Anna Maria Ch. 02

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Next morning Tony wakes abruptly. Looks up to see Jill standing over him with a coffee in hand, dressed for work already.

“How did things go with Anna last night?” she says, peering at him intently.

“Oh. What do you mean?” Tony hesitates. How much does she know?

“I mean, was she ok when you took her home?” Jill says. “That’s all.”

“Oh,” says Tony. “Yeah. She was fine. Fine,” says Tony, taking the coffee and sitting up, a pillow propped behind him.

Jill sits on the edge of the bed, just looking at him, opens her mouth as if about to speak, and instead sips her own coffee. Tony drinks his too, and they sit in silence, something unspoken hanging in the air between them.

“I have to get going or I’ll be late,” Jill says. “Bye, call you later,” and kissing him on the cheek, leaves for work.

Tony gets out of bed and heads for the kitchen, coffee in hand. He can smell Anna on his hands, and inhales deeply with his fingers to his face. He is amazed at the events of last night and feels no guilt, just a desire to see Anna again. Looking out of his kitchen window he hopes for a glimpse of her but the windows at Anna’s house are closed.

He decides to shower, his body aching for Anna again. The phone rings while he’s in there, and he rushes to answer it, for some reason thinking that it might be her. It isn’t. It’s work, wanting him to travel away this weekend on a job down south, just for one night. He sighs. Calls Jill to tell her.

“Tony, that’ll work out well, I was thinking of visiting Mum this weekend,” says Jill on the phone.

So it’s all arranged. Tomorrow morning, Saturday, he’s leaving early for Margaret River, has to troubleshoot for someone down there. Shouldn’t be too hard, but he hates travelling, alone anyway. Jill’s leaving tonight and will stay with her Mum till Sunday.

The morning passes so slowly. Tony thought he would have heard something from Anna by now, and he’s been watching to see if Brad has left so he can go and talk to her, maybe hold her again, feel her against him. He doesn’t have to wait much longer. He hears a knock at the door, rushes to answer it. Hoping it’ll be Anna.

He isn’t disappointed. She’s standing there, dressed in a tight tshirt and a skirt, at his door. He smiles and pulls her inside, kisses her deeply, running his hands up the back of her shirt, feeling her soft warm back under his touch. She isn’t wearing a bra, and he slides his hand around to cup her breast as his tongue finds hers. She kisses him back just as passionately, then pulls away.

“I just wanted to see you. We have to be careful, Brad knew I was out of bed last night,” she says. “But I don’t think he knows anything. He’s going away fishing tonight, I’ll be alone.”

“Anna. Come with me to Margaret River tomorrow. Jill’s going away and I’m going to be there till Sunday. It would be fantastic. Come with me,” whispers Tony as he holds her, kissing her neck as he lifts her soft hair, tasting her skin.

“I can’t,” she says pulling away again. “What if Brad found out? I’d be worried,” she says.

“Ok. Ok,” Tony whispers into her soft ear, kissing her neck, leaning her against the wall in his hallway, running his hands over her body as he feels her go loose and sigh. “I want you again,” he mutters, bending to kiss each breast.

Anna responds at first but collects herself.

“Brad is home till this afternoon, I want to but I can’t do this now,” she says, and smoothing her clothes back down, opens the door and leaves Tony standing there, his cock pushing against his boxers.

Tony is going crazy, can’t stand the thought of going away tomorrow and Anna being alone, is trying to think of some way out of it so he can stay with her this weekend. He knows there is no escaping what he has to do though. Damn.

Slowly the afternoon passes as Tony glimpses now and then between getting ready for leaving in the morning towards Anna’s house. Brad’s car remains stubbornly in the driveway, and now and then he sees Brad going back and forth from the house to his car, packing gear for leaving.

Jill comes home from work at 5. She’s packing now and heading straight off to her mother’s place.

“See you on Sunday Tony. Take care on the road, I’ll call you ok?” she says, kissing him goodbye.

