And She Was Down The Hall

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Shelby was on top. She was in control, and she loved every second of it! Judging by Colton’s moans and grunts he was clearly enjoying himself just as much. She rode him hard, so hard that her ass made a loud slapping sound every time she lowered herself down onto his stiff cock. She was moving fast too. No sooner would her ass bottom out on his cock and she would be lifting up again, almost to the point where he was sure he was going to come right out of her wet snatch.

Colton couldn’t decided what he loved to watch more — her full bouncing tits with her amazing dark nipples or her amazing facial expressions as she took his cock all the way in and to the hilt. Her blue eyes were dark with desires and pleasure. Her lips sat slightly parted as she panted hard. Her balance over him was flawless, and her rapid piston-like movements were tireless. Her long red hair tumbled wildly over her shoulders and down her back. It tickled him deliciously every time she leaned forward to kiss him manically while she took him deepest. She was like a dream, and yet there she was riding his cock like no other woman ever had. And to think, all the years they had wasted with her just right down the hall.

Shelby suddenly stilled with him buried deeply. The sudden lack of movement made Colton’s head swim slightly. “Did you hear that?” She asked.

“Umm…No.” Colton answered, his head feeling thick and foggy.

“I think they are home! We gotta finish this, fast!” With smooth movements she slowly lifted her sucking pussy off of his drenched dick. It was glistening with her juices. Before Colton could even guess at her intentions she was on her hands and knees between his legs taking his cock into her mouth. He wanted to protest. After all she hadn’t cum yet, but he was simply too close to his own climax. Her skilful mouth would soon have him blowing his load down her throat, which he had never done and he wasn’t sure she would appreciate. The simple fact that she was sucking his cock while it was covered with her own juices was almost enough to push him over the edge. Oh, how he loved this naughty little vixen!

“Shelb! I can’t hold off much longer! You might want to decide where you want my load!” His words were strained, and matters got worse when they heard footsteps on the stairs. The door was closed, but there was no lock.

Shelby kept her mouth firmly clamped around his throbbing cock. She looked him right in the eye and sucked harder. Her cheeks sucked in with her efforts. Her tongue flicked wildly over his prick in her mouth. Her hand caressed his balls firmly but with care. They could hear voices down the hall. She bobbed her head and sucked him hard. Her golden red hair tickled his thighs, balls and the base of his cock as it spilled everywhere. It was too much. With a jerk of his hips he shoved his cock deeper into her mouth as he poured his seed down her throat. She swallowed it all and even used her hand to milk out the last few drops, which she licked off the head of his dick. She smiled coyly and jumped off the bed. She winked and dashed out the door without a word. Colton pulled a sheet over his still hard cock and tried to catch his breath. She was wild. She made him wild. God, how he loved her!

Shelby was naked and her pussy was still dripping wet. So, she had dashed through the washroom that connected their bedrooms, instead of using the main hall. On her way through she made sure to wrap a towel over her head, and pulled on her casino siteleri bathrobe. She opened the door into her room, just as her bedroom door opened.

“Mom! We have been over this! Can’t you just knock?” Shelby hoped her flushed face would either be blamed on her apparent shower or her anger at intrusion.

“I did knock. Several times, in fact. I guess you didn’t hear me. Sorry honey.” Her mom said with a false contriteness. Ever since Shelby’s mother had walked in on her a year ago, while she used a dildo to pleasure herself, her mother always made a point of surprise visits. She had confiscated the dildo and lectured Shelby for hours on the sins of masturbation.

“I was in the shower.” Shelby said with as much exasperation as she could muster.

“That’s funny sweetie. I didn’t hear the water running when I was in the hall.” Her mother said with a false smile. She had her suspicions, and it made Shelby feel very smug that it was unlikely her mother had any idea of the truth.

“Is there a point for you being here? If you like you can search my room and the washroom.”

“No, no. That is fine. I just wanted to tell you that Dad and I are going out tonight for dinner and going to the theatre. Do you think that you and Colton can make your own dinner?”

