And Baby Makes 3 Ch. 03

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This is a story about adult situations and adult sexuality. Please go elsewhere if you are underage in the community you dwell. This is a fantasy and the names have been changed to protect the horny and guilty. Enjoy!


I awoke to the sounds of sex emanating from the bathroom. I got up off the floor and opened the bathroom door. There were my wife and her sister making love in the shower. My beloved wife, Sandy, was down on her knees sucking on Samantha’s milk filled boobs. She was also driving two fingers into Sammie’s pussy. Sammie was in the middle of an orgasm when she saw me.

“Hi there lover, care to join us?”

“Hi honey, sorry we started without you, but you were so cute sleeping there on the floor. We didn’t want to wake you. Besides, you’ll need your strength for later.” My wife added.

I quickly joined them in the shower and latched onto Samantha’s unoccupied breast. My wife and I suckled at Sammie’s teats for a few mintues. Sandy continued to finger her sister as I rubbed Samantha’s ass. Sammie just melted in our hands and had another quick orgasm. Can you tell I’m happy I married into this family?

“I’ve had my morning fun, I’ll leave the two of you alone now.” Sandy said as she stepped out of the shower. “Honey, get back to work on Sammie, we want to make sure she’s pregnant.”

I waved Sandy away and turned my attention back to Sammie. I stood up and kissed her lips. The warm water from the shower made it feel like we were in the tropics somewhere during a rainstorm. I kissed her lips and ran my hands over her back and down to her ass. I pulled her tightly to me and whispered, “Thanks.” in her ear.

“Thanks for what?”

“Thanks for the opportunity to make love to you. You can’t know how much this means to me.”

She reached down and took hold of my cock. “Oh, I think I know”

“That’s not what I mean, silly.” I replied. “I mean, I’m very grateful that you’ve allowed me to fuck you.”

“Speaking of fucking, how about less talk, more rock?” She smirked.

“Your wish is my command, Princess.”

I turned her around and began to massage her tits from behind. I could feel her breast milk mixing with the water as I squeezed and massaged her tits and nipples. She leaned her head back into my shoulder and moaned softly. She reached behind and grabbed hold of my cock and began to stroke me. Her hands felt so good on my cock.

Taking a handful of Sammie’s hair, I pulled her mouth back to mine. I kissed her roughly. She responded by grinding her ass back into my cock. I moved my other hand down towards her pussy. As I moved over her mons, I noticed something, she’d shaved. I moved my fingers all around letting them explore the new naked skin. As for Sammie? Well, she was in ecstasy. Her pubic area was very sensitive to touch. I suggested we move out of the shower. She quickly agreed.

Taking a towel off the rack, I dried Sammie’s sexy body. I paid special attention to her breasts and her, now bald, pussy. Her pussy lips were full and engorged with blood. I ran the towel across her clit and she jumped a little. I continued to dry her off and even expressed some milk from her tits onto the towel. “Turn around” I ordered and she quickly turned her back to me and faced the mirrors over the sink.

I watched Samantha’s face in the mirror as I bent her over the bathroom counter. “How’s this fine ass of your’s today, Sweetie?”

“Okay,” she said nervously, “A little sore but okay.”

“Good, I was afraid we busted you up inside last night with our friend.”

“No, I’m okay today. Just a bit sore is all.”

I spread her ass cheeks and she groaned.

“Not today, my love. Today’s fun is aimed at making sure I’ve knocked you up. You are mid-cycle right? I should have asked you last night.”

“Oh yeah, I’m mid-cycle. My pussy is very fertile right now, my dear, sweet brother-in-law. Fuck me Danny.”

I positioned my cock at her pussy entrance. She was hot, wet and slippery. I thrust forward a bit and she easily took my cock up to my balls. God, even after having her baby and getting fucked by that big, black dildo last night, she was tight. Oh to have a young wife again. Not that I’m complaining mind you. Sandy and I fuck our brains out almost nightly, but, it would casino siteleri be nice to have a pussy that quickly regained it’s tightness. Poor Sandy has to work her buns off to get herself tight after fucking a big cock. All those Kegel exercises are hard on an older body. But she still does them, bless her heart. I love that woman!

I started to slowly stroke my cock in and out of Sammie’s delightfully tight pussy. I watched her in the mirror over the sink. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was starting to get haggard. Every time one of her nipples brushed the cold marble of the sink top, she would let out a little moan, along with a little milk. I reached around and began to milk her breasts. I squeezed lightly at the base and worked towards the nipple. Her moans turned to deep groans as I milked her. Her milk was leaking out of her breasts at a fast pace. Now, for you horny dogs, a little lesson. This is not like milking a cow. There isn’t a large stream of milk that comes from human breasts. It does spray from time to time but that’s usually when the breasts are over full. It’s more of a slow leak than a fast stream. Okay, lesson over.

I watched as her milk began to pool some on the countertop. I reached forward and pushed down on my lovely sis-in-law and wiped the counter with her tits. Either the feeling of her warm milk on her tits or the cold of the marble countertop made her cum. She bore down on my cock and let out a grunt. I could feel her pussy massage my cock, but, I wasn’t about to come that quickly. Hell, I really thought my balls were empty by now. I’m not as young as I used to be and I didn’t think my sperm production could keep up.

