Andra , Bethany Ch. 01

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Andra walked through the halls of the school, searching, waiting, evaluating. She was looking for someone to be with, a relationship. She was fairly new to the school and didn’t know who was a potential partner. This was hard for her, determining the right girl. Here she was a single 18 year old senior in high school and she had no idea who was available to her.

That’s right, girl, she was a lesbian. She had seen her guy friends naked before, many times by accident but had never felt attracted. Then one night at a sleep over her friend was changing into her PJ’s. She had asked Andra if she should change in the bathroom.

Andra just shrugged, “in here is fine. We are both girls anyway,” she said reaching for her own pajamas. When she looked up her friend was standing in front of her in just underwear. Her friend was much more developed then Andra had thought, and something in the pit of her stomach gave her the strangest feeling. Her friend pulled her night gown on and looked over to see Andra just standing there frozen. Andra simply left the room and went into the bathroom for close to 15 minutes trying to figure out what the feeling had been.

She shock her head and continued to look. At her old school she had know who was gay and who wasn’t, but not here. She sighed and headed to class. She would have to work on finding a girlfriend later, not like she was in a hurry.

After a her first few classes, she finally hit the dreaded physical education class, PE. She tried to convince her teacher she couldn’t change for personal reasons. “nice try,” he said pointing towards the changing rooms, indicating she had no choice. “bring me a note tomorrow and we shall see.”

She slowly shuffled away, now fearful she would be judged for her sexuality. Once inside the dressing room she chose a locker that didn’t have a lock and made sure it was empty before reaching into her bag and removing her PE items.

Once everything was in the locker she slid her pants off and folded them neatly standing there her bikini barely visible covered by her shirt that hugged her chest tightly. Pulling her shorts up she peeled her shirt off and grabbed for her PE shirt and pulled the shirt over her head and illegal bahis down her body.

As she left she couldn’t help but check out the bodies of some of her semi dressed classmates. That was her one true weakness, a naked female body. She was alright if your shirt was on, but if she could see your bra and all your cleavage, her mind would go wild.

She sat down in her assigned spot and waited to be told what they were going to be doing. Carefully she looked around checking out the bodies of her fellow classmates. This was her first day of PE. She had moved to this school right before the Christmas holiday and had a couple different classes this semester. Of course all day she had been checking out the other girls. That was all she would do all day, as in most of her classes she was ahead.

The teacher shouted that they would continue practicing basketball in teams. He instructed them to move into teams of two and then proceeded to tell each team who they would play against.

As the teacher went around creating games Andra started to talk to her partner. They talked about her recent move here and how she was assimilating until the teacher gave them their opposing team.

After receiving their opponent they selected a hoop and began. Through most of the game Andra and her partner were winning. It wasn’t until the teacher called out the last five minutes of class did it become heated. The four became a little rougher and were touching each other more.

In a blur Andra was on top of one of the other girls from the opposing team. She could feel the other girls body against hers. With a groan Andra pulled away. She looked at herself to make sure she was okay before checking on the other girl. The other girl, Bethany, was bleeding. Upon further examination she discovered it was her nose that was trickling slowly.

Andra held out a hand and helped her up, guiding her toward the teacher. He glanced at Bethany and told Andra to get her to the nurse. So carefully Bethany made her way to the nurse with the help of Andra, and the whole way there she was apologizing profusely.

In the nurses office, Bethany was given a bed to lay in and gave her a rag to hold to her nose. Turning to illegal bahis siteleri Andra she asked what had happened.

Andra shuffled her feet a little trying to figure out the best way to explain what had happened. “we were playing basketball in gym, two on two when we collided. I’m pretty sure when I landed on top of her my head must have hit her nose.” What Andra failed to mention was that she had become distracted by Bethany. She was a beautiful girl and that’d what had caught her off guard, and then they were on the ground.

The nurse nodded, “well I’ll be back. I must go make sure no blood ended up on the gym floor. You stay here with her and make sure she keeps the pressure on her nose.” With that she grabbed her cleaning supplies from the counter and left.

As soon as the nurse left she continued, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m really sorry, are you okay?” She asked hovering beside her nibbling her lip in nervousness.

Bethany raised the rag slightly. “I’m fine, just a little broken. I’m prone to nose bleeds anyways. I’m use to them by now,” she said lowering the rag back over her nose trying to stop the blood flow. She didn’t particularly like that this girl was hovering over her, but if it kept Andra calm and stopped her from freaking out even more she would allow it.

Andra shifted back and plopped down when her legs hit the bed behind her. “I should have been more careful, that’s all,” she said pulling her knees up to her chest and a hugged them. Most the time she was dominant and confident. But right now she was scared of what she had done, and felt horrible.

Bethany lifted the rag again touching below her nose to see if the blood had stopped, “your fine, see,” holing out her clean finger, ” I’m fine, done bleeding. Just got to wait for the nurse to come back.” she said getting up and placing the rag in the trashcan. The nurse always had tons of rags and just tossed them once they were used.

The nurse stepped back in, disposing of the soiled items from her kit appropriately. “well it seems the bleeding stopped. Back to class. And be careful next time,” she said going into her office allowing the girls to leave.

Andra walked with Bethany canlı bahis siteleri back to the PE room to change. It wasn’t until they were still beside each other that they had lockers next to each other. Andra watched from the corner of her eye as she stripped her PE shirt. Below were the most beautiful body she had laid eyes upon. Before she knew it her staring had become more obvious.

“A picture would last longer,” Bethany remarked pulling her school shirt on, then into her jeans. With that she turned and left leaving Andra with the dumb look on her face.

Andra listened as the door banged shut as Bethany left the locker room. Almost instantly her hand flew to her crotch feeling the wetness caused by just looking at Bethany. She slid her hand under the waistband of her shorts and bikini, down to her clit rubbing in a gentle circular motion. In moments her arousal was apparent as she slid two fingers into her vaginal opening, moaning at the sensation.

She began to pump in and out herself at a slow rhythmic pace. Her fingers curling upward at the point of her deepest thrust brushing along the upper walls of her vaginal canal, touching the spongy area that was her g-spot.

She continued, slightly increasing her pace, moaning louder then before, sliding in a third finger, groaning as her vagina stretched. The door slammed open and she realized a new class was here to dress out and she had three fingers up her vagina, masturbating.

Quickly she removed her hand, to her own dismay and bolted for the restroom, at least she had privacy. once locked inside the restroom she slid her hand back into her shorts and began again with two fingers, increasing the pace before adding the third. She could feel her orgasm building, a tightness growing in the pit of her stomach, growing waiting for the sweet release.

She moaned speeding up, her orgasm growing more. The sensation growing so strong. She rammed her fingers in as far as they would go as her orgasm released. Her vaginal canal pulsed, gripping at her fingers, waves of pleasure coursing through her. She couldn’t control her legs as they convulsed with the pleasure. Soon her whole body was limp, used and ragged from the experience.

Slowly she slid her fingers from her pussy with a wet sloppy noise. She sniffed her fingers inhaling her own scent, an act she had committed so many times. Only then would she lick her fingers, swallowing and savoring her own juices.

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