Anne Working Overtime Ch. 17

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AWO17. – Showdown

The last reflections of the sunset continued dancing all over the dark surface of Kamachooga Bay. It was an extraordinary silent evening, especially for this time of the year. Nothing to hear of the breakers that normally continued their endless work on the cliffs underneath.

“It’s beautiful,” Catherine murmured as she admired the magnificent view. Her glass was empty again, but Anne decided they had had enough for a while. She could already feel the first shots taking effect.

The woman looked beautiful herself too. The glittering reflections in the water framed her hair in a magical aura of glittering starburst as the mild breeze swept along caressing their hot bodies. She appeared to be completely relaxed now, and Anne congratulated herself with a successful effort on calming her down for the events to come. This definitely was the most difficult case she had been working on so far, and it once again triggered her competitive instinct. If possible at all, she would be the one to break this woman into the enjoyment of first-class oral service. Just the way she had done with so many wonderful ladies before. The challenge was totally different, of course, but that only made it the more interesting. Actually it was a bit strange that she hadn’t faced this situation earlier. After all one shouldn’t expect this city to be so packed with strong, self confident women who could take all of this so easily, just like a piccolo carrying the suitcase to their room! And then getting a five-dollar tip.

So, although she was caught a little bit off-guard by this lady’s almost helpless insecurity, she still had a pretty good idea how to deal with it. How to be the submissive one, and at the same time lead the action. Wasn’t it actually what she had always done? Only now it was much clearer than before; a more obvious thing that she took the action where she wanted it – and needed it.

Gently she lifted one arm to put it over Catherine’s shoulder, and the other to take the hand resting on the marble rail, thus steering her attention away from the intense beauty of the fading sunset. Turning her to face her, she stepped up real close. Close enough for them to share a kiss – if the woman would feel like it. As she carefully let herself in closer, se mobilised all her senses to look for even the slightest sign of rejection. As she noticed an inconspicuous movement in her neck, she immediately held in and swiftly turned both of them around. Then, leading as the most experienced chevalier, she urged her forward with a firm hand on her back – just like the most natural thing – until they were inside the room again. Catherine came along like a mindless puppet, letting herself be guided all the way up to the corner section. Then she came around enough to grab Anne’s hand and show her a place beside her on the couch. Really an impressive show of initiative!

“Ms. Davies, uh… Catherine, I’d love to pour you another drink, and fix some ice. But I do think it would be better to wait a little… uh… if you don’t mind, of course!”

The woman looked at her a little confused; a confusion that immediately transformed to new uncertainty and clearly visible nervousness in her eyes.

“Uh… I mean… It would be good for your senses… I mean… the way you feel when…”

How the hell to put this in a way that wouldn’t be another total scare-off for this helpless pussy!?! She had to fight her feeling of impatient frustration in order to stay firmly by her objective of breaking even this woman into orgasmic crumble!

The two women breathed heavily, tits rising and falling under their tops as they tried to come to terms with the awkwardness of the situation. For a short moment eyes glittered in complete silence as signals of nervousness and passion rushed back and forth between them. Anne knew that once again it was up to her to keep the conversation floating, and she again decided to take on the bold approach. Neck or nothing, as so many times before.

“So, Catherine, you’ve never been with a girl before?”

The woman shrugged and continued keeping up her appearance with a snap answer; “No, never!”

Anne felt an intense desire to scream out her ‘thenwhythehellareyouhere’- point, but managed to stay cool and play the game the best she could from her side as well.

“You know, the time we had together in the introduction room up at Wesner made that quite clear.” She sent her her most relaxing and reassuring look. “Nothing wrong about that. Nothing at all! The only difference between you and any of the other guests is that you’re having your introduction now, and not like fifteen years ago. That is if you still would like to be introduced, of course!”

Before the woman managed to respond in any way, Anne moved a little closer, taking her hands into her own. Then she took a deep breath to overcome some faint signs of nervousness and looked her deep into the eyes.

“You don’t have to answer that yet. Just try to relax. I thought internet casino I could tell you a little about how I experience this myself; what’s in it for me.” Anne followed Catherine’s mimic carefully to try to find out how to proceed. “Would that be okay with you?”

