committal voice. Like this will blow over.

“Stand up Brittany.” I said firmly. The girl looked to Samantha “Get up.” I said again louder and even more stern this time.

On shaking legs the girl nervously began to stand. Wow!! My breath was taken back as she stood. Beautiful red hair, big almond shaped brown eyes. Lips I wanted to bite and kiss right then and there. Her face was beautiful. She was the drop dead gorgeous type. Brittany was about 5’4″ and her body was lithe and toned. Both Samantha and Brittany wore shorts and tight t-shirts with bikini tops revealed through the white t-shirts.

“Brittany, do you like looking through the things of someone you don’t know?” I asked her.

“I … I’m … I’m sorry … I was just…” she stammered.

“Just enjoying yourselves weren’t you. I can see that my pictures excited you didn’t they?” I said as I walked to her. Her face was flushed and I could smell her fear and I was going to take advantage of this moment.

I went closer to her and stood almost on top of her. “I bet you’re excited aren’t you? I bet you’d like to be in those pictures.”

“I bet you’d like to have my little sister sucking your hot young pussy as I dominate the both of you for being such bad little girls.”

“Bad girls need to be punished don’t they Brittany?” I said as I moved even closer and cupped one of her firm breasts.

“What are doing Sis?” Samantha said jumping up and gasping aa I felt her friend up. “Shut up you cunt” I said to Samantha.

Samantha made a move to grab Brittany and I back-handed her knocking slot oyna her to the floor. I went and closed and locked my bedroom door. I then went back to Brittany. I saw Samantha’s lip bleeding and her face was red. I laughed and moved over to Brittany and kissed her. I shoved my tongue deep into her warm accepting mouth.

As we kissed I ripped her t-shirt roughly from her body. I tore away her bikini top and grabbed a handful of her beautiful red hair, yanking her backwards revealing her taut breats and firm nipples to my drooling mouth.

I took her tit into my mouth and bit so greedily down on her nipples causing her to yelp as I did. Samantha began to stand up as I was devouring her friend’s tasty tit. “Fucking little snoop I want you to get your fucking clothes off and stand there naked” I said as I looked into her eyes with the tit still in my mouth.

“I am not going to play your sick little games.” She said back to me.

I moved quickly from Brittany to Samantha and heard a sad sigh escape Brittany’s lips causing me to smile knowingly to myself.

“Fucking cunt you will do as I say and without any fucking arguments. You got that you cunt?” I spat at her.

I grabbed my little sister and grabbed her shirt yanking it off. I tore the Bikini top off. I pushed her back onto my bed and yanked her shorts nad panties off in one fell swoop.

“Bitch I have had it with your bratty dady’s little girl attitude and now it’s time to pay”

“Brittany get over here.” I said. Brittany came over quickly and I told her to get on top of Samantha and make her eat her pussy. “Go on, you know you want to. Let that little cunt suck your wet hole till you come>”

Brittany without hesitation jumped up on the bed and stood over Samantha and pulled off her shorts and panties and as she sank lower onto Samantha’s wriggling body as I held her down, Brittany was squeezing her tits and pulling canlı casino siteleri her nipples.

Brittany smotherd Samantha’s resisting mouth with her shaved young pussy that was as wet as any pussy could be. “Tell that whore to suck your pussy” I told her. “Tell her she is going to suck you dry. Tell her to dig that tongue deep up your hole.”

Brittany was in heaven. She was writhering and moaning and came almost instantly but kept grinding harder and harder down on my little sister’s face and mouth. Samantha had stopped complaining and resisting and sucked that pussy like she hadn’t eaten in days.

“Look at my slut sister,” I laughed, “She sucks pussy like a born dyke.” “Do you like sucking pussy lil’ sister?” I heard her murmur a yes and I laughed even louder and slapped at her shaved pussy and watched as her hips twitched and the lifted wanting more. I did too. I went at it. Slapping her bald lil’ girl pussy until it was red and gushing wet.

I then pulled Brittany off her and told her to sit on the floor and Samantha to stay on the bed but to flip over and lay on her stomach. I went over to Brittany lifted her up and kissed her again taking her in my arms and kissing her deeply. “I’m going to make you my girl Brittany. I gonna have you move in with me and be my lover my slut my lil’ girl” I said softly into her ear as I careesed her firm beautiful ass.

“Would you like that my love?” I asked her.

“Yes Ma’am,” she replied ” Please let me be your lover slut.”

“You like to be submissive my dear?” I asked.

“Yes Ma’am,” she said, “I have always wanted to belong to someone. Especially someone as beautiful and firm as you.”

“Good, I will train you and take you to heights of love and pleasure I am sure you will love.”

We then kissed and I let her suck my tits and then I turned her towards Samantha and told her, “She is your slut and I will teach you how she is to be used and abused, Do you like my present to you my love?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Good, let’s begin,” I said laughing as I kissed Brittany one more time before beginning my lil’ sister’s humiliation bondage training.

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