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Some days bring back memories more than others. Every anniversary is like a flashback in time for me; where everything I ever felt for you is magnified and brought so close that it feels like only yesterday…

This is a true story, of course. It is MY story, for if there was only one story I could share with others, it would be this one. This story speaks of true love even though I will not tell you the very beginning and only a little of the end. It is a story about life, most of all; as glorious, fascinating, sick, and tragic as life can be. And it is about sex – the best sex I ever had.

I had just had my 21st birthday and a great big party to which you and your friends were invited. You, however, were the only one to show up from your clique, without a car, and so you were stuck with me at the end of the party, around 2 am. That unlucky coincidence turned out to be very lucky for both of us.

I think we were both surprised by how we talked, rather than slept, the whole night through, never growing tired of listening to one another. I still had a room under my parents’ roof, and I had brought in a mattress for you to put next to my bed. After all, we were only friends who had known each other for about one year.

Where I come from, (and you may guess what country I am talking about), train systems are quite elaborate and you can get around quite nicely, and quickly, unless it is the middle of the night. However, our conversations had us both so hooked, that you did not leave until late afternoon the next day.

It wasn’t until October 31st nine years ago, that I was introduced to Halloween (another clue), Calvin and Hobbes, Nintendo, and Doritos by you, and if it wasn’t for you, I probably would have never moved to NY – but that is beside the point. The point is that until now, some eight years later, I have never had better sex with anybody but you, and that means something!

Maybe it is true that women have more intense orgasms with someone they love, even though back then I did not know it was true love I felt for you. Maybe it is true that intimacy brings on feelings which were never before felt… Who knows!? All I know is that we were friends most of all, and the physical attraction was a mere bonus point.

We couldn’t get enough of each other. On the weekends, you usually came to see me in my dormitory, and the ridiculously small bed only added to our excitement. We would spend as much time as possible in bed, only getting up to shower together, cook and eat together, and talk.

Our bodies were there for each other to casino oyna explore. I gave up on my reservations about you eating my pussy after it became so obvious that there just wasn’t anything you liked to do more (quite contrary to someone else I had been with before). I found out exactly how many times I could get you to the point of cumming in my mouth only to retreat and bring you back to the point of no return a few minutes later without torturing you out of your mind.

We were both satisfied with our relationship, and yet there was something that was on your mind. You would ask me repeatedly if there was something else I would like you to do during sex, and since I never responded in a way that was satisfactory to you, you took matters into your own hands after a month.

You came to see me on the weekend as usual. I picked you up from the train station and after some grocery shopping we took the subway home to the dormitory. In my room, you opened your bag and pulled out some soft ropes, telling me with a smile that those would be for later. And then you did not say a word about it anymore until after dinner.

Even when we were back in my room and lying down on the bed together, you did not mention the ropes. Soon we were kissing and touching each other. I loved to take the initiative, and so I soon kissed down your neck, pulling the t-shirt up and over your arms and head. I couldn’t get enough of the feel and taste of your skin under me.

I loved your hands. Big but gentle, they moved across my back as I kissed every inch of your chest, and then wove their fingers into my hair when the tip of my tongue dipped into your belly button before I straddled your thighs and sat up. My eyes never leaving yours, I crossed my arms in front of my chest, got a hold of my shirt, and pulled it up slowly, revealing my belly and tits. I suppressed a chuckle as I pulled the shirt over my head and let if fall down on the floor. You so obviously loved what you saw.

Coming back up for a deep kiss before returning to your pants and what was inside of it, I purposefully let my hard nipples slide across your chest on the way up your body, and you groaned before I closed your mouth with my lips. A minute later, I sat back on your thighs, looking into your eyes when I opened your button-fly and bent down.

My tongue travelled along your skin right above your briefs before it went a little lower to trace the outline of your hard cock through the thin cotton. Involuntarily, your hips moved upwards towards the warmth of my mouth, and your cock jerked upwards as slot oyna well. You moaned as I sat back up to remove your pants. I smiled. You were so impatient.

Pants and briefs off, I had an unobstructed view of your glorious cock. It was the thickest cock I have ever felt, and even now, nine years later, just thinking about it excites me. I loved the smoothness, the texture, and especially the taste! So I did what I always did when we were together: I bent down to tease you without mercy! I let my tongue leave a moist trail from the base of your cock to the tip before I blew across it with my hot breath, making you shudder with anticipation.

I planted hot kissed across your cock, slowly of course, listening to your moans, before I circled the thick head with my tongue. After making your cock all nice and moist with my tongue, I would finally take your cock between my lips and descend slowly all the way the base. That always got the loudest moan out of you!

I loved it when you sat up on your elbows to watch your cock disappear into my mouth. It never took long to get you to the brink with my mouth and hands, but unfortunately for you, I knew exactly when I had to stop if I did not want you to come just yet. I had worked on that timing to perfection. And I loved every little bit of it. When I sensed you were near the edge, I let go of your cock completely and focused on your heavy balls instead. Tantalizingly, I took one into my mouth and sucked on them gently, enough to make you squirm underneath me while the veins on your cock pulsed with excitement and frustration.

And then I started all over again; five, six times, until you were beside yourself with frustration and begged me to make you cum. And if you were lucky, I did! You surprised yourself by how vocal you could become when I teased you like that. You actually cried out loudly when I finally went all the way and made you cum all over my face and tits.

Now it was me who had forgotten about the ropes on the table next to my bed. I laid next to you, closing my eyes, feeling your heartbeat return to normal, when you sat up. ‘Where are you going?’ I inquired, but I did not receive an answer. Instead, I opened my eyes and saw you holding the ropes in your hands. Without a word but a big smile on your face, you tied the rope around my wrists and bound me to the bed. You did the same with my ankles.

Your smile was reassuring. And then you touched me. Your fingertips felt like soft kisses on my skin. Your mouth joined your fingers in caressing my body and I was slowly overwhelmed by your touches. canlı casino siteleri It was a new experience for me to feel your hands and mouth without being able to speed up or slow down the pace. I had to give in to your rhythm, your pace, and that was an excitement I had not felt before.

You took your time exploring my tits. Your tongue teased my by circling the nipples without ever touching them. Before long, I moaned just as you had ten minutes before. My moans meant to encourage you to speed up, to make me cum. Yet, your tempo stayed the same, making me plead with you to please touch my pussy. You only laughed, telling me to slow down, there was so much time.

My body did not want to hear any of it. I needed relief right there and then, and when his hands finally touched my pussy, I nearly jumped out of my skin. All my nerve endings seemed to have moved right to the surface, and every single one of his touches seemed to stimulate me at the very core of my being. I was on fire!

Your fingers on my pussy circled my clit without quite touching it. I felt like I would explode any minute. Then, when your fingers circled the entrance of my cunt and suddenly dipped inside, I came instantaneously, surprising even myself. Good, I thought, some of the pressure is gone. But I was wrong. I still felt on edge just like before, like a bow that could not go any further.

When you moved between my legs and licked my glistening pussy with your tongue, I held my breath. Even though I did not know what was going to happen, I knew it would be more I had ever felt before. Lifting my head, I strained against the ropes, adding even more pressure to what I felt already. I could see your tongue touching my clit. I could see you looking up at me as you started to suck my engorged clit into your mouth. There was a rush of unknown origin, something strong and uncontrollable moving up my thighs and then exploding in my pussy. Later you said my body had left the mattress for an instant when I came so forceful, I almost blacked out. My orgasm went on forever and ever as you continued to stroke my clit with your tongue until I begged you to stop.

That night was the first time I ever had an orgasm that intense, an orgasm that swept me away. I have had others like that years later, with other men, and of course, with myself. But it is not the same; not the same stimulation, not the same intimacy, not the same feelings.

I haven’t felt you in eight years. But I haven’t forgotten. And every anniversary brings back these and many more memories of you: how you, being 25 years old back then, gave me the best orgasm ever. You, the American I picked out of the crowd so many years ago. You, the man I married. You, the man I truly love. It’s your anniversary again: You died eight years ago!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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