She started to really come now. She called me every dirty name she could think of and several I had never heard before. “You son of a bitch, fuck me, harder, make me come. Oh Christ, your cock feels so good in my pussy. Fill my pussy with your seed. Give me a baby you Mother Fucker!” Okay, she’s right on two counts, I’m a son of a bitch and I WAS fucking a mother.

I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face up. “I’m not gonna come that easily, honey. Look at yourself. You’re nothing but a slut! You’re fucking your sister’s husband! Who’s the bitch now?” I pushed her face back down and slapped her ass, hard. “That’s what you deserve, you little cunt!” I slapped her again, with both hands this time. She cried out but continued to grind her pussy on my cock.

“Oh, Danny. That’s what you’ve always wanted isn’t it? A little bitch you can call your own and fuck whenever you want. I’m your whore now, fuck me you cock sucking piglet!” She sneered back at me.

I reached into one of the drawers and brought out a hairbrush. “I’m gonna tan your hide, my little slut. And, I bet you enjoy every second of it!” I brought the hairbrush up and then whacked her ass with it.

“Ow, that fucking hurts you asshole!”

I grabbed her hair roughly and pulled back. “What did you call me you whore? WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?” I brought the brush back down on her ass, harder this time. Oh, that stung. Her pussy clamped down on my cock. “You like that, don’t you? You’re a horny little cunt who likes being disciplined.” I let go of her hair and she laid her head on her hands.

“Punish me” She whispered so softly I could barely hear her.

“What did you say bitch?”

A little louder this time, “Punish me.”

“I still can’t hear you, cunt. Say it louder.”

“PUNISH ME!” She screamed.

“You got it, my sexy, slutty slave girl.”

I dropped the brush and grabbed her hair with both hands and pulled. Her neck arched severly. “Look at you! Just look bitch. You’re hornier than a dog bitch in heat. You like this don’t you? Thomas not treating you the way you need to be?” She looked at herself in the mirror and I felt her pussy get hotter. “Yeah, just like I thought. The bitch wants to be ‘handled’. Okay honey, I’ll handle you.”

I pulled my cock out of her pussy. I grabbed her by her arms and forced her out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. Right about here, I panicked. Oh shit! The kids! Now how the hell am I gonna explain this to them? All that yelling and screaming and moaning from the bathroom. Crap!

Samantha must have realized what I was thinking. “If you’re worried slot oyna about the kids, Sandy took them to mom’s. I wanted some time alone with you. It’s just me and you lover boy.”

Good God, what a relief. I pushed my darling sister-in-law down on the bed and went to the closet. “Don’t fucking move. I’ll be right back.”

She smiled a little and stayed where she was. I quickly returned with my straps and ties. I watched her face in the headboard mirror as I tied each of her legs to a bed post. Her pussy was exposed to me and was visibly wet. I ran a finger up her slit and she wiggled to get away. “Oh no you don’t. Bitch wants to play? Bitch is gonna play!”

I sat on her back and tied her arms to the headboard. I had her spread eagle on the bed and at my mercy. I got on top of her and pushed my throbbing cock back into her. “Oh God, I’ve wanted to do this to you since you were 16. Such a tight lithe body. I ran my hands over her back as I continued to fuck her pussy. She moaned from time to time and came once or twice. I was getting close but wanted to have a little exploratory fun with her first.

“I don’t know if you know what a safe word is, but yours’ is ‘Magic’ Do you know what a safe word is?” I asked her. She shook her head no. “A safe word is used when you can’t take anymore or you’re concerned about your safety or if you just want to stop. Do you understand now?”

She mumbled something.

“I have to hear it from your lips baby. Do you understand?”

She raised her head, moaned, looked me in the eyes via the mirror and said, “Yes, I understand. My safe word is magic.”

“Good, hopefully you won’t have to use it.”

She dropped her head back to the matress and I started to explore her body. I ran my hands up and down her flesh, feeling the texture and the tautness. She has a very tight, sexy ass. I bent over and bit her right ass cheek. She yelped a little and tested her bonds but didn’t really protest too much. I smiled and moved on.

I got off the bed and went back to the closet. I pulled some of my play toys out that I use on Sandy. A couple of paddles, an assortment of dildos, a vibrator or two and some nipple clamps. I was dying to try those out! Oh, and the most important thing, a blindfold.

I got back up on the bed and covered Samantha’s eyes with the blindfold. She protested at first but I asked her if she trusted me and told her to say the safe word if she wanted out. She didn’t want out.

Next, I arranged all the toys that I wanted to use on her. She was pretty helpless so I didn’t have to worry about her accidently rolling on top of any of them. I started out with a feather. I tickled the bottom of her feet and worked my way up to her crotch. I could see goose flesh appear wherever I ran the feather. A soft moan escaped her lips as I ran the feather over her pussy and asshole. Damn it, I really wanted to fuck her ass again, but, maybe later.

