Anne’s Anal Lesson

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I hope you enjoy my 750 Word Story Submission – a true story, as always.


Anne’s body teetered on the verge of exhaustion, though she hadn’t moved an inch since Nick left. Before stepping away, he placed a gentle kiss on her temple, whispering that he would return shortly. It might have been a sweet gesture had she not been blindfolded, gagged and bound, spread-eagle, on the bed in the middle of an afternoon. As a parting gift, he activated a vibrating butt plug. Her beloved husband was quite a pervert and she cherished every minute of his dastardly attention.

Several weeks prior, Nick’s cock first penetrated Anne’s previously untried hole. A sexual bloom of epic proportion ensued when she discovered anal orgasms were more than just a myth. There was no doubt; anal sex filled a previously undiscovered need in her soul and she immediately became addicted to the raw sensation of a good ass fucking. Since then, Anne welcomed anal delight from Nick’s fingers, tongue and his generously sized cock.

This particular afternoon, Nick proposed using a plug for the first time and Anne responded canlı bahis şirketleri with enthusiasm. A quick peek revealed the new toy lacked Nick’s girth and length. In fact, she was completely underwhelmed during insertion. However after it was activated, her body immediately seized from the shocking burst of anal pleasure. Not only did the business end vibrate inside her now quivering rectum, the neck of the plug rotated independently around her sensitive anal rim.

Constantly rumbling, the silicone toy sparked an anal orgasm seconds later. Anne fully submitted to the overpowering rush, as muscle spasms radiated out from the center of her dark pucker. Gathering strength, it progressed. Soon, her entire pelvis was swept up in the convulsions, rocking her tiny body with vigor. Never wavering in intensity, the vibrator sent her repeatedly over the edge.

It quickly became apparent that there was no refractory period after these anal orgasms. With time, she expected diminishing returns. However, one climax simply rolled into the next, making it difficult for her to keep count. The continuous swell of anal pleasure was unlike anything she previously canlı kaçak iddaa experienced. Had she been a lesser woman, it might have been too much. But for Anne, this was anal nirvana. The newly coveted butt plug would be a cherished addition to their repertoire. And, yet… something was amiss.

Feeling lonely, she wondered if Nick really left their bedroom. Perhaps he was standing at the door, watching his hyper sexual wife process endless waves of anal rapture. She could only imagine the raging hard- on produced by the obscene show and hoped it was the case. As if on cue, Anne felt his fingers caress her cheek.

“Had enough, Little One?”

She could only grunt in reply, reveling in the feel of his weight as he lowered himself onto her body. Not surprisingly, his cock was at full strength and quickly settled between her legs. Without hesitation, Nick plunged his dick into her dripping pussy while the vibrator continued to work its anal magic.

The sweet addition of his cock forced additional pressure on Anne’s rectum and magnified the strength of her sexual high. Arching her back, she acclimated to the dual penetration as Nick began canlı kaçak bahis to hump her with abandon. In a show of consideration, he removed the blindfold while mercilessly pounding her pussy. Locking eyes with her tormentor, Anne conveyed love and a desire for more.

Sensing her need, Nick pulled out and sat back on his knees. He quickly removed the plug, leaving her with a momentary feeling of emptiness. Thankfully, he immediately replaced the dildo with his pussy juice covered cock and unleashed a torrent of powerful thrusts in her most private opening.

“Fuck, Little One. Your ass was made for my cock.”

Anne could only nod in agreement. The friction from his pulsating dick, as it pushed and pulled against her highly stimulated anal tissue, satisfied her in a way the vibrating dildo could not. Even better, while approaching his climax, Nick’s face perfectly mirrored her unbridled lust. Watching him lose control as he sodomized her was emotionally priceless.

Anne came one last time as Nick gripped her thighs, exhaled loudly and blew his load in her rectum. He pulled out and she promptly tightened her anal opening, trying to retain the well-earned prize. After releasing her, they collapsed together, completely spent. It’s a sweet lesson, indeed. Vibrating butt plugs were fun. But, anal sex was best served warm, by a hard cock that left behind a sweet reminder of shared sexual satisfaction.

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