The woman had stiffened slightly again as she took her hands, but visibly relaxed as Anne tried to sweet-talk her into the right mood. She had expected a meek nod at most, and was pleased to see Catherine getting grip again;

“Yes, please do! That’s one of the things that really kept me puzzled from the very beginning.”

Anne started talking with a low, almost torpid voice – more like a mumble – rubbing those tensed hands with caressing fingertips as she went along. She used Jean’s words more or less directly, trying to avoid the most lecture-like terms as well as the most elaborate descriptions of ‘higher unities of passion’ and so on. She found it surprisingly difficult to talk about things she had been doing more or less continuously for almost a year. Until she realised that she actually never did talk about it before. Not really. Jean had done all the talking; Anne had handled the practical part. And there it wasn’t easy to do much talking. So, consequently, it wasn’t possible to entirely avoid using some of her tutor’s terms.

The woman listened breathlessly. Eventually a faint tone of blushing red appeared on her cheeks. Especially when Anne touched in on her desire to please. How that was the essential thing to her. Didn’t she even see an almost unnoticeable tendency of thighs rubbing against each other?

“So, with me it’s all like a kind of keen hunger. Once you’re adapted to the lifestyle, it’s like you can’t live without it. To me a classy woman is like a vintage wine – really; an experience of pleasure just as strong as the pleasure I give by enjoying her.”

Catherine was noticeably flushed as she listened intensively. “And the women; they… uh… experience an orgasm from this? Just like with normal lovemaking?”

Anne felt a flush of resentful anger towards expressions like ‘normal lovemaking.’ What was that supposed to mean? Nothing wrong about what she meant, but there definitely could be other ‘normal’ ways too. Wonderful ‘normal’ ways. This lost woman would soon find out what that could be like.

Instead she managed to put up her sweetest smile; “If not, they’ve been faking it incredibly well, I’d say!” Then she got more serious again as she continued rubbing the agitated woman’s trembling hands. “I’ve had women who had a little trouble relaxing in the beginning. For some it takes som training also on their part to be able to enjoy it properly. And there’s always the question of finding the right way between any partners. After all we’re all different.” She held in for a moment; “But they pretty often seem to have the strongest orgasms when we find that right way!”

Catherine got silent. Now Anne was sure she rubbed her thighs together! Her sweet-talking was taking effect, no doubt about it. But still it would be important to proceed slowly. It would take almost nothing to set her all the way back again.

From this she was almost surprised as the lady all of a sudden looked up and said “You make it sound so exciting. I only wish it could be like that… also for me…”

A clear invitation to go on!

“But of course it is exciting! That’s why they love doing it… why I love doing it too.” She moved slightly closer, close enough to feel her partner’s hot breath as she continued. “And why shouldn’t it be like that also for you?”

The woman’s gaze disappeared behind dropping eyelids. Her body language revealed an intense desire to escape out of the whole situation. Still she remained frozen to the spot. “I… don’t know. It just feels like… I just can’t believe it, somehow.”

“You mean it sounds too good to be true, or something like that?” Anne put her hand on the woman’s shoulder, prepared this time that she would jump lightly to her touch.

“Yes… yes, I think so.”

There was a moment of silence until Anne decided to go on with her bold approach. Gently – as a signal of her intention – she put a light pressure on the hand on her partner’s shoulder. “Why don’t you sit back, and we try to find out? I mean… we go as far as you can do… and that’s it. That’s a promise. Agree?”

No answer. As Anne gradually increased the pressure on her shoulder, the woman resisted obstinately for another moment until she kind of gave way and let herself sink backward until she was half lying against the upholstered back. With that the skirt rucked quite a bit up her thighs, again giving Anne a flash of the beautiful legs hidden under that very unglamorous skirt. As she started stroking the silky skin with gently brushing fingertips, the woman’s body tensed even more and almost inconspicuous ripples betrayed her burgeoning excitement. Was it growing into anticipation or repulse? Would she be able to overcome her inner resistance canlı poker oyna and let her go all the way? Anne was determined to find out, no matter the outcome.