I continued my journey up to her shoulders and neck. She was breathing pretty quickly now. I ran the feather back down to her ass and watched as her asshole clenched when I ran the feather over it. Definitely gonna have to fuck that ass later. Next, I took one of the paddles and rubbed it over her ass. She clenched her cheeks together and I moved on down to the soles of her feet. She giggled slightly as I rubbed the paddles over the bottom of her feet. Then, I slapped them hard with the paddle.


I didn’t say anything but slapped her feet a second time. “Shut the fuck up cunt! Maybe I need to gag you too. Do you want that, something filling your slut hole mouth. Maybe a nice big dildo. Might be tough to breathe though. You want to go with that? No? Then shut your God damned come hole.”

She didn’t say the safe word, so, I continued on. I ran the paddle up her calves and thighs, slapping them every so often. “Ah, and now for that sweet ass of yours my love.” I raised the paddle high and brought it down on both cheeks. Whack, whack, whack. Three quick blows. I checked on my darling sister-in-law. Tears were running out of the blindfold and she was trying with all her might not to cry out.

“How does my sexy little slut like to be punished?”

“With a paddle.” canlı casino siteleri

Whack, “With a paddle what?”


Whack, whack, one on each cheek. “Say my name bitch”

“With a paddle, Dan?” she asked softly.

Whack, whack, whack, whack. I slapped her ass quickly. I grabbed her hair again and got in her face, “No cunt. Say my NAME!”

“With a paddle Master?”

“Say it like you mean it or you won’t be sitting down anytime soon.”

“Samantha likes to be punished with a paddle, Master.”

“That’s better,” I let go of her hair and she dropped her head back down to the mattress. “Baby gets what she asks for.”

I rubbed her ass cheeks with the paddle and then began to spank her. I loved watching her ass cheeks jiggle with each hit. Her cries turned to moans as I heated her ass up with the paddle. I then slowed down and bit and rubbed lotion over her tender areas. I was surprised by how much she had taken so far. The first time with Sandy, she had said the safe word within 5 minutes. Sammie and I had gone 15 so far. In fairness though, I wasn’t striking her as hard as I first did Sandy. These things take experimentation. I was too forceful with Sandy to start with, but, she’s grown into it.

I leaned down and asked Sammie if she was okay. I gently rubbed her ass and she opened her eyes and said, “Yes, master.” Ah, a very quick learner!

“We’re going to move to the front now Sammie. I’m gonna untie you and I want you to turn over onto your back. I think your ass will sting a bit, but, you should be okay.”

I untied Sammie and she slowly rolled over onto her back. The mattress was soaked where her tits were. Nothing like a wet spot made of mother’s milk. I made her lay in the wet spot and retied her to the bed. She did not put up a fight.

“Ready for some more fun, my love?” She nodded her head in the affirmative and I began to pleasure her again.

I took the paddle and rubbed it over the front of her body. I couldn’t see her eyes but I watched her lick her lips from time to time. I worked the paddle up her thighs and lightly slapped her pussy lips. She jumped a bit and I continued on. Now, for those wonderful milky titties.

I ran the nubby side of the paddle over her nipples. Some milk leaked out and I leaned over and licked it up. I ran the smooth side of the paddle over her tits and face. She was moaning contiuously now. I reached down and dipped my finger into her pussy. She was very wet. I ran my finger up across her slit to her clit and started to rub it. Her back arched and she started to cum. I took the opportunity to spank her tits.

Samantha wailed loudly as I worked her clit and tits. Her mouth formed an “O” as she came. I continued to paddle her tits and finger her clit. She was thrashing about on the bed wildly as she came. I dropped the paddle and straddled her hips. I pushed her big tits together and sucked both of her nipples into my mouth. Sammie screamed and tried to buck me off of her. It was all I could do to stay on top of her. She thrashed wildy about but I kept her nipples in my mouth. I pulled and pinched them with my teeth and Sammie exploded in orgasm again. I thought I was going to bite her nipples off the way she moved about. I grabbed her tits and tried to squirt some of her milk towards her open mouth. I succeeded.

The milk shot straight into her mouth. Her mouth closed and I saw her swallow. She came again. I grabbed her by the hair and tilted her head toward her tits. She was trying to get away but I pulled her closer and closer.

“Open your mouth slut!” I commanded.

Sammie opened her mouth and I forced her tit in. “Now, suck.” Sammie did as she was told and began to suck her own tit. What a rush! I moved over to the other nipple and began to suck on it. Sammie was continually whimpering as she sucked herself. I let go of her tit and moved between her legs. I licked her clit and Sammie arched her back and came again. I couldn’t believe she was able to keep her tit in her mouth without her hands, but, she was doing it. Finally, it was too much. Her tit popped out of her mouth and Sammie’s head slammed back into the bed.

Her orgasms continued, however. She bucked and whimpered and talked like a sailor. Her pussy was a mess. Her juices ran out of her pussy and soaked the bed. I couldn’t take any more and mounted her. I fucked her for about 45 seconds or so, and dumped a big load of come into her. I collapsed on top of her and she whispered in my ear, “Magic.”

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