“Bye hon, you take care too ok?” he replies.

Finally he sees Brad’s car backing out of the drive, a couple of hours later. He walks next door after he sees the car disappear around casino oyna the corner, and knocks. No answer. He knocks again. Still nothing.

Bitterly disappointed he returns home. He was so sure he would see Anna tonight, so desperate to see her and touch her again, especially since he’s leaving in the morning. He grabs a beer from the fridge, sits outside on the deck to drink it. It’s getting later and he knows he needs to head to bed for his early start in the morning. Casting one last longing look at Anna’s place and sighing deeply, he goes inside and heads off to bed

Dreams of Anna, how she felt, how it felt to be inside her, consuming her, tasting her. He wakes with a hardon and the image of her in front of him. Gets up early to head off.

The car is packed and Tony’s ready to go. It’s 5.30am and it’s semi dark, the morning air is already warm. Tony climbs into his car and starts to back out of the driveway, when he looks up and sees Anna standing at the passenger side. She opens the door.

“I’m coming with you. To hell with the consequences,” she smiles.

Tony feels a rush of excitement as he takes her small overnight bag and tosses it into the back seat. He is ecstatic as he drives away from his house, Anna at his side.

The drive to Margaret River is long and would have been boring had Anna not been here. As they head down the highway the sun is coming up. Anna stretches next to him. It’s hard to keep his eyes on the road knowing she’s there. She’s wearing a long printed skirt covered in sequins, and a blue lace tanktop. Her body is lush and curvy beneath her clothes. Her hair smells like shampoo and she has on some kind of spicy smelling scent which he can’t quite place. Her eyes are closed, her feet on the dash. As the sun gets higher it’s getting warmer, and Anna hikes her long skirt around her thighs.

She sits up and reaches around into her bag, puts a CD into the player. It’s something Tony hasn’t heard before, a male’s voice soaring above plaintive guitar chords. Anna lies back again, closes her eyes and hums along to the music, losing herself in it.

“Jeff Buckley,” she says. “I love this CD so much, it does things to me.”

Tony wishes he could close his eyes and listen but instead he tries with some difficulty to keep his eyes on the road, as Anna tilts her seat back and stretches her body, pulling up her skirt again. She seems fully aware of the effect she’s having on Tony as he feels his cock stiffen, taking in the view of her sheer pink underwear peeking from beneath her skirt, her dark pubic hair clearly visible. Her breasts rise and fall beneath the thin blue singlet, her nipples erect in the car’s cold airconditioning.

Anna’s feet are on the dash again as she reaches for Tony’s hand from the steering wheel and places it on her pubic mound. The car veers slightly as she slides his hand inside her underwear, and he feels her hot and wet labia beneath his fingers. He rubs his hand up and down her moist slit as she spreads her legs, feet on the dash, allowing him further access to her wet and inviting pussy.

“Anna if we keep this up I am going to have to pull over and fuck you,” Tony says laughing, but loving feeling her pussy in his hand again. She laughs too and allows him to withdraw his hand, he can’t resist sucking her juices from his fingers. She tastes divine. Anna takes over from Tony, with one eye on the road and the other on her, he watches as she slowly slides a hand inside her panties and rubs herself, running the other hand over her body, probably giving an amazing view to passing trucks and four wheel drives. Her body is heaving and her hand moves faster and faster inside her pink underwear. Tony’s cock is straining at his pants as he watches the now familiar movements of Anna orgasming on his leather seats, her hand pumping against her pussy furiously, her eyes closed and the music of Jeff Buckley filling his senses along with the sight of her beautiful face and body in ecstasy.

They arrive in Margaret River. Tony loves it here, the beach, the atmosphere, the wineries, everything about it. He intends to get the work part of this weekend over as quickly as possible. He can’t wait to have an entire night with Anna, it’s more than he ever dreamed of.