“Wow Mom, I think we can manage. You do realize we are both nineteen now, right?” Shelby’s voice dripped with sarcasm. “And, please don’t call Richard my Dad. I have only one Dad. Richard is my step-father.”

“Ok. I am sorry. We’ll be leaving in twenty minutes. If you do go out, please leave me a note and please be back by midnight. I had better go tell Colton we are going.” Shelby’s mother went to close the door and Shelby felt a stab of panic. What if Colton was still lying naked on his bed with that satisfied grin on his face? Then she heard the shower running in the washroom next to her.

“Don’t bother mom, Cole’s in the shower. I will tell him later. Have fun!” Shelby pushed her door closed and flopped onto her bed. That had been kind of close timing. It was both thrilling and exhausting for Shelby.


Twenty minutes later, almost on the dot, Shelby heard her mother and stepfather call a good bye and then the heavy door closed behind them. Shelby still lay on her bed, but she had discarded her robe and now lay naked with her legs spread wide. She had not gotten her climax and she needed it. She diddled her clit almost lazily with her fingers. Soon enough she would have her orgasm.

The bathroom door opened almost silently. Colton’s sexy face poked around the door. His deep brown eyes lit with desire as soon as he saw her fingering herself. He loved to watch her masturbate. That was kind of how their intimate relationship had all begun. She had accidentally caught him in their shared washroom pounding away on himself. He had expected her to be disgusted, but instead she had simply sat down on the side of the tub and asked if she could watch. He agreed and she had watched him right to the erupting finale. At which point she had gone to the sink and wet a washcloth with warm water, then she gently cleaned the cum from his hands and thighs.

Once she had him cleaned up, she had taken him by the hand and brought him back to her room and let him sit and watch her masturbate herself to climax. It had been truly an eye-opening day for him, almost magical. He had never seen a girl masturbate and every girl he knew denied even doing so. His step-sister slot oyna was a hot commodity and Colton wanted to pump his dick into her just as much now as he had on that day several months back.

Crossing the short space from the bathroom to his step-sister’s bed, he smiled at her like he was a starving man and she was going to be his last meal before he met his maker. He did plan to eat her, but it was not going to be the last time he ate her. Not by far. Shedding his towel he was already hard for her. Her eyes lit with fire when she saw his thick cock. He climbed onto the bed on all fours. He kept eye contact with her as she slowly crawled like a panther up between her wide spread legs. Once he was close enough to smell the soft musk of her aroused cunt, he finally lowered his eyes to his meal.

His cock twitched as she released a sexy moan of anticipation. This time he would see to it that she got her orgasm. With one swift movement he buried his face in her sweet cunt. He nibbled and licked her clit. He rolled his tongue expertly up and around her erect clit to make it hum, but not enough pressure to make her go off. He sucked her labia, which he knew made her insane. He ran his tongue up and down her slit, tasting her sweet cum and enjoying the soft textures of her pussy. He delved deeper to push his stiff tongue into her love hole. His nose pressed into the tiny trimmed patch of golden red pubic hair that she kept at the top of her opening. She smelled and tasted exotic.

Keeping his tongue buried inside her, he used a thumb to gently rub her needy clit. It wasn’t long before Shelby went off and coated his tongue with fresh cream. While Colton lapped up her sweet nectar, he used a cum slick finger to plug her asshole. She went wild at this and soon enough Shelby’s body was wracked with yet another mind-bending orgasm.

Gasping to catch her breath, Shelby demanded to be fucked, “Fuck me! Now!”

Colton saw the wildfires burning in Shelby’s blue eyes. She needed to feel his hard cock pressed deeply into her. She wanted his seed to explode inside her. Shelby tried to pull Colton up and over her so he would take her in the missionary position, but he had other plans for his stepsister. He pulled her over onto her stomach. Then he asked her to get on all fours. She did as he asked, but was almost crying from her need.

