Another Night for Sarah , Marc

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Driving home from work, Sarah begins to think of what to do for dinner, listening to the radio, a soft country song comes on, that she dearly loves. The song that makes her want to do some naughty things. Her mind then begins to wander. Making her body tingle at the mere thought of acting out her thoughts with Marc, her lover, she begins to sing and smile. By the time she reaches home, she has become very aroused. And knows exactly what dinner is going to bring.

She walks into the house, humming the song, smiling! She has about an hour before Marc arrives home. They haven’t had much time to spend together, due to their jobs. So this night is going to be something very special, erotic and ohhhhhhh so very naughty! She rushes around, getting ready. She thinks, ‘I’ll take a shower first.’

She walks slowly to the bedroom, wondering what to wear. Deciding on a white satin night shirt with white lace and satin panties. She walks into the bathroom, turns the water on, setting the temperature just right, hot, but not too hot, then begins to undress, quickly. Showering quickly, letting the water run over her body, trickling down her breasts, down her stomach, over her mound, onto her feet. Quickly lathering her hair with vanilla scented shampoo, then pouring vanilla scented body wash into her hands. She runs her hands over her body slowly. Stopping at her breasts. letting her flat palm rub over the nipples. As the nipples become erect, she takes her thumb and forefinger and tweaks them, pinching them gently at first.

Throwing her head back, letting the water run through her hair. Feeling her pussy becoming very hot and wet, she pinches her nipples harder as one hand runs down her stomach, down to her pussy. Letting her fingers run up and down the slit, then finding and rubbing her clit. Moans escaping her lips, as her hips behind to thrust back and forth. Letting one finger enter her hot, wet pussy. Beginning to move it in and out, as her thumb rubs her clit faster and harder. Pinching her erect nipples extremely hard now. Feeling a wave of passion run through her body, her hands and fingers work faster. She screams out, “OMG! I am gonna cummmmm!” as her hips move back and forth faster, her body tenses and she lets the juices flow. Her hips slowing down, as she calms. Her breath coming in gasps now. She then finishes her shower, steps out and dries off her very hot body.

Applying vanilla scented lotion over her warm body. Dressing only in a white satin night shirt, and white lace and satin panties, leaving her hair wet and hanging down. She walks slowly to the kitchen.

Reaching in the cupboard, she finds fresh vanilla candles and sets them around the kitchen and living room. Turning all the lights off. Putting in their favorite CD. She then takes a few candles to the bathroom, lighting them and walking back into the kitchen as the phone rings.

She quickly picks it up, “Hello.” Hearing the sexiest voice saying, “Hey Baby, I’ll be home in about 5 minutes. Do I need to pick up anything for dinner?”

Almost in a whisper, she replies, “No love, I have dinner taken care of, a surprise for my lover.”

Simply he says, “Oh really? Now, I can’t wait! See you in a few, Baby!”

As she hangs up she then walks around lighting all the candles, switching the CD player to play, as soft music feels the room. Then she begins to prepare some snacks for their dinner. Shrimp, crackers, cheese, fresh strawberries, with whipped cream and a bottle of chilled wine.

Sarah hears his key in the door and illegal bahis she walks over and waits. Marc opens the door, and to his surprise. She walks slowly to him. Pulling him into her arms. Smiling up at him, kissing his warm lips softly. Grinding sensuously against him. Their lips part and she giggles.

“Honey, why don’t you shower and let me finish getting our snacks ready?”

He laughs, “Not just yet!” As he pushes her against the wall, taking her arms and putting them over her head and holding them there. He kisses her passionately as he grinds against her. She can feel his cock becoming aroused, as the kiss gets more intense. He pushes his leg between hers and rubs his knee over her pussy. Sarah begins to moan softly. He moves one hand and pushes her night shirt up slowly. Pushing it up around her neck. As his lips lower and kiss her breasts. As her nipples become erect, he bites them gently. He laughs around her nipple, knowing how wet and hot this makes her. Feeling her begin to thrust her pussy towards his knee. He laughs, “You like that, Baby?”

She replies breathlessly, “Oh yessssss, lover! OMG…yessssss!” They smile at each other as he lets her arms go free. She begins to undress him quickly. Unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it off. Unbuttoning and unzipping his pants, pushing them down along with his boxers. As the clothes fall, his cock springs forth. Having become so aroused it sticks straight out and turns up slightly. Her hands reach out and strokes it.