They check into their accomodation. It’s beautiful here, a chalet in the bush, one big bed, comfortable lounge area, kitchen. The bathroom is something else, with a huge spa looking out onto their own secluded area of bush. slot oyna Both Anna and Tony walk around taking it all in. Anna throws her bag on the bed and jumps on it, bottom first, bouncing. Her face is flushed and happy. Tony stands there smiling at her, loving the look on her face. He drops his bags and kneels between her legs, kissing her.

“I have ninety minutes till my appointment. I know how I want to spend it,” he says.

Tony lies Anna back on the bed, pushing up her skirt and pulling down her underwear. Anna sighs as she feels the air hit her hot skin. Tony parts Anna’s legs and admires the view of her red hot flesh highlighted against her dark pubic hair. He kisses her inner thigh, now and then licking her from the knee to the crotch, but not yet touching her pussy. He hears her make whimpering sounds as he does so and sees the goose bumps rise on her skin. He kisses her thighs for a moment more until he moves between her legs, unable to help himself from tasting her again. He kisses her open pussy, gently probing his tongue inside her. Her juices taste so good in his mouth. She’s so soft and so wet, and the smell of her is filling his senses.

He tongue fucks her and kisses her open lips at the same time. Anna moves his head to her clit which is protruding like a hot pink pearl from its hood, hard and inviting. Tony sucks it, savouring it this time, no one to interrupt as he draws it into his mouth, flicking his tongue over it, swirling it around, feeling Anna’s body writhe and her moans of pleasure spurring him on.

He licks her pussy from base to top, loving the taste of her. Her flesh is so hot, so wet, and as he flicks his tongue over her faster now he feels her shudder, at the precise moment he feels her cumming he plunges two fingers inside her hot pussy, god it feels so good in there, he hears her gasp with the extra sensation and feels her body give way and her orgasm take her over.

Without stopping he moves to put his cock inside her. She drops her legs wide apart to receive him. She is so wet and his hard cock slides in easily. He is loving the sensation of her body beneath him, something new, she’s so lush and soft. He lifts her tanktop and bra to see her luscious breasts pressed beneath his hard chest.

The sensations going through his body are incredible. Her pussy feels so tight as she wraps her legs around his body, tightening her grip around him as he pumps his cock long and hard in and out of her. He bends to kiss and suck her soft neck, tasting her sweat and scent, licking her skin. He feels her hands rake down his back to his buttocks where she exterts pressure for him to pump her harder.

“Fuck me harder Tony, I want you to cum inside me,” she breathes, and this spurs him on to make his thrusts fast, his hips are moving wildly as he feels her hot wet flesh around his cock, harder and faster and he can’t hold on now the sensations are too much, he cums inside her, collapses against her.

They both sleep entwined for a few minutes as Tony realises he has to be at his appointment.

“I’ll be about two hours ok?” he whispers to Anna as she still sleeps. “You enjoy it here and I promise you I will be back very very soon,” he says.

Anna opens one eye to smile at him, then turns and falls back to sleep.

The appointment goes well, Tony manages to sort a lot out in the time given, and promises to check in again with them in the morning before he leaves. He’s always good at what he does but somehow having Anna nearby revivifies him, gives him more energy and makes him able to get things done much faster. Amazing.

Tony’s excited as he approaches their chalet again. It’s mid afternoon, he’s had Anna on his mind the whole time he’s been gone.

He walks in. Anna has closed all the blinds, lit teelights everywhere. She’s sitting at the table with a feast spread in front of her and two glasses of red.

“I went shopping,” she says. “Shops are in walking distance.”

She’s prepared feta cheese, olives, bread, dried figs, grapes. Food never looked so good. She’s wearing her kimono robe again and she stands, raises a glass to Tony’s lips. The wine is a rich red and he feels it slide so easily down his throat. Anna scoops some feta and an olive and presses the food to his lips. Tony has never been hungrier, and devours it. Anna picks up a grape, puts it into her mouth and kisses Tony deeply, transferring it to his mouth. She takes a sip of her wine and does the same. The wine is intoxicating canlı casino siteleri coming from her. He takes her in his arms, sliding his hands inside the robe, picking up the tray of food with one hand and holding her with the other as he kisses her. Anna takes the glasses and they head to the bedroom.

She’s outdone herself with the candles in here too. The room looks beautiful. They feed each other tidbits from the tray, taking the food and wine from each other’s mouths, until it’s all gone. Tasting each other’s skin with each bite. Anna puts the tray and glasses on the floor, and lies Tony down. She unbuttons his shirt and removes his tie, and slowly unbuttons his pants, removing his shoes and socks, sliding his pants and boxers down. His cock is hard and springs free. He is amazed at how many erections he can attain with this woman, how many times he can cum, this hasn’t happened to him for years and he didn’t know it was possible.

Anna slides her own robe from her shoulders, and once again Tony is treated to a full view of her nakedness, her contours and curves so generous as she sits above him. She reaches to the bedside for a bottle of massage oil, and tips some into her palm.

It’s a sweet and heady scent, and Tony closes his eyes as she rubs the oil onto his temples, her hands working it into his skin there. He wants to open his eyes to look at her but it’s so relaxing and arousing at the same time.

Anna moves her hands from his face to his chest, kissing his eyes as she goes. He feels her warm soft breasts press against his body as she does so, the oil sliding over his skin, her hands caressing every part of him. He wants to reach his hands up to touch her but he can’t. She works the oil into his arms, down to his fingertips, rubbing each one between her own fingers, then works her hands back up his arms, down his chest, his belly. His cock is aching as he feels her straddle his leg. Her pussy is wet and open against his thigh. She’s working her hands down further now. Running them down each thigh but never touching his cock which is aching, aching for her touch. She moves right down to his feet, caresses and rubs each toe, then moves back, mounting his thigh again and rubbing her pussy up and down its hardness.

Tony opens his eyes now as Anna pauses. She’s applying oil to herself now, massaging into her breasts and belly, reaching his hand to massage her wet pussy. Both her own hands rub copious amounts of oil into her breasts. The sight of this nearly sends Tony over the edge as he lies there watching her.

Anna gets off the bed now and kneels at the edge, pulling Tony to a sitting position. She kneels between his legs, taking her slickly oiled soft breasts and wrapping them completely around his hard cock. Tony is in awe, he has never experienced anything like this. He puts his hands on her shoulders as she pumps his cock tightly between her generous mounds, moving her body up and down, his balls almost encompassed by them too. She bends her dark head to take the head of his cock into her mouth, sucking it hard as she slides his aching member in and out of the deep cleft between her succulent tits.

Tony’s suffering a sensory overload. He’s groaning and whimpering and his body is shaking.The sight of Anna’s tits around his purple cock is making him crazy, and the sensations making it harder and harder to hold on anymore. His hands are pressing harder into her shoulders as she wraps her flesh tighter around him, he can’t help thrusting into her, she’s sucking his cock head so hard now as he feels his balls tighten, and just as he thinks he is going to cum in her mouth she withdraws, pulls back, and he shoots his cum all over her beautiful breasts. The sight of his cum all over her is amazing, so unexpected.

She stands and kisses him, rubbing her slick chest against him.

“I’ve run the spa, think we might need it?” she laughs, and he watches her from behind as she walks to the bathroom, puts one leg over into the spa and gets in. He follows…of course!

The afternoon goes on as they stay in the spa, adding more hot water as it cools, Anna leaning back against his body. Everything feels perfect. This amazing woman he never wants to let go of. He has her all to himself for one whole night, still. Her long dark hair rests against his chest, the top of her head resting lazily against him, his hands wrapped around her, both enveloped in warmth.

The night has never seemed so exciting. Tony can’t wait to sleep all night next to Anna. Tomorrow they’ll hit the wineries, he wants to show her his favourite ones. He wants to make love to Anna on the beach. He wants to consume her, as she is consuming him. Fully. Knows this isn’t the end.

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