Carefully, so the woman had plenty of time to know what was coming, she used her stroking finger to work the skirt upwards, gradually baring inch after inch of creamy soft skin. Until she got the first glimpse of delightful, dark curls in the deep shadow underneath.

She chose to try to maintain the eye-contact though, looking but not staring at the face in front of her. Trying to make it an invitation for contact rather than an insistence. The woman made a few helpless attempts, but wasn’t able to lift her eyelids enough to meet her eyes. Instead Anne used the opportunity to admire more of the luscious body that her stroking hands were baring.

Ms. Davis was an extraordinary sexy woman! So incredibly much more than her completely colourless dressing signalled. And so contradictory to the stiff, tensed appearance and the apparent helplessness in intimate contact with other people. The shape of those silky thighs was right out breath taking. Sprouting voraciously out from under the skirt, and continuing down along elegantly curved calves and ankles that completed the image of something that to Anne was nothing but nearly flawless mature beauty. And as the exceptionally delicate pussy eventually appeared from out of the recess under the skirt, she felt her heart starting to race in a way that left her almost breathless. The pussy lips were full, soft and incredibly pouting, practically screaming for contact with a pair of enthusiastically kissing lips. The slit looked exceptionally long and juicy, surrounded with a well-trimmed stripe of luscious curls that emphasized all the cringes and crannies of the whole delightful scenery. It all gave Anne the feeling of something different. Something else than what she had seen before. Something she couldn’t quite point out. Maybe more delightful than all other delights she had seen and kissed so far?

The lady had noticed that her most secret place was on clear display, and she stiffened even more, making Anne stop in mid-motion in her move to spread those lovely thighs a bit more. This should be done with uppermost gentleness and patience. Not one single bad move to spoil her efforts to overcome the woman’s helpless nervousness.

Taking a short break to prepare the terrified lady, she then let herself slip ever so slowly down on the floor in front of the couch. Then waited another minute or so, just stroking the soft skin gently, before she bent down to plant a light, soft kiss right above one elegant knee-cap.

The reaction was slightly more convivial than anticipated, and Anne continued with renewed confidence, still remembering to control her burning impatience. Slowly she worked herself upwards, making a moist trail up along the thigh, and then over on the inside, homing in on the ultimate target, hoping to be welcomed in to the familiarity of warm, moist pussy even on this strange occasion.

And then they were there! She could feel the lips of her damp vulva kissing her back as she moved in to really embrace it with her own lips. She knew she still had to move carefully though, and stopped for a moment to let the enormity of the moment sink in.

Then, just as she moved to go a tiny step further, the lightning struck! Without warning – not even a single tremble or a hint of an evasive movement – the woman scrambled back up and literarily jumped to her feet. Suddenly she stood over her with the dishevelled hair covering most of her face, staring at her with a wild expression in her eyes. As Anne struggled to get to her feet too, Catherine backed away as though she should be facing the devil in person – still without uttering a single word. Her trembling hands opened and closed, clearly showing off her almost uncontrollable rage. Then her eyes suddenly overflowed, and she threw herself sideways down on the couch as she started crying almost hysterically.

For a moment Anne felt like getting down to try comforting her, but then she found it wiser to just get lost immediately and leave the woman to sort out her feelings alone. As the sobbing grew into despondent howls, she picked up a card with the number to her cell phone from her purse and put it on the table beside her. Then, without making a single sound, she got her jacked and sneaked out. There was nothing she could do by hanging around there anyway. Nobody but Catherine herself could figure out how to handle this emotional havoc; if she could go along with it at all.

– – –

Anne was a little nervous, and she almost jumped on her chair as Jean swept into her office the next morning. She was positive she already knew about her and Carol’s ‘defection’, and was quite unsure about what to expect keeping in mind what Carol had told her. Jean was the boss, and Alison had to report to her also about these things, whether she wanted or not.

She thought she could poker oyna see som hint of read in her cheeks, but that was all. She was almost friendlier than usual, singing a cheerful ‘hello’ as she entered. Still Anne thought she could see this ‘something’ in those beautiful green eyes, or was it just her imagination?

The woman then disappeared into her own office, leaving a pretty gloomy air behind her. Anne started typing almost frantically. She was just finishing the short note on the progress with Ms. Davies, saying in plain words how unsuccessful their first meeting had been. She was just about to hit the ‘send’- button as Jean came in again. Resolutely she strode over to sit down on the edge of her desk, still with this overly friendly expression on her face. But her body language clearly revealed other emotions roaming around right under that façade of relaxed confidence.

“I heard you had another meeting with Ms. Davies” she smiled, picking up a cigarette from her purse. As she went on to light it, Anne noticed an almost inconspicuous shudder on her hand.

“Whatever you feel about it, just forget it. I knew from the talk we had that she was very unsure about the whole thing.” She blew a thin haze of smoke up in front of the tip of her nose. “I should have been more clear about it to you. You’ve been able to break the ice immediately with all the other clients I’ve been giving you, so I kind of got used to it. I mean – got used to you handling everything perfectly; just like that!”

Anne’s heart pounded. She suddenly realized she had never seen her boss smoke before! Never ever. She even recalled her total denunciation of it as the public health worker she had been when they met back in her school. And there she was, holding her cigarette between lightly trembling fingers as she sat there on her desk. In addition she discovered she had problems capturing those otherwise so intense and penetrative green eyes. They fluttered back and forth, over her hands, along the tranquil wisp of smoke, somewhere up on the wall behind her; anywhere but right at her! Not the slightest hint of that usually so piercing green glance. Nothing.

And that was not all. The gloomy air had followed her into the office, and felt almost like a freezing draft around her. She wore her favourite perfume like usual, and the scent of it was as intoxicating as ever. But still something was disturbingly different.

It rolled in all over her as the conversation slowly faded, and a kind of embarrassing silence started roaring in her ears. All of a sudden it was like she had hardly ever known that woman at all! As though she was a total stranger. In the course of everyday work and training, they had drifted apart in a way, mentally as well as physically. Anne had had a growing understanding of Jean’s obsession with the pecuniary-part of it all, and somehow she had led herself to believe that she could live with that, even though her focus was entirely on the personal – or rather emotional – level. Actually she couldn’t care less about what kind of money it brought, just as long as she felt so tingling happy about what she was doing. Of course the money was good, and she had no reason to complain, although she knew that Jean and Pam Vasquez, and possibly Carol, kept the big bucks for themselves. Like any contemporary manager would do.

The fact that their interests drifted apart so much was something that Anne had taken as part of Jean’s dominating nature. As such it didn’t ring the alarm bells at all. And now, all of a sudden, it almost seemed like the gap between them was way too big ever to overcome. Totally unbridgeable. A wedge permanently parting them like they had never been anything but some briefly acquainted strangers. Had she just been using her all along? Had that been her cold-witted scheme all since the first time they met? And had it never been any more to it than that? For her?

The painful thoughts almost made her crumble. She felt her entire body getting uncomfortably covered with a thin layer of sweat as she sat there unsuccessfully looking for a relieving eye-contact.

Then, all of a sudden, the green eyes shot at her again, and the woman got to her feet as she reached out to grab Anne’s hands. “Anne… come with me! Please come with me right away. I need you! I need you bad!!”

The girl was almost torn out of her chair and tipped precariously along into the hallway as the woman lead her briskly by the hand. All the way down to her office – and into it. Right inside the door she felt a hand on her shoulder peremptorily urging her down on her knees. Into the worshipping position that always used to feel so magnificently great. So entirely magical.

There was a frenzied ruffle of skirt-folds and nylons, until her head was grasped by unrelenting hands and hauled into the damp nest between the strong legs. The brazen voracity with which her mouth was possessed stunned her completely. So much that she needed a moment to get grip and open her mouth as the demanding pussy pressed against her lips to take possession of her. The voracious tug in her hair almost drove tears to her eyes before she was able to get her tongue working on the budding clitoral shaft audaciously demanding her full attention.

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