Once she was in position, he had a perfect view of her beautiful rounded ass. She had a killer ass, and Colton hoped to fuck it one day soon, but for now her snatch needed his attention. Moving in behind her he pressed his cock into her awaiting hole. Shelby sighed with pure pleasure as he filled her. She was still for only a few seconds before she began to feverishly bob back and forth against his cock. She was racing and even though he had her in a prone position, she was actually fucking him! This wouldn’t do!

“Stay still you little slut!” His command even surprised him. Shelby stilled. His cock was deep inside her. She didn’t move a muscle. Without thinking Colton slapped her hard on the ass. It made a wonderful “thwap” sound, and left a satisfying red handprint. He grabbed her hips and began pumping her hard. He moved fast and hard. Their bodies slapped noisily every time he slammed himself into her. She was so wet and so slippery. When Colton felt he couldn’t hold off his cum much longer he slowed the pace for them both.

They were both gasping for breath. Colton leaned forward and reached for her beautiful canlı casino siteleri tits. Her thick nipples were erect. He could picture the deep pink-purple they would be in this very aroused state. He wanted to see them and taste them while he came inside her. “Turn over slut!”

Shelby made an audible groan as she pulled herself off his cock. She felt empty and hoped she wouldn’t be for long. She wanted to cum on his cock, and she wanted to feel his cum splash inside her. Colton shoved her to the bed, and she lay on her back. He stood on his knees above her. Looking her over like she was a possession. She wasn’t used to him being rough with her, but it was making her crazy with desire. He was jerking his cock over her cunt. She bit her lip and watched him. She loved seeing him jerk, but she wanted that cock. Badly!

“Do you want this, bitch?” He asked coldly. Looking into his eyes now, she simply nodded. “That’s not good enough, cunt! Do you want it! Beg for it!” His voice was deep, and cold. It sent a thrill up Shelby’s spine, and her clit throbbed harder. She would gladly beg.

“Please Cole! Please give me that thick cock! Please shove it into my pussy and fuck me. Please give me your cum. I need it!” She pouted. He just looked into her eyes for several long seconds.

Then when she didn’t think she could take it any longer, he used his hand to swiftly guide his fat cock head into her hole. He fucked it in and out at a building pace. And it didn’t take long before Shelby’s cunt clenched tightly around him as she was rocked with her climax. He came inside her at that moment. He grunted loudly as squirt after squirt of his thick load poured into her. Once spent, he collapsed onto her. Both of their breathing was laboured, but hers would be worse is he stayed on top of her so he rolled off. They were both sweaty and the room smelled of sex.

They dozed.

The room was dark when Shelby awoke later. She could hear Cole’s gentle breathing beside her, indicating he was still asleep. Shelby lay still for a while. Then she felt Colton’s rod stiffen against her leg. Shelby had had a few sex partners, but none that could keep up with her as well as Cole could. She knew that from now on she would be fucking her stepbrother. She had no need for others. While, maybe if Cole had a hot friend that might want to double-team her. She would be up for that.

“Hey Cole?” She said quietly.

“Yes sexy.”

“Get on your hands and knees and eat my fucking cunt out, you fucking man-whore!” This time it was her voice that was hard and cold. She spread her legs, and their juices spilled from her snatch.

“But Shelby…” She cut him off.

“That’s right! Get down there and eat our creams. Enjoy every lick and when you are done ask for more!” Colton did as he was told.

He ate her with a ferocity she had yet to see in him, but to even the playing field he even shoved a finger deep into her ass again. He might have been forced to eat his own cum mixed with hers, but he was firmly in control when he had her ass plugged with his thick finger. He could take her where he wanted, or he could keep her from what she needed.

He was trying to decide what he intended for her, when the bedroom door swung open. There stood her mother, and his father. His mind went instantly blank with intense panic. Colton couldn’t even focus enough to think what he should do nest, and then Shelby came all over his face at that exact moment, almost as if on cue. This was going to be a long night, but even at that exact moment no matter what their parents said or did…Shelby and Colton knew they would continue to fuck each other’s brains out, forever.

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