Looking up at him she smiles and says, “Now go take a shower, so I can take care of this for you, honey!”

He moans, “Yes, oh yes!”

Marc walks down the hall towards the bathroom, as Sarah finishes preparing the snacks. Marc out of the shower, walking naked to the kitchen, walks up behind her, putting his arms around her waist, and pulling her close back against him. She grinds her ass against him, feeling his cock going between the cheeks. Sarah and Marc moan together. As she grinds more, his hand comes up and cups her breast, as his thumb and forefinger, begin to roll her nipples through them. She throws her head back biting her bottom lip. Her hands reach around to his ass, pulling him closer to her. “Ummmm did you miss me today, honey?”, Sarah says.

Marc, kissing her neck, whispers, “Oh Baby, I miss you everyday!” Turning to face Marc, Sarah kisses him passionately. Then they part.

“Go sit down, honey, and I’ll bring our snacks and drinks in.” Marc walks into the living room, and Sarah follows with a tray of snacks and two glasses of wine. Setting them on the table, she sits down close to Marc. They begin to talk as they sip their wine, smiling into each others eyes. The music playing softly in the background. Sarah leans in close and touches her lips softly to Marc’s, letting her tongue trace his lips. As her hands begin to explore his body. Her hand reaching his aroused manhood and begins to stroke it gently. His hips start to thrust upwards into her hand. Their lips part and Sarah gives Marc an evil grin.

She stands and slowly removes her night shirt, then lowering her panties and stepping out of them. She then lays down on the couch. Her legs spread wide as her hands begin to roam over her body. Pinching her erect nipples. She picks up a strawberry, raises up slightly letting Marc bite the end off. She then rubs it over her nipples, as her hand plays with her pussy. Taking the strawberry and rubbing it gently over her clit, she then inserts it into her pussy, moving it slowly in and out, holding the illegal bahis siteleri stem firmly. Marc watches intently as he strokes his cock. Sarah winks and whispers, “Why don’t you feed me this strawberry?” Marc smiles and lowers his head. Taking his teeth, grasping the strawberry by the stem, pulling it out and raises up, putting it to Sarah’s lips. She sucks it into her mouth, moaning loudly. As Marc’s hand plays with her pussy, his other hand strokes himself. Marc, hearing the wet, noisy sounds that Sarah’s pussy is making, thinks to himself, ‘Oh my baby, is ready to be fucked!’ But Sarah has other ideas as she raises up. Helps Marc to lay back on the couch. She positions herself over him as she lowers her pussy close to his face. Her breath hot on his cock. She reaches over and takes a sip of wine, holding it in her mouth. She slowly opens it and takes his erect cock into her mouth. Letting the chilled wine swirl around, almost sizzling on his cock. As his tongue darts out and licks up and down her slit. Her mouth devouring his cock as his tongue tortures her pussy.

She removes her mouth from his cock long enough to say, “Baby, tonight I want you to take my ass. I want all of me to belong to you!”

Hearing these words come from Sarah’s mouth, his cock jerks and gets even harder. This has been his dream. He has had her mouth and her pussy, and tonight she is offering him her ass. His dream is coming true, all of her will belong to him. As his tongue and fingers begin to work together. His tongue and fingers playing wildly with her pussy as his other fingers, begin to rub over her ass, through the slit and finally his thumb rests upon the hole, rubbing slowly around. Her hand starts stroking his cock up and down, as her mouth sucks his balls into her mouth. Nibbling and tugging on them. As she smears the precum all around. His thumb enters her ass just a bit and stops. Letting her get used to it. As he does this, she becomes more excited and her hand strokes him faster. Her hips thrusting down towards his face. He removes his thumb and replaces it with a finger, as he sucks on her clit. Two fingers moving in and out of her pussy. One finger moving in and out of her ass slowly.

Sarah moves her mouth and takes his hard cock into it. As her fingers massage his cum filled balls. Her tongue swirling around the head, sucking gently. Then enveloping his cock into her mouth. She moves slowly towards the head, with her tongue raking up the underside as she goes. Hearing him moan into her pussy, she knows he loves this. As her lips grip his cock tighter and begin to move faster. His fingers moving faster in and out of her. Her body tenses and she screams around his cock, “Oh yes, I am gonna cum!”

Marc moans breathlessly, “Cum baby, cum for me, let it go!” Hearing this Sarah’s body begins to tremble as the juices flow, making her mouth move faster on his cock. As she feels his body tense also and his cum starts to spurt into her mouth. His fingers going wild in and out of her pussy, as his other finger moves simultaneously in and out of her ass. Their moans getting louder as they cum together. As their bodies began to calm. Sarah turns around and faces Marc.

She lowers her lips to his, her tongue opening his mouth, as they taste each others cum mixing together. MMMMMMM what a wonderful taste. As their kiss intensifies her hot, wet pussy touches his sensitive cock. Their kiss continues as he reaches up to cup her breasts. Playing with her nipples, pinching them, twirling them in his fingers. She begins canlı bahis siteleri to grind her pussy against him as she feels his cock becoming aroused again. They continue playing as they feel the heat beginning to rise from their bodies again.

Sarah whispers, “Honey, fuck me now!” As she rises and gets on her hands and knees. As she looks over her shoulder, watching Marc position himself behind her. He runs his cock up and down her slit and up to her asshole. Back down again, smearing the juices, back and forth. Slowly he enters her pussy, but with only the tip and holds it there. Sarah wanting more, pushes back against him, “Ohhhhh honey, fuck me. Give me all of your cock. Fill my pussy up, oh please!!!” Hearing her whimpers, he pushes his cock all the way in and holds it there. Then slowly begins to move in and out…as his hands reach around and begins to massage and pinch her nipples.

Sarah’s hand reaches down and rubs her clit as Marc’s hardened cock moves in and out. Marc moves one hand to her ass and begins to rub over it. As his fingers slowly run through the middle…rubbing over her hole. Breathlessly she says, “Oh Baby, put your finger in my ass, please!” Hearing her pleas, he puts one finger in a little, slowly at first. As his cock moves faster in and out of her hot, wet pussy. Her fingers now running wildly over her clit. He then puts his finger all the way in her ass and begins to move it slowly in and out as she screams out, “Oh God, YESSSSSSSSS!” Her sounds exciting him more he moves in and out deeper, harder and faster.

Sarah thinks it is time now, knowing he is about to cum soon, as she looks over her shoulder and smiles. “Honey, I want to feel that hard cock in my hot ass. Fuck my ass, now!”

A shocked look on his face, as his cocks jerks in her pussy at her words, a big smile crosses his lips. “Oh fuck yes, Baby, I’ll fuck that ass of yours! You want my cock in that ass baby?”

“Yes, oh God yes”, she screams. Removing his cock from her pussy, he slowly drags it up to her ass, smearing the wetness all over it. He lets the tip enter her ass and holds it there. Two of her fingers push up inside her pussy. Feeling the wetness that his cock had caused. They slip in and out easily.

He then begins to move the tip of his throbbing cock in and out of her ass slowly. Saying loudly, “You want all my cock in there, baby? You want my hard cock filling up that sweet ass of yours? Tell me what you want.”

“Yes, oh yes, I want all that cock in my ass. Fill my ass with your cum, let me cum with you. Oh god, fuck my ass, fuck it hard and fast. Give it all to me, nowwwwwwwww!” Hearing this his cock plunges all the way in and starts to move in and out fast, deep and hard.

Knowing he is about to cum. He yells, “Oh, I can’t wait much longer. Oh such a tight, sweet ass.” Feeling her hot, tight ass gripping his cock, he begins to spurt her ass full of cum, “Oh baby, I am filling your ass full of cum! Cum with me, baby! Make that pussy feel good, finger fuck yourself…cum, baby, cum, rub that clit harder.”

Sarah begins to rub harder and her juices begin to flow, “OMG! I am cumming. Keep fucking my ass! Don’t stop yet! PLEASE!!!” His cock moving in and out faster, feeling her ass grip him tighter as she cums.

He slumps down on her, as his cock softens in her ass. They just lay there letting there bodies calm some more. He moves to lay beside her to kiss her passionately…as he whispers…”Thank you Baby, for the best night of my life!”

Laying on her side now, he snuggles up behind her, his arm reaching around her, holding her tight to him. As their bodies begin to relax more, they both *sigh* and laugh. Both knowing this was something, they both had waited for. As they slowly drift off with smiles on